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The course of Instruction in this Department embraces the Evidences of Natural and Revealed Religion; the Holy Scriptures in the Original Languages; the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion; the Book of Common Prayer; Ecclesiastical His. tory, both Ancient and Modern; and the theory and practice of the Pastoral Office, including the reading of the Liturgy, and the composition and delivery of Sermous. Measures also are taken for providing the Students with the opportunity of acting as District Visitors under the Parochial Clergy, and also for enabling them to become practically acquainted with the best methods of conducting Schools. A course of eight Lectures on Public Health, in all its bearings, is given in the Lent Term of each year. Instruction is also given within the College in the theory and practice of Congregational Singing.

The following persons are admitted Students of this Department:

1. All Students of King's College, London, who, having passed three years in the Department of General Literature and Science, shall therenpon have received the Diploma of an Associate, in consideration of good conduct and industry.

2. All Graduates of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham.

3. All persons of the age of twenty-one, who, after having been examined and reported as eligible by the Principal, slıall obtain the recominendation of a Bishop. The necessary qualifications are, the Four Gospels in Greek; a knowledge of the Historical Scriptures in English; a thorough acquaintance with the Church Catechisin, together with Bishop Nicholson's Exposition (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge); a grammatical knowledge of some one Greek, and some one Latin classical book, which may be selected by the Candidate himself'; and the power of translating from English into Latin. An acquaintance with the elements of Hebrew is also desirable. The examination lasts two days."

Associates of King's College, London, and Graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, or Durham, will be admitted on producing testimonials from their respective Colleges ; and all other Candidates must sead to the Principal, seven days previous to the examination, a written application for admission, accompanied by a Certificate of good moral and religious character from the Clergyman of their parish, or of the parish in which they have last resided. The form of application inay be obtained from the Secretary,

Previously to Matriculation each Student must subscribe the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, as well as a declaration that he will conform to all the rules and regulations of the College.

All Students are expected to attend the Chapel Service morning and evening daily; and in rotation 10 give their services as Teachers in the Evening School for the Indigent, established in the Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

Persons already in Deacons' Orders, desirous of preparing themselves as Candidates for Priests' Orders, as well as Graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham, are permitted to attend the Theological Course for such length of time as they may desire ;

* The cloice of books to be brought up is to be made from the following List: HOMER.-Books I. II. III.


CESAR," De Bello Gallico." Three Books. HERODOTUS.-Book II., or any two other SALLUST. Books.

Live.-Two Books. THUCYDIDES.-One Book.

Tacitus.--" De Moribus Germanorum," and XENOPHON.—"Cyropædia." Books I. II. III. Agricola."

Anabasis.” Books I. II. III. VIRGIL. - Three Books of the Eneid, or the CICERO. .“ De Officiis."

Georgics. “ De Natura Deorum."

Horace. The Odes; the Satires; or the Epistles

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but, in the case of all other Students, the Course of Study must be continued during at least Six Academical Terms (two years). Examinations take place in each of the several branches of instruction every Term, and a probationary vivá voce must be passed by every Student in his fourth or fitih Term. At the close of the course of two years a strict examination takes place; and to all Students who have merited such a distinction by their attainments, and by their good character during the period of their Studies in King's College, the Principal is empowered by the Council to grant a Certificate of attaininents, which may be exhibited for the satisfaction of that Bishop to whom any Student inay apply to be admitted as a Candidate for Holy Orders.

The Board of Examiners hold examinations for Certificates at the close of the Michaelmas and Lent Terms in each year.

The Fees for attending the full prescribed Course are 8l. 8s. per Term for Graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham; 101. 10s.* per Term for all Associates of King's College, London ; and 121, 12s.* per l'erm for all other Students. The Fees for the first two Terms must be paid upon entrance, in addition to the following; viz.

Matriculation Fee, including Library.. £3 3 0
Cap and Gown .......

Associates of King's
The Calendar..........

College, I ondon, are
not liable to this

1 10 0

2 6

£4 15 6

* These Fees are reduced £2 28. per Term to those residing in College.

Occasional Students are admitted to attend the Class of any Divinity Professor, upon payment of £ 1 4s. per Term; and the Lectures on Public Health upon payment of £l Is. for the course. The Academical Year consists of Three Terms; viz.-

Michaelmas Term, from about the 1st of October to the week before Christmas ;
Lent Term, from about the 20th of January to the week before Easter;
Laster Term, from about ten days after Easter to the end of June.

RESIDENCE IN COLLEGE. A residence has been provided within the College precincts for a limited number of Theological Students. All Students (except Graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham, or those whose homes are in London or its neighbourhood) must be prepared at any time to occupy any rooms which may be vacant. T'he Rev. Robert HAYES, M.A. appointed Censor by the Council, has the superintendence of all Resident Students, under strictly academical discipline.

Terus.—The amount to be paid for residence varies, according to the position of the rooms, from £50 to £55 per annum; in which amount is included the whole expense of Rent for Furnished Room, and Attendance throughout the year; Coals, Breakfast and Tea in the Common Room, and Dinner in the College Hail, during Terun time.

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With the view of preparing those gentlemen who are not yet qualified to pass the examination for admission into the Theological Department, a Class is established, in which instruction in the Latin and Greek Languages is given daily. The elements of Hebrew are also taught.


Rev. MICHAEL Biggs, M.A.
Rer. ROBERT Hayes, M.A.

Any person, twenty years of age, may enter this Class for such length of time as he may desire, upon producing a Certificate of good moral conduct from the Clergyman of the last place in which he has resided.

The instruction given varies according to the proficiency of each Student; but all Students of this Class are required to attend the Chaplain's Lecture on Wednesday and Friday.

Hours of attendance, from ten to two daily.

The Fees amount to £8 8s. per Term, which sum covers every expense, except the Entrance Fees, which are £4 15s. 6d., as in the Theologica! Department. Upon joining that Department, the Student will not have th: Entrance Fees to pay again,

Department of General Literature and Science.

The Course of Education in this Department comprises the following :

Religious INSTRUCTION, according to the principles of the United Church of England and Ireland, by the Rev. R. W. Jeif, D.D. Principal, and the Rev. E. H. PLUMPTRE, M.A. late Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford.

THE GREEK and Latin Classics, by the Rev. R. W. Browne, M.A. late Fellow and Tutor of St. John's College, Oxford, Professor, and the Rev. J.S. BREWER, M.A. of Queen's College, Oxford, Lecturer.

Mathematics, by the Rev. T. G. Hall, M.A. late Fellow and Tutor of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Professor; the Rev. T. A. Cock, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and T. M. Goodeve, Esq. M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, Lecturers.

ENGLISH LITERATURE AND MODERN History, by the Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford, and John JULIUS STUTzer, Esq., M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, Lecturer.


The Fees for MATRICULATED Students, i.e. for those who are admitted to the regular and prescribed course of Study, amount to 91. 14s. per term. The Fees for the first two terms are paid upon Matriculation, in addition to the following:

£3 30 ............ Matriculation, including Library Subacription.
1 100

***............... Cap and Gown.
• 2 6

The Calendar. £4 156

Previously to Matriculation, Students are required to produce a testimonial of good conduct from their last instructor, and to subscribe a declaration, that they will conform to all the Rules and Regulations of the College.

Except in special cases, no one is admitted under sixteen years of age.

Chapel.—The duties of the day commence with Prayers in the Chapel, at Ten oClock precisely. The presence of all Matricuizted Students is required. A register of their attendance is kept

The Academical Year esasists of Three Terms ; vit. Michaelmas Terz, from the begitring of October to the week before Christ. »; Lent Term, frantse 2 of January to the week before Exatas; Easter Term, fruan Easier to the sessing of):).

Examinations There we F. ratios a: desde ese cu 224 Easter Terms when the Stedents are claues 25:33 e 2004. 1:e lust at the disse of the Academiese Yext s 66:51 252 D.07. d Prizes

Two Scholunan! se me the year, så 59 of 21. Se me, given se Muret Sants of us separate Anat but of SOL is also open a "hem. Ezen year.

Students who have sai de State viten, ly also attended one tra con sé Losia, Et *****e iv., uma sé King's Cource® Tim 3.1.-22 i 2-es ez ** 2. ******* 189€ passet "375** * Course of fur fem 047

Ep. 227 sære pero y post ex ea**** King's College Senase, se use of ale schorus Cs, ant kad se te bent ne x that School sekre ing

Students of this Department, who have obtained the Diploma of " Associate of King's College,” are entitled to enter the Theological Department, with the view of becoming Candidates for Holy Orders.

Dinner is provided in the College Hall every day at 6 o'clock for such Students as may wish to avail themselves of that accommodation.

The different Classes in this Department are likewise open to Gentlemen who, being unable to attend the whole course, may wish for the opportunity of studying any particular subject. The following are the Fees for admission to separate Courses :


Per Ann.

£ s. d. Classical Literature

Profes. Rev. R. W. Browne 4 4 0 10 10 6 Mathematics Profes. Rev. T. G. Hall

10 10 0



English Literatare and Modern} Profes. Rev. F. D. Maurice 2 2 °

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6 6 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0

Hebrew Language

Profes. Rev.A. M'Caul, D.D. 2 2 0 Oriental Languages

Profes. Duncan Forbes. 2 12 6 French Language :

Profes. Brasseur

2 2 0 German Language.

Profes. Bernays

2 2 0 Italian Language

Profes. Pistrucci.

2 2 0 Spanish Language .

Profes. Curtoys

2 2 0 Chinese Language.

Profes Fearon

5 5 0 Vocal Music .

Profes. John Hullah

0 10 6

(220* Drawing and Perspective

Professor Worsley

4 4 0+ Fencing

Prof. Angelo

1 11 6 Public Reading

Rev. A, S. Thelwall, M.A. 2 2 0 Library Fee. • For Matriculated Students.

# For Occasional Students.


5 5 0* 10 10 04 4


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The following gentlemen connected with the Department receive Students into their houses as Boarders.

Rev, T. A. Cock, M.A. 18, Rodney Street, Perepravile. } Mathematical Tutors.

M. Esq. 12, Eastbourne Terrace.

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