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Professor, EDWARD FORBES, F.R.S. F.L.S. In these Lectures the organization of Plants is demonstrated, their physiology explained, and the different modes of classification, natural and artificial, described. The subjects treated of are illustrated by fresh and dried specimens of Plants, and by a large collection of Drawings and Diagrams. The Pupils have frequent opportunities, during the Course, of attending the Professor on Herborizing Excursions.


Professor, J. FORBES ROYLE, M.D. F.R.S. The articles of Materia Medica will be arranged according to their uses as Medicines. The Lectures are exemplified by Experiments, and oy the Drugs and Pharmaceutical Preparations presented to King's College by the Society of Apothecaries and by the late Sir HENRY HALFORD, Bart. i they are also illustrated by coloured drawings of Plants, by the Herbaria of King's College, and by the Collections of the Professor. A Collection of Materia Medica has been formed expressly for the use of the Students.


Professor, T. RYMER JONES, F.R.S. This Course is illustrated by a separate Collection of Preparations, and by a most extensive series of Diagrams. Minute Structures are displayed to the Class by the Microscope.

These Lectures are recognised by the Army Medical Board, as equivalent to the Course of Natural History required as a qualification for Army Surgeons. MIDWIFERY, and the DISEASES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

Professor, ARTHUR FARRE, M.D. F.R.S. These Lectures are illustrated by an extensive series of Drawings and Preparations. Instruction and Cases in Practical Midwifery are given to the more advanced Students,


Professor, W. A. GUY, M. B. F.S.S. These Lectures treat of the Legal and Medical relations of each question in Forensic Medicine, including Toxicology; and are illustrated by Drawings, Preparations, and Tables, and by numerous examples from recorded trials.



WILLIAM BRINTON, M.D. The duty of the Medical Tutor is to assist the Students living in the College, as well as the non-resident Students, in the subjects of the Lectures of their first and second years.

This Hospital is situate in the immediate neighbourhood of the College.
Consulling Physicians. {Robi. Ferguson,

M.D. Assistant Physician.-Geo. Johnson, M.D.
George Budd, M.D. F.R.S.

(R. B. Todd, M.D.F.R.S.

W. Fergusson, F.R.S.

Richard Partridge, P.R.S. Physician for Diseases of Women and Children, and Physician Accoucheur.--Arthur Assistant-Surgeons.

William Bowman, F.R.S. Farre, M.D.F.R.S.

(Henry Lee, F.R.C.S.
! Physicinn to Out-
46-} W.A. Guy, M.B.

Surgeon-Dentist.-S. Cartwright, jun.
Dr. Arthur Farre attends at $ past 11 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Clinical Lectures are delivered, at half-past one o'clock, on alternate-
Mondays . by Dr. BUDD.

Thursdays. by Mr. FERGUSSOX.
Tuesdays . by Dr. TODD.

Fridays by Mr. PARTRIDGE. The Physicians' Assistant and Clinical Clerks, the House-Surgeon and Dressers, are selected by examination from anong those Matriculated Students of the College who are Pupils of the Hospital.- No Fee is paid for any of these appointments.

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The Medical Students are expected to attend Chapel daily at 10 o'clock A.M.

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Fee for

Fee for
M. Tu. W. TH. F. S.

HOURS. the Sessional Unlimited

Course, Attnance, Anatomy

9 - 10 A.M. £8 8 0 f9 9 0 | The Chaplain's Lectures .............

10% 11 Physiology


8 8 0 99 0 The Principal's Lectures..

11-2 Chemistry ................


7 7 0 99 i Medicine

4 - 5

5 5 0 7 7 Surgery...

5 6
4 4 0

The Chaplain's Lectures ...........

9 - 10 A.M. Botany.......

9-10 £3 3 £4 4 0 Materia Medica

101 111 5

6 6 Forensic Medicine


4 • Practical Chemistry

191 12

8 8 0 The Principal's Lectures

11 2 Comparative Anatomy...........

111 8 3 0

0 Midwifery


4 4 0 6 6 0 HOSPITAL: daily from half-pas: one to three, except on Wednesday, when the visit is deferred untir two o'clock, to enable each Student to attend the Principal's Lecture.

The Course of Study required by the Regulations of the College of Surgeons and the Society of Apothecaries, comprises the following Lectures, of which the Terms are annexed :

Number of
Sessional Courses.

Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical, with Dissections ... 3

L9 90
PaYsioLOGY: General and Morbid Anatomy




7 7 0 BOTANY

3 3 0 MATERIA MEDICA ............................


5 5 0 MEDICINE ................................................................... 2

7 7 0 SURGERY ..........................................................................


6 6 0 MIDWIFERY ........................

6 6 0 FORENSIC MEDICINE .............


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4 4 0

61 19 0 Hospital Fees..........

31 10 Students are recommended to take out a Perpetual Ticket

93 90 for Chemistry, and for Materia Medica, by paying the

3 3 0 additional sum of ....

£96 120

£1 1 0

1 1 0
1 1 0
1 0 0
0 2 6

This payment may be made either in one sum upon Matriculation, or in two equal sums;
the one at the commencement of the Winter Session, October 1st, and the other, after the
Christmas vacation, not later than the 21st January.
The following Fees must also be paid at the time of Matriculation :-

Matriculation Fee .......
Library Fee.....
Subscription to the Scholarship Fund............
Cap and Gown

£4 15 6 The Fees for admission to the Laboratory Class of Analytical Chemistry are, for one month, 41. 4s.; for three months, 101. 10s.; for six months, 181, 18s.; for nine months, 261. os.

Fee for the Medical Tutor, to resident Students, 21. 2s. for each Academical year; to nonresident Students, 3l. 3s. All resident Students are required to attend the Medical Tutor, during their first year.

The Fees for perpetual admission to every Course, (except the Class of Analytical Chemistry,) including the Hospital, amount to 1071. 2s.

* Half the class attends three days, alternately,


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PERPETUAL ADMISSION to the Medical and Surgical Practice:-

Por Matriculated Students of King's College................................... 31 10 0
For Pupils who are not Matriculated Students......

36 15


€, d. Three Months ................ 60 Three Months ...................................

10 10 0 Six Months....... 10 10 0 Six Months.............................. *********

15 15 Twelve Months ......................

Twelve Months .................................. 15 15 0

21 00 Eighteen Months...........

Twenty one Months............................ Perpetual.......... 21 00 Perpetual .

26 5 6 Registration Fee (to be paid to the Secretary at King's College Hospital), 10s. 6d.


IN FAVOUR OF MEDICAL STUDENTS. 1. SCHOLARSHIPS,-given annually.-One of 401. for Students of the third and fourth year, tenable for three years; one of 301., for Students of the second year, tenable for two years; and three of 207., for Students of the first year, tenable for two years.

2. LEATHES PRIZES.—The Interest of 3001. bequeathed by the late Mr. Leathes, is applied in the purchase of a Bible and Prayer-book, as Yearly Prizes, to two Medical Students, who shall be found most worthy of the same, for their proficiency in Religious Knowledge, and their general conduct.

3. WARNEFORD PRIZES.—The Interest of 10001. given by the Rev. Dr. Warneford, is expended in the purchase of two Medals, and of Books to be given annually to two Medical Students who shall most distinguish themselves at an Exainination consisting of Questions in-1. Two branches of Medical Science taught in the College, to be selected by the Candidates. 2. The Holy Scriptures. 3. Butler's Analogy.—The first prize is of the value of 251., and the second of 151. · Matriculated Students only can become candidates for these Prizes and Scholarships. The Examination for the Warneford and Leathes Prizes takes place in October, and for the Scholarships after the Winter Session.

4. DANIELL SCHOLARSHIP.—This Scholarship has been founded in honour of the Jate Professor Daniell, and is open to every Student of the College. It is of the annual value of 201., tenable for two years; and is given every second year for the best series of researches in Chemistry made in the Laboratory of the College since the last award.

5. PRIZES, AND CERTIFICATES OF HONOUR, are awarded in the different Classes, according to fixed regulations.

6. CLINICAL PRIZES AND CERTIFICATES OF HONOUR are likewise given for proficiency in subjects taught at the Hospital.

ASSOCIATES OF KING'S COLLEGE.-This distinction is conferred at the recommendation of the Professors, on such Students as, having completed with distinction Four Years of Study, are approved by the Principal.

: DEGREES.-Students of this College are admitted to Degrees in Arts and Medicine, and for the Honours, Exhibitions, and Scholarships conferred by the Senate of the University of London.

By a regulation of the University of Edinburgh, three out of the four years of study required by that University for its degree of M.D. may be passed at King's College.

RESIDENCE OF STUDENTS. - Students may reside in the College ; and some of the Professors receive Pupils into their houses.

The Parents or Guardians of Students coming to King's College are earnestly requested to communicate with the Dean of the Medical Deparunent hefore placing them in lodgings.

DINING HALL.—There is a Dining Hall in the College, for the accommodation of the resident Students, and for such other Students as may desire to avail themselves of it.

The Dean of the Medical Department attends in the Marsden Library every morning from a quarter past ten to eleven o'clock.

The next Winter Session will commence on Wednesday, the 1st of October next, with an Introductory Lecture by Professor William Bowman, F.R.S., at 2 o clock precisely.

Military Department.

This Department is intended for the benefit of the numerous class of Gentlemen who may be expecting Commissions in the Army, or direct appointments in the Honourable East India Company's service.

The course of instruction embraces

1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, with a special attention to those branches which have a bearing, more or less direct, upon the strictly professional studies.


The entire Course occupies two years, during the whole of which Religious Instruction forms an essential part of the system.

The Course for Students of the first year, includes-Latin, and Ancient History; Mathematics; English History, Literature and Composition; Geography; French and German; Military Drawing; Field Fortification.

For Students of the second year, instruction of a higher kind is continued in Latin and Ancient History; Mathematics ; English History, Literature, and Composition; Geography; French and German; Military Surveying, comprising the practical use of surveying instruments; Permanent Fortification, and Castrameration ; Tactics, comprising the composition, armament, and various functions of the three forces.

Instruction can also be obtained within the College in the Oriental languages, in Natural Philosophy, Practical Mechanics, Fencing, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Chemistry, &c.; but these do not form part of the regular Course.

Any Student who may be sufficiently advanced, may be moved from the first to the second year's Course, by permission of the Principal.

The different Classes are conducted by the following Professors and Lecturers :

Religious Instruction, according to the principles of the United Church of England and Ireland, by the Rev. E. H. PLUMPTRE, M.A. Chaplain, late Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford.

Latin and Ancient History, by the Rev. R. W. Browne, M.A. late Fellow and Tutor of St. John's College, Oxford, Professor, and the Rev. J. S. Brewer, M.A. of Queen's College, Oxford, Lecturer.

Mathematics, by the Rev. T. G. Hall, M.A. late Fellow and Tutor of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Professor ; the Rev. T. A. Cock, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and T. M. Goodeve, Esq. M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, Leciurers.

English Literature, Modern History, and Geography, by John Julius Stuizer, Esq. M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, Lecturer.

French, by ISIDORE BRASSEUR, Professor,
German, by Adolphus Bernays, P.D. Professor,

Fortification and Military Science, by W. WALKER, Esq. late Captain of H.M,'s 69th Foot, Professor,

Topographical Drawing, by Thomas Bradley, Esq. Professor.


REGULATIONS RESPECTING STUDENTS. The Students received into this Department are

I. Matriculated Students, or those admitted to the regular and full prescribed course of study. Each candidate for Matriculation must produce a testimonial of good character froin his last instructor; and when admitted by the Principal, must subscribe his name to a declaration that he will conform to all the rules and regulations which may from time to time be prescribed for the good government of the College, under the sanction and authority of the Council.

No one can be admited a Matriculated Student under Fifteen Years of Age.

The Fees payable by Matriculated Students amount to £10 10s. per Term. The Fees for the first two Terms (except under special circumstances) are to be paid upon entrance, in addition to the following, viz.

£3 3 0 Matriculation, including Library Subscription.

I 10 O Cap and Gown.
0 2 6 The Calendar.

£4 15 6

The Academical Year consists of Three Terms ; viz. Michaelmas Term, from the beginning of October to the week before Christmas; Lent Term, from the middle of January to the week before Easter; Easter Term, from Easter to the end of June.

II. A separate Class for Officers of Her Majesty's and the Hon. East India Company's service, has been established in connexion with this Department, to afford instruction in Fortification, Military Drawing and Surveying. This Class has the benefit of Capt. Walker's personal superintendence for an hour each day; but the Drawing Room is open from ten to four. Amount of fees, £5 5s. per term.

III. Occasional Students. The different Classes in this Department are likewise open to any Gentlemen whose occupations may not allow them to attend the whole of the Course, but who may wish to avail themselves of the opportunity of studying any particular subject. The following are the Fees for separate courses :

PER Axy.



Latin and Ancient History
Geography; English Literature and History
French ....
Fortification, &c.
Topographical Drawing
Natural Philosophy
Practical Mechanics

£ s. d.
10 10 0
10 10 0
5 5 0
5 5 0
10 10 0
5 5 0
4 4 0
8 S 0

2 2 0
2 2 0
2 2 0
4 4 0
22 0
1 11 6
3 30
2 2 0
3 3 0
2 2 0
3 3 0
7 7 0

5 5 0
For the Course.
For the Course.
For the Course.
For the Course.

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