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At the end of the first twelvemonth of its renewed course the GentleMAN'S MAGAZINE appeals with confidence to its friends for a continuance, and to the public at large for an increase, of their patronage and support. Is is not for the Proprietors to boast of what has been done, or to compare their claims to attention with those of their competitors in the same branch of publication, but they would respectfully submit to general consideration the following classified enumeration of the subjects of some of the principal articles which have appeared in the Magazine during the past year. If this enumeration proves, as the proprietors hope it will universally be allowed to do, that the Gentleman's Magazine has striven earnestly to maintain its position as the ORGAN AND REPRESENTATIVE OF HISTORICAL AND ANTIQUARIAN LITERATURE; if it shows that the Magazine has contained a great mass of attractive and valuable articles, not upon trifles, but upon subjects which properly excite the attention of all persons of education and refinement; if it establishes the fact that the Magazine is not devoted either to dry speculation upon subjects of no importance or practical bearing, but to inquiries which have an interest in every house and family where literature is regarded even as a source of merely temporary amusement; if it evinces that the Magazine is supported by writers of unquestionable name and eminence ; that it has friends and correspondents wherever genuine English literature is understood and appreciated; that it is conducted with energy and liberality, with a true feeling for the dignity of literature and a correct appreciation of its manifold uses ;-if these things are apparent even upon the face of the following enumeration, the Proprietors confidently hope that their appeal for a continuance and extension of support will not be in vain.

The circumstances of the coming year will stimulate all persons connected with the Magazine to increased exertion. The forthcoming Number for January* will be found to contain an unusual variety of articles of great interest, and neither expense nor trouble will be spared during the whole

The Magazine for January 1851 will contain, among other papers, a Memoir of the late Thomas Amyot, Esq. F.R.S., F.S.A. (with á Portrait); the Story of Nell Gwyn, related by PETER CUNNINGHAM, Esq. F.S.A., with two Engravings, being Chap. I. of a work which is to be published entire in the Magazine ; the conclusion of the Diary of the first Earl of Egmont, A.D. 1729 ; Archäological Notes from a Journal of a Tour on the Rhine (with two Engravings) ; papers on the alleged Plagiarism of Milton from the Adamo Caduto of Salandra ; on the Lives and Works of Farindon and Owen the Cavalier and Roundhead Divines ; on the Barons of the Cinque Ports ; on the concluding volumes of Southey's Life and Correspondence; on Miss Strickland's Lives of the Queens of Scotland; on a Monument to a Notary in Ellesmere Church, in Shropshire, by M. HOLBECHE Bloxam, Esq. (with a Plate) ; on the Iconography of Northern Germany, &c. &c. &c.; with the customary Review of New Books, Historical Chronicle, and Obituary.

year to make the Magazine worthy of the great events by which 1851 seems destined to be distinguished.

The following enumeration exhibits only the subjects of the principal articles. Besides these, the Magazine contains copious Notes upon the incidents and literature of the Month; Reviews of important New Publications, especially those relating to History, Biography, or Topography; an HISTORICAL CHRONICLE of recent events ; accounts of the PROceedingS OF THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES AND OTHER ARCHÆOLOGICAL Bodies; and an OBITUARY which has long been celebrated for its completeness and impartiality. To enumerate all the articles in the Obituary, or in any other branch of the Magazine, or even a tenth part of them, is of course impossible ; but the most important which have appeared during the past twelve months will be found mentioned in the following classification, and from them the character of the Magazine may be very safely inferred.

HISTORY Inquiry into the authenticity of the Letters of Logan of Restalrig, and the consequent

reality of the Gowrie conspiracy, hy Join BRUCE, Esq. What did Charles II. receive for Dunkirk ? by PETER CUNNINGHAM, Esq. Minutes of the Battle of Trafalgar. Observations on Letters of Archbishop Laud, by Join BRUCE, Esq. Alleged Confession of Piracy by Sir Walter Raleigh, by JAMES SPEDDING, Esq. The early History of the Gipsies in Europe, by THOMAS WRIGHT, Esq. History of the Romans under the Empire. Inquiry whether Mr. Macaulay has proved his accusations against William Penn. The Banquet of the Dead on the funeral of Francis I., by John Dorax, Esq., LL.D. History of the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece. A record of Rambouillet. Chronicle of Queen Jane. The Congress of Vienna and the Prince de Ligne. The Unpopularity of the Spaniards in England during the reign of Philip and Mary. Correspondence of the Emperor Charles V. Historical Ballad of the Duke of Buckingliam and Banister. Birth of the Prince of Wales, son of James II.

ANTIQUITIES. Several Articles on Roman Remains discovered at Cirencester (with Plates). Netherclift's Collection of Autograph Letters. Account of a Temple to the Dea Sequana discovered at the source of the Seine, by C.

Roach Smith, Esq. A series of articles upon Christian Iconography and Legendary Art, by J. G. WALLER, Esq. Christian Monuments in England and Wales (with Plates). The Holy Maul, by William John Thoms, Esq. Articles on Tradesmen's Tokens (with Plates). The Coins of Caractacus, by the Rev. BEALE Poste. Sepulchral Slabs and Crosses (with Plates). Discovery of Tomb of a female Gallo-Roman artist, by C. Roach Smith, Esq. (with Plates). Account of a Monumental Brass to William de Aldeburgh, hy the Rev. CHARLES BOUTELL

(with a Plate). History of Pottery (with Plates). The College Plate at Oxford (with Plates). On the principal Monuments in the Cathedral at Oxford, hy Matthew HOLBECHE BLOXAN,

Esq. (with Plates). Date of the erection of Chaucer's Tomb, by J. Goran NICHOLS, ESQ. Antiquities discovered at Richborough, Reculver, and Lymne (with Plates). Coronation Stone at Kingston-upon-Thames (with an Engraving). The Works of the Van Lings in Painted Glass. Remarks on certain Mediaval Seals, by S. R. MAITLAND, D.D. Anglo-Norman Doorway Arch at Tottenhill, Norfolk (with several illustrative Plates). Legends of the Monastic Orders,



History of Leicester.
Windsor Castle in the reign of Elizabeth, bý J. Gough Nichols, Esq. (two articles; with

The Castle and Honour of Clare (with Plátes).
History of Winchelsea (with Plates).

John Howard and the Prison World of Europe ; with a subsequent Narrative by

J. BOWYER NICHOLS, Esq. of the proceedings on the proposal to erect a Statue to the

Memory of the great philanthropist. Sir Philip Sidney and his designed embarkation on Discoveries in America, by J. PAYNE

COLLIER, Esq. Lives of the Chief Justices of England. Life of Dr. Chalmers. Lives of Peter the Cruel, of Mahomet, and of Tasso. Lives of the Princesses of England. Romance of the Peerage. Several articles containing new Particulars of the Life of Sir Philip Sidney, by J. PAYNE

COLLIER, Esq. Recollections of Chantrey. Several articles on the Life and Correspondence of Southey, with a letter on his injus

tice to Mrs. Barbauld, from Miss Lucy Aikin. Lives of Oehlenschläger, of Cardinal Pacca, and of Inigo Jones as Court Dramatist (with

Memoirs of Jaques Louis Vincent, of Vincent de Paul, of Paul Louis Courier, of the Mar.

quis de Vauvenargues, and of the Abbé de Saint Pierre, by FrancIS HARWELL.
Life of Dr. Andrew Combe.
Recollections of Lord Cloncurry.
Memoirs of Mr. Plumer Ward.
Memoir of Thomas Dodd (with a portrait).
Memoir of André Chénier.
Autobiography of John Britton.

The Obituary during the year includes no fewer than 257 memoirs of persons distinguished

in their several stations, whether in the State, the Church, the Law, the Army and Navy, Literature, the Arts, &c. &c. Among these are Queen Adelaide, LouisPhilippe, and the Duke of Cambridge, Sir Robert Peel, the Earl of Carnarvon, Lord Stanley of Alderley, Lord Leigh, Lord Jeffrey, Chief Justice Doherty, Bishop Cole. ridge, the Deans of Bristol, Hereford, and Salisbury, Şir William Allan, Etty the Academician, Sir M. I. Brunel, Wm. Wordsworth, Rev. W. Lisle Bowles, Miss Jane Porter, Mr. Serjeant Lawes, Louis Hayes Petit, Esq., Dr. Cooke Taylor, Ebenezer Elliott, Thomas Stapleton, Esq., Edward Du Bois, Esq., Rev. William Kirby the Entomologist, Consul Barker, Lieut. Waghorn, Dr. Clanny, Rev. Dr. Byrth, Rev. Edward Bickersteth, Rev. T. S. Grimshawe, W. C. Townsend, Esq. Q. C., Mr. Smith of Deanston, Dr.“Prout, Dr. Bromet, Sir Martin Å. Shee, Rt. Hon. C. W. W. Wynn, Sir Lancelot Shadwell, Rev. Walter Davies the Welsh bard and scholar, Rev. Dr. Ingram, Rev. Dr. Thackeray, &c. &c.

LITERARY HISTORY. Dr. Johnson and the Ivy Lane Club, by John BOWYER Nichols, Esq. Piozziana.-Anecdotes, Criticisms, &c., by Mrs. H. L. Piozzi. A series of articles containing facts in Literary and General History as contributions for a

New Biographia Britannica, by PETER CUNNINGHAM, Esq. History of Early Spanish Literature. Several articles on the Proper Division of Much Ado about Nothing and King Lear into

Acts, by James SPEDDING, Esq. The Gregorians alluded to by Pope, by W. D. HAGGARD, Esq. The Authorship of the English Mercurie of 1588 and the Origin of Newspapers, by

Sávitri, an historical poem from the Sanscrit.
Account of an unknown Poem of Drayton, by Jons PAYNE COLLIER, Esq.
Account of a Genealogical Relic in the possession of the poet Wordsworth, by the Rev.

Who wrote Shakspere's Henry VIII.? by JAMES SPEDDING, Esq.

Various articles relating to Michael Drayton and Thomas Lodge, by John PAYNE COLLIER,

Esq. Letters relating to a great Literary Piracy in the Prayer Book published by the Eeclesi

astical History Society. Unpublished Anecdotes of Sir Thomas Wyatt the poet, by John BRUCE, Esq. That the Ecclesiastical History Society was not patronized by Archbishop Howley, by

S. R. MAITLAND, D.D. Letters respecting the Authorship of Junius from Sir FORTUNATUS DWARRIS and JAMES

Roche, Esq. Wordsworth's Autobiographical Poem. Date of Spenser's Death, by J. PAYNE COLLIER, Esq. An Evening with Voltaire, extracted from the Diary of Mr. Richard Neville Neville, com

municated by LORD BRAYBROOKE. Dryden's Quarrel with Flecknoe, by PETER CUNNINGHAM, Esq. The Duchess of Queensberry's patronage of Gay.


(mostly now first published). Letters of Pope to Lady Mary Wortley Montague. Letter of Dr. Johnson to the Earl of Hertford. Five Letters of Archbishop Laud. Letters of the Man of Ross. Letter from Bishop Bonner containing his long lost accusations against Sir Thomas Wyatt

the poet. Documents relating to the Duke of Monmouth. Letters and papers respecting William Penn and the Taunton Maids. Contemporary account of the funeral of Amy Robsart. Letter from the Princess Elizabeth dowager Landgravine of Hesse Homburg to George IT. Letters and documents relating to Wyatt the poet. Letter from Frederick Duke of York to Colonel Richard Grenville. Letter from the Privy Council charging the Lord Lieutenant of Kent to protect King

Philip's Spanish attendants. Unpublished Diary of John Earl of Egmont, A.D. 1729. Letter from Jane Porter to Sir Egerton Brydges. Letter from Count Suworow to Sir William N. Hart. Contract of Bernard Van Ling to execute certain works in painted glass at Walliam

College, Oxford. Original Letters from Bishop Bedell to Lady Wrey, communicated by J. E. B. MAYOR, Ese

. Documents relating to the birth of the Prince of Wales, son of James II. The Duchess of Queensberry's Letter to George II.

The present state of Architectural Literature.
Romanesque and Pointed Architecture in France.
New Window in Ely Cathedral.
The True Principles of Church Restoration.
Gothic Windows (with Plates).
Introduction to the study of Gothic Architecture.

Deductions from the History of Words, by THOMAS WRIGHT, Esq.
The New Cratylus.

The Mediæval Exhibition of 1850.
Prisons and Prison Discipline.
Copyright of Foreign Authors.
Several Articles on the Report of the Commissioners on the British Museum, and the pre-

sent state of the Library Catalogue. The Recent Papal Bull and Pastoral.

The GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE is published on the first day of every month, by Messrs. Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament Street, Westminster, price 2s. 6d., and may be ordered of any Bookseller,

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The General Education of King's College, London, is carried on in six distinct yet mutually related Departments ; viz.


VI. The SCHOOL. And under these separate divisions, every information respecting the College is given in the following pages.

Theological Department. The object in view in this Department of King's College is to provide a system of sound Theological Instruction, essentially practical in its nature, for the large and important class of young men who propose to offer themselves as Candidates for Holy Orders.

This department is under the immediate superintendence of the Principal of King's
College, and is conducted by
DivinityThe Rev. ALEXANDER MCaul, D.D.

The Rev. FREDERICK D. MAURICE, M.A. Professors.
The Rev. E. H. PLUMPTRE, M.A.
The Rev. MICHAEL Biggs, M.A.

The Rer. Robr. HAYES, M.A.
Vocal Music, by John HULLAH, Esq. Professor.
Public Reading, by the Rev. A. S. THELWALL, M. A. Lecturer.
Public Health, by W. A. Guy, Esq. M.B. Cantab. Professor,

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