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TORAX, new discovery, relative to Cements, exper. with regard to
the production of, 237,

the composition of, particularly
Boswell, Mr. his directions for with respect to buildings, 361.

watering meadows, 456. CHARITY considered, as a Chrif-
Brereton, Mr, his account of the tian virtue, 296.

leai of Q Henrietta Maria, 274. CHARLESTOWN, N.England, acc.
BROOKE, A. his acc. of a Saxon of the first fettlement of, 468.

inicription on Krkdale church, CHINA, the wines, fruits, and
114. Of an ancient seal of the other products of, 519.
Fitzwalter family, 115.

CHINESE, their chronology not so
-- his descripcion of the great

ancient as pretended by fome
seal of Q. Katherine Parr, 272.

writers, 506. Their history, in
BROTHs, made from flesh, said to course, extremely defective, 508.
be pernicious in fevers, 571.

Their empire first eftablished a-
Bruce, Robert, his bout 1000 years before Chrift,
found. 281.

sui. Their music, 521. Their
BU CQUET, M. his memoir on the population, 522, Their igno.

manner in which animals are jance of Allroromy, 523. Their
affected by mephitic fluids, 515

hospitals for foundlings, 524.
Buffon, M. his Nat. Hift. Sup. Chio, in the Levant, described,
plement, Vol. V. containing the

517. Its delicious wine, 518. Its
Epochas of Nature, 395.

mastic, ib. Medals of, 519.
Bugge, Potesfor, his theory of the CHOISEUL, Count de, bis descrip-
machine for driving piles, 383.

tion of different parts of Greece,
Burney, Ds. his acc. of an extra-

ordinary genius for music in an CHRIST, death of, confidered in the

fame light with that of Socrates,
Busch, Professor, his acc. of the

commercial academy at Ham. Clarendon, Lord, his hift. of the
burgh, 238.

rebellion, not altered by the Ox.

ford editor, 303.
C Amper, Dr. his acc. of the or: CLERGYMAN, rural

, poetical en-
gans of speech in the Orang comium of, 169.
Outang, 221.

CLOCKS to Atrike the bour, enquiry
Çannon. See King.

when first made, 281.
CARDAN, his role for resolving the Club, rules for one established at
cubic equation, &c. inveft gated, Philadelphia, 205.

Coins, ancient acç. of some disco.
CARTWRIGHT, Major, his politi- vered at Fenwick castle, 113.
cal debate with Lord Abingdon,

And in the Tower of Lond. 270.

COFFINS, ftone. See PiGGE.
CATHOLICS, Roman, late Ad in COLE, M. his acc. of the ancient

favour of, vindicated, 1:6, 149. hoins, in the cathedral of Car.
Their free toleration in Sc tland

lisle, 279.
defended, 150. The act of par. COLONIES, American, when first
liament farther vindicated, 238, an object of British taxation, 465

COMMERCE. See Banks.
CAZAUD, M. his acc. of a new COMET. See LEXEL.

method of cultivating the fugar Cook, Capt. elegant verses to his
cane, 222.

memory, by a Lady, 459.
Celts, ancient instruments so calle CosRoes, K. of Perfia, planders
ej, account of, 110,

Jerusalem, and sells 90,000


infant, 209,


&c. 43.

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Chriftian captives to the Jews, ELEPHANTS, when inhabitants of
who murder chem, 568.

the northern regions of our
COWPER, Mr. his acc. of the effects globe, 398. Their bones found

of lightning on board a ship, 222. in North America, 399.
CREATION, various opinions of the

ancients concerning, 101. FABLE, dramatic, remarks rela-
Crotch. See Burney.

tive to, 186.

See Coins.
DEST, the noblest of all appel- Fevers. See foon.
lations, 104.

Fire, its nature different from that
Deity, the knowledge of, dif- of light, 154. New discoveries
cussed, 97-100.

relative to, 546.
Demoniacs, Scriprure, controver- Fires, method of securing build-
sy relative to, 178.

ings from, 51.
Derry, Bishop of, highly pane. Florence, royal gallery of, cata-
gyrised, 553.

logue of the pictures and rarities
DIALOGUE between a Frenchman,

there, 572.
and an Englishman, relative to Flowers of plants, their noxious
Canada, 145.

effect on the air, 346, 504.
DRAKE, Mr. his acc. of two Ro. Food, animal, and broths, perni-
man stations
in Effex, 112.

cious in fevers, 571.
Combats Mr. Whitaker's acc. FOTHERGILL, Dr. Anthony, his
of the origin of the English lan. acc. of a cure of S:. Vitus's dance
guage, 277

by electricity, 215
DRAMA, crit. obs. relative to, 186. FRANKLIN, Dr. Benj. his excellent
Dropsy. See LATHAM.

parable against perfecution, 195.
DUNCAN, Dr. his publication of His Poor Richard's Almanac, 198.

certain MSS. of the late Mr. His anxious desire to promote
Baxter, 58,

peace and harmony between
Dune of Dornadilla described, 271. Great Britain and America, 202.

Shamefully abused by Mr. Wed.
TARTH, terraqueous globe of, derburne, 204. His electrical

held to be wholly derived from discoveries, 206. His hypothe-
water, 157.

fis concerning the Aurora Borse
M de Luc's theory of, 529.
EARTHEN ware, ancient, great free Martin, account of, 221.

quantity of discovered in the sea, FRENCHMAN, his dialogues with an
Off the Kentish coat, 275. See Englishman, concerning the
also Vases.

power of the Crown to make
EARTHQUAKE, nature of, ele&ri. laws for conq. countries, 145:

cal, 556. Discoveries rel. to the FRERET, M. his erroneous hypo-
means of rendering its effects less thesis concerning the Chinese
fatal to mankind, 557.

chronology, 506.
ECLIPSE. See Ulloa,
ECLOGUE, a Lambeth one, 408. Genesis. See PERSECUTION.
ELECTRICITY, peculiarly effica- Grose, Mr. his description of

cious in the cure of female disor- antiquities in Hampshire, 272.
ders, 308, Lord Mahon's prin. GUNNERY, the theory of, hiftori-
ciples of, and exper. in 435. M.

cal deduction of, 122.
Marat's discoveries in 546. See
allo FRANKLIN, FOTHERGILL, HAMBURGH, commercial acade-
PARTINGTON, and Earth- my at, 238.

HAYLEY, Mr. his elegant verses


alis, 207

wife, 453.

world, 549.

&c, 237:

cation, 577

on the death of Mr. Thornton, composed Dr. Dodd's fpeech at

his trial, 453.
HEARING, Curious exper. relative IRELAND, whether void of fer-
to, 52.

pents, 113. Her commercial re-
HERMAPHRODITE. See FREE Itraints considered, 162. Her

political connexion with Eng.
HERVEY, Rev. James, his Writ-

land discussed, 306, 359.
ings characterized, 424.

IRWIN, Mr. his Eastern Eclogues
Hey, Mr. bis Letter to the Re- commended, 451. His tender
viewers, 253

and elegant compliment to his
HIGHLANDS of Scotland, account

of ancient monuments, &c, in, Isarail, Book of. See Lowth.

ITALIANS, their character, 549.
HINDOSTAN, remarks on the in- That of their women, 550.

troduction of English laws into ITALY, the land of painters, itself

the eastern provinces of, 147. the mott beautiful picture in the
Hoeffer, Mr, his Memoir on the
native fedative falt of Tuscany, JUDEA, country of, its great fer-

tility and populousness asserted,
Horns. See COLE.

HORSES, of the Sybarites, ridicu-
lous story of their mufical educa. Kirkdale, church of, a Saxon

inscription on, illustrated, 114.
Hot-houfe, plants, method of King, Mr. his acc, of a curious

guarding against insects, 356, piece of ordnance filhed out of
HUNTER, John, his acc. of a fpe- the sea, 112.
cies of Hermaphrodite called the

of a petrifaction
Free Martin, 221.

found in East Lothian, 219.
Hutton, Mr. his acc. of calcula-

of antiquities dug
tions made to ascertain the mean up in Mersey island, &c. 271.
density of the earth, 38. King John's house at Waraford.

ERUSALEM, its flourishing fate KNIGHT, Dr. his method of mak-

in the time of Constantine, 567. ing artificial loadstones, 221.
JEURAT, Mr, account of his co-

nantidiptic telescope, 215. LANGUAGE, English, various a-
Jews, said to have purchased pinions as to its origin, 277.

90,000 Christian captives of LASSONE, M. de, his memoir on
Cofroes K. of Persia, that they the accidents occafioned by ani-
might liave the pleasure of cut- mal putrefaction, 14. On :
ting their broars, 568.

method of improving the tastar
INDIA, Eait,- See TANJORE. See emetic, 516.

HINDOSTAN.-Several tracts, LATHAM, Mr. his acc. of an ex.
rel. to, 244. See allo BENGAL. traordinary drophical case, 217.

LEAD ore, chemical exper, on, 48.
INSECTS, infesting hot-house LE CERF, Mr. his improvements in

plants, their forts enumerated, watch-making, 44. His merit
355. Methods of guarding a- in this respect questioned, 176.
gainst their depredations, ib. LE COMPTE, M. his method of
See also BlIGHTS.

curing ulcers by the burning.
JOHNSON, Sam. his malignity to- glass, 514.

wards Milton, 479. Animad. LETTER to the Reviewers, con-
verted on, 480, Said to have cerning the remains of ancient


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scribed, 517:

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potteries, discovered in the Mof- King's legislative authority over
guito country, 278. See also conquered countries, 139.

MARCELLINUS, Ammianus, his

advantageous account of the fer-
LEXEL, Mr. his obs. on the peri- tility of Judea, 569.

odical time of the comet of 1770, Martin, honest Tom, his objeca

tions to the profession of an ara ,

torney, 300.

His history of
Life, poetical pictore of the mile- Thetford, ib.
ries of, 393.

MASERES, Baron, his method of
LIGHT, philofophically invefligat- finding a near value of the very
ed, 153
Its nature contrary

flowly converging infinite feries,
to that of fire, 154.

&c. 42. His method of extend.
LIGHTNING. See Cowper. irg Cardan's rule for resolving
LOADstone. See KNIGHT. one case of a cubic equation, &c.
LONDON, poetical foresight of the Masson, Mr, his account of the
ruins of, 128.

island of St. Miguel, 49.
LONGFIELD, Dr. See ASTRO- Meadows. See Boswell.

Medicine, Royal Society of, in
LORT, Mr. his obf, on Celts, 110. France, a new inftitution, 511,
Lowth, Bishop, his new tranila- History of, ib.

tion of Maiah, specimen of, 285. Mengs, the celebrated painter,
Lucy, Sir Tho. supposed to be anecdotes of, 564.

the person alluded to by Shake- METELIN, the ancient Lesbos de
spear, under the character of
Justice Shallow, 258.

Miguel, Se, inand of, hot fount-
LYON, Mr. his defcript. of a Ro. ains there, described, 49. Their

man bath, discovered at Dover, efficacy, in the cure of the gout,


Milles, Dr. his acc. of two As.
MAchines, to shorten labour, rei, found by digging in the
their utility, 225.

Tower of London, 276. See
MACQUART, M. his remarkable alfo, p. 282,

cure of an abscess formed in the Moguls, their tyranny over the
cesophagus, by means of mer.
cury, 513:

Mo.Quito shore, curious eastern
MADNESS, new treatise concern- vales, found there, 277. See

ing the nature and cure of, 564, also the Letter and Note p. 278.
MAHON, Lord, his invention for Music, extraordinary genius for in

securing buildings from fire, çi. an infant, 209.

The experiment tried, ib. Music, philofophically considered,
MAILLA, Faib, de, mistaken in

his opinion of the Chinese Chro. Music of the ancient Greeks, 577.
nology, 506.

MUTZENBECHER's edit, of Biel's
MAN, his organization, vital prin- Philological Thesaurus, 235.
ciple, &c. inveftigated, 401.

plan of a complete hiftory of, NECESSITy, philosophical, at-

tacked, and defended, 29.
Manners, dramatic, crit. remarks NETHERLANDS, united provinces
on, 187,

of, their glorious struggle for
MANSFIBLD, Earl of, his opinion freedom, 373. Their wonder.
controverted, concerning the ful fuccefs, 374. Arguments



Indians, 5430


Ihore, 277

used in their debates, for and from Eng. to Davis's Streights,

against a peace with Spain, 375. &c. 52. His accidental death,
NONSUCH-house, &c, some ac.

ib. tbe note.
count of, 281.

PILE-driver, theory of that ma-
NOUVEAUX Elemens de la science

cbine, 383
de l'Homme, 401.

PINE-apple, a valuable treatise for

the culture of, recommended,
ORAN OUTANG, acc. of the or-

gans of speech in, 220. POLITICAL intrigues, of the cabi-
Orred, Mr. his account of a case net under Henry IV. &c. 554.

in which the head of the os be Pope, Mr. his description of the
meri was lawn off, 216.

tower of Dornadilla, 271.
Os HUMERI. See ORRED. POPERY, principles of appreciated,

67. See more under CATHO-
PALESTINE, country of, its ferti-

lity, &c. asserted, in opposition PowNAL, Mr, his account of the
to Volcaire, and other infidel earthen-ware discovered in the
writers, 565.

sea, near Whitstabie Bay, 275.
Palmer, Mr. his notions respecte

of curious earth.
ing philosoph. necessity, &c. 29. en vases, found on the Mosquito
Pan-fand. See EARTHENWARE.
PARNEL, Mr. a remarkable saying POTTERIES, ancient remains of,

of his, in the Iris House of discovered on the Mosquito coast,
Cominons, 247.

Parties, state of, in the British PRAISE, the love of, discussed,
court, in 1757, 118.

PARTINGTON, Mr. his success in PRICE, Ds. his notion with re..
medical electricity, 309,

spect to some in the necessarian
Pau, M. his account of the Chi-

doctrine, 3;
nese controverted, 521,

censured for his foreboding
PAUSANIUS, his testimony to the and defponding spirit, in respeēt
fertility of Judea, 569.

of our political affairs, 447. His
Pegge, Mr. his account of St. remarks respecting annuities,
George, the patron saint of Eng- &c. ib.

PRIESTLEY, Dr. his notions of
his remarks relative to philosophical necessity, and ma-
Croyland abbey, 110.

terialism, attacked and defended,
bis examination of the

29. Ridiculed, 64.
question whether Ireland and

ketch of the controver.
Thanet are void of ferpents, 113. sy between him and his oppo-

his account of some stone nents on matter, &c. 223.
coffins, 271. His explanation of Princes, education proper for,
a passage in Gildas, 274.

574. Ought not to employ their
his observations on con- time and attention on any arts or
ventual feals, 279.

sciences not immediately relative
Persecution, excellent parable to governmeni, 575.
against, 196.

PRUSSIA, K. of, his ideas of the
PETRIFAction. See King. relation between a citizen and
Perere, M. le, his successful ap. his country, 132.

plication of the burning-glass
in the cure of ulcers, 513.

Vicksilver, remarkable cure
PICKERSGILL, Lieut. his account of an abscess wrought by, 513.
of the track of the brig Lion,


Jand, 107

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