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Read extensive reviews.

Cloth edition, $1.50. Ready December 1.

Paper edition, 30 CENTS. NOW READY.
When ordering direct of publishers send postal note, money order, or 3 ten-cent pieces stuck to a card.
Do not send stamps.


29 CLINTON AVE., ALBANY, N. Y. When you ask for the book at your local public library be sure and ask for the one by Lillian.

Mention this magazine.



is a quarterly magazine, now in the third year of its pubThe Cyclopedic Review lication. It is the only magazine in its special field and of

is indispensable to every one who wishes to keep fully Current History informed concerning important events in all parts of the


which records in permanent form the history of our own Helpful Magazine

time and the progress which is being made in every line for Busy People

of human interest.

presenting facts clearly and impartially and leaving Non-Partisan readers to form their own opinions. All matter is careand

fully classified, a full table of contents is given in each Non-Sectarian

number and an elaborate index at the end of each year. The bound volumes make an ideal annual.

of eminent people appear in each issue and form a valPortraits and

uable and intersesting feature, which gives the magazine Biographies a permanent interest and entitles it to rank as an illus

trated journal of contemporary biography.

like other journals, interesting, instructive, and useful as Never to be

it is to-day, its value increases with age. An unbroken Thrown Aside file is invaluable to refresh the memory concerning any

important event within the period which it covers.

from which a bird's-eye view of all public matters may A Historical Observatory"

be obtained by those who have overlooked them, or
have not had time to read them in the daily papers.
as the only magazine which attempts to cover the histor-
ical field systematically, and to which the reader can

turn with the certainty that no topic of importance has “ Current History"

been omitted or slighted. To the great majority of peoStands Alone ple it is the only means by which they can keep promptly

informed as to the geographical and political changes in
foreign lands and the results of exploration and dis-
in all parts of the United States and Canada to bring

this magazine to the attention of teachers, clergymen, Agents

lawyers, doctors and the general reader. Liberal comWanted

missions. Write at once for terms, and territory in

which to canvass. Annual Subscription, $1.50; Single Copies, 40 cents. A Sample Copy will be sent for

20 Cents on mention of this Magazine. Descriptive Circulars free. Two hundred and twenty-four pages in each number.

GARRETSON, COX & CO., Publishers, Buffalo, N. Y.

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