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That Christ's Disciples are subject to, under all

kinds of Afflictions in this life :

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Which hath never failed those that have used it,

or ever will, to the end of the World.

Author of "The Pilgrim's Progress,” &c. &c.

Psalm cxix. 67. Before I was afflicted, I went

astray ; but now have I kept thy Word."



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Berwick : Printed by

H. Richardson.


THE following Treatise, extracted from the Miscellaneous Works of the greatly admired and justly celebrated JOHN BUNYAN, entitled, by the distinguished author, Hearts' Ease in Heart Trouble,is, perhaps, one of the richest productions : and which, singular, as under such circumstances it must appear, escaped re-publication during the whole of the last century.

In some measure, however, to account for, this extraordinary neglect of Hearts' Ease, the greater part of the collectors of Bunyan's instructive Miscellanies, must, doubtless, have overlooked this interesting and valuable performance ; while others, who had heard only of its existence, commenced not their efforts to obtain it, until the ravages of time had so thinned the only edition which had ever been published, that but few copies remained ; and those fetu were, consequently, held in such estimation by their possessors that scarcely a single book, at any price, could ultimately be procured.

(iv) The publisher, after various fruitless researches at length, was fortunate enough, through the assistance of a christian friend, to meet with the publication in question ; from which, after careful revisul, this edition was formed ; and it is now printed in this cheap form for more general circulation.

An Epistle to the Meek and Lowly-Hearted

Readers, who have learned of their dear Lord so to be, who himself will not break the bruised Reed, nor quench the smoking Flax,


HARITY (which is the bond of perfect

world, and in the church too, the more is the pity) thou must put on who readest this, the plainest and most unpolished piece that ever thou sawest, (for the author never had skill in dressing) if thou meanest to profit any thing by it, which is the only thing, God knows, is aimed at by the author, who always prays and studies to speak (and write) rather to men's hearts than ears, his own and others; and by God's word, to work faith, rather than feed fancy: charity, I say, thou must have, for that will cover a multitude of sins, much more of infirmities, which here thou must expect to meet: charity, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things, 1 Cor. xiii. 7, “ If thou wilt but exercise thy charity in reading, and join therewith thy fervent prayers for a blessing, thou mayest attain thine end and mine also, to wit, thy edification ; for charity edifieth.

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