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It is only of late years that archeologists have understood that Art is exhibited, not only in architecture, statuary, and monumental painting, but that ecclesiastical utensils, arms, jewels, furniture, and even objects of common use, all equally bear testimony to the artistic talent of ancient times, and afford as irrefragable evidence of the character of the epoch in which they were made.

It is of Art-as applied to the objects of domestic life— that this volume treats. It was originally written as an introduction to a descriptive catalogue of the DebrugeDumenil Collection, of which M. Jules Labarte, its accomplished author, was coinheritor. It gives a complete history of the origin and development of the decorative arts during the Mediæval and Renaissance periods; and, as we have no work in English on the same subject, and the French catalogue has been long out of print, it has been thought that a translation, divested of the references to that well-known Collection, would be of interest and use.

The work of M. Labarte deserves on every account to be

known and circulated. Its value is already fully acknowledged by French antiquaries and artists. As M. Didron observes, "C'est une véritable histoire de l'art par les objets mobiliers, dont M. de Labarte vient d'enrichir la science archéologique. Il y a peu de livres où plus de faits certains et intéressants abondent que dans celui-ci ;" and M. de Laborde most truly says, "L'ouvrage de M. Labarte est dans toutes les mains; il serait inutile d'en faire l'éloge; il est dans toutes les bouches."

The translator has to express her grateful acknowledgments to M. Labarte for the use of the wood-cuts belonging to his work, and also to Lord Londesborough, the Executors of the late Mr. Bernal, to Mr. Franks, and Mr. Apsley Pellatt, for a liberality, to which she is indebted for many of her most interesting illustrations.



Arch. architect; arm. armourer; cabm. cabinet-maker; call. calligrapher; cha.
chaser; clockm. clock-maker; dam. damascener; draughtsm. draughtsman; enam.
enameller; eng. engraver; Flem. Flemish; Flo. Florentine; Fr. French; Gk. Greek;
Ger. German; glassm, glass-maker; golds. goldsmith; iv. ivory; It. Italian; ker.
keramics, keramist; lap. lapidary; locks. locksmith; marq. marquetry; mod. modeller;
paint. painter; sculp. sculptor; Swe. Swedish; Ven. Venetian.

ABBON, golds. of Limoges, 206
Acier, François, Fr. sculp. 323
Agnolo of Siena, It. sculp. 23, 153, 165, 238
Agnolo, Luca, It. golds. 260
Agostino, of Siena, It. sculp. 23, 153, 165,


Baumgartner, Ulrich, Ger. cabm. 393, 394
Becto, son of Francesco, It. golds. 248
Beham Hans Sebald, Ger. paint. and eng. 99
Beham, Bartholomeus, Ger. eng.

Albano, It. paint. 27 note

Aldegrever, Heinrich, Ger. paint. and eng. 99 Bellino, Ferrante, It. artist in iron and dam,
Algardi, Alessandro, It. sculp. 32
Alpais, enam. of Limoges, 123


Altdorfer, Albrecht, Ger. paint. and eng. 99
Ambrogio, Giovanni, It. dam. and turner, 192
Amerighi, Amerigo, It. nam. 154
Andrea del Sarto (Andrea Vanucchi),
paint. 37


Andreoli, Giorgio. (See Giorgio.)
Andreoli, Giovanni, It. ker. paint. 290
Andreoli, Salimbene, It. ker. paint. 290
Andreoli, Vicenzo. (See Cencio.)
Andrew of Pisa (Andrea Pisano), It. sculp.
founder in bronze, and golds. 23, 40, 238
Angermann, Ger. iv. sculp. 34
Anichini, Luigi, of Ferrara, It. eng. of fine
stones, 54

Antelotto. (See Braccioforte.)
Arditi, Andrea, Flo. golds. 243, 244.


Arezzo. (See Paolo and Pietro.)
Armand, ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327
Asselin, ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327

Bartolucci, ker. of Urbania, 301
Bartoluccio. (See Ghiberti.)
Bassin, Fr. golds. 268

BACHELIER, Fr. ker. artist, 327
Balin, Fr. golds. 268
Ballarin, Ven. glassm. 345
Bandinelli Baccio, It. arch. 390
Barthel, Ger. iv. sculp. 34
Bartholi, Giovanni, Sienese golds. 242
Bartolommeo of Pola, It. marq. 390

Benchert, H., Ger. enam. paint. on glass vases,


Benedetto da Maiano, It. sculp. arch. and
marq. 23, 390

Berger, Magnus, Norw. iv. sculp. 35
Berengarius, Ger. call. 215
Bernard, Fr. enam. paint. 182

Bernardi, Giovanni, di Castel Bolognese, It.
sculp. and eng. of fine stones, 32, 54
Bernardo, Gamberelli, Flo. sculp. 23
Bernelin, golds. of Sens, 213
Bernuin, golds. of Sens, 213

Bernward, bishop of Hildesheim, golds. 217
Biancardi, Antonio, It. dam. and arm. 192
Bigaglia, Ven. glassm. 345

Binco, Lucas Gaffelli, eng. 100 note
Fig. Blesendorf, Ger. enam. paint. 187

Bloc, Conrad, Ger. eng. of medals, 44
Blondus, or Leblond, Fr. eng. 379
Boey, Guillaume, golds. of Paris, 235
Boileau, director of the manufactory at Sèvres,

Boisse, Jehan, Fr. enam. paint. 181
Boit, Charles, Swe. enam. paint. 187
Boizot, Fr. paint. 327

Bologna, John of, It. sculp. 261
Bonaventura, Nicolò, It. golds. 243
Bonaventura, Enrico, his nephew, It. golds,

Bonin, Fr. enam. paint. 182

Bonnano of Pisa, founder in bronze, 40, 49


Bordier, Fr. golds. and enam. paint. 186
Bos, Jerome, Ger. eng. 100 note
Bossiut, Van, Flem. iv. sculp. 34
Böttcher, Ger. ker. chemist, 314, 317
Bouhier, Fr. clockm. 379

Bouillat, ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327
Boule, André-Charles, Fr. cabm. 395
Braccioforte, Antelotto, It. golds. 206, 243
Braccini, Atto, It. golds. 241
Braunin, Ger. mod. in wax, 39
Brecheisen, Ger. ker. paint. 323
Briani, Cristofano, Ven. glassm. 340
Briarti, Ven. glassm. 345
Briot, François, Fr. golds. 263
Brongniart, A. Fr. chem. geologist, and di-
rector of the manufactory at Sèvres, 327
(see Index)

Brüggemann, Hans, Ger. sculp. 21, 26 Brunelleschi, Filippo, Flo. sculp. arch. and golds. 237, 241, 242, 245

Bry, Théodor de, Ger. eng. and golds. 99, 267
Buglioni, Santi and Benedetto, It. ker. 286


Buonarotti. (See Michael Angelo.)
Buoni, Ludovico, It. golds. 241

Coldoré, J. de Fontenay, surnamed, Fr. eng.
of fine stones, 54 note, 55
Colin, Pierre, Fr. enam. paint. 181
Collaert, Jean, Flem. eng. 99, 268
Copé, Fiamingo, Flem. iv. sculp. 32
Corobus, of Athens, Gk. ker. 272
Court, Jean de, surnamed Vigier, Fr. enam.
paint. 179

Chicoineau, Fr. ker. chemist, 324
Chousy, Fr. enam. paint. 184
Chulot, ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327
Cillio, or Giglio, of Pisa, It. golds. 241
Cimabue, Flo. paint. 94

Court, or Courteys, Suzanne de, Fr. enam. paint. 180

Courteys, or Courtois, family, Fr. enam.
paint. 170, 177

Courteys, Pierre, Fr. enam. paint. 174, 177
Courteys, Jean, Fr. enam. and glass paint. 178
Courteys, I. D. Fr. enam. paint. 178
Courteys, Martial, Fr. enam. paint. 180
Courtois. (See Courteys.)
Courtois, the two, Fr. golds. 268
Cousin, Jean, Fr. paint. sculp. arch. and
paint. upon glass, 75
Crispin, eng. 100, note
Cristoforo, son of Paolo, It. sculp. and golds.

Cursinet, Fr. sword-cutler and dam. 193

CALDARA, Polidoro, or Polidoro di Caravaggio,
It. paint. 27 note

Caracci, It. paint. 27 note
Caraglio, Jacopo, of Verona, It. eng. of fine
stones, 54

Caradosso. (See Foppa.)
Carlo Dolce, It. paint. 27 note
Carovage, or Carovagius, Fr. clockm. 376
Castel, Fr. ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327
Caton, Fr. ker. paint. at Sèvres, 390
Cellini, Baccio, It. marq. 390
Cellini, Benvenuto. (See Index.)
Cencio, Maestro Vincenzo Andreoli so called,
It. ker. paint. 290

Cenni, Bartolommeo, Flo. golds. 248
Cesari, Alessandro, It. eng. of medals and fine Domenico de' Cammei, It.


Cione, It. golds. 165, 240, 247, 248
Cipriano, It. golds. 241
Civo, Bernardo, It. dam. and arm. 192
Claude, Fr. paint. on glass, 75
Claux, of Friburg, Fr. golds. 235
Clichi, Jean de, Fr. golds. 235

DAEBLER, M., Ger. iv. sculp. 35
Damiano, Fra, It. marq. 390
Danti, Vicenzio, It. golds. 260
Defontaine, Fr. golds. 268
Delahaie, Fr. golds. 263

De Laulne, Etienne, surnamed Stephanus, Fr.
golds. and eng. 100, 262, 379
Delaunay, Fr. golds. 268
Dello, Flo. paint. 386
Desiderio da Settignano, It. sculp. 23
Desjardins, François, Fr. golds. 263
Dibutades of Sicyon, Gk. ker. 272
Dietrich, Ger. paint. and eng. 323
Dinglinger, J. M. Ger. golds. and enam. 270
Dinglinger, Georg Friedrich, Ger. enam.
paint. 187

stones, 43, 54

Chartier, Pierre, Fr. enam. paint. 186

Châtillon, Louis de, Fr. enam. paint. 187
Cherestratus, Gk. ker. 272
Chevalier, Fr. iv. sculp. and mod. in wax, Donatello. (See Simone.)
35, 39

Dodin, ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327
Domenichino, It. paint. 27 note

eng. of fine stones,

Domenico di Marietto, It. marq. 390 Donatello, Flo. sculp. arch. and golds. 23, 237, 245

Dondis, Jacques de, clockm. 375
Dubié, Fr. enam. paint. and golds. 185
Dubois brothers, Fr. ker. 324
Dufour, Gautier, Fr. golds. 235
Dupré, Fr. sculp, and eng. of medals, 44
Du Quesnoy, François, surnamed François
Flamand, Flem. sculp. 29, 32
Durand, Fr. enam. paint. 187
Durantino, Guido, It. ker. paint. 293
Dürer, Albert, Ger. paint. sculp. and eng. (see
Index,) 22, 24, 26, 27, 43, 83, 86. Fig. 9,


ELOY, Saint, Fr. golds. 201, 206. Fig. 73
Engelbrechts, Cornelius, Ger. eng. 100 note
Evans, ker. paint. at Sèvres, 327
Byek, Hubert Van, Flem. paint. 81. Fig. 30,


Byck, John Van, surnamed John of Bruges,
Flem. paint. 79, 81. Fig. 30, xx

FALCONNET, Fr. sculp. 327

Falz, Raymond, Ger. eng. of medals and iv.
sculp. 35, 269

Ferrand, Jacques Philippe, Fr. enam. paint.

Fiamingo. (See Copé.)

Figino, Giovanni-Pietro, It. dam. 192
Filarete, Antonio, It. cha. and golds. 246
Filippo, It. golds. 241

Finiguerra, Maso, Flo. golds. and eng. 98 note,

Flamand, François. (See Du Quesnoy.)
Flötner, Peter, Ger. sculp. 26

Fontana, Orazio, It. ker. paint. 292, 294
Fontana, Flaminio, It. ker. paint. 293
Fontenay, Julien de. (See Coldoré.)
Foppa, Ambrogio, surnamed Caradosso, It.
golds. cha. eng. of fine stones and enam.
54, 154, 250

Forzore. (See Spinelli.)
Francesco, son of Giovanni, Flo. golds. 248
Francia, Francesco, Raibolini, surnamed It.
paint. golds. eng. of fine stones and dies,
and enam. 54, 154, 249, 250
Franco, Battista, surnamed the Semolei, Ven.
paint. 292, 294, 296, 297. Fig. 107

GADDI, Gaddo, Flo. paint. 94
Gatti the brothers, It. ker. paint. 293
Gazzabin, Ven. glassm. 345
Geri, Berto, It. sculp. and golds. 248
Gerbert, afterwards Pope Sylvester II., Fr.
clockm. 375

Ghiberti, Bartoluccio, Flo. golds. 153, 246
Ghiberti, Lorenzo, (see Index,) 23, 37, 153,
237, 244, 248, 251, 252
Ghinello, Martin, It. dam. 192
Ghirlandajo, Tommaso del, Flo. golds. 250
Ghirlandajo, Domenico Corradi, surnamed,
Flo. golds. 96, 249, 250
Giglio. (See Cillio.)
Giorgio Andreoli, surnamed Maestro Giorgio,
It. ker. paint. 290, 296
Giotto, Flo. paint. sculp. and arch. 79, 94.
Fig. 41, xxii

Giovanni da Firenzuola, It. golds. 260
Giovanni, surnamed delle Corniole, It. eng.
of fine stones, 54

Giovanni, Fra, da Verona, marg. 390
Girardon, Fr. sculp. 35

Girard d'Orleans, Fr. sculp. in wood, 20
Girolamo della Cecca, It. marq. 390
Girolamo del Prato, It. golds, 260
Giugni, Rosso de', mod. in wax, 38

Giuliano da Maiano, It. sculp. arch. and
marq. 23, 390

Giuliano, son of Baccio d'Agnolo, and his
brothers Filippino and Domenico, It. sculp.
of furniture, 390

Giusto, It. marq. 390

Gladehals, Jacob, Ger. eng. of medals, 44
Glaucus of Chios, Gk. dam. 190
Goes, Hugo Vander, Flem. paint. 82
Gribelin, Isaac, Fr. enam. paint. 185
Guernier, Louis du, Fr. enam. paint. 186
Guido, son of Savino d'Urbania, It. ker.
paint. 294

Guillaume, Fr. paint. on glass, 75
Guinamundus, Fr. enam. and sculp. 138

HAINHOFER, Philipp, Ger. paint. and arch.
393, 394

Hannequin, Fr. golds. 235

Hanüng, Peter Antony, Ger. ker. 325
Harrich, Christoph. Ger. iv. sculp. 34
Hemling, Hans, Flem. paint. 82. Figs. 31,
32, xx

Henry, Fr. golds. 223
Hisbius, eng. 100 note


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