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ALFORD, January 3rd, 1848.-Since my to lose his valuable services, but what can be last, I have cast away, as useless, all the done? Your truly, Thos, L'AVINSON. doctrines and commandgrents of men to which

Note.- Prother McDougale has been enI had previously howed, and can now con

gaged as an evangelist to labour in the disscientiously say, the Bible, the Bible alone.

tricts of four or five small churches in I first proposed to the General Baptist with

Newcastle and vicinity. Hislabors have wbom I was connected, to adopt the scrip

continued eleven months, during which tures alone as a rule of faith and practice

time from twenty to thirty individuals but without success. I therefore withdrew,

have made the good confession, and heen and commenced at once to proclaim the gos

ailded to the congregations of the Lord. pel in my own rooin. Thinking I should not

There are no moral or physical reasons why make much impression on the public in a

this good brother should not continue to small private room, I ventured to rent a

labor; it is the want of funds alone in small unoccupied chapel belonging to the

these churches. Sinners are perishing by Wesleyan Methodists, in which I endeavour

thousands on every hand : other places are to preach Christ every Lord's day morning

opening where churches might be formelt, and evening. The chapel will seat about 100

and the cry for assistance is loud and conpersons. Inquiry is already excited. Last

tinued from several quarters. This being Lord's day evening, some questions were put

the case, we applied to Brother Hme, the to me which led to an arrangement for a pub

treasurer of those churches which conlic discu-sion next Lord's day evening, the

tribute to this work, and a small balance subject, New Testament Regeneration, its

remaining in hand, (besides that of the causes and effects. If you or any brother

Cainpbeli fund, which has not yet been discould visit ux, we should very gladly receive

posed of, it was agreed to devote it to this you. Yours, R. B. Buck,

purpose. By this arrangement Brother We shou!d be very glad to visit Alford, hut McDougall is not engaged as a general fear it cannot be at present. Bro. Frost evangelist: nor is it, indeed, desirable and self once addressed about 30 most at for him, under existing circumstances, to tentive hearers iu this village.--Ed.]

remove from the district where he is now

laboring. We say, go on brother--do the Dundee, January 18, 1848.-Year bro

work of an evangelist, and if those brethther: I have much pleasure in presenting ren unitedly cannot fully susiain you, the following statistical account of the Church others will come to our aid. If any one be in Dundee. At present we number--Fe covetous or lukewarm, as were the Laomales, 52; males, 49: in all, one hundred Ciceans, let such remember that the Lord and one. Most of our brethren are of the will reject them. Tremendous thought! working classes, and have frequently to

and shall it be? Will any be cast away in change their residence. Of late, three have

the hearing of these appalling sounds-degone to Cupar, one to Lesslie, two to Perth,

part froin me, I never knew you. It will one to London, one to America, and one at

be even 80.-J. W.] present in Montreal. Those holding office in the Church are brethren James Ainslie,

Newcastle, January 12, 1848.-Yours John Watson, and all communications on

of the 8th came duly to hand; the contents Church matters are requested to be sent to

I shall endeavour to use to the best advantage William Anderson, seedsman. Additions

in attempting to increase the subjects of the are continuing to be made to the Church.

Redeemer's kingdom. Encouraged by your Three are to be added to our number on

kind suggestions, and this tangible manifesLord's day first, and many more are thinkiny

tation of interest in the great work, and of about it. Indeed, every thing is of a nature

your confidence in me as in some measure to cheer and encourage us. May we be

worthy of being entrusted with this service "wise as serpents and harmless as doves"

for the Lord. I know that it is an easy matwhile we “contend earnestly for the faith

ter to utter words of great and solemn import once delivered to the saints.” Yours fra

when they are not realized; yet I think my WM. ANDERSON.

conscience bears me witness that I know no

higher honor, no greater happiness, than to NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, January 4, 1848. labor for Him. I have just received a letter -I regret to state, that at a meeting held on I from Bro. Kirk, of Haydon-bridge, who was the 25th December, the resignation of brother formerly a local preacher among the PrimiM.Dougale, our Evangelist, was received | tive Methodists : his preacher was sadly exby the representatives of the co-operative cited at his baptism, and dignified me with Churches in this neighbourhood. Since his the appellation of " sheep-stealer,” for my engagement in this work, upwards of twenty influence in the act. The Independents, have been added (chiefly by his exertions) to Wesleyans, and Primitive Methodists liave the different Churches, exclusive of Sunder united to get up the revival meetings to which land. Two more were added last Lord's day he alludes, and in addition the Independent to the Church in Bedlington through his minister lectures against us most indefatigainstrumentality. It is matter of deep regret 'bly.

WM. McDougALE.


BROTHER CAMPBELL'S HARBINGER.--In a | THE CURISTIAN RELIGION. It is a striking letter dated November 28th, 1847, Brother Campbell fact, and one which much disaring the infidel of all says, " We are now putting up the Harbinger in the arguinent, that the precepts of Christ have stood the form of a newspaper, and have sent it to a few breth- testofeighteen centuries : and do genius has imposed ren in England and Scotland, with postage paid to on the Christian system, or suggested any one artiNew York. They will not cost more than 2d. each cle more conducive to the glory of God and the benenminber. so that any person paring yonds 60. may tit of mankind. have the whole volume, postage making the amount

VANITY.-We conceive vanity to be a species of ouly 103.6d. per annum. Please say to me whether you receive them at this price, and if so notify it in

petty pride, by w ich humanity distorts its nature, your paper." We shall be very glad to act as agent

and thus renders itselí ridiculous to men of sense. for Brother Campbell, and to receive 8s 6d, from all MORALS AND MANNERS.It is written that evil who have agreed for his Harbinger. There is much communications corrupt good manners. It is also uncertainty respecting the arrival, as well as the certain taat evil habits corrupt good morals. charge for postage. From the period we commenced taking the Harbinger, with the excepiin of the year 1817, we have not received one volume complete in THE FATHER'S ADVICE TO HIS SON. this way. The charge for postage is often 4s., but generally 28. 81. per number This depends, how

Let honesty be first your guide ever, whether it arrive by steamer or not. The charge

In every tbought, in word, and action ; is someti ne: 2d.: this occurs when the postmaster

Without this principle of pride at Liverpool mistakes it for a newspaper, and marks

The hrart can feel no satisfaction. the amount accordingly. Our two last numbers cost

The honest man, though e's so poor, -Voveinber 4s. December, 2.81. Were ir not for

May scorn the rogue with gold encrusted ; the edification of our brethren, we certainly hould

An upright column stands secure, not pay from 2 to £3 per annum for this periodical.

A broken branc. is never trusted. We are desired to inform Broth r Campbell that

The poor and lonely ne'er d 'spize, Messrs. G. Perkins, Manchester ; Hill, Wardropper,

Nor julge a m'n by his apparel : and Douglas, Sunderland; J. Ingless, A, Cameron.

The slave, thoug wrapped in humble guise,

May be more honest than an earl. Banff; W. Anderson, Dundee ; and H. Bakewell,

'Tis not the gay ii gilded dress, Oulton House; all express their obligation for the tito numbers of the Harbinger sent, but decline ta

Whose bosons most with truth are glowing ;

The poppy, robed i liveliness, king any more, seeing that their arrival is so uncer.

Is black at heart, while smiles bestowing. tain, and postage so exorbitant. The legal charge for postage is, no doubt, 4s. per steamer, aud 2s, 8d. To those beneath you never do per sailing vessel, being equal to four letters. Elihu A deed that may demand defending: Burritt's ocean pepny postage is much needed. How To comrades still be kind and true, and when shull we obtain it?-J. W.

To ali be just and condescending..

By gentle means you'll win your foe, EVANGELIST FUND.-- The brethren at Shrews.

By frowns his pride you'll only wake it, ; bury are respectfully informed, that their contribu

The sunbeans melt the frozen snowtion of € 178. 6d. has been duly received for this ob.

The Bureal blasts will harder make it. ject--J. W.

But lot nobase insidious power OPPOSITION TO TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. Deprive your mind of just opinion, -No person, whether inspired or uninspired, has Nor to the tyrant ever cower, been raised up in any age of the world, to contend Nor bleuch befi re his dark dominiou; for truth and righteonsness, who has not been op Look in his face wit steady eye, posed by pretended friends, as well as open enemies. With brow unbashed, with lid unfalling; Moses had tor his opponents Korah, Dathan, Abiram, T'he fearless falcon sweeps the sky: and his two nephews, the sons of Aaron, all of whom The worm, you know, was made for crawling. preteniles to be the friends of God, and the true fol

Be not too gnick to join a frav, lowers of his law. But were thev so ? David had his friend Ahithophel-Jesus his friend Judag-Paul

Nor reckless hrave the risk of danger, I his frienis Alexander, Hymeneus, and Philetus, once

Nor deem your own the wisest way, I disciples of Jesus, but afterwards mighty opponents

Nor think at once to know a stranger. ; of the Word of God. One of them, at least. greatly

Believe not man is void of grace withstood the Apostle's testimony. Let not the true

Because his looks are not the lightest; heart :d disciple of Christ, even in this age, expect

Ns always trust a smiling face: to find it otherwise. Blessed are ye when men shall

The coldest nights are oft the brightest. speak all manner of evil against you falsely, for my

The woman who shall win your hea t, name's sake : rejoi e and be exceeding glad, for great Let her be simple, wise, and tender : is your reward in heaveu.

With more of modesty than art,

Against the wily to defend her. WHAT HAS THE WAR COST? - What has the

With power of minil in such a maid war cos' us? 120.000 000 of dollars? Is this a

You may despise all vain regaliagreat sum ? Is it a loss to us? Could we have

The gem le violet 'neath its shade made any use of it? With the interest of 120.000.000

Breathes sweeter perfume than the dahlia. dullars we migh: founda National Gallery that wonld rank with the British Museum, as the British Mu. In making choice of bosoin friends, seam does with the Cabinet of Pennsylvania College. Beware of those that fawn before you: T:e famous " Garden of Plants," founded and en. The smile that summer sweetly lends dowed at Paris by Richlieu, in the times of Louis the Are dark when winter blusters o'er you. XIV. did not cost, from then till now. as inich ag And fawners still in friendship fail, three months of the Mexican war. With 120,000,000 So trust them not though 'er so warmdollars, a school house and church might crown The osier bends with every gale, every hill top, froin the Penobscol to the Rio Grande, The oak alone sustains the storm. and teachers of knowledge and righteousness might

With talking tools your dis ance keep, do their mission of good without money or price for

They'll bring yon nought but pain and trouble : any one!- North American.

The placid waters, pure and deep. LDIER.-Can any one who professes the Throw up ro froth por empty bubble. peaceable doctrine of the gospel, be a soldier? Jesus Then choose a friend of steady mind, Christ, by disarining Peter, a sarmed every soldier Whose every lot is ruled by reason : afterwards, for custom can never sanction a wrong

A feather flies with every wind act. Tertullian, A.D. 197.

A rock's the same in every season.

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· CHRISTIAN UNION. | seen coming up out of this wilderness

of parties, leaning on the Scriptures The present parties of professed alone, as the spouse in the Canticles Christians will never negociate the was seen coming up out of the wilunion of the body of Christ. It is derness leaning upon her beloved. their interest to maintain divisions This party, resting alone upon the and distraction, from which they have Word of God for its faith, must pubdrawn their life's blood. But for licly avow, and particularly sustain, division they never would have been original Christianity, both in word in existence. Still good is destined and doctrine-in command and ordito come out of it. But how should nance-in morals and discipline-in it be expected of them to make an worship and order-in principle and effort in behalf of an event which, privilege-in faith and hope-in love desirable as it might be to others, and union. Christians-not mere would, the moment it occurred, dry pretenders—are the children of light: up the very fountain of their own ex- | they have, as such, derived their life istence. Life is as dear to society as from the light, and by light they may to individuals; and therefore the pre- hope to overcome. As, therefore, the sent struggles and agonies which are light swallows up the darkness, or as being made by each sect to maintain Moses's rod swallowed up the rod of itself, in spite of increasing light, and the magicians, so must the true party, the restoration of the true gospel, are whenever it appears, swallow up the perfectly natural, and will doubtless | false, and the church, or body of Christ, continue to be made by the least and establish its own divinity, by demonthe greatest of them, until, like the strating the earthly or human chadying viper, they gasp their last gasp racter and origin of every institution and expire.

I pretending to be divine. To effect a union of the body of The church of Rome is infallible, Christ, some party must arise, or must and can, therefore, upon her own already have arisen, who shall be premises, never be reformed. She is

the mother of hárlots—the idolatrous feelings must correspond in nature, if parent of the Galician, Spanish, Por- | not in degree, or how can we be of one tuguese, and other churches, which, heart and of one soul ? In the interlike herself, have committed licen- course that takes place at communion tiousness with the kingdoms of Europe, seasons, professors are exhorted and and will both be destroyed at the | instructed to feel as if different views brightness of the coming of the Lord to their own were true : i.e. while Jesus Christ. This does not apply the communicant knows himself to be to the Protestant Reformation, which a Presbyterian or Independent, he is owes not its existence to the will or exhorted to feel like a Methodist, or pleasure of Roman Catholicism, but Episcopalian, or Baptist, as the case to the Holy Scriptures, which, taking may be : but this is as impossible as possession of the heart of Luther, it would be for a man to feel like an brought into existence that great Re- angel. Primitive Christians were former and his numerous followers, one in fact, faith, hope, love, and inspiring them with the religious for- feeling. So it must be again before titude so essential to opppose and the truth can prevail. The questions protest against the corruptions of the then before the mind of every sincere, See of Rome. It was on this account true-hearted inquirer, who desires to they bore the name of Protestant. return to Primitive Christianity, are

The Reformation by Luther, there- —first, the union of the body of fore, may be regarded as the Church Christ; and secondly, the conversion of Christ protesting against the cor- of the world by the truth practically ruptions of the Apostacy. But the developed in that union. “Neither struggle of Protestantism being ter- pray I for these (the Apostles) alone, minated, and Reformers having fallen but for them also who shall believe into sects and parties, with separate i on me through their word : that they interests, Protestantism can now only all may be one as thou, Father, art be viewed as the professed Church of in me, ihat the world may believe Christ divided against itself. Now that thou hast sent me.” The party, we have the authority of Christ for then, that shall absorb and triumph believing that if this state of things over all other parties, must itself be be persevered in, Protestantism will converted to God by the true gospel, come to nothing ; and consequently, and by the true gospel must it seek all the labours, sufferings, attainments, to convert all others. It must, also, and victories of the great spirit of the possess itself of the true ecclesiastical Reformation be lost in some subse- order, and, finally, put on the primiquent and supervening form of Pro- tive and original gospel character in testantism, which may prove more all righteousness, and peace, and joy detrimental to mankind, and the in- in the Holy Spirit ; for by the origiterests of true religion, than Roman nal gospel, church order, and that Catholicism itself. A family divided Christian character which was enagainst itself must come to naught - joined by the Lord Jesus on his foland a kingdom divided against itself lowers, can we alone promise ourcannot stand. This is what we must selves success in what lies before us, guard against. If we would not lose viz. the union of the body of Christ. the labor and learning of those who Union is strength : division is certain have preceded us, we must have full defeat. Roman Catholics, aware of fellowship for one another in Christ this, dread nothing more than divi

-must be united in facts—must sion: they will pardon anything know and feel that we are of the short of schism—they do not scruple same body, and partakers of Christ to burn those guilty of heresy, and through the gospel. Our faith and even the penitents who confess it.

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Protestants, being disunited, have, in religion. Had it been, as in ages their desires and efforts to convert before, divided into isolated and hosthe world, been defeated; so much tile kingdoms and empires, repelling so, indeed, that even their own sons free intercourse with each other, the and daughters are dying unconverted marvellous enterprize of the propagato God, or living entirely ignorant of tion of a new and universal religion original Christianity. There is no in all nations, by a band of Galilean denying this statement: it is as evi- fishermen, would have been utterly dent as it is deplorable. And how | impracticable. can it be otherwise, until parents The world is now evidently apstudy, believe, and practice Primitive proaching a state of preparation, Christianity, as given to the world by more favorable than that which we the Apostles of the Lord ?

have noticed, for a similar and wider diffusion of the religion of Christ.

| After the fall of the Roman Empire, THE APPROACHING CRISIS.

it was again severed into fragments, That the world is approaching a divided into numerous and isolated grand crisis—that it is on the eve of hostile kingdoms, enveloped for ages greater revolutions, social and moral, in the gloom of intellectual and moral than have been ever witnessed in the night, and distracted and convulsed past-is indicated by all the events by continual intestine and foreign of the present age, so fraught with wars. At last it has subsided again change and with promise. The great into a state of almost universal peace. revolutions in human society, which By the genius of commerce, the family have heretofore effected radical and of civilized nations has been recongeneral changes in its character and ciled and united more closely and condition, have all been preceded by harmoniously, than it was by the events, which have foreshadowed overshadowing tyranny of Rome. their approach. The world has been The barbarous portions of the globe placed in a state of preparation be- are, also, being rapidly brought within fore these mighty changes have been the sphere of commercial and civibrought upon it.

lized intercourse. Asia throughout Thus at the period of the advent its whole extent is yielding to the of Christ, and the establishment of resistless progress of European enterHis Kingdom, the world, by a long prise, which scatters in its path the series of providences, of wars and arts of civilization, and the blessings conquests, of revolutions in its poli- of Christianity. The wall of exclutical arrangements, and social con siveness, which from immemorial dition, had been brought into the time environed China, more impregstate, most favorable to that great nable than that which she built to reand wide-spread religious and social pel the invasions of her northern foes, revolution, which followed these great has been broken down, and the events. It was united under a com- merchant and the missionary have mon government. The nations were free access to her 300 millions of blended into one great family, one human beings. India long before universal empire, under the sway of yielded to the powers of British valor, their imperial mistress—“ Eternal and the grasping avarice of British Rome.” Thus forced into one com merchants and statesmen. Under the munity of nations by the might of protection of British rulers, the misconquest, and tranquillized into uni sionaries of Christianity and civilizaversal peace beneath the iron sway tion prosecute with impunity the of a single government, it was pre schemes of religious and social revopared for the reception of a universal 'lution among her idolatrous and en

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