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45 Again, kingdom of heaven is like unto a mer

chant-man, feeking goodly pearls: 46 Who when he had found one pearl of great price, he went and fold all that he had and bought it. 47. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was

caft into the fea, and gathered of every kind,

48 Which when it was full, they drew to fhore, and fat down, and gathered the good into veffels, but caft the bad away.

49 So fhall it be at the end of the world: the angels fhall come forth, and fever the wicked from among the juft. 50 And fhall caft them into the fur

nace of fire: there fhall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

51 Jefus faith unto them, Have ye understood all these things they fay unto him, Yea, LORD. 52 Then faid he unto them, There

4546. Again, As a Man that trades in Pearls, when he meets with one of exceeding great value, readily fells all the reft that he has, to buy that: So the Virtue and Happiness of the Gofpel is a Jewel of fuch Price, that whoever really fearches after his chief Good, ought to be willing to quit all earthly Enjoyments, rather than come fhort of this. 4748.

Again: As a Net caft into the Sea, catcheth all forts of Fish, good and bad together; but when it is drawn to the hoar, then the Fishermen Separate them, and preferve the good, and caft away the bad:

49 50. So by the Preaching of the Gofpel there is gathered together a vifible Church upon Earth, confifting both of good and bad Men, fincere Chriftians and Hypocrites together; But at the end of the World, God fhall by the Miniftry of his Angels feparate the Good from the Evil; and then the one fhall be rewarded with eternal Life, and the other punifhed with everlasting Deftruction.

51. When Jefus had finished these Parables, he asked his Difciples; Do ye understand all these things that I have taught you? They answered; Yes, Lord.

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5354. After this, Jefus departed and returned into his own Country; and there he preached in their Synagogues with fo much Wisdom and Authority, that those who knew the meanefs of his Family and the poornefs of his Parents, were aftonished and faid, How comes this Man by all this Knowledge and Power?

55 & 56. Is not his Father a Carpenter? And do we not know his Mo

53 And it came to pass, that when Jefus had finished

ther and all his Relations? plain and these parables, he de

parted thence.

mean Perfons? People of no Learning, Power or Authority? How then comes this Man to pretend to fuch Wisdom, and to do fuch mighty Works?

54 And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their fynagogue, infomuch nifhed, and faid, that they were astoWhence hath this man this wisdom, and thefe mighty works? 55 Is not this the carpenters fon? is

not his mother called

57. Thus they defpifed and flighted him for the meannefs of his Parentage, and rejected his Doctrine out of prejudice to his Perfon. But Jefus upbraided them for thefe unreasonable Prejudices, faying: A Prophet is no where likely to be undervalued and disrespected, so much as among his own Countrymen and by his neareft Relations. For thefe Men judging of things only by temporal Confiderations, and defpifing a Man's former meannefs, and envying his prefent Honour, are therefore apt to reject him and disbelive his Do&rine; But Strangers, acknowledging the Divine Power by which a Prophet acts, and admiring the excellency of the Doctrine which he preaches, will receive him, and honour

fore every
which is inftructed
unto the kingdom of
heaven, is like unto a
man that is an houf-

holder, which bring-
eth forth out of his
treasure things new
and old.

and believe him.

58. For this reafon Jefus worked but few Miracles in his own Country: Becaufe there, Men by their unreafonable Prejudices and Unbelief, were become uncapable of being benefited by his Divine Doctrine, and unworthy of

Mary, and his bre-
fes, and Simon, and
thren James, and Jo-

56 And his fifters,
are they not all with
whence then

hath this man all
these things?

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works there, because being convinced by any greater Miraof their unbelief.




Herod's Opinion of Chrift; and the Hiftory of John Baptift's Death, ver. I. Five thoufand Men fed with five Loaves and two Fishes, ver. 13. Chrift and Peter's walking upon the Sea, ver. 22. Many Sick healed at Genefa

ret, ver. 29.

AT that time He

rod the tetrarch heard of the fame of Jefus,


2 And faid unto his fervants, This is John the Baptift, he dead, and therefore mighty works do fhew forth them

is rifen from the

felves in him.

3 For Herod had laid hold on John,and bound him, and put him in prifon for Herodias fake, his brother Philips


4 For John faid unto him, It is not lawful for thee to have her.

5 And when he would have put him to death, he feared


Y this time the Fame of Jefus's Doctrine and Miracles, had reached the Ears of Herod, who was Governour of Galilee, and Son of that Herod who had flain the Children in Bethlehem.


2. And when he heard of Jefus, and how People talked varioufly concerning him, fome judging that he was Elias, others that he was Jeremias, and others otherwife; Herod himfelf faid, furely this is John the Baptift, whom I beheaded; he is rifen again from the dead, and therefore thefe wonderful Works are wrought by him. & 4. For this Herod had apprehended John the Baptift, and put him in Prifon, and beheaded him there; and the Occafion of his doing it, was this: Being defirous to marry Herodias his Brother Philip's Wife, John had freely


told him that it was not lawful for him to have her.

5. Hereupon he grew very angry with John, infomuch that he almoft refolved to have killed him. But the perfuafion which he had in his own ConG 4 science

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fcience concerning John's Holinefs, and the fear which he had left the People (who all believed John to be a Prophet) fhould be enraged at his Death and fall into an Uproar, reftrained him from doing it.

67. Thus John, though he was caft in Prifon, had yet his Life preferved. But on a certain time, when Hered was feafting upon his Birth-day with the Court, it happened that the Daughter of Herodias dancing before him pleafed him fo extremely, that he fwore rafhly he would give her whatever fhe defired, though it fhould cost him even half his Kingdom.

8. And hence arofe the occafion of John's death. For the Woman young not knowing what was fitteft for her to defire of the King, went to her Mother Herodias to ask her Advice; who find ́ing that she had now a fair Opportunity of executing her Revenge upon John, for having oppofed her Marriage with Herod; bad her Daughter defire of the King, that John might be flain. Accordingly the young Woman comes in and defires, that he would make her a Prefent of John Baptift's Head.

9. At this Request the King was furprized and greatly troubled; For the Opinion which he himself had of John, and which he knew that the People alfo had concerning him, did yet restrain his Paffion and Cruelty. However, cause he had folemnly fworn to her, and that in the prefence of his whole Court, he refolved at laft to gratifie her.

10 & 11. Sending therefore to the Prifon, he caufed John to be beheaded; and the Head was brought, and prefented to the young Woman; and fhe carried it to her Mother.

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