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Smith's (John) Infantry. See Vero York Troops, 88th Regiment.
Smith's (Jolin F.) Infantry. See New York Troop8, 112th Regiment.
Smith's (Samuel N.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 7th Regiment.
Smith's (William F.) Infantry. See Delaware Troops, 18t Regiment.
Southall's (William H.) Artillery. See Albemarle Artillery, ante.
Spalter's. (Frank J.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 4th Regiment.
Spaulding's (Erastus M.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 8th Regiment.
Spaulding's (Joseph W.) Infantry. Seo Maine Troops, 19th Regiment.
Spear's (Ellis) Infantry. See Maine Troop*, 20th Regiment.
Splaine's (Henry) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 17th Regiment.
Sprague's (Augustus B. R.) Heavy Artillery: See Massachusetts Troops, d Regi-

ment, 3il Battalion.
Springsteed's (Edward A.) Heavy Artillery. See ver York Troops, 7th Regiment.
Stafford's (Michael B.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 86th Regiment.
Stafford's (Spencer II.) Infantry. See Union Troops, ('olored, 10th Regiment.
Stagg's (Peter) Cavalry. See Vichigan Troops, 1st Regiment.
Stanhope's (Philip W.) Infantry. See Union Troope, Regulars, 12th Regiment.
Starr's (James) Cavalry. Seo Pennsylrania Troops, 6th Regiment,
Start's (Romeo H.) Artillery. See l'ermont Troop8, 3d Battery.
Stearns' (Ozora P.) Infantry. See l'nion Troops, Colored, 59th Regiment.
Stedman's (William) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 6th Regiment.
Stevens' (Atherton H., jr.) Cavalry. See Massachusetts Troop8, 4th Regiment.
Stewart's (Charles H.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 3d Regiment.
Stewart's (Frederick) Cavalry. See New York Troops, 20th Regiment.
Stewart's (James) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 4th Regiment, Battery B.
Stewart's (William) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 110th Regiment.
Stockton's (William A. F.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 140th Regiment.
Stratton's (Franklin A.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 11th Regiment.
Strong's (Thomas J.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 16th Regiment.
Surry Artillery. See Virginia Troops.
Suydam's (Charles C.) Cavalry. See New Jersey Troops, 3d Regiment.
Sweitzer's (Nelson B.) Cavalry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 18t Regiment,
Talcott's (Thomas M. R.) Engineers. See Confederate Troops, 1st Regiment.
Taliaferro's (V. H.) Cavalry. See Georgia Troops, 10th Regiment.
Tappen's (John R.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 120th Regimeni.
Taylor's (John P.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 18t Regiment.
Taylor's (Samuel B.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 62d Regiment,
Taylor's (William C.L.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 20th Regiment.
Terrill's (Albert A.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 179th Regiment.
Tew's (George W.) Heavy Artillery. See Rhode Island Troops, 5th Regiment.
Thatcher's (Horace K.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 14th Regiment.
Thaxter's (Sidney W.) Cavalry. See Maine Troops, 1st Regiment.
Thomas' (Albert F.) Artillery. See Maine Troops, 2d Battery.
Thompson's (August 118) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 9th Regiment,
Thompson's (Henry C.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 16th Regiment,

Batteries E and H.
Thompson's (John) Infantry. See Connecticut Troops, iik Reçiment.
Thompson's (John L.) Cavalry. See New Hampshire Troope, 1st Dieciment.
Thompson's (Richard S.) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 12th Regimeni.
Thompson's (Thomas C.) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 7th Regiment.
Thornton's (Thomas R.) Artillery. See Caroline Artillery, ante.
Throop's (William A.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 181 Regiment,
Tidball's (John C.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 4th Regiment,
Tilden's (Charles WV.) Infantry. See Maine Troops, 161h Tiegiment.
Tippin's (Andrew H.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 68th Regiment,

Todd's (David W.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 134th Regiment.
Tolle's (Samuel) Infantry. See Connecticut Troops, 15th Regiment.
Tripp's (Willard D.) Infantry. See Vassachusetts Troop8, 29th Regiment,
Tulloch's (Ebenezer C.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 2d Regiment.
Twitchell's (Adelbert B.) Artillery. Ses Maine Troops, ith Battery.
Tyler's (Casper W.) Infantry. See Pennsylrania Troops, 1418t Regiment.
Van Reed's (William E.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 5th Regiment, Bat-

tery D.

Vaughan's (Samuel K.) Infantry. See Il'isconsin Troops, 19th Reniment.
Vodrey's (William H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troopx, 145d Regiment.
Voris' (Alvin C.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 67th Regiment.
Walcott's (Aaron F.) Artillery. See Massachusetts Trmo-*, 3d (C) Battery.
Wales' (John P.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regul'*, 1. th Regiment.
Walsh's (James J.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Froop8, 13th Regiment.
Walsh's (James W.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 3d Regiment.
Wari: s's (J. Fred.) Ca iry. See Jef. Davis Legion, Cavalry, ante.
Warner's (Clenrent E.) Infantry, Seo Wisconsin Troop8, 36th Regiment.
Warren's (George W.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 3d Regiment.
Warren's (Horatio N.) Infantry. Seo Pennsylrania Troops, 142d Reginer',
Warren's (Joseph) Artillery. See New Jersey Troops, 5th Battery.
Washburn's (Francis) Cavalry. See Massachusetts Troops, 4th Regiment,
Washburn's (Henry D.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 18th Regiment.
Washington Artillery Battalion. See Louisiana Troops.
Weaver's (David J.) Infantry. Seo Maryland Troops, Union, 3d Regiment.
Weaver's (James F.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 148th Regiment.
Wells' (William) Cavalry. See Termont Troops, 181 Regiment.
Welsh's (Merit C.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 7th Regiment,
Weygant's (Charles H.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 124th Regiment.
Wheelan's (James N.) Cavalry. See New York Troops, 7th Regiment.
Wheeler's (Alger M.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 33d Battery.
White's (Charles W.) Artillery. See Maine Troopx, 4th Battery.
Whitman's (George W.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 61st Regiment,
Wiedrich's (Michael) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 15th Regiment.
Wilkinson's (Jesse) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 43. Regiment.
Williamsburg Artillery. See l'irginia Troope.
Williston's (Edward B.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 2d Regiment, Bat-

tery D.
Wilson's (James H.) Infantry. See Maryland Troops, Union, ? Regiment.
Wilson's (John W.) Infantry. Soe Maryland Troops, Union, 18t Regiment.
Wilson's (Robert) Infantry. See New Hampshire Troops, 11ih Regiment, '
Wilson's (Samuel) Cavalry. See Pennsylrania Troops, Sth Regiment,
Woerner's (Christian) Artillery. See New Jersey Troops, 3d Battery.
Wolff's (John A.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 190th Regiment.
Wood's (James H.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 4th Regiment, Bat-

tery D. Wright's (Abraham) Sharpshooters. See Union Troops, Volunteers, 2d Regiment. Wright's (Charles J.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 27th Regiment. Wright's (Elias) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 1st Regiment. Wright's (Gilbert J.) Cavalry. See Georgia Troops, Ith Regiment. Wright's (Joseph W. B.) Artillery. See Massachusetts Troops, 1.1th Battery. Wright's (Thomas) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 31st Regiment. Wyatt's (James W.) Artillery. See Albemarle Artillery, ante. Young's (Edwarı R.) Artillery. See Virginia Troops. Zent's (Samuel M.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 13th Regiment. Zinn's (George) Infantry. See Pennsylrania Troops, 84th Regiment,

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Brigades, Divisions, Corps, Armies, and improvised organizations are “Mentioned" under name of command-

ing officer; State and other organizations under their official designation. (See Alternate Designations,
pp. 825-835.)

A. B. Correspondence with
Clark, Thomas R....

Timberlake, D

Abbot, Henry L.
Correspondence with
Allcock, Thomas

271, 628, 716, 720, 721
Brooker, Albert F..

53, 85, 579, 580, 717, 719, 720
Brooks, William T. H.

Burnside, Ambrose E

Burton, Henry S

83, 204
Butler, Benjamin F.

22, 84, 219
Cook, George B..

Edson, Theodore

23, 53, 432,578, 579, 719
Grant, U. S......

721, 722
Hunt, Henry J

22, 53-55, 82, 83, 115, 170, 171,
203, 219, 248, 271, 417, 549, 578, 579,581, 582, 627, 680, 681, 715, 716, 718, 721
Ingalls, Rufus...

204,580, 715, 716
Mordecai, Alfred

22, 23, 54,83
Ordnance Department, U. S. A

24, 81, 82, 115, 138, 271, 341, 402
Piper, Alexander.

716, 718, 719
Pitkin, Perley P.

Ramsay, George D.

452, 488, 489
Smith, William F

82, 83
Stewart, Charles S.

Strang, Edwarıl J

Trumbull, Thomas S

53, 55, 83, 85, 139, 204, 577, 720, 721
Turnbull, Charles N

White, Nelson L

54, 720

89,248, 320, 606, 611, 687, 725, 737
Abbott, Joseph C. Mentioned.

Abercrombie, John J. Mentioned

Adams, Charles F., jr. Mentioned

Adams, Zabdiel B. Mentioned..

Adjutant-General's Office, U. S. A.
Correspondence with
Butler, Benjamin F

69, 710
Grant, U.S..

175, 436
Jackson, Nathaniel J

Orders, General, series 1864: No. 64, 783; No. 225, 59, 69; No. 236, 577.
Orders, Special, series 1864: No. 231, 74; No. 244, 379; No. 247, 423; No.
249,500, 501; No. 251,509, 524,536.



Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, C.S. A.
Correspondence with
Beauregard, G.T

783-787, 801, 805
Bragg, Braxton

Ewell, Richard S.

808, 809, 815
Holmes, Theophilus H.

Lee, Robert E.

781, 787, 803
Longstreet, James

Pemberton, John C..

Walker, James A.

War Department, C.S.

Whiting, William H. C

Orders, Special, series 1864: No. 156, 742; No. 157, 745; No. 158, 747;

No. 159, 719; No. 161, 763; No. 163, 766; No. 164, 772; No.
165, 774; No. 166,775; No. 167, 779; No. 170, 788; No. 171,
790; No. 172, 791; No, 174, 797; No. 175, 805; No. 176, 807 ;

No. 177, 812; No, 178, 814; No. 179, 818.
Ager, George. Correspondence with Alfred H. Terry.

Alabama, C.S.S. Mentioned

Alabama, Steamer. Mentioned

Alabama Troops. Mentioned. (Confederate.)

Cavalry-Battalions : 4th, 763, 823.
Infantry— Regiments: 4th, 592; 8th, 146, 148, 149, 255; 9th, 462, 469, 523;

11th, 179, 409, 412; 14th, 368, 460, 462, 469; 44th, 291, 292, 298; 60th, 748.
Albemarle, C. S.S. Mentioned..

313, 344, 751–753
Alberger, Morris H. Mentioned.

195, 196
Albergetts, Lieutenant. Mentioned..

Alexander, E. Porter. Mentioned.

Alexander, James H. Mentioned..

Alger, Russell A.
Correspondence with George G. Meade

431, 448

415, 449, 525, 735
Allcock, Thomas.
Correspondence with Henry L. Abbot..

271, 628, 716, 720, 721

248, 271, 272, 627, 716, 717, 729
Allen, David A. Mentioned

Allen, Richard J. Mentioned..

Allen, William. Mentioned

Alsop, George. Mentioned

Alsop, W. S. Mentioned

Ames, Adelbert. Mentioned

633, 631, 639, 685-687, 724, 726, 740
Ames, John W. Mentioned

633, 740
Ames, Nelson. Mentioned

Amory, Charles B. Mentioned

370-372, 445
Amory, Thomas J. C. Mentioned

31, 91, 742
Anderson, Charles L. Mentionell

Anderson, George T. Mentioned.

Anderson, Hiram, jr. Mentioned.

Anderson, James L. Mentioned.

Anderson, James Q. Mentioned.

Anderson, Richard H.
Correspondence with
Ewell, Richard S.

Huger, Frank.

Lee, Fitzhugh

Lee, Robert E.

776, 795, 809, 815, 819, 821
Mentioned . 10, 41, 119, 179, 386, 439, 459, 506, 507, vö, 761, 762, 810, 812, 813, 815, 819

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