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patience inherit the promises.'

Isaac rose EARLY RISING.

early to make his treaty with the Philistine LITTLE child once observed, kings. Moses at the same hour brought that in the Bible the good the Divine messages to Pharaoh. Nehemiah people always got up early laboured from the rising of morning till when God sent them on mes- the stars appeared.' Jeremiah prophesied sages.' It was a quaint state- rising early and speaking.'

Such are ment of the truth that meets some of the examples set before us in Holy us everywhere in the perusal Scripture, and any of us who have hitherto of those grand old lives that sinned by sloth should consider the subject, are the world's examples. and redeem the time' which belongs to

One of the most remark- Him Who gave it for our use and improve

able of the early risers of ment. An old poet says: Scripture was the military commander,

• When first thine eyes unveil, give thy soul leave Joshua. Before he did any of his great To do the like. Our bodies but forerun works, we are told of his early rising The spirit's duty: true hearts spread and heave in the morning. When Israel's host re- Unto their God, as flowers do the sun; moved from Shittim ; when Jericho was

Give Him thy first thoughts, then-so shalt thou keep

Him company all day, and in Him sleep.' compassed with the army; when the town of Ai was to be taken, and the victory regained for Israel ;-on all these occasions

A BROTHER'S CHARGE. • Joshua rose up early,' and girded himself betimes to the work which God laid upon

NE day a little boy asked his him to do. So we read of Abraham, and

mother to let him lead his of Job, and of David. My voice shalt

little sister out on the green Thou hear in the morning, O Lord! in the

grass. She had just begun morning will I direct my prayer unto

to run alone, and could not Thee,' says the Psalmist.

step over anything that lay With reverence also we may refer to the

His mother life of our Saviour. In the morning,

told him he might lead out rising up a great while before day, He went

the little girl, and charged out, and departed into a solitary place, and him not to let her fall. I found them at there prayed.' And not only in prayer, but play, very happy, in the field. in action, did the Divine Master in this I said, “You seem very happy, George. respect set us an example. Early in the Is this your sister?' morning He came again into the Temple, “Yes, sir. and taught the people.'

Can she walk alone?' Surely every motive has been urged by Yes, sir, on smooth ground.' the advocates of early rising. Health and * And how did she get over these stones enjoyment are linked with it, as philoso- which lie between us and the house?' I phers and poets have set forth in number- asked. less writings. To the Christian the most Oh, sir, mother charged me to be careful powerful will be, 'Be not slothful, but that she did not fall, so I put my hands followers of them who through faith and under her arms, and lifted her up when she

in the way.



came to a stone, so that she need not hit by words at the same time firm and en-
her little foot against it.'

treating. He told them that, as a Protest-
. This is right, George, and I want to ant pastor in Paris during the last thirty
tell you one thing. You see now how to years, he had devoted himself to the relief
understand that beautiful text, “He shall of the unfortunate, and that particularly
give His angels charge over thee, and in during the siege he had not ceased to give
their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at his whole care and attention to the sick
any time thou dash thy foot against a stone." and wounded of the hospitals; he told them
God charges His angels to lead and lift of the confidence he had shown in them in
His people over difficulties, just as you have remaining at his post during the Commune,
lifted little Annie over these stones. Do continuing to visit the prisons and hospi-
you understand it now?'

tals: did they wish to reward his devotion
Oh yes, sir, and I shall never forget it by burning his house?
while I live.

God granted the pastor the favour of
finding among these men hearts which

allowed themselves to be touched by his
THE SERGEANT WHO BELIEVED words. Many of them were moved. А


sergeant in particular, who was directing
the incendiaries, a man of a certain age,

HE Rue de Lille in to the pastor, “Well! calm yourself, we

Paris was one of the will not set fire to your house,' and he or-
streets most ravaged dered his men to go away.
by the flames kindled Later in the day, after several hours of
by the Commune. similar struggles against other insurgents,
On Tuesday evening, the pastor perceived the old sergeant re-
23rd May, the palaces turning to him, who said with tears in his

of the Legion of eyes, ' Ah! sir, if you only knew! They
Honour, of the Council of State, and all wished to make me pay very hardly for
the neighbouring houses, became the prey having spared your house, and now they
of the flames.

have just sent me a new order from head-
The incendiaries continuing their detest- quarters to burn all the houses in this part
able work, and throwing petroleum both of the Rue de Lille.' And he showed the
on the exterior and interior of the houses, order.
had arrived at the peaceful residence of a When the pastor urged him still to per-
Protestant pastor of Paris. They entered severe in his humane conduct, the brave
the courtyard, and in a loud voice ordered sergeant replied, pointing up to the sky,
all the persons in the house to leave it as For my part I believe in God. And I
quickly as possible, taking with them all shall disobey, even if they shoot me for it.
they thought necessary, as in five minutes As to you, flee from the danger. I will
it would be set fire to. The pastor at once watch over your house, and preserve it
hastened to appear on the threshold of his from pillagers.'
house, and then, addressing the soldiers The old sergeant kept his word.
charged with the work of destruction, he

J. F. C.
tried to turn them away from their purpose


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