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of soldiers enter the palace-gate. Sol- except those in the last apartment. At diers at midnight !-her heart sank, and the door stood two faithful eunuchs, disshe fell back against the parapet in a cold puting the soldiers' entrance. Jehosheba

endeavoured to force her way through. What could it mean ! Some deadly “ Forbear, princess,” cried one of the event was in progress, and her thoughts eunuchs, “ the fiends will kill you also.” turned with affright towards the royal chil- Jehosheba was not to be daunted. She dren. But Athaliah could not be so cruel pushed aside their swords, and entered the --so wicked! A sudden shriek as from a

apartment. She gazed wildly around; death-stroke, awoke the silence of night. there were several children and young Jehosheba started as if her own heart had persons there of the royal blood, all weepbeen pierced She turned toward the ing and clinging to their attendants in palace, where a miserable seene met her the greatest terror. view; from the balconies and terraces of Cowering in a corner sat a nurse, pressthe women's apartments, were children ing in her arms an infant; it was the and females rushing apparently in the young Joash, now the only living child of wildest affright. Some soldiers ran in Ahaziah. Jehosheba seized the infant, pursuit of them,—whom the wretched and, concealing it under the wrapper she princess recognised as the queen's own wore, beckoned the nurse to follow; and band, who were notorious for performing rapidly left the room. The faithful eu. every bloody deed which the queen might nuchs were dead; and the soldiers, busy dictate.

with their prey, cared not to stop her, The cries of children and women almost for they were not ordered to murder any aroused the princess to madness; for she except the royal children. Struggling doubted not the cruel Athaliah had given through blood and ribald soldiers, and over the young princes to slaughter. severely wounded, the heroic Jehosheba Could she stand tirere and look on without at last saw herself in the temple-court. helping them ? But what availed her Jehoiada was awakened from his slumfeeble arm against those ruthless men ? | ber by sobs of anguish. He arose hastily, Jehosheba rushed from the wall; and had and beheld his beloved Jehosheba covered nearly regained her apartment, when an- with blood, lying senseless upon the floor, other loud wail arrested her steps, and she while a strange nurse and infant were determined, at whatever risk, to seek the weeping over her. palace, and endeavour to save one of her Six years was Joash concealed in the nephews. There was a private way, built temple; the secret of his escape from the by Solomon, which led to the palace; and massacre being only known to his aunt, over this Jehosheba wildly rushed, resolv- uncle, and nurse. In the temple there ing to die with, or save her nephews. She was more security than in any place in sought the women's apartments, and found Jerusalem, for it was then only frequented the court filled with soldiers,

by a few faithful Jews; the remainder of “ You cannot pass in, lady,” said one. the people repairing to the idol fanes,

Away! I am the Princess Jeho- which Athaliah had reared in many places. sheba !”

The glory had departed from the house At the majestic wave of her hand, the of God; its gold was stripped off—its soldiers gave way. A dreadful sight met walls broken down, and the golden utensils her eye on entering the rooms. Dead and decorated the altars of Baal. At the end dying children, and nurses who had faith- of these six years, Jehosheba thought the fully defended them, were lying around. favourite moment had arrived to restore Bloody and brutal soldiers opposed her Joash to the throne of his fathers. Athapath, but Jehosheba struggled through ; ! liah, by her rapacity, her cruelty and unfor she had thought of the infant Joash, | licensed passions, was universally detested, and sought to conceal him, at least. The and the people began to sigh for release deadly deed would have been over ere this, from her tyranny. The measure of her but there were a few devoted servants of iniquities was full, and God had comthe house of David who resisted the sol. manded her downfall. Jehoiada, as a prediers' bloody purpose.

All were killed, I liminary step, called to his council some of the Levites whom he could trust, and Loud acclamations of joy, which seemed some officers who he knew were disaffected to come from the hearts of all, resounded towards Athaliah. After swearing them from the throng. The High Priest then to secrecy in the temple, he revealed to placed the prince against the marble them the fact of the existence of one of column, the usual stand of the king when the royal princes. They were all rejoiced in the temple; and after anointing him at the news, and vowed to serve him, and with the holy perfumed oil, placed the piace him upon the throne. These were diadein of David upon his head. Then commissioned to go to the several towns the silver trumpets sounded, and the and cities of Judah, and collect all the sweet singers of Israel burst into hymns Levites who had been dispersed, and send of praise, and the joyous multitude shouted, them to the temple. All the nobles of “ God save the king!" Judah who had fled from Athaliah's ty- Athaliah, like all tyrants, was of a very ranny were also to be informed of the suspicious nature. Her spies had informed conspiracy. All was ready. The day her of the unusual concourse in the temarrived, and the people summoned by the ple, and she had been uneasy the whole High Priest, on pretence of an unusual morning. Aroused by the shouts and fast, crowded the courts before the temple. clangor of trumpets, she repaired to the Each one who was in the secret was in- temple through the king's passage; and structed in his part. They were divided when there, a blasting sight met her view in three bands-one was placed at the Placed in the centre of that spacious court gate, and one at the outer gate, court, was a crowned king, around whom while the third encircled the young prince. stood a circle of armed guards; while the The courts were filled with people, who people were crowding to do homage to awaited in silence the commencement of the son of David. The striking resem. the religious ceremonies of the day. Je- blance of the noble child to her son, hoiada, the High Priest, entered the upper Ahaziah ; the presence of Jehosheba and his court from a side cloister, leading by the nurse, whom she recollected, revealed to her hand a young boy of seven years, and the truth-the boy had been secretly reared, followed by the Princess Jehosheba and his and the people had conspired to place him

The High Priest advanced to the upon her throne. The most demoniac head of the steps leading to the lower passion took possession of her. She court, that all might behold him.

stamped and tore her robes—“Rebellious “Ye men of Judah!” he said, “. ye wretches ! » she cried, “ tortures shall have heard how our God hath sworn he follow this! Ho! my guards ! treason!” will establish the throne of David for ever, “ Take that accursed woman hence!and hath said David shall never want an said the High Priest, “ and slay her withheir to his throne-then why suffer ye the out the temple.” daughter of Jezebel, the seed of Sidon, on Athaliah was slain, and Joash reigned in the throne of our glorious king ?A her stead.

of astonishment interrupted Jehoiada. “Men of Jerusalem, I have May we all imitate the heroism of called ye here this day to know if ye will Jehosheba when called upon to undertake serve Baal or Jehovah."

any difficult or dangerous achievement. “We will worship the Lord our God!” She turned from the gaieties of a court to cried several voices.

live in a retired and humble manner within “And I have called ye here to know,” the temple, where she practised a faith then continued Jehoiada, “if ye will serve the despised by all. At the cry of innocence daughter of Jezebel or a son of David ?” she rushed to the rescue, heedless of the

“ Down with Athaliah !” exclaimed a assassin's sword, or the queen’s displeasure. few who were in the secret.

This her generous devotedness was of the “Behold, then, this youth. It is Joash, greatest benefit to her country, for in her your lawful prince, the son of Ahaziah ; nephew's reign the idols were overthrown, saved from the massacre by the heroism and the true worship prevailed. Let us of his aunt, the Princess Jehosheba, who not think of our own peril when we may is here to corroborate the tale.”

succour the poor or the oppressed.




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requires very good sight. It has, there.

fore, recommendations which no other KNITTED BASSINET QUILT, OR COUVRE

work possesses, and should be cultivated PIEDS. Materials.- 1 lb. of white 6-thread fleecy wool,

by every woman, no matter what her station. lb of blue or pink ditto, a pair of wooden

For a bassinet quilt cast on 135 stitches, knitting needles, No. 8, eagle card-board gauge, or any other number which can be divided and a coarse crochet-hook and rug-needle. by 24, and leave 15 over. At the beginning

This pretty quilt is quite a suitable piece of every row slip off a stitch, without of knitting for a beginner in the art; it is knitting, putting the needle in as if you so simple, and has so elegant an effect. were going to purl it, and at the end knit It may be done in cotton, if preferred ; a stitch, taking it through the centre but we advise wool to be used, as so much instead of the front of the loop, as is

We counsel those who teach usually done. These stitches are not young people to knit, to attend particu- reckoned in the receipt, as they are in. larly to the INSTRUCTIONS given at variably the same. page 136, Vol. 1, New Series, of the Family 1st Row.-Knit 13, + make 1, slip 1, Friend; and especially to insist on their knit 1, pass the slip-stitch over, * 6 times pupils' hands being held, and fingers used knit 12 + repeat to the end of the row. according to the directions there given. 2nd Row, and all the other alternate Skill being once acquired in this pretty rows are purled. and useful art, is never lost; and it can be 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th Rows.-Like the practised when illness, or age, or any | 1st. other cause prevents one doing work that 13th. Row.-Knit 1, + + make 1, slip





1, knit 1, pass the slip-stitch over * 6 crochet, with three stitches close together times, knit 12 + repeat to the end of the in every corner. In these open squares

which will end with the t, make 1, knit a fringe 31 inches deep, and composed slip 1, knit 1, pass the slip-stitch over + 6 of the two colours. times.

15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, and 23rd Rows. Like the 13th.

SCALLOP BORDER IN BRODERIE 24th Row.-Purled like all the other

ANGLAISE. alternate rows. This completes one pat- Materials.-Thick French muslin, and W. tern, and the twenty-four rows are to be Evans & Co.'s embroidery cotton, No. 30. repeated until the piece of knitting is as This edging is very well adapted for long as is desired, when cast off. Now trimming articles of dress for ladies and thread a large rug-needle with wool of the children. It has the further merit,-to other colour ; fasten it on at the corner of amateurs,—of being very easily done. The one of the plain squares ; take the needle full-size being given, any length of pattern through the centre of the square, to the may be drawn from it. Tack it on a strip opposite corner, and then the next, in a of toile ciré, and work the edge first, in close diagonal line downwards, returning in the button-hole stitch ; then the flower, beginsame stitches, twisting the needle in every ning with the centre which must be cut loop of wool. When all the plain squares out, and the row edges sewed over in overare thus worked in one direction, do them cast, before the other pieces are cut away. in the same way from corner to corner in All the black portions of the engraving the opposite direction. Thus every plain are to be cut out. square will have a coloured cross on it, the open squares being left without.

THE USE OF LITTLE TIME.-One of the A bassinet quilt might be done in stripes hours, each day wasted on trifles or indoof two colours, each being worked with lence, saved, and daily devoted to improvethe other colour. For this purpose, cast ment, is enough to make an ignorant on 39 stitches only for each stripe, and man wise in ten years—to provide the make them an uneven number, 3, 5, or 7, luxury of intelligence to a mind torpid so that the same colour may be at each from lack of thought-to brighten up and edge. They must be neatly sewed toge- strengthen faculties perishing with rustther. When the centre of the quilt is to make life a fruitful field, and death a done, work one round of open square harvest of glorious deeds.



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SCIENTIFIC RECREATIONS FOR into the bag, the vulcanized India-rubber

tube attached to (d) and ready to attach to THE HOLIDAYS.

(c); when the gas begins to issue from the II. THE PREPARATION

AND end of the bent tube, do not immediately HYDROGEN GASES - PHANTASMAGORIA attach the elastic tubing, but allow the

CHROMATROPES-MAGIC DANCES. first portions of the gas to escape, because In our first article we promised that it is mixed with the atmospheric air conthe method of making the oxygen and tained in the retort and tube. Make hydrogen gases should be given, and haste now and attach the tubing to (c), as therefore before proceeding to describe the pure oxygen is being rapidly given off other interesting recreations, we shall from the chlorate of potash. You were fulfil our promise.

just in time ; see how the gas-bag is fillTo make oxygen gas.-Have an iron ing, but it will not be quite full, because vessel made of the same shape as (a b), in it holds two gallons—and an ounce of fig. 8; and have a hole at the top, with a

chlorate of potash only gives off 543 cubic

inches of pure oxygen gas, which is more d

than 1} gallons. This is an important

fact to remember, because you may always 6 calculate the quantity of salt required

when you know the number of cubic inches the gas-bag holds. All the gas has now passed over, and you must turn the stopcock (e) to prevent its escape from the caoutchouc-bag (f), and remove the tubing

from the gas-pipe attached to the retort. Fig. 8.

There is another method of collecting female screw in it, so that the end of the which is generally employed by the che

and storing large quantities of gases, pipe (cb), which terminates in a male screw, mist, and which is also very handy for lecmay be fitted tightly to it.

The pipe () is generally formed of a piece of gas- section of which is shown in the follow

turing,—we mean Pepys’ gas-holder, a pipe, and to the end (c) is attached a piece ing figure. It is made of copper, on of vulcanised India-rubber tubing of the tinned iron, and may be of any size from required length, the other end of the tub

It coning being fastened to the nozzle (d) of the four to forty gallons, or more. stopcock (e), which is attached to the sists of a cylinder (g) with a shallow pan caoutchouc gas-bag which is between the

P press-boards, marked O X Y in Fig. 7, page 22. As all the apparatus for making the oxygen is now complete, we will commence by making a good large fire in the grate of the lecture-room or any other

I room, and while it is burning up, we will unscrew the bent pipe (cb) from the retort, and pour an ounce of the salt called chlorate of potash through the hole where the tube was fixed. The tube must now be screwed again, and if it does not fit very tight, the outside of the joint as well as the male screw should be smeared with a little white lead. A hole must now be made in the centre of the fire,

Fig. 9. so that the retort may be well covered; and as the form of this retort is the best of the same metal, supported above

by for generating the gas quickly, be sure to several props, two of which are tubes with have the press-boards off the caoutchouc-stop-cocks (a b). Near the bottom is a bag, the stop-cock turned to admit the gas / large orifice (o), for receiving the gas.



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