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And in a solemn chorus laud the lamb ;

The lamb who dy'd, the lamb who lives for them:
"Worthy the lamb (they cry) of pow'r and might,
Eternal honors and unbounded praise,
Glory and blessing, majesty divine,
And everlasting worship are his due."
Hail, then Jehovah Jesus! take the praise!
Thine is the kingdom; thou art Lord of ALL!

Thy saints shall crown thee, and their songs shall be
Thro' endless years, "Salvation to the lamb !"



HAIL! happy spot, sequester'd, lone retreat,
Sacred to meditation and the muse :
Beneath thy cool, embow'ring shade I sit,
And, for awhile, forget the busy world;

To view the op'ning rose, and mark how springs
The violet, and how the lilies bloom:

Hark! how the robin whistles as he flies

From bough to bough; the blackbird's mellow note,
And warbling thrush, on yonder hawthorn perch'd,
Increase the tuneful music of the grove :
And wanton zephyrs breathing gentle gales
O'er rustling leaves, with an harmonious bass,
Completes the concert: these are thy sweet gifts,
O summer, gayest daughter of the year;
Nature throughout her wide domain, shall own
Thy genial influence. See the forest shake
In grateful homage, while the grove-crown'd hills
Wave plaudits; for the grove-crown'd hills rejoice,
And fruitful valleys laugh and sing with thee.
'Tis now high noon; the blazing king of day
Thron'd in mid heav'n surveys the universe,
And darts meridian splendors round the world.
But safely shelter'd in this vernal bow'r,
Embrown'd with thickest shade of lofty trees,


Whose spreading branches taught by art to meet

In kind embraces, form a rural arch,

And bid defiance to the sultry ray;
I taste the cool refreshing breeze, and feel
The pleasures which a scene like this inspires.
How shall my soul improve a scene like this;
I look around, and every flow'r and shrub,
Each beauteous object that attracts my view,
Turns preacher to my mind, and drops, tho' mute,
A silent admonition in mine ear,

And leads my thoughts, O garden of delight,
Thou sweet, thou sacred paradise, to thee;
Where man, the noble image of his God,
With all his native dignity adorn'd,
Bright with unsullied purity and truth,
Crown'd with unrivall'd grandeur, stood declar'd
Lord of the wide creation; and enjoy'd
The smiles and boundless bounties of a God!
Oh! could he in the midst of all this good,
Still sigh for more? thus eminently great,
Indulge ambition? thus supremely blest,
Could he rebel against his Maker's will,
And disobey his great, his sole command?
Wilful reject his blessing, court his curse?
Ingrate, how vile! well might a God inquire
"Adam where art thou?" Oh! how lost, how fall'n,
How sunk in sad disgrace, in bitter woe!

In guilt and misery, in sin and shame!

Then did thy roses fade, thy lilies die;
And all thy blooming train, O paradise!

Wither and hang their heads; thy crown was fall'n ;
For man, thy lord and glory, had prophan'd

Thy sacred shades, and his polluted feet

No more must tread thy more than hallow'd ground:
Driv'n out to common earth, he now must till
A soil less fruitful, with laborious pain;
Subject to sore disease, a prey to death
In all its ten-fold horrors: this the doom
Of the first sinner, this the legacy
He only could bequeath to all his race.
But see, my muse, another garden rise
In the lov'd fertile vale of Olivet;
Come, sing Gethsemane; hail! sacred spot,
Hail! hallow'd grove; ye venerable shades,
Dearer than Eden; there a world was lost;
There one transgression plung'd a world in woe;
But here, the God who bade the sun exist;
Who call'd creation from the womb of night;
Who planted paradise, and by his pow'r
Upholds this vast stupendous edifice ;
Here, robed in flesh, clad with humanity,
He stood the surety of the chosen race,
The sinner's Saviour, their redeeming friend;
Their bondsman, bound to pay their dreadful debt;
And here, with groans, with anguish infinite;
With sorrow inexpressible, and woe,

Too big for mortal language to express,
Too vast for angel bosoms to conceive,
He struggles with the load of human guilt,
And (midst the chill damp vapors of the night)
Sweats blood: O garden of Gethsemane !
Thou wert a silent witness of this scene;
Astonish'd angels gazing, hover'd round
And saw the mighty conflict, and with shouts

Proclaim'd the mighty victor! for with blood,
Anguish, and death, he conquer'd death and hell;
He paid the sinner's debt, cancell❜d the bond,
And gave them free redemption in his blood.
Worthy art thou, O lamb (for sinners slain)
Of angels' songs; thy saints shall join the theme,
And sing thy wonders, and adore, thy love.
Let heav'n and earth adore, let nature bow,

And one loud song of praise to thee arise, While time endures, and then, in nobler strains, Thro' the vast ages of eternity.

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