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S. M. The solemn midnight cry. HOU Judge of quick and dead,

Before whose bar severe, With holy joy, or guilty dread,

We all shall soon appear;
Our caution'd souls prepare

For that tremendous day,
And fill us now with watchful care,

And stir us up to pray:

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2 To pray, and wait the hour,

That awful hour unknown,
When, robed in majesty and power,

Thou shalt from heaven come down, The' immortal Son of man,

To judge the human race,
With all thy Father's dazzling train,

With all thy glorious grace.

3 To damp our earthly joys,

To' increase our gracious fears, Forever let the archangel's voice

Be sounding in our ears The solemn midnight cry,

Ye dead, the Judge is come; Arise, and meet him in the sky,

And meet your instant doom.

4 O may we all be found

Obedient to thy word, Attentive to the trumpet's sound,

And looking for our Lord.
O may we thus ensure

A lot among the blest;
And watch a moment to secure

An everlasting rest.


L. M. The dreadful day. day of wrath, ,

THWhen heaven and earth shall pass away

What power shall be the sinner's stay ?
How shall he meet that dreadful day-
2 When, shriv’ling like a parched scroll,
The flaming heavens together roll;
And, louder yet, and yet more dread,
Swells the high trump that wakes the dead ?
3 0, on that day, that wrathful day,
When man to judgment wakes from clay,
Be thou, O Christ, the sinner's stay,
Though heaven and earth shall pass away.

C. M.
The great day of His wrath.
O to the men on earth who dwell,


When God doth all his wrath reveal,

And shower his judgments down. 2 Sinners, expect those heaviest showers :

To meet your God, prepare ; For, lo! the seventh angel pours

His vial on the air. 3 Lo! from their seats the mountains leap;

The mountains are not found; Transported far into the deep,

And in the ocean drown'd. 4 Who then shall live and face the throne,

And see the Judge severe When heaven and earth are fled and gone,

O where shall I appear?
5 Now, only now, against th:t hour

We may a place provide ;
Beyond the grave, beyond the power

Of bell, our spirits hide :

6 Firm in the all-destroying shock,

May view the final scene; For, lo! the everlasting Rock

Is cleft to take us in. 1111

8th P. M. 87, 87, 47. Behold, He cometh ! 0! He comes, with clouds descending,

Once for favour'd sinners slain ; Thousand thousand saints, attending, Swell the triumph of his train :

Hallelujah! God appears on earth to reign. 2 Every eye shall now behold him

Robed in dreadful majesty; Those who set at naught and sold him, Pierced and nail'd him to the tree,

Deeply wailing,
Shall the true Messiah see.
3 All the tokens of his passion

Still his dazzling body bears ;
Cause of endless exultation
To his ransom'd worshippers ;

With what rapture
Gaze we on those glorious scars.
4 Yea, Amen! let all adore thee,

High on thine eternal throne; Saviour, take the power and glory; Make thy righteous sentence known:

Jah ! Jehovah ! Claim the kingdom for thine own. 1112 11th P. M. 76, 76, 77, 76. - With the voice of the archangel.

, Shall with a shout descend : All heaven's host their glorious Lord

Shall joyfully attend :

JESUS, faithful to his word,

Christ shall come with dreadful noise,

Lightnings swift, and thunders loud; With the great archangel's voice,

And with the trump of God.

2 First the dead in Christ shall rise ;

Then we that yet remain
Shall be caught up to the skies,

And see our Lord again.
We shall meet him in the air ;

All rapt up to heaven shall be ;
Find, and love, and praise him there,

To all eternity 3 Who can tell the happiness

This glorious hope affords?
Joy unutter'd we possess

In these reviving words:
Happy while on earth we breathe ;

Mightier bliss ordain'd to know :
Trampling down sin, hell, and death,

To the third heaven we go.


S. M. - And with the trump of God. N expectation sweet,

We wait, and sing, and pray,
Till Christ's triumphal car we meet,

And see an endless day.
2 He comes !—the Conqu’ror comes;

Death falls beneath his sword; The joyful pris'ners burst their tombs,

And rise to meet their Lord.

3 The trumpet sounds --Awake!

Ye dead, to judgment come !-The pillars of creation shake,

While hell receives her doom.


' ,

4 Thrice happy morn for those

Who love the ways of peace;
No night of sorrow e'er shall close,

Or shade their perfect bliss. 1114

C. M.
The dreadful sentence.
HAT awful day will surely come,

The appointed hour makes haste,
When I must stand before my Judge,

And pass the solemn test. .
2 Jesus, thou source of all my joys,

Thou ruler of my heart,
How could I bear to hear thy voice

Pronounce the word,---Depart ! 3 The thunder of that awful word

Would so torment my ear, 'Twould tear my soul asunder, Lord,

With most tormenting fear. 4 What, to be banish'd from my Lord,

And yet forbid to die; To linger in eternal pain,

And death forever fly?-
5 O wretched state of deep despair,

To see my God remove,
And fix my doleful station where

I must not taste his love. 1115

L. M.
The final con flagration.
HE great archangel's trump shall sound,

(While twice ten thousand thunders roar,) Tear up the graves, and cleave the ground,

And make the greedy sea restore. 2 The greedy sea shall yield her dead;

The earth no more her slain conceal; Sinners shall lift their guilty head,

And shrink to see a yawning hell.


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