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3 Behold, what heavenly prophets sung

Is now at last fulfill'd; And Death yields up his ancient reign,

And, vanquish’d, quits the field.

4 Let Faith exalt her joyful voice,

And now in triumph sing :
O Grave, where is thy victory?

And where, O Death, thy sting ?


7th P. M. 8 lines 7s. Clothed with immortality. VPIRIT, leave thy house of clay;

Ling’ring dust, resign thy breath ; Spirit, cast thy chains away;

Dust, be thou dissolved in death :-Thus the mighty Saviour speaks,

While the faithful Christian dies; Thus the bonds of life he breaks,

And the ransom'd captive flies.

2 Pris'ner, long detain'd below,

Pris'ner, now with freedom blest, Welcome from a world of wo;

Welcome to a land of rest :Thus the choir of angels sing,

As they bear the soul on high, While with hallelujahs ring

All the regions of the sky. 3 Grave, the guardian of our dust,

Grave, the treasury of the skies,
Every atom of thy trust

Rests in hope again to rise :
Hark! the judgment-trumpet calls--

Soul, rebuild thy house of clay;
Immortality thy walls,

And eternity thy day.





4th P. M. 886, 886. Tokens of the judgment a source of joy to the believer. TOW happy are the little flock,

Who, safe beneath their guardian-rock, In all commotions rest! When war's and tumult's waves run high, Unmoved, above the storm they lie,

They lodge in Jesus' breast. 2 The plague, and dearth, and din of war, Our Saviour's swift approach declare,

And bid our hearts arise :
Earth's basis shook, confirms our hope;
Its cities' fall, but lifts us up,

To meet thee in the skies.
3 Thy tokens we with joy confess,
The war proclaims the Prince of peace,

The earthquake speaks thy power:
The famine all thy fulness brings,
The plague presents thy healing wings,

And nature's final hour.
4 Whatever ills the world befall
A pledge of endless good we call,

A sign of Jesus near :
His chariot will not long delay;
We hear the rumbling wheels, and pray,

Triumphant Lord, appear. 1103

8th P. M. 87, 87, 47. We also shall appear with Him in glory. IFT your heads, ye friends of Jesus,


Christ, to all believers precious,
Lord of lords, shall soon appear :

Mark the tokens
Of his heavenly kingdom near.

2 Sun and moon are both confounded,

Darken'd into endless night, When, with angel-hosts surrounded, In his Father's glory bright,

Beams the Saviour, Shines the everlasting light. 3 See the stars from heaven falling;

Hark, on earth the doleful cry; Men on rocks and mountains calling, While the frowning Judge draws nigh:

Hide us, hide us,
Rocks and mountains, from his eye!
4 With what diff'rent exclamation

Shall the saints his banner see!
By the tokens of his passion,
By the marks received for me :-

All discern him :
All with shouts cry out,—'Tis He !
5 Lo! 'tis He! our hearts' Desire,

Come for his espoused below;
Come to join us with his choir,
Come to make our joys o'erflow:

Palms of vict'ry,
Crowns of glory, to bestow.

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5th P. M. 4 lines 7s. Signs of approaching judgment.

Signs and wonders there shall be ; Earth shall quake with inward wars,

Nations with perplexity. 2 Soon shall ocean's hoary deep,

Toss'd with stronger tempests, rise ; Wilder storms the mountains sweep,

Louder thunders rock the skies.

3 Dread alarms shall shake the proud,

Pale amazement, restless fear; And, amid the thunder-cloud,

Shall the Judge of men appear. 4 But though from his awful face

Heaven shall fade, and earth shall fly, Fear not ye, his chosen race,

Your redemption draweth nigh. 1105

L. M.
The second advent.
E comes ! He comes ! the Judge severe !

His lightnings flash, his thunders roll;
How welcome to the faithful soul!
2 From heaven angelic voices sound :

1 See the almighty Jesus crown'd: Girt with omnipotence and grace, And glory decks the Saviour's face. 3 Descending on his great white throne, He claims the kingdoms for his own; The kingdoms all obey his word, And hail him their triumphant Lord. 4 Shout, all the people of the sky, And all the saints of the most High; Our Lord, who now his right obtains, Forever and forever reigns. 1106

C. M.
Secrets of the heart made known.
ND must I be to judgment brought,

And answer in that day
For every vain and idle thought,

And every word I say?
2 Yes, every secret of my heart

Shall shortly be made known, And I receive my just desert

For all that I have done.



3 How careful then ought I to live;

With what religious fear;
Who such a strict account must give

For my behaviour here.
4 Thou awful Judge of quick and dead,

The watchful power bestow;
So shall I to my ways take heed, -

To all I speak or do.
5 If now thou standest at the door,

O let me feel thee near;,
And make my peace with God, before

I at thy bar appear. 1107

S. M.
Prepare us for that day.
EHOLD! with awful pomp

The Judge prepares to come;
The' archangel sounds the dreadful trump,

And wakes the gen'ral doom. 2 Nature, in wild amaze,

Her dissolution mourns;
Blushes of blood the moon deface;

The sun to darkness turns.
3 The living look with dread;

The frighted dead arise,
Start from the monumental bed,

And lift their ghastly eyes. 4 Horrors all hearts appal ;

They quake, they shriek, they cry; Bid rocks and mountains on them fall;

But rocks and mountains fly. 5 Great God, in whom we live,

Prepare us for that day : Help us in Jesus to believe,

To watch, and wait, and pray.

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