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Proceedings of the Association for part of the coast, and the unaccount.

promoting the Defence of the able and alarming apathy at that Frith of Forth, and Scotland in time much too prevalent, and to general. The Right Honourable which the present spirit and ardour the Lord Chief Baron in the of all ranks present a pleasing con: Chair.

trast, justified the apprehensions

entertained at the time, by those "HE committee having, at a for, who seriously considered the situa.

mer meeting, appointed Mr. tion of the country, and the cha. Campbell of Clathick, Mr. Mac- racter, of the foe by whom it was kenzie of the exchequer, and Mr. menaced with invasion, and all its Porter of Troquhain, a sub-com- attendant calamities. mittee, to draw up an account of To awaken the people to a sense the proceedings of the association; of their danger-to rouse their sleepa report was prepared accordingly, ing energies—to prepare them to and read by Mr. Porter, this 19th expect without dismay, and to com. Dec. which, being approved of by bat without apprehension of the the general committee, was ordered issue, an enemy their ancestors had to be printed ; and a copy, as fol. always vanquished, seemed objects lows, to be sent or delivered to each of primary importance ; and to of the subscribers.

promote these, their best endeavours REPORT OF THE SUB-COMMITTEE. were employed. With this view

When the association for promo. they beganting the defence of the Frith of ist. By printing and dispersing Forth, and of the country in gene. throughout the country numerous ral, was originally formed in the popular and patriotic publications month of July last, the resolutions and placards, calculated to attract then published by the constituent the notice of the middle and lower members informed the public of the classes of society, and designed to motives that had given rise to it, warm their breasts with the honest and pointed out the leading objects zeal and dignified sense of superiority that were meant to occupy their at- which become a free and loyal peo. tention, and to which the money ple. that should be subscribed was in The committee, in the mean time, tended to be applied.

was bestowing its attention in find. The then defenceless state of this ing out, and fixing upon certain


specific objects within the limited after some enquiry, fonnd; and the compass of the funds of the associ. pike exercise is now understood, ation, which, in their opinion, were and practised in a style of expert. best adapted to the purposes of ex ness, superior to what might othercitement and preparation, conse wise have been the case for months quently most likely effectually to to come. promote the defence of the Frith, 3rd. By general Lloyd's calcula. as well as of the country in general. tion, only one shot out of 400, from What these objects were, the sub- troops not accustom d to take aim, scribers will naturally expect to ta kes effect in battle. This admitted as know. They have certainly a right a fact, shews the vast importance to be fully informed of it; and to of a soldier's being trained to ball convey this information to them, in practice'; but the provision made the shortest and most satisfactory for such practice in the service is so manner, is the chief design of the limited, that little progress towards present report.

proficiency in this point can be ex2nd. After the publications above. pected.--To promote a spirit of mentioned, the next thing to which emulation among the volunteers in the attention of the committee was this useful acquirement, the corncalled, was the means of rendering mittee ordered a considerable num. more speedily useful a branch of the ber of honorary silver medals, of service in itself most important, butin different sizes and value, to be danger of being, for a time at least, less struck off, with appropriate inscripefficient than conld have been wish. tions, and to be lodged with the ed, from want of skill in the use of commanding officers of each batthe weapons that were to be em. talion of the volunteers in the six ployed in it. The sea fencibles counties adjacent, or approaching were to be armed with pikes; but 'towards the coast from Berwick to the pike exercise was little known Fifeness, to be distributed by them, in Scotland, and no person had been in a gradation of three medals in then sent down to instruct those in each company receiving pay, to it who had volunteered their services the best shots of those competitors , in that line. To supply the want whose regularity of conduct, and of this appointment, the committee punctuality of attendance at drill, appropriated a certain sum, to be were approved of by the commandgiven to any person duly qualified ing officer, who sbould come forward and teach The committee, in suggesting this the sea fencibles the pike exercise, idea, was far from ascribing to to the satisfaction of captain Cle- itself any particular merit beyond ments, who has the command of that of contributing in a certain de. that body, within the district to gree to animate and increase the which the association had particu. acknowledged zeal and honourable larly directed their attention; and emulation of our volunteer forces; a premium was added for each of in consequence of which, many of the first 12 men who should acquire the companies in this district have such a degree of skill as to be able by practice acquired so great a deto undertake the instruction or drill

gree of proficiency, that in their of others. Such a drill-master was, exercise every 5th or 6th shot is


made to take place in a target of 3 chief has also honoured the plan feet diameter, at the distance of with his approbation, and given rea. about 100 yards. This, with the son to expect that the adoption and common battalion firelock, is a high use of it will soon become general degree of precision; and if accu. in England and elsewhere. racy on a proportional scale may be 5th. To render this plan more ef. expected from them in battle, the fective: when the emergency calls efficiency of the military defence of for putting it in practice shall ar. the country will thereby, it is evi- rive, the committee set apart a sum, dent, be greatly augmented. to be proportioned out in premiums

4th. It being impossible, on so of 1st, 2d, and 3d classes, to be extensive a, line of coast, to have a given to the coach and chaise hirers stationary force at every place where who shall have the greatest number a landing may be attempted, the of wheel-carriages mounted with commodious and expeditious con- frames, and ready on the shortest veyance of troops from a distance notice for the conveyance of troops : to the point of attack becomes of and to the conductors of carts who great importance. With this view, shall first reach the place to which colonel Crichton, one of the com- they may be called, by signal or mittee, contrived a machine, of sim. otherwise, by divisions of not less ple construction, to be made at a than ten each, due regard being had small expence, and easily fixed, on to the distance from whence they either coach or chaise-wheels, and started. Premiums also were ap. which, when so fixed, should be pointed, in similar classes, to the equal to the conveyance of ten or farmers or others, who shall first aptwelve men, with their arms and pear with their own carts at the accoutrements, to be drawn by two place of rendezvous. horses only, and to go at the rate of 6th. The equipment of a naval from five to seven miles an hour. force of any magnitude appeared to Of those machines (after a full and the association (how much soever it satisfactory experiment, as publish- was to be wished for) so far beyond ed in the newspapers) the committee the compass of their funds, that they caused upwards of a hundred to be refrained, for a time, from any atmade, at the expence of the associ. tempt of this sort. But when lord ation, and have delivered them over Hobart's letter of the 15th August, to the lord-lieutenant of the city, transmitting “ The plan of a Vo. with the necessary complement of luntary Naval Armament for the rope, &c. for fixing them on the car. protection of the coast,” and reriages that have been volunteered commending it to the attention of for their reception. A certain num. the lord-lieutenants of the maritime ber of these, of nearly a similar con- counties, was received, the associa. struction, have also been made and tion immediately allotted 1000l. of sent down to Dunbar, for the use their funds, to be applied in aid of of the artillery. The utility of these the plan. And, conceiving that the general Don acknowledges in the money might be more æconomically handsomest terms in his letter to the employed, and the plan more expe. secretary of the associa jon; and his ditiously carried into full effect, by toyal highness the commander in an unity of direction, the committee


offered to deliver over this part of boats, on a plan recommended by their funds to the lieutenancy of the his grace the duke of Buccleugh, county ; to be added to whatever and sir James St. Clair Erskine, of sums they (the lieutenancy) might which the committee undertook to otherwise raise for that purpose. defray the expence. The proposal was received by the 7th. Lieut..gen. Vyse, whose atlieutenancy with expressions of ac. tention to the concerns of the asso. knowledgement, but declined for ciation, and to whatever promises reasons unnecessary to be mention- any addition to the means of nation. ed in this report. The lord advo. al defence, has been uniform and cate, however, having afterwards unremitting, having recommended given the committee to understand, to the committee's notice the descripthat his majesty's ministers anxious. tion of a newly-invented or improv. ly wished the equipment to be pro. ed gun, which, of the same calibre ceeded in, a plan that had been pre as a 6-pound carronade, and posviously presented to, and approved sessing, with half the charge of pow. of by the navy board in London, der, nearly an equal projectile pow. was adopted as a model hy the com er, should weigh one-half less, and mittee; and, conformably thereto, a cost three-fourths less, than the guns contract was immediately entered or carronades of like power hitherto into with respectable ship-builders at in use; the committee, to enable Leith, for the equipment of a cer. Mr. Roebuck the inventor to estabtain number of decked vessels, from lish by experiment the reality of a 70 to 50 tons burden, to receive on fact which (if well ascertained) proboard carronades of various cali. mised to become of so much im. bres, and to serve as an auxiliary portance to the service, caused a force when called for. Of these gou to be made at Glasgow, under there are now prepared 10 vessels, his direction, and had it brought to completely fitted with slides, chocks, the fort at Leith for trial. A com. iron-bolts, sweeps, powder-chests, paratire trial of this piece of ord. &c. ready for the reception of car nance has been made in the presence ronades, the largest to carry two of competent judges; and it ap: 24 and two 18-pounders ; the rest pears, from their report, that there two 18 and one or two 12-pounders is every reason to conclude that, each. Beside these, there is a deck with a few small improvements, sug. ed vessel of 40 tons burden, fitted gested at the time of the experiment, up on a different plan, as an experi. and approved of by our distinguishment, and the slides, chocks, &c. alled commander-in-chief for Scotaccurately marked and numbered land, it will fully answer the expecwith the names of the vessels to tations of the inventor. which they respectively belong, are 8th. The coinmittee, finding that delivered over to his majesty's offi, the above objects had not yet wholcers, and deposited in the naval ly exhausted the funds of the associ. yard at Leith, ready for the ser. ation, were of opinion, that nothing vices to which they were destined. could more effectually contribute to Authority was given, at the same the defence of the Frith of Forth, time, for preparing twelve herring, and of the country in general, than


providing for the health and com. Dispatch from Col. Frazer, Corrfort of its defenders; and a sub. mandant of the Settlement at Go. scription having been opened, to ree, on the coast of Africa, con. raise a fund for furnishing great tuining an Account of the Capture coats, &c. to the volunteers receiv. of that Settlement by a French ing pay, the committee transferred Force. To the Right Honoura 3001. of the cash remaining at the able Lord Hobart, one of the credit of the association, to that principal Secretaries of State, &c. fund.

From the money expended in Goree, Africa, Feb. 5, 1804. those and sundry other incidental My Lord, disbursements, as stated in the books On the 17th of January, about of the association, it appears that of noon, a nigro arrived from Yoff, 2,755). 10s.6d the total amount of and reported that a fleet bad been the monry subscribed, there remains seen froin thence that morning at only a balance of 3091. 14s. 3d.; day light, and appeared to be stand. against which it is possible, notwith- ing for Goree; before two o'clock standing all the care that has been vessels were seen from the hill be. taken, some unsettled items may hind cape Emanuel ; near four they still be brought forward.

came round the cape. The quadron When the importance of the consisted of one ship carrying a comabove-recited objects, and the con- modore's pendant, and five armed sequences resulting from them, are schooners, with pendants, all shewfairly considered, and compared ing French colours, and with large with the limited amount of the funds boats towing after them.

The comthe association were cnabled to ein. modore fired a gun, and hoisted a ploy, it is hoped that the subscrib. red flag at his foremast head, which ers will not be of opinion that their we have since learnt was meant as a contributions have been idly wasted, signal to us, that in case of attack

unprofitably applied :- And during night, no quarter would be should it be thought expedient to given. About sun set the squadron proceed in attending to, and pro. tacked, and before dark was near moting measures of a similar ten. the anchorage, standing-in. The indency for the general safety, their habitants having agreed to assist in past conduct, it is to be prestmed, defending the island against any at. will be deemed the surest pledge of tempt that should be made from Setheir future care, to æconomise, and negal, and being of opinion that the prudently to direct the appropria present force was of that nature, tion of whatever sums shall be rais. such measures were taken as ap. ed by the voluntary contributions of peared most likely to prevent the those who approve of what has enemy from landing during the night: been already done.

all the arms that could be procured Ar. Campbell. were accordingly issued to the inhaHenry Mackenzie. bitants, who, with the garrison, were Wm. Porter.

stationed at the different posts round Alex. Dick, Sec. to the Associ. the island. The moon set at eleven, ation.

and affairs remained in the situation No.9, St. James's-squ. Jan. 1, 1804. described, until about 3 o'clock on



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