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Price of Mantelet, 25. 94.; Tablier, 2s. ; Flat Pattern, half-price; to be had of MADAME GOUBAUD, 30, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

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Price of Mantelet, 25. 9d. ; Tablier, 2s. ; Flat Pittern, half-price; 'o be had of MADAME GOUBAUD, 30, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

No. 470. BLACK CASHMERE DOLMAN. Trimmed with Hercules braid and beaded fringe.

No. 471. COIFFURE OF BLACK SPOTTED NET. Edged with black lace, and trimmed with bows of black grosgrain ribbon. In front a half wreath of pink and white carnations, and mignonette.

Nos. 453, 454. TIGHT-FITTING PALETOT Of black Sicilienne cloth, lined with lutestring. The sleeves are sufficiently short to display the cuff of the dress sleeve. A passementerie border is introduced on the back, the sleeves, and the lower edge of the paletot. The front has revers of black grosgrain silk; and on the sleeves there are bows of the same material. A deep beaded fringe completes this trimming. No. 455. Skirt, TUNIC, AND JACKET BODICE OF PALE

YELLOW MOZAMBIQUE. The skirt is slightly trained, and has a flounce headed by a puffing and stand-up frill. The tunic long in front, and reeved up at the back, where it is joined above the skirt with two bows of grosgrain ribbon. Round the edge of the tunic is a band of grosgrain above a guipure lace with fringe attached. The jacket is trimmed to correspond with bands of grosgrain, and bows which are continued down the skirt.


CLOTH. The back, which is short and circular, is arranged in a triangular hood, with passementerie droppers. Round the neck and down the front are revers of vigogne, with straps of passementerie and grey buttons. Folds of grey grosgrain silk are introduced on the sleeves, tablier, pockets, and lower edge of the mantelet.

Nos. 474, 477. EMBROIDERED WORK CASE. Case of gilded canvas, à la jardinière, lined with violet taffetas. A square of canvas, about 8 inches wide, is embroidered with violet chenille, with a similar pattern to that of the centre of the handle, for which Illustration 474 gives the design in full size ; leaving a row of holes between each row of chenille. The canvas is then cut through these holes into separate strips, and these are sewn on to the lining in the manner of the Illustration 477, where the ends meet the handle, a ruching and bows and ends of violet sarsanet ribbon are placed. The taffetas is drawn up with ribbon to match.


Round the crown of the hat is a twist of pale blue ribbon, which falls down at the back in long loops and ends. On the left side of the bonnet the ribbon is arranged in loops, over which falls a spray of fern and ivy, with a small brightcoloured bird. The brim is turned up in front, and lined with blue grosgrain silk, which forms a background to a wreath of pale blue flowers. A twist of black velvet rests on the hair below the wreath.


Mantelet and hood of black Sicilienne cloth, lined with lutestring and trimmed with a fringe of crêpé braid. Above the fringe is a leaf pattern embroidery of small black beads. Bows and ends of black grosgrain ribbon 3 inches wide.

No. 459. DRESS IMPROVER Made of horse hair crinoline, and bound with scarlet braid.

Nos. 460, 461. TOURNURES. These are variations of the same tournure, as worn with a short or trained skirt. They will be found very efficacious in improving the sit of any dress.

We give here the pattern for the short underskirt intended to be buttoned on to tournure No. 460, by means of the buttonholes worked in the band.


Made in white fawn canvas, embroidered in point russe, with black and red filoselle. Lining, pink taffetas. Two strips of canvas are cut, about 6 inches long, and i} inches broad, and fastened together, the ends overlapping each other, to form a shape like a boat. They are embroidered according to Illustration 478, in point russe, with pink and black filoselle, and lined with pink taffetas. Pink chenille edges the basket, sewn on with pink silk. To keep the contents in the basket, pink sarsanet ribbon is fastened to the sides and ends, and tied over the reels, cottons, etc. Pink bows ornament the ends.

No. 463. COLLAR OF FINE LINEN. Finished by a bow, and ruching of embroidered batiste, arranged in a plissé folds. Chemisette of nansook.


No. 465. LADIES' UNDERSKIRT. Of fine long cloth, slightly trained, and trimmed with a deep founce, finished off with a strip of muslin insertion, and three narrow, closely pleated frills.

No. 466. CAP Of white blonde, with bows and loops of black grosgrain ribbon, spray of roses, and Indian grass.

No. 467. CAP Of embroidered batiste, edged with Mechlin lace, and trimmed with bows and loops of pale lilac, and deep claret grosgrain ribbon.

No. 468. LINEN COLLAR. The linen in this collar is doubled, and finished with a band of striped red and white percale, bow to correspond.



Nos. 480, 484. EMBROIDERED PINCUSHION. Cushion of blue satin, arranged in puffings, with an embroidery on white cloth. Illustration 484 gives the size of the embroidered star for the centre of the cushion ; the flowers and buds are worked with blue and yellow silk in chain and knotted stitch, the leaves and tendrils in feather stitch ; the edge of the star is vandyked. Round the cushion is a box pleating of blue satin, with a strip of white cloth above it; the latter embroidered with forget-me-nots, in the same manner as the centre star, and fastened round the cushion with blue satin buttons, according to Illustration.

No. 481, 486. EMBROIDERED GARDEN-BASKET. Basket of wicker work and black polished cane, with handles. The embroidery which ornaments it is worked in black and green chenille. Illustration 486 gives the full size. Nos. 482, 483. EMBROIDERED BAG FOR BALLS OF COTTON,

ETC. Canvas made in white fawn, worked with fawn-coloured Berlin wool in five shades, and with black and green filoselle. Lining of green taffetas; edging of green chenille. The four sections that form the pockets are cut out of the canvas, according to the pattern given in the supplement, and embroidered according to No. 483, with the wool below the lightest shade of fawn, a thread of black purse silk is fastened down with single stitches of green filoselle. The lining is cut out to correspond with the canvas, and bound together with it, the edge being finished off by the chenille. The pockets are kept in place by green sarsanet ribbon passed through the canvas and lining. A bow of the same ornaments the top.

Nos. 485, 487. MONOGRAMS. EMBROIDERY. These monograms are suitable for batiste handkerchiefs. The outline is transferred to the muslin, and a sufficiently large piece of batiste laid under the pattern, which is worked in satin and overcast stitch, with fine sewing cotton; the edges of the batiste are cut away from underneath.


POINT LACE, BRAID AND CROCHET. No. 498. Take a piece of braid 6 inches long and form it into a square. For the inner side crochet as follows. I double in the centre of one side of the square : * 11 chain, I treble at an interval of fth of an inch, 2 chain, I treble in the corner of the braid, 2 chain, i treble at an interval of sth of an inch, 2 chain, join to the oth of the nith chain, 3 chain, join to the 7th of the 11th chain, 5 treble in the previously worked 2 chain, after which the ist join was made, join to the braid where the last treble was worked, 6 treble in the 2 chain in the corner of the square, join to the corner of the square, 6 treble in the 2 chain between the ist and 2nd treble at the beginning of this round, 5 treble in the 2 last of the 11 chain to which two joins have already been made ; join to the 7th of the same ni chain, 6 chain, i double in the centre of the side of the square ; repeat 3 times from *, fasten and cut off the thread.

No.497. Make a square of braid the same diameter as the last, and proceed as follows. For the inner side, I double in the centre of one side of the square, 9 chain, I treble at at interval of sth of an inch, 2 chain i treble in the corner of the square, 2 chain, I treble at an interval of fth of an inch, 2 chain, join to the 7th of the 9 chain, 6 chain, I double in the centre of that side of the braid to which the last join was made, repeat 3 times from * 2nd round : 6 chain, the first 4 to form i long treble *, i long treble in the 7th of the 9 chain, to which a previous join has been made, 2 chain, i long treble in the next double, 2 chain, repeat twice from Then i long treble in the 7th of the next 9 chain, 2 chain. 3rd round : double crochet. 4th round : I double in every other stitch, close as usual with i slip stitch, fasten and cut off the thread. Outside the braid crochet as follows: I treble, I chain, repeat. Care must be taken that the squares lie flat.

Nos. 488, 490. AUMONIERE. Of black velvet, braided with black silk braid and embroidered with beads. Each part of the aumonière is lined with black lutestring. When the separate pieces have been sewn together, finish off the work with a fringe of beads as follows : Fasten the thread at the left corner of the aumonière ; thread 3 beads, fastening them at a short distance from the velvet ; thread the needle again through the last bead *, 2 bead, fasten them at a short interval, repeat from * The lower edge of the aumonière is ornamented with tassels of silk and beads. Jet button and loop to fasten.

Nos. 489, 496. EMBROIDERED WORK-BASKET. Basket of wicker work and polished black cane, lined with pink taffetas. Illustration 496 gives the full size of the embroidery, for which pink, blue, and white chenille is used.


Two squares of cardboard about 8 inches along the edge, are covered with white matelasse on one side, and white sarsanet on the other : a perfumed wadding being placed between the cardboard and sarsanet. On the upper side are arranged puffings of pink silk, and an embroidery on Panama canvas, of which Illustration 493 gives the quarter. The stitches are point russe, Smyrna and pique stitch, and the silks used two thicknesses of pink filoselle ; the scalloped edges are worked in buttonhole stitch. The edges of the case are ornamented with a box pleating of pink taffetas ribbon. Bows of the same at the corners. The case is closed with buttons and loops.

No. 492. EMBROIDERED NECKLET. Necklet of black ribbon velvet, embroidered with blue, green, brown, and yellow purse silks in satin, overcast, and knotted stitch. The cross worn as a pendant is cut out of cardboard, covered with black velvet, and hung to the necklet by a broad strap of velvet. The forget-me-nots are worked in satin stitch, with stamens in knotted stitch of yellow purse silk.


QUILTS, ETC. CROCHET. No. 499 is commenced at the corner pattern by a circle of 8 chain, ist round *, 3 double in 2 chain stitch, i leaf of 8 chain, crochet back along it as follows, miss 1, i double, I treble, 3 long treble, I • treble, I double, repeat 3 times. Every round is closed by a slip stitch, 2nd round * 2 double, 2 double in the 2 free parts of the 8 stitches of the next leaf, twice alternately, purl of 5 chain and i double in the ist chain stitch, 3 double, then i purl, i double in the same stitch in which the last of the 3 double was crocheted, 2 double, twice alternately I purl, 3 double, repeat 3 times from * In connection with this pattern crochet the row of wheels as follows, 5 chain, joining the centre stitch to the purl between 2 leaves *, i wheel of 14 chain, I double long treble in the 6th of the 14 chain, 3 times alternately 3 chain, i double long treble in the same stitch where the last double long treble was worked ; then 2 chain, I slip stitch in the ist of the 14 chain, 2 chain, i double long treble where the others were worked, 3 times alternately 3 chain, I double long treble where the others were worked, taking in the lower parts of the stitch, 2 chain, close with a slip stitch, and continue from * until the required length is obtained. When all the wheels are crocheted, work round each side of the crochet as follows : Ist row, alternately I treble in the centre of 3 chain between 2 double long treble, 10 chain. When this row has been continued as far as the corner figure, crochet after the treble in the last wheel 4 chain instead of 1 *, 10 double in the centre of the purl at the end of a leaf, 7 chain, i treble long treble in the centre stitch of the scallop, joining to the purl as shown by the Illustration, 7 chain repeat once from *, I double in the next purl on the end of a leaf, 4 chain. Then continue the row as it was first begun. For the inside row underneath the corner pattern 4 chain instead of 10, i double in the purl at the end of a leaf, 4 chain. The rest in the way above described. 2nd row i treble, chain, miss 1, repeat. Decrease and increase at the corners, so that the work lies flat.

Nos. 494, 495. EMBROIDERED KNITTING-CASE. Case of white Java canvas, embroidered in point russe with black, blue, light, and dark brown filoselle. The case is in five sections, of which Illustration 495 gives half one, and is embroidered, using blue and black split filoselle for the centre pattern, and the two shades of brown for the border. The separate pieces are then lined with blue lutestring, and sewn together with long stitches of black filoselle ; the case is fastened with a button and loop ; a ruching of narrow blue ribbon ornaments each end, and the same ribbon is used to form the handle.

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