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The doctor us’d his oily art

Of strong emetic kind,
The apothecary play'd his part,

And engineer'd behind.

When physic ceas'd to spend its store;

To bring away the stone, Dicky, like people given o'er,

Picks up when let alone.


eyes dispellid their sickly dews, lle peck'd behind his wings; Licia recovering at the news,

Relapses for the ring.

Meanwhile within her beauteous breast

Two different passions strove ; When av'rice ended the contest,

And triumph'd over love.

Poor little, pretty, fluttering thing,

Thy pains the sex display, Who only to repair a ring.

Could take thy life away.

Drive av'rice from your breast's ye fair,

Monster of foulest mien :
Ye would not let it harbour there,

Could but its form be seen,

It made a virgin put on guile,

Truth’s-image break her word, A Lucia's face forbear to smile,

A Venus kill her bird.


The old shepherd's dog, like his master was gray,

His teeth all departed, and feeble his tongue; Yet where'er Corin went, he was follow'd by

Thus happy through life, did they hobble along.

When fatigued, on the grass the shepherd would

lie, For a nap in the sun--midst his slumbers so

sweet, His faithful companion crawl'd constantly nigh, Plac'd his head on his lap, or lay down at his


When winter was heard on the hill and the plain,

And torrents descended, and cold was the wind, If Corin went forth ’midst the tempests and rain,

Tray scorp'd to be left in the chimney bebind.

At length in the straw Tray made his last bed;

For vain against death is the stoutest endea


To lick Corin's hand he rais'd up his weak head, Then fell back, clos'd his eyes, and, ah! clos'd

them forever.

Not long after Tray, did the shepherd remain, Who oft o'er his grave in true sorrow would

bend; And when dying, thus feebly was heard the poor

swain, 0! bury me, neighbours, beside my old



Slumb'ring beneath the shade I lay,
Opprest by Sol's meridian ray,
When to my eyes, in vision bright,
Appear'd the queen of soft delight;
Young cupid in her hand she led,
Who bashful hung his little head:
“Here, gențle swain!" the goddess cry'd,
“My boy's muturer studies guide;

“ Teach him to strike the sounding lyre,
“ And love of sacred bards inspire."
She said : --with awe I took the child,
And by his modest looks beguild,
Began to read with aspect sage,
My lecture on great Homer's page,
Explain’d the Theban's devious line,
And dwelt on Maro's verse divine.
The giddy buy, with slight regard,
Ran o’er each grave majestic bard,
And said he would my pains repay
By teaching me his fav’rite lay.
Then careless sung of loves and smiles,
His wanton pranks, his mother's wiles,
Of mortal and immortal flames.
And all the list of sportive dames.
I bade him cease his idle prate :
Yet list'ning still, I found, too late,
I'd quite forgot the. Tutor's part,
And had his nonsense all bry heart.



Margarita first possest,
If I remember well, my breast,

Margarita first of all;
But when awhile the wanton maid
With my restless heart had play'd,

Martha took the flying ball.

Martha soon did it resign
To the beauteous Catharine,

Beauteous Catharine gave place (Though loth and angry she to part With the possession of

To Eliza's conquering face.

my heart)

Eliza to this hour might reign,
Had she not evil counsels ta'en.

Fundamental laws she broke,
And still new favorites she chose,
Till up in arms my passions rose

And cast away her yoke,

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