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Prepared by the staff and collaborators of the Hymenoptera Unit,
Insect Identification and Parasite Introduction Research Branch,
Entomology Research Division, Agricultural Research Service,

under the direction of

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This publication was prepared by the staff and collaborators of the Hymenoptera Unit whose individual responsibilities were as follows: Introductory section and general editorial supervision by Karl V. Krombein * and B. D. Burks; Symphyta and Chalcidoidea by B. D. Burks ; Braconidae and Pelecinoidea by C. F. W. Muesebeck; Ichneumonidae, Evanioidea, and Trigonalidae by L. M. Walkley; Cynipoidea by the late L. H. Weld; Proctotrupoidea by C. F. W. Muesebeck and L. Masner; Formicidae by M. R. Smith; and Aculeata by Karl V. Krombein.

* Now Chairman, Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution.



We are indebted to a number of our colleagues for furnishing information which has been included in this supplement. Their names and the groups in which they furnished information are as follows:

H. W. Allen (Ichneumonidae)
J. de Beaumont (Sphecidae)
G. Becker (Ichneumonidae)
R. M. Bohart (Vespoid and Sphecoid

W. F. Buren (Formicidae)
J. C. Downey (Ichneumonidae)
L. E. Eighme (Sphecidae)
H. E. Evans (Vespoid and Sphecoid

W. E. Ferguson (Mutillidae)
J. E. Gillaspy (Sphecidae).
J. D. Haddock (Mutillidae)
C. P. Haskins (Formicidae)
G. Heinrich (Ichneumonidae)
W. W. Judd (Biology)
P. B. Kannowski (Formicidae)
R. L. King (Formicidae)
F. E. Kurczewski (Sphecidae)
W. R. M. Mason (Ichneumonidae)

A. Menke (Sphecidae)
C. D. F. Miller (Chalcidoidea)
H. E. Milliron (Symphyta, Chalci-

doidea, and Apidae)
T. B. Mitchell (A poidea)
S. Momoi (Ichneumonidae)
F. D. Parker (host-parasite records)
O. Peck (Chalcidoidea)
J. F. Perkins (Ichneumonidae)
T. C. Schneirla (Formicidae)
H. A. Scullen (Sphecidae)
L. K. Smith (Ichneumonidae)
R. R. Snelling (Colletidae)
R. W. Taylor (Formicidae)
P. H. Timberlake (Apoidea)
H. K. and M. Townes (Ichneumoni.

G. S. Walley (Ichneumonidae)
N. A. Weber (Formicidae)
E. O. Wilson (Formicidae)

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