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Nor from the song do they disjoin thy name,
Eternal spirit! Holy comforter!

Giver of life, of peace, and heav'nly joy ;
Great sanctifier of thine Israel,

But lowly reverent, at thy feet they fall,
And give true worship to a triune God.
The almighty JAH! the infinite I AM!
A God in cov'nant for the sons of men,
Celestial armies sing his boundless name;
And the redeemed swell his triumphs high,
While they ascribe salvation, pow'r and praise,
And endless honors to their Saviour-God.

While thus the heav'ns adore; come, O my soul,
And let thy noblest pow'rs awake and sing;
O, catch a spark of that celestial fire

That animates the concert of the skies.
Thou too art chosen from the sons of men ;
Thou too art purchas'd by the blood of God,*
Call'd from the heirs of wrath, by grace divine,
And seal'd a daughter and an heir of heav'n.
Come then, my soul, and at thy Father's feet.
Low in the dust adore his sov'reign grace,
And bless the wonders of electing love,
That made a Saviour thine, and wrote thy name,
Thy worthless name, in Jesu's book of life.
Jesus, my God, I love thee and adore!
O for a heart inflam'd, a heart on fire,
With constant, pure, seraphic love of thee,
Great lover of my soul, who lov'd so dear;
That from thy throne of glory, stooping low,
Acts xx 28.

To plunge into a boundless sea of grief,
A boundless sea of wrath divine; to plunge
Into the dreadful jaws of death, and all
The gloomy horrors of the grave, for me.
He stoop'd to conquer....See the rising God,
Bursting the iron barriers of the grave;
Abolish'd death expiring at his feet,
And Satan bound in everlasting chains,
Led at the glorious victor's chariot wheels
Triumphant thro' the air. My king, my God!
I laud thy triumphs, and adore thy name :
My great salvation....thou! my ALL IN ALL!
Now high exalted on thy regal seat,
Where from eternity thou sat supreme,
The radiant, awful glories of the God,
Shine thro' the milder beauties of the man,
Blessing thy saints and angels with full draughts
Of boundless pleasures, and immortal joy.

Thy sov'reign grace, Spirit divine, I sing;
Fountain of holiness, of life and love!
Great glorifier of a Saviour's name;
Revealer of the hidden things of God.
Thy new creating voice bade me awake

From nature's sleep; the dreadful sleep of sin;
To all the joys of light and life divine;
To all the bliss of immortality!

Of pardon'd sin, and fellowship with God,
Thro' the rich streams of a Redeemer's blood,

Of sin subdu'd, and a triumphant hope
Of the bright glories of eternity.
Come, holy comforter! descend and dwell

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In my cold heart, warm it with heavenly fire;
Make it thy temple, tune my stamm'ring tongue
To lofty notes of praise, such as thy love
Deserves, O ever blessed trinity,

One undivided glorious deity :

One self-existent and eternal God,
My Father, Saviour, everlasting Friend.
Let every power of my redeemed soul
Be dedicate to thee; let every pulse
Beat high for thee, and every breath aspire
In grateful hallelujahs to my God.

Hark! O my soul, what voice is that? what sounds Discordant break upon mine ear? 'tis harsh As distant thunder....muttering and low, Such as magicians use, when with dark spells They raise ill spirits in the midnight hour. List! it comes nearer, and embolden'd, speaks, In plainer accents that my startled soul Can catch its murmurs, and distinctly hear The words of discontent that from it flow.

"Is Jesus Christ the self-existent God? No, I deny it what blasphemous tongue Dares to pronounce him so? the wretch who dares Is an idolater, and robs his God

Of his prime glory....Jesus is a man ;

A man, in whom perfection dwells, 'tis true,
And holy innocence, but yet a man.
The Son of God, as he himself declares ;
He liv'd our bright example, and he dy'd
Prime martyr to the glorious truths he taught,

Of patience, meekness, heav'nly charity.
Correct thy erring song then, worship God;
Nor let a creature share with him the praise."

What words are these! hear'st thou, O sun, a voice Deny the deity of thy Creator!

And dost not hide thy radiant head in clouds?
Dost thou not feel, O earth, the dreadful shock,
And tremble to thy centre?....Fearful awe
Has seiz'd my spirit, all my pow'rs recoil!
Horror thrills thro' my veins and all aghast
I stand and look around!....Am I awake?
And is there in a universe of beings,

One, who with front of brass, and vip'rous tongue,
Dares thus affront his Maker? Whence this voice?
From heaven it comes not; there in concord sweet,
The blest inhabitants bow at his name;
And hail him God o'er all, for ever blest.
From the dark regions of eternal `woe,
Where night and everlasting horrors reign,
It must proceed....yet no! the arch fiend,
Satan, the leader of the rebel host,
And all his millions, know the dignity
Of man's Redeemer. They can never doubt
Messiah's godhead, till they cease to be.
Deep rooted memory of what is past;
And sense of present pain, constrains belief.
Yes! they believe and tremble, for they know
His might, tremble thro' ev'ry pow'r,
And from the truth of his eternal being,
They know their own eternity of woe.
They felt the pow'r of his omnipotence

When from the realms of bliss he drove them down,

To utter darkness; from his vengeful arm
They fled affrighted, but in vain they fled.
His vengeance follow'd; flames of wrath divine
Pursu'd their flight, ten thousand thunders roll'd
And sunk them low in horrors infinite.

And long since that, has Satan, and his crew
Of spirits accursed, felt the potent arm

Of man's Redeemer, when in human flesh
Array'd, they from his presence fled with speed,
Obey'd his awful mandate, fear'd his frown,
And trembled thro' their being at his name.
Not less Almighty, when a man of grief,
Than when enthron'd between the cherubim.
But chiefly then, when bursting from the grave
The rising God, triumphant over death,
Trampled beneath his feet the powers of hell,
Then vanquish'd Satan felt a second fall;
His empire to its deep foundation shook,
New terrors, like a flood, o'erwhelm'd his heart;
New blasphemies employ'd his horrid tongue.
The fierce, the proud blasphemer shakes his chain
In all the rage and madness of despair,

Yet owns the mighty arm that binds him down
In everlasting horrors, feels and owns
Jesus the conqueror; the God he hates.

Nor is there in the dark abhorred pit

One hapless, ruin'd soul, who doubts this truth.
Eternity sweeps unbelief away.

There's no deception there; the truth they know.
O fearful knowledge, by experience learn'd,
In the black realms of endless misery,
They see the truth, but by the dreadful light

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