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In a

OATH (the) of pacification : or a forme

of religious accommodation : humbly proposed both to king and parliament. Thereby to set an end to the present miseries and broyles of this discomposed, almost shipwrackt state. [By Henry PARKER, of Lincoln's-Inn.] London, 1643. Quarto. Pp. 30. b. t.*

[Brit. Mus.] OBEDIENCE and submission to the present

government, demonstrated from Bp. Overalls Convocation book. [By Zachary TAYLOR, M.A.] London, 1690. Quarto. Pp. 20. b. t. * The author Zach. Taylor, minister of Ormkirk in Lancashire.”—MS. note by

Hearne in the Bodleian copy. OBEDIENCE due to the present king,

notwithstanding our oaths to the former. Written by a divine of the Church of England. [Francis FULLWOOD, D.D.] London, 1689. Quarto. Pp. 8. b. t.*

[Bodl.] OBEDIENCE the best charter; or, law

the only sanction of liberty. letter to the Rev. Dr Price. [By Rev. John Morr.] London : 1776. Octavo. (European Mag.,

iv. 126. Mon. Rev., liv. 328.] OBEDIENCE to magistrates recommended, in a discourse upon Titus 3.

Preached September the ninth 1683. Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, and to obey magistrates. By J. C. rector of W. N. (Jonathan CHAPHAM, rector of Wramplingham, Norfolk.] London, 1683. Quarto. Pp. 2. b. t. 35.*

[Boal.] OBJECTIONS against the Essays on

morality and natural religion examined. [By Henry HOME, Lord Kames.) Edinburgh : MDCCLVI. Octavo. Pp. 64.*

Ascribed to Ilugh Blair, D.D. [D. Laing.] OBJECTIONS (the) of a late anony

mous writer [Collins] against the book of Daniel, consider'd, in a letter to a friend. [By John CHAPMAN, D.D.] Cambridge ; printed at the UniversityPress. 1728. Pp. 46. The book to which this is a reply is, Collins' Scheme of literal prophecy con

sidered. OBJECTIONS (the) of the non-sub

scribing London clergy, against the address from the Bishop of London, and the clergy of Londrn and West

minster; printed in the Gazette of
Thursday, Aug. 22. 1710. Humbly
offerr'd in a letter from a clergy-man
in London, to a member of parliament
in the country. By the author of the
Reasons of the absenting clergy.
London : 1710. Octavo. Pp. 44.*

[Kennett's Wisdom, p. 64.] OBJECTIONS to Bishop Middleton's

doctrine of the Greek article. By Herman Heinfetter. [Frederick PARKER.)

London : 1841. Duodecimo. Pp. 36. * OBJECTIONS to Mr Lindsey's inter

pretation of the first fourteen verses of St. John's Gospel, as set forth in the Sequel to his Apology; with some strictures on his explication of St. Paul's text Phil. ii. 5, 6, &c. By a serious enquirer. [Anthony TEMPLE.] London : MDCCLXXVI. Octavo. 78.* (MS. note on title page of the copy in

the University Library, Edinburgh.] OBJECTIONS to the project of creating

a' Vice Chancellor of England. [By Sir S. Romilly.] The second edition. To which is added, A letter from the author to a noble Lord. London : 1813. Octavo.* [Watt, Bib.

Brit.] OBJECTIONS to the proposed bill“ for

better regulating the forms of process in the courts of law," and to the present system of administering justice in Scotland ; and suggestions for remodelling the bill, or framing another, for the purpose of improving the forms, lessening the expense and delays of procedure, and preventing appeals to the House of Lords. By the author of the Objections to the Scots new Judicature Bill published in the Edinburgh Magazine. [Peter CAMPBELL, S.S.C.] Edinburgh : 1825. Octavo. Pp. viii. 176.

8.* (Adv. Lib.] OBJECTIONS (the) to the taxation of

our American colonies by the legislature of Great Britain briefly considered. [By Soame JENYNS.] London : 1765. Quarto. [See his Works,

ii. 189. Mon. Rev., xxxii. 227.] OBJECTS, advantages, and pleasures of

science. (By Henry, Lord BROUGHAM.] [Extracted from the Preliminary treatise of the "Library of useful knowledge."] [London : 1826.1 Octavo. Pp. 11. * Fubiished in the 'Pamphieteer, xxvii. 497.

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OBLIGATION (the) of acting according

to conscience especially as to oaths: a farewell sermon preached Jan. 22. 171%. [By Richard RUSSELL, M.A.] London : 1716. Octavo. Pp. viii. 24. [W.] OBLIGATION (the) of human laws

discussed. By J. H. [John HumFREY or HUMPHREY.]

London, 1671. Octavo.* [Bodl.] OBLIGATIONS (the) Christians are

under to shun vice and immorality, and to practise piety and vertue, shewn from the express words of holy Scripture. [By Francis Fox, M.A., vicar of Pottern, Wilts.]

N, P. N. D. Folio. Single leaf.* [Bodl.] OBLIQUE (an) view of the grand con

spiracy, against social order, or, a candid inquiry, tending to show what part the Analytical, the Monthly, the Critical Reviews and the New Annual Register, have taken in that conspiracy. By the author of A concise sketch of the intended revolution. [Thomas ATKINSON.]

London : 1798. Octavo. OBSERVANCE (the) of the Lord's Day

considered particularly in reference to railway travelling. By a clergyman of the Church of Scotland. [Rev. James FLOWERDEW, Eassie, Glammis.)

Edinburgh. 1839. Octavo. Pp. 34. OBSERVATION (an) on the design of

establishing annual examinations at
Cambridge. [By William Samuel
No imprint, but dated at the beginning,
Cambridge, Nov. 14th, 1774. Octavo.

Pp. 16.*
OBSERVATIONS and advices oecon-

omical. [By Dudley NORTH, 4th Lord
London, 1669. Octavo. Pp. 11. b. t.
132. 9.* [Bodl.]
“This pleasing little tract was written by
Dudley the fourth Lord North.” MS.

note in the hand-writing of Malone. OBSERVATIONS and conjectures

upon some passages of Shakespeare.
[By Thomas TyrwhiTT.]
Oxford, At the Clarendon Press.
M DCC LXVI. Octavo. Pp. 54.* (Adv.

Lib. Dyce Cat., ii. 292.] OBSERVATIONS and reflections on

the late earthquake, or more properly called an airquake, which happened in

this town and neighbourhood, on Sunday, 14 Sept. 1777; and an attempt to investigate the causes of these dreadful harbingers of divine vengeance to mankind. By a gentleman of Manchester. [Thomas PERCIVAL, M.D.] N.P. 1777. Octavo. (Mendham Collec.

tion Cat., p. 235.] OBSERVATIONS, censvres and con

futations of divers errors in the 12, 13, and 14 Chap. of Mr. Hobs his Leviathan. [By William Lucy, Bishop of St. David's.] London 1657. Duodecimo. Pp. 70. b. t. 235.* [Bodl.] The epistle dedicatory signed William Pike

Christophilus. OBSERVATIONS concerning the

original of government, upon Mr. Hobs Leviathan. Mr. Milton against Salmasius. H. Grotius De jure belli. Mr. Huntons Treatise of monarchy. [By Sir Robert FILMER.] London: 1652. Quarto. * A reprint of “The anarchy of a limited

monarchy." OBSERVATIONS, &c. By E. W.

[Edward WEST.] London: 1835. Duodecimo.* [Title-page

of his Excellency of man."] OBSERVATIONS illustrative of the

practical operation and real effect of the duties on paper, showing the expediency of their reduction or repeal. [By J. R. M'CULLOCH.] London: 1836. Octavo. Pp. 38. [M Cull.,

Lit. Pol. Econ., p. 339.] OBSERVATIONS in a journey to Paris,

by way of Flanders, in August 1776. [By William JONES, F.R.S.] In two volumes. London: 1777.

Octavo. (Gent. Mag., June, 1800, p. 583. Watt, Bib. Brit. Mon. Rev., lvii. 245.] OBSERVATIONS in illustration of

Virgil's celebrated fourth eclogue. [By
Granville PENN.]
London, 1810. Octavo. Pp. xii. 446. *

[Gent. Mag., Nov. 1844, p. 545.] OBSERVATIONS in regard to the

description of boys who appear, agreeably to the statutes, entitled to be admitted into George Heriot's hospital. [By Thomas MILLER.] Edinburgh : MDCCCXXVII. Octavo. Pp. vi. 18. (New Coll. Cat., p. 364.]

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OBSERVATIONS in support of the

title of the King, jure Ducatus, to all escheats and forfeitures, arising within th of the County Palatine ; 28th September, 1831 ; and statement of the case of the Bulmer escheat, within the liberty of the Savoy, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster; 5th April, 1832. [By Sir George HARRISON, K.C.H.] London : 1832. Folio. Part I., pp. 51;

Part II., pp. 104. [W., Martin's Cat.) OBSERVATIONS [on fossils] made by

J. H. John HUTCHINSON] mostly in
the year 1706.
No separate title-page. Octavo. Pp. 106.*

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS made during a tour

through parts of England, Scotland,
and Wales. In a series of letters.
[By Sir Richard Joseph SULIVAN.)
London : M DCC LXXX. Quarto.*
A second edition, under the title of A tour
through parts of England, &c., was pub-
lished, with the author's name, in 1785, in

two volumes, 8vo. OBSERVATIONS made in England, on

the tryal of Capt. Green, &c. See

Observations on the tryal, &c. OBSERVATIONS occasioned by the

contest about literary property. [By
Edmund LAW, D.D., Bishop of
Cambridge, M.DCC. LXX. Octavo. Pp. 20.

b. t.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS (the) of Newton

concerning the inflections of light, accompanied by other observations differing from his, and appearing to lead to a change in his theory of light and colours. (By C. W. JORDAN.]

London : 1799. Octavo. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on a bill introduced

into parliament in 1817, for the amendment of the law in respect of modus for tithes. [By R. BARNES.]

Octavo. [Clarke's Law Cat.] OBSERVATIONS on a book [by

Conyers Middeton) entituled, An introductory discourse to a larger work, &c. Containing an answer to the author's prejudices, that miraculous powers were not continued to the Church after the days of the apostles. [By Henry STEBBING, D.D., chancellor of the diocese of Salisbury.] London, MDCCXLVII. Octavo. Pp. 33. * (Bodl.]

OBSERVATIONS on a controverted

passage in Justin Martyr, p. 47, Edit. Benedict Hagæ Comit. 1742. Also upon the worship of angels. [By Jacob BRYANT.]

London : M.DCC. XCIII. Quarto. Pp. 32. * OBSERVATIONS on a journey to

Naples. Wherein the frauds of Romish monks and priests are farther discovered. By the author of a late book, entituled, The frauds of Romish monks and priests. [Gabriel d' Emillianne, Pseud. of Antoine GAVIN.] London, 1691. Octavo. Pp. 22. b. t. 325.

The dedication is signed G. d'E. OBSERVATIONS on a late publication

intituled a Treatise on the police of
the metropolis, by P. Colquhoun, Esq.
[R. SHAW], a citizen of London, but
no magistrate.
London : 1800. Octavo. Pp. 97. [Man-

chester Free Lib. Cat., p. 641.] OBSERVATIONS on a late publication

[by Madan), intituled, Thoughts on executive justice : to which is added, a letter containing reiharks on the same work. [By Sir Samuel RomiLLY.]

London : M.DCC.LXXXVI. Duodecimo. * OBSERVATIONS on a late state of the

nation. [By Edmund BURKE.]
Dublin : MDCCLXIX. Octavo. Pp. 114.

b. t.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on a pamphlet [by

Dodwell] entitled Christianity not founded on argument. By a christian freethinker. Joseph HIGHMORE.] London: 1765. Octavo. [Watt, Bib.

Brit. Mon. Rev., xxxii. 148.] OBSERVATIONS on a pamphlet [by

William Pulteney], intitled, An answer to one part of a late infamous libel, &c. In a letter to Mr P. [By William ARNALL.] The second edition.

London : MDCCXXXI. Octavo. Pp. 50. * OBSERVATIONS on a paper intituled,

The declaration of the Lord Petre upon
his death, touching the Plot: in a letter
to his most sacred Majesty. Being a
full answer thereunto. (By Henry
London, 1684. Folio. Pp. 4.* [Bodl.]
“ Written by Hen. Care authour of the
pacquet of advice from Rome-Jan. 1683."

OBSERVATIONS on a passage in Mr

Playfair's letter to the Lord Provost of

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Edinburgh relative to the mathematical
pretensions of the Scottish clergy.
(By Thomas CHALMERS, D.D.]
Cupar-Fife. 1805. Octavo. Pp. 48.*
The above was Dr. Chalmers' first publi.

cation. OBSERVATIONS on a sermon preach'd

[by A. S. Catcott] before the corporation of Bristol, on Sunday the sixteenth day of August, 1735, being the day before the Assizes. [By Arthur BEDFORD.) London : 1736. Octavo. Pp. vi. 40. * The irst word is misprinted “Obseva.

tions.” OBSERVATIONS on a short tour

made in the summer of 1803, to the Western Highlands of Scotland, interspersed with original pieces of descriptive and epistolary poetry. [By Philip Bracebridge HOMER, B.D., of Rugby.]

London : 1804. Duodecimo. Pp. vi. 208.* OBSERVATIONS on a speech, de

livered [by Lord Viscount Townshend] the 26th day of December, 1769. In the House of Lords in Ireland. [By

HELLEN.) Dublin : MDCCLXX. Octavo. Pp. 21. (Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS

a variety of subjects, literary, moral and religious. In a series of original letters, written by a gentleman of foreign extraction, who resided some time in Philadelphia. [Rev. Jacob DUCHÉ.] The third edition. London :

: 1791. Octavo. Pp. 206. [Mon. Rev., vi. 357. Rich, Bib. Amer., i. 196.] Letters signed Caspipina. See CASPIPINA'S

Letters. OBSERVATIONS on arguments of

Right Honourable Baronets respecting the state of the nation. By the author of “ Facts for philosophers.” (Albert WILLIAMS.)

London : 1849. Octavo. Pp. 50.* [Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on Church and State

suggested by the Duke of Argyll's Essay on the ecclesiastical history of Scotland. [By James Frederick FERRIER, LL.D.] Edinburgh and London MDCCCXLVIII.

Octavo. Pp. 37. OBSERVATIONS on coin in general,

with some proposals for regulating the value of coin in Ireland. By the author of the List of the absentees of

Ireland. [Thomas PRIOR, of Rath-
Dublin :

: 1729. [W.]
Reprinted in the “ Tracts on money” of

the Political Economy Club in 1856. OBSERVATIONS on Daniel's prophecy

of the seventy weeks. [By Daniel
Edinburgh : 1748. Octavo. (Lowndes,

Bibliog. Man. Orme, Bib. Bib.] OBSERVATIONS on divers passages of Scripture.

[By Rev. Thomas HARMER.]

1765. [Gent. Mag., lviii. ii. 1127.] OBSERVATIONS on Dr. Freind's

History of physick; shewing, some false representations of ancient and modern physicians. By C. W. M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh. [Clifton WINTRINGHAM.] London : 1726. Octavo. Pp. 65. b. t.*

[Watt, Bib. Brit.] OBSERVATIONS on Dr. Macknight's

Harmony of the four gospels, so far as relates to the history of our Saviour's resurrection. In a letter to the author. [By Nathaniel LARDNER). London : 1764. Quarto. [Wilson's Hist.

of Diss. Ch., i. 106. Mon. Rev., xxxi. 358.] OBSERVATIONS on Dr. Price's Revolution

[By Edward SAYER.] London : 1790. Octavo. Pp. 59. [Watt,

Bib. Brit. Mon. Rev., i. 232.] OBSERVATIONS on Dr. Price's theory

and principles of civil liberty and government; preceded by a letter to a friend, on the pretensions of the American colonies in respect of right and equity. [Ascribed to Henry GOODRICH.] York : 1776. Octavo. Pp. 147. (Rich, Bib. Amer., i. 235.]

Goodricke, according to Watt and Allibone. OBSERVATIONS on Dr. Waterland's

second Defense of his queries. By the author of the Reply to his First Defense. (Samuel CLARKE, D.D.]

London, MDccxxiv. Octavo. Pp. 137. * OBSERVATIONS on endowments for

charitable purposes. [By Jonathan
London : 1852. Duodecimo. I sh. [Smith's
Cat. of Friends' books, i. 114.) Signed J. B.



OBSERVATIONS on modern garden

ing, illustrated by descriptions. [By Thomas WHATELY.] The third edition. London, MDCCLXXI. Octavo. Pp. 6. b. t. 257.* (Almon's Biog. Anec., ii. 107. Mon.

Rev., xliv. 345; lxxx. 552.] OBSERVATIONS on national estab

lishments in religion, etc. In a letter to the author (J. Rotheram] of “An essay on establishments in religion.” [By W. HARRIS, D.D.]

London: 1767. Octavo. [W., Brit. Mus.) OBSERVATIONS on objects interest

ing to the highlands of Scotland, particularly to Inverness and Invernessshire. [By Lachlan MACKINTOSH, of Raigmore.] Edinburgh : 1814. Octavo. Pp. 1. b. t. X. 219. 50.* (Aberdeen Lib.]

Dedication signed Invernessicus. OBSERVATIONS our Saviour's

answer to the application of Andrew and Philip for permission to introduce the Greeks. [By John FORSTER, of Lincoln's Inn.]

London : 1833. Duodecimo. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on Saviour's

discourse with the Pharisee lawyer. [By John FORSTER.] London : N. D. Duodecimo. Pp. 26.

[Darling, Cyclop. Bibl.] OBSERVATIONS

Saviour's questions to the Pharisees. [By John FORSTER.] London : 1828. Duodecimo. Pp. 24.

(Darling, Cyclop. Bibl.] OBSERVATIONS on Paine's Rights of

man, in a series of letters, by Publicola. (John ADAMS, LL.D., second President of the United States.] Edinburgh : N. D. [1792.] Octavo. Pp.



OBSERVATIONS on some points of

law. With a system of the judicial law of Moses. [By John MACLAURIN, Lord Dreghorn.] Edinburgh, 1759. Octavo. Pp. viii. 203.

“System” has separate pagination [66]. OBSERVATIONS on stocking the

mountainous grounds of Ireland with the black-faced sheep; humbly suggested as the means of improving the state of Ireland. By a Scotsman. [James BROWN, navy pilot.]

Glasgow : 1824. Octavo. Pp. 14. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on the antediluvian

remains of a former world. [By John FORSTER, of Lincoln's Inn.]

London : 1836. Duodecimo. [W.] OBSERVATIONS on the article of

phrenology in No. LXXXVIII. of the Edinburgh Review. [By William RITCHIE, editor of the Scotsman.]

Bungay : 1826. Duodecimo. OBSERVATIONS on the assessment of

tolls as a public revenue, to which are added calculations on the probable amount of some other articles of taxation, less liable to exception. By a landholder. [Benjamin BELL.]

Edinburgh : 1797. Octavo. [W.] OBSERVATIONS the

borealis, from September 1834, to September 1839. [By Robert Snow.] London : 1842. Octavo. [W., Martin's

OBSERVATIONS on the bill for sale of

the forfeited estates; with reasons
against it. Humbly offered to the con-
sideration of both Houses of Parlia-
ment. [By Sir David DALRYMPLE,
Lord Hailes.]
Edinburgh : 1718. Octavo. Pp. 30.*
Author's name in the hand-writing of Dr.

David Laing.
OBSERVATIONS on the bill now in

progress through Parliament, in support of the spiritual authority of the Church of Rome. By a senior member of the University of Oxford. [James INGRAM, D.D.] Oxford, MDCCCXXV. Octavo. Pp. 33.

[Bodl.] OBSERVATIONS on the brumal retreat

of the swallow. To which is annexed a copious index to many passages relating to this bird, in the works of ancient and modern authors. By Philochelidon. [Thomas FORSTER.] 1809. Octavo.





48. *

OBSERVATIONS on public liberty,

patriotism, ministerial despotism, and national grievances; with some remarks on riots, petitions, loyal addresses, and military execution. In a letter to the freeholders of Middlesex, and the Livery of London, by an independent citizen of London. [Joseph TOWERS, LL.D.) London : 1769. Octavo. [Gent. Mag., 1xxiii. i. 355. Mon. Rev., xli. 157. Crit. Rev., xxviii. 153.] In Gent. Mag., the title is Observations on public spirit, &c.

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