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767 Against the
Objections contained in a late Treatise,
entitled, Letters on Theron and Afpaso.

To which is prefix'd,
A Series of LETTERS from the late Rev.
Mr. James Hervey, to the Author, authenti-
cating this Defence with his intire Approbation,
and manifesting it to be the only one that can be
presented to the Public with that Authority.


To which is added,
A Farther Defence of Theron and Afpafio,
against the Objections of Mr. Joseph Bellamy of
Bethlem in New-England, in his Treatise entitled,

Theron, Paulinus, and Aspasio.
With some Directions to the Readers of Theron

and Afpafio, and a cautionary PosTSCRIPT.
The Whole forming a necessary SUPPLEMENT

to Mr. Hervey's Dialogues.

Printed for E. Dilly, at the Rose-and-Crown in the

Poultry; and J. Coote, at the King's-Arms in Pater.-
. nofter.Row.


Intention of prefixing Mr. Hervey's Let

ters to this Reply, is, in Faci, to recommend . it to the Attention of the Public, as such a farther Explication and Defence of Theron and Aspasio, as was quite agreeable to his own Judgment; such as (in Substance) would have appeared in the World, in bis elegant and entertaining Manner of Address, had it pleased the Sovereign Disposer of all Events to have continued him in Life, and such as the present Situation of his Writings require. ..

It has been already remarked in the public Intimation of printing Mr. Hervey's Letters, that when Wri** ters of a distinguished Superiority have gained our Admiration and Applause, we are fond of penetrats 66 ing into their more retired Apartments, and associat« ing with them in the sequestred Walks of private 6 Life." A Curiosity of this Nature cannot be more usefully gratified ; we cannot be usered into Mr. Hervey's Company to better Purpose, than to hear his de clare what he himself counted most valuable in all his Writings; that, which was his main Design, and ta which he would have his Readers continually advert; those Sentiments, which (as he expresses it in one of his Letters) 6 I wish to have written on my Heart; such as I wish to speak and teach while I live; and in my Writings " (if my Writings survive me) to testifie when I am 67 dead *". More especially, if what he so esteemed is the Doctrine of our Lord and his Apostles, otherwise Mr Hervey's Ésteem will be but of small Account.

It seems the more necessary that he should thus be made to speak for himself, fince some who have diflinguished themselves as his peculiar Friends, and as very. angry with Mr. Sandeman' in his Behalf, are at the fame Time very likely to be no Friends to his Defence.

A 2
* See p. 37


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