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• I trust that at length the time is come, when Parliament will no longer bear to be told that slave owners are the best law'givers on slavery; no longer suffer our voice to roll across the • Atlantic in empty warnings, and fruitless orders. Tell me not • of rights_talk not of the property of the planter in his slaves. • I deny the right-I acknowledge not the property. The principles, the feelings of our common nature, rise in rebellion • against it. Be the appeal made to the understanding or to the • heart, the sentence is the same that rejects it. In vain you • tell me of laws that sanction such a claim ! There is a law 6 above all the enactments of human codes—the same through

out the world, the same in all times—such as it was before the • daring genius of Columbus pierced the night of ages, and open

ed to one world the sources of power, wealth, and knowledge; . to another, all unutterable woes ;-such it is at this day: it is • the law written by the finger of God on the heart of man; and • by that law, unchangeable and eternal, while men despise fraud,

and loathe rapine, and abhor blood, they shall reject with indig. • nation the wild and guilty fantasy, that man can hold property • in man! In vain you appeal to treaties, to covenants between na• tions. The covenants of the Almighty, whether the old covenant 'or the new, denounce such unholy pretensions. To those laws • did they of old refer, who maintained the African trade. Such * treaties did they cite, and not untruly; for by one shameful

compact you bartered the glories of Blenheim for the traffic in • blood. Yet, in despite of law and of treaty, that infernal traffic

is now destroyed, and its votaries put to death like other pirates. • How came this change to pass ? Not assuredly by parliament • leading the way; but the country at length awoke; the indig• nation of the people was kindled; it descended in thunder, and • smote the traffic, and scattered its guilty profits to the winds. • Now, then, let the planters beware- let their assemblies beware 6-let the government at home beware—let the parliament be• ware! The same country is once more awake,—awake to the "condition of negro slavery; the same indignation kindles in • the bosom of the

same people; the same cloud is gathering that o annihilated the slave trade; and, if it shall descend again, they, • on whom its crash may fall, will not be destroyed before I have

warned them; but I pray that their destruction may turn away • from us the more terrible judgments of God !'

Correction of Article on Providential and Prophetical


We are sorry to find, that, in the above article, (No. C. p. 331,) we have unwittingly transformed Dr Elrington, Bishop of Ferns, into a Roman Catholic Bishop; ascribing to him, in that character, a declaration regarding the union of the Gallican and English Churches, which ought to have been ascribed to a different person. We here beg to apologise to the Bishop for this mistake.

No. CilI. will be published in October.


2 P


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