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There are small mistakes which can be considered as an insult to secular kings Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj.On pg 282 it is mentioned that when Sambhaji Maharaj raided Burhanpur ,citizens of Burhanpur killed their women and children and their lives too.Its entire explanation is wrong because Sambhaji Maharaj respected women and children and left them unharmed irrespective of their caste.Like Shivaji Maharaj, his son Sambhaji Maharaj never touched women.Both the kings punished those who harmed women and kids. The rule was same for these two kings own people also. NOT SATISFIED BY THE WAY IT DESCRIBES TWO GREAT KINGS RAJE SHIVAJI AND RAJE SAMBHAJI. HARA HARA MAHADEV 

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well researched informations.

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Excellent historical awareness......

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this is one of the best book written to include the history of Loi Ahmad shah baba

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