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Thessalonica, at Berea, CHAP. XVII.

and at Athens. and that this Jesus, whom I 12 Therefore many of them preach unto you, is Christ. believed ; also of honourable

4 And some of them believed, women which were Greeks, and and consorted with Paul and of men not a few. Silas: and of the devout Greeks 13 But when the Jews of Thesa great multitude, and of the salonica had knowledge that chief women not a few.

the word of God was preached 5 But the Jews which be- of Paul at Berea, they came lieved not, moved with envy, thither also, and stirred up the took unto them certain lewd people. fellows of the baser sort, and 14 And then immediately the gathered a company, and set all brethren sent away Paul, to go the city on an uproar, and as- as it were to the sea : but Silas saulted the house of Jason, and and Timotheus abode there still. sought to bring them out to the 15 And they that conducted people.

Paul brought him unto Athens : 6 And when they found them and receiving a commandment not, they drew Jason and cer- unto Silas and Timotheus for tain brethren unto the rulers of to come to him with all speed, the city, crying, These that have they departed. turned the world upside down, 16 Now while Paul waited are come hither also ;

for them at Athens, his spirit 7 Whom Jason hath receiv- was stirred in him, when he ed: and these all do contrary saw the city wholly given to to the decrees of Cesar, saying, idolatry. that there is another king, one 17 Therefore disputed he in Jesus.

the synagogue with the Jews, 8 And they troubled the peo- and with the devout persons, ple, and the rulers of the city, and in the market daily with when they heard these things. them that met with him.

9 And when they had taken 18 Then certain philosophers security of Jason and of the of the Epicureans, and of the other, they let them go.

Stoics, encountered him. And 10 T And the brethren im- some

some said, What will this inediately sent away Paul and babbler say? other some, He Silas by night unto Berea : who seemeth to be a setter forth of coming thither, went into the strange gods: because he preachsynagogue of the Jews.

ed unto them Jesus, and the 11 These were more noble resurrection.

and that they received the word brought him unto Areopagus, with all readiness of mind, and saying, May we know what this searched the scriptures daily, new doctrine, whereof thou whether those things were so. speakest, is ?


Paul preacheth

at Athens, 20 For thou bringest certain | have said, For we are also his strange things to our ears; we offspring. would know therefore what 29 Forasmuch then as we are these things mean.

the offspring of God, we ought 21 (For all the Athenians not to think that the Godhead and strangers which were there, is like unto gold, or silver, or spent their time in nothing else, stone, graven by art and man's but either to tell, or to hear device. some new thing.)

30 And the times of this igno22 Then Paul stood in the rance God winked at; but now midst of Mars-hill, and said, commandeth all men every Ye men of Athens, I perceive where to repent: that in all things ye are too

31 Because he hath appointsuperstitious.

ed a day, in the which he will 23 For as I passed by, and judge the world in righteousbeheld your devotions, I found ness, by that man whom he hath an altar with this inscription, ordained: whereof he hath given TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. assurance unto all men, in that Whom therefore ye ignorantly he hath raised him from the worship, him declare I unto you. dead.

24 God that made the world, 32 | And when they heard and all things therein, seeing of the resurrection of the dead, that he is Lord of heaven and some mocked : and others said, earth, dwelleth not in temples We will hear thee again of this made with hands;

matter. 25 Neither is worshipped with 33 So Paul departed from men's hands, as though he need among them. ed any thing, seeing he giveth 34 Howbeit, certain men clave to all life, and breath, and all | unto him, and believed : among things;

the which was Dionysius the 26 And hath made of one Areopagite, and a woman nablood all nations of men for to med Damaris, and others with dwell on all the face of the them. earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the

3 Paul laboureth with his hands, and preachbounds of their habitation;

encourageth him in a vision. 27 That they should seek the accused before Gallio the deputy, but is dis

missed. 18 Afterwards passing from city Lord, if haply they might feel to city, he strengtheneth the disciples. 24 after him, and find him, though

Apollos, being more perfectly instructed by he be not far from every one

Aquila and Priscilla, 28 preacheth Christ with great efficacy.


departed from Athens, and move, and have our being; as

as came to Corinth; certain also of your own poets 2 And found a certain Jew


eth at Corinth to the Gentiles. 9 The Lord

12 He is

of us :

28 For in him we live, and AFTER these things, Paul

ard-at Corinth.

CHAP. XVIII. Paul accused before Gallio. named Aquila, born in Pontus, 11 And he continued there a lately come from Italy, with his year and six months, teaching wife Priscilla, (because that the word of God among them Claudius had commanded all 12 | And when Gallio was Jews to depart from Rome) the deputy of Achaia, the Jews and came unto them.

made insurrection with one ac3 And because he was of the cord against Paul, and brought same craft, he abode with them, him to the judgment-seat, and wrought, (for by their occu- 13 Saying, This fellow perpation they were tent-makers.) suadeth men to worship God

4 And he reasoned in the contrary to the law. synagogue every sabbath, and 14 And when Paul was now persuaded the Jews and the about to open his mouth, Gallio Greeks.

said unto the Jews, If it were 5 And when Silas and Timo- a matter of wrong, or wicked theus were come from Mace- lewdness, O ye Jews, reason donia, Paul was pressed in the would that I should bear with spirit, and testified to the Jews, | you: that Jesus was Christ.

15 But if it be a question of 6 And when they opposed words and names, and of your themselves, and blasphemed, he law, look ye to it: for I will be shook his raiment, and said un- no judge of such matters. to them, Your blood be upon 16 And he drave them from your own heads : I am clean: the judgment-seat: . from henceforth I will go unto 17 Then all the Greeks took the Gentiles.

Sosthenes, the chief ruler of the 7. | And he departed thence, synagogue, and beat him before and entered into a certain man's the judgment-seat. And Gallio house, named Justus, one that cared for none of those things. worshipped God, whose house 18 And Paul after this tarjoined hard to the synagogue.

ried there yet a good while, and 8 And Crispus, the chief ruler | then took his leave of the of the synagogue, believed on brethren, and sailed thence the Lord with all his house: and into Syria, and with him Prismany of the Corinthians hear-cilla, and Aquila ; having shorn ing, believed, and were baptized. his head in Cenchrea: for he

9 Then spake the Lord to had a vow. Paul in the night by a vision, 19 And he came to Ephesus, Be not afraid, but speak, and and left them there : but he himhold not thy peace:

self entered into the synagogue, 10 For I am with thee, and no and reasoned with the Jews. man shall set on thee, to hurt 20 When they desired him to thee : for I have much people tarry longer time with them, he in this city

consented not:

Apollos preacheth Christ. THE ACTS. The Holy Ghost given by Paul. 21 But bade them farewell,

CHAP. XIX. saying, I must by all means 6 The Holy Ghost is given by Paul's hanus,

9 The Jews blaspheme his doctrine, which keep this feast that cometh in

is confirmed by miracles. 13 The Jervish Jerusalem : but I will return exorcists 16 are beaten by the devil. 19

Conjuring books are burnt. 24 Demetrius, Again unto you, if God will.

for love of gain, raiseth an uproar against And he sailed from Ephesus.

Paul, 35 which is appeased by the town-clerk. 22. And when he had landed AND

it came to pass, that at Cesarea, and gone up and saluted the church, he went Corinth, Paul having passed down to Antioch.

through the upper coasts, came 23 And after he had spent to Ephesus; and finding cersome time there, he departed tain disciples, and went over all the country 2 He said unto them, Have ye of Galatia and Phrygia in or received the Holy Ghost since der, strengthening all the dis- ye believed ? And they said ciples.

unto him, We have not so much 24 And a certain Jew, as heard whether there be any named Apollos, born at Alex- Holy Ghost. andria, an eloquent man, and 3 And he said unto them, mighty in the scriptures, came Unto what then were ye bapto Ephesus.

tized ? And they said, Unto 25 This man was instructed John's baptism. in the way of the Lord : and 4 Then said Paul, John verbeing fervent in the spirit, he ily baptized with the baptism spake and taught diligently the of repentance, saying unto the things of the Lord, knowing people, that they should believe only the baptism of John. on him which should come after

26 And he began to speak him, that is, on Christ Jesus. boldly in the synagogue: whom, 5 When they heard this, they when Aquila and Priscilla had were baptized in the name of heard, they took him unto them, the Lord Jesus. and expounded unto him the 6 And when Paul had laid way of God more perfectly. his hands upon them, the Holy

27 And when he was dispo- Ghost came on them; and they sed to pass into Achaia, the spake with tongues, and prophbrethren wrote, exhorting the esied. disciples to receive him: who, 7 And all the men were when he was come, helped about twelve. them much which had believed 8 And he went into the synthrough grace.

agogue, and spake boldly for 28 For he mightily convinced the space of three months, the Jews, and that publicly, disputing and persuading the shewing by the scriptures, that things concerning the kingdom Jesus was Christ.


of God.

. :)

Paul preacheth at Ephesus. CHAP. XIX. Demetrius raiseth an uproar. 9 But when divers were hard

18 And many that believed ened, and believed not, but came, and confessed, and shewspake evil of that way before ed their deeds. the multitude, he departed from 19 Many of them also which them, and separated the disci- used curious arts, brought their ples, disputing daily in the books together, and burned them school of one Tyrannus. before all men; and they count

10 And this continued by the ed the price of them, and found space of two years; so that all it fifty thousand pieces of silver, they which dwelt in Asia heard 20 So mightily grew the word the word of the Lord Jesus, of God, and prevailed. both Jews and Greeks.

21 After these things were 11 And God wrought special ended, Paul purposed in the miracles by the hands of Paul: spirit, when he had passed

12 So that from his body were through Macedonia, and Achabrought unto the sick handker- ia, to go to Jerusalem, saying, chiefs, or aprons, and the dis- After I have been there, I must eases departed from them, and also see Rome. the evil spirits went out of them. 22 So he sent into Macedo

13 | Then certain of the nia two of them that ministervagabond Jews, exorcists, took ed unto him, Timotheus and upon them to call over them Erastus; but he himself stayed which had evil spirits, the name in Asia for a season.

23 And the same time there adjure you by Jesus whom Paul arose no small stir about that preacheth.

way. 14 And there were seven sons

24 For a certain man named of one Sceva a Jew, and chief Demetrius, a silver-smith, which of the priests, which did so. made silver shrines for Diana,

15 And the evil spirit an- brought no small gain unto the swered and said, Jesus I know, craftsmen; and Paul I know; but who are 25 Whom he called together ye?

with the workmen of like occu16 And the man in whom the pation, and said, Sirs, ye know evil spirit was, leaped on them, that by this craft we have our and overcame them, and pre-wealth: vailed against them, so that 26 Moreover, ye see and hear, they fled out of that house na- that not alone at Ephesus, but ked and wounded.

almost throughout all Asia, this 17 And this was known to all Paul hath persuaded and turnthe Jews and Greeks also dwel- ed away much people, saying, ling at Ephesus: and fear fell that they be no gods which are on them all, and the name of the made with hands. Lord Jesus was magnified. 27 So that not only this our

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