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the Powers of Europe-on Russia.Character of the Emperor Alexander remonstrates against the Conduct of France, at the Dietill seconded, and whyVotes of Ilanover and Pomerania-Baden and Brandenburgh.Great Opposition of Character between the Emperor Alexander and Bonaparte--ill Understanding between them.--State of the great Powers of Europe at the Close of the Year.--Conduct of Sweden.--Austria assumes the hereditary Dignity of Emperor--Effects thereof:-Disputes between America and Spain, on the Subject of Louisiana-terminated.--Affairs of St. Domingo---Murder of the remaining white Inhabitants-Dessalines, A Negro, chosen Emperor-his Conductmarches against St. Jago-Jamaica. ,



Affairs of India.- Retrospect.-Some Account of the Makratta States

Form of Government--Extent of their Empireand Strength-Ambition and Intrigues of its several Rulers.--Policy of the British Government in negociating with them.--Treaty of Poonan. - Ambition of Scindiah-his Hostility to the Englishvarious Instances of-Marquis Wellesley's Projects to counteract it.-Treaty with the Guckwar-proposed Treaty with the Peishwa-Obstacles to it-probable l'icu's of France.-Statement of the Force under M. Perron.-Iar subsisting in the Mahratta Empire between Scindiah and Holkar-Causes thereof-March of Holkar to Poonah--opposed by the united Troops of Scindiah and the Peishwa-the latter utterly defeated-Flight of the Peishwa-Claims the Protection of the Bombay Government ---Treaty of Bassein.--Assumption of the Peishwa's Government by Holkar--iew Peislerva set up by him.--British Army of Observation assembled on the Mahratta Frontier. -Detachment destined for the Restoration of the Peishwa put under the Command of General Wellesleythe Murch of the latter-enters the Mahratta Territories

- Retreat of Holkar-sares Poonah from being burnt and plundered by his activity.-- Restoration of the Peishwa.--Proceedings of Colonel Collins at Scindiah's Camp--great Insincerity of the latier. --junction between Scindiah and Bhoonsla--they negociate with Hollar-hostile Conduct-Powers given to General Wellesley---fruitless Negociation between him and the confederated Chiefs-real Views of the Confederates penetrated by Gen. Wellesley.-Negociations broke off --The Preparations for War commenced by the British Government.




Transactions in India.March of General Wellesley to Ahmednughur-

Capture of that City and Fort.- Operations of Colonel Stevenson.-Confe-
derate Army concentrated-and beaten at the Battle of Assye-brillians
Victory-Colonel Stevenson pursues the Enemy-Scindiah makes Overtures
of Peace.--Success of the British Arms in the GuzeratStorming of
Baroach.Province of Cuttack surrenders to Colonel Harcourt.-Opera-
tions of the main Army under General LakeM. Perron retreats before
him precipitately-desperate Storm of Ally Ghur--and Capture-Conse-
quences thereof.-M. Perron resigns his Command in Scindiah's Army-
Reasons thereof.-Disaster to Colonel Cunningham's Detachment.-- Battle
of Delhi gained by General Lake-splendid Effects therefrom.-Release
of the Mogul Emperor, who puts himself under the Protection of the Bri-
tish Force.- Proceedings in Bundelcund, under Colonel Powel--who defeats
the Enemythe whole Province submits to the British Arms.--Capture of
the City of Agra by the main Army-and Fort.- Battle of Laswaree-
great Loss of the Enemy-and complete Destruction of the French Force
in Hindostan-enumeration of Operations in that Quarter--General Wel-
lesley's continued Successes Colonel Stevenson storms Asseer Ghur-
General Wellesley pursues aud harasses Bhoonsla.--Scindiah again offers to
treat-Truce concluded with that Chieftain.Retreat of the Berar Rajah
to his own Territories.General Wellesley gains the Battle of Argaum.
Description of the Fortress of Gawrlghur-Siege thereof-brilliant Enter-
prize of the British Force in storming it-taken-- Rajah of Berar's con-
sternation-negociates and concludes a Treaty of Peace with the British
Government– Conditions-as does Scindia-Conditions.--Glorious Termi-
nation of the War, and happy Consequences thereof-Proceedings at Cal-
cutta— Honours conferred on Generals Lake and Wellesley.-Con-




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Proceedings of the Association for promoting the Defence of the Frith of

· Forth, and Scotland in general

Dispatch from Colonel Fraser, Commandant of the Settlement at Goree, on the

Coast of Africa, containing an Account of the Capture of that Settlement,

by a French Force. To the Right Ilon. Lord Ilobart, one of the Principal

Secretaries of State, &c.


Dispatch addressed to the Secretary of the Board of Admiralty, dated March

15th, Goree, announcing the Re-capture of that Settlement, from Captain

Diron, of his Majesty's Ship the Inconstant


Interesting Narrative of the Loss of his Majesty's Ship the Apollo, J.W. T.

Diron, Esy. Captain, with about forty Sail of her Convoy, on the coast of

Portugal, three Leugues North of Cape Mondego, when on her Passage for

the West Indies, on the 2d of April, 1804.


Interesting Account of the Capture of the Atalante Dutch National Brig,

mounting 16 Long Twelve-pounders, and 76 Men, in a Letter from Capt.

G. N. Hardinge, to his father, Mr. Justice Hardinge


Ceremonial of the Presentation of Colours to the Loyal London Volunteers,
May 18th, 1804.

Dispatch from Commodore Sir Sidney Smith, containing an Account of his

Attack upon the French Flotilla, dated Antelope, at Anchor off Ostend,

May 17th, addressed to Lord Krith, K. B. &c. &c. &c.


Account of the Success of the British Arms at Surinam, from the Dispatches

of M. G. Sir Charles Green, and received by Earl Camden, June 22d,

1801. Dated Paramaribo, May 13


Accounts of the different Attempts made upon the Enemy's Flotilla by the Im-

mortalité and Melpomené Frigates, in Letters addressed to Lord Keith,

K. B. &c. &c.--- Admirul Louis, &c.


Commodore Dance's Account of his defeating the French Squadron under Adm.

Linois, in the Inulian Seas, in a Letter addressed to the Honourable the
Court of Directors of the East India Company. Dated Earl Camden, Aug.
6th, 1804


Account of the Fuilure of the Catamaran Expedition against the French Flo-

tilla outside the Pier of Boulogne, in a Lolter from the R. If. Lord Keith,

K. B.

K. B. &c. to W. Marden, Esq. dated on board the Monarck, off Boulogne,
the 3d October, 1804

Dispatch from Captain Moore, of the Inde fatigable, announcing the com-

mencement of Hostilities against Spain, by the Capture and blowing up of
four Treasure Ships ; addressed to Admiral Cornwallis, dated Indefatiga-
ble, at Sea, October 6, 1804

Further Attempts of the British Cruizers against the French Flotilla, detailed
in Letters from Captains Owen and Hancock

Account of the Capture of Le Contre-Admiral Blorgan French Privateer,

commanded by the noted Captain Blachman, in a Letter from Captain
Hancock, of his Majesty's Sloop Cruizer, to Lord Keith, 8c. dated at Sea,
off Yarmouth, 10 A. M. October 17

Particilars of the Attempt to destroy Fort Rouge, and the Flotilla protected
by it in the Harbour of Calais, in Letters from Lord Keith, fc. fc. to
Nr. Marsden, Secretary to the Board of Admiralty

A General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 1803, to De-
cember 1804

Table of the Prices of the Quartern Loaf in London, from January to De-
cember, 1804, inclusive

Acoount of the Produce of the Permanent Taxes in Great-Britain, in the

Years ending the 5th Jan. 1803, and 5th Jan. 1804, respectively. Dated
27th April, 1804

An Amount of the Notes of the Bank of England, in Circulation on the 1st of

June; 1st August ; 1st October ; and 25th November, 1803 : distin-
guishing the Amount of those that were below the Value of Five Pounds

General Return of the Royal Army of Reserve; made up from the latest Re-
turns received by the Inspector General

General Return of the Royal Army of Reserve for Scotland

General Return of the Royal Army of Reserve for Ireland

Abstract of a List of such Yeomanry and Volunteer Corps as have been ac-
cepted, and placed upon the Establishment in Ireland

Abstract of a List of such Yeomanry and Volunteer Corps as have been ac-
cepted and placed on the Establishment in Great-Britain

An Account of the Men for the Royal Army of Reserve, in each Month since

the Commencement of the Act passed for that Purpose ; of the Number of
the same who have engaged for general Service, and of the Number of bal-
kitted Men and Substitutes who have been enrolled for the said Army; as
far as the sume can be ascertained

Abstracts of the Subdivision Rolls in Great-Britain

57 4
Price of Stocks for the Year 1804

Supplies granted by Parliament for the Year 1804

Taxes imposed in the Year 1804

A List of the Public Bills which received the Royal Assent in the Course of

the present Session of Parliament, from its opening on Tuesday, Nov. 22,
to the soth of July, when it terminated, inclusive



of London. Dated Dorening-street, April 30, 1804
Regulations for the Preservation of good Order, to be adopted in Case of
Speech delivered by Governor Nugent to the Legislature of the Island of
Treaty of Peace betroeen the Honourable the East India Company and its
by Jestoumb Rao Ramchunder on the Part of Senuh Saheb Subah Ragogee
Bhonnsla, who have each full Authority from their respective Powers,

dated in the Camp at Deogaun, Dec. 17, 1803
Treaty of Peace and Amity betweeen the Maharajah Ali Jah Dorclut Ruo

Scindia, on one Part, and the Hon. the East India Company, on the other
Orders of Council relative to the Detension of Spanish Ships, and Ships
bound to Spain. Dated at the Court at the Queen's Palace, the 19th of

Dec. 1804. Present the King's most excellent Majesty in Council
Exposé of the State of the French Republic, laid before the Legislative

Body, on the 25th Nirose, 12th Year (16th Jan. 1801)
Report of the Grand Judge, Minister of Justice, to the Government, 171h
First Report of the Grand Julge Regnier to the First Consul, on the al.
ledged Conspiracies against him, fomented by the English Ambassudor at

His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on the Meeting of the

second Session of the second Parliament of the United. Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, and of the Kingdom of Great Britain the nineteenth;
on the 22d Day of November, (44th of the King,) 1803

Blessage from his Majesty to the House of Commons, March 26th, 1804, on
the voluntary Offer of the Irish Militia

His Majesty's Message to the House of Commons on the 7th of July, 1804,
for a Supply by way of Vote of Credit

Address of the Right Honourable the Speaker of the House of Commons to

his Majesty, on the Prorogation of Parliament, July 31, 1804 ib.
Speech of his Majesty on the Prorogation of Parliament, July 31, 1804

Extract of a Letter from Lord Harrozby, his Britannic Majesty's Secre-

tary of State for the Foreign Department, to P. Colquhoun Graf, Esq.
relative to the Navigation of small Craft, between Tonningen and Ham.
burgh. Dated Downing-street, July 8, 1804

Circular Note from Lord

Ilarckesbury, principal Secretary of State for Fo-
reign Affairs, to the Ministers of Foreign Courts, resident at the Court

Circular Letter from Lord Huwkesbury to the Lords Lieutenants of Coun:
ties in Great Britain. Dated Whitehall

, Aug. 20, 1804

actual Invasion, in each County in Great Britain, dated August 12, 1804


Allies on the one Pureer and Ragnace Bhounsla on the other ; settled by
on the Part of the Company and its Allies, and



, in December

Major-General Wellesley

Part. Dated Dec. 30, 1803

Feb. 1804



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