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into the steward, in writing under his breakfasts to be allowed by the **? hand, a true note of all provender cookes, but upon occasion to w withi spente, and of all pettie provisions strangers, for the better enterteyne.

belonging to the stable, as shooing, ment of them and their servants, or
mending of saddles, and suche like; els upon his owne discreation, or by
which bills the steward shall sce sa his leave.
tisfied, and make entrie of them into Item, that hee have a vigillant
his booke of household, and in the eye to the cooke, to see to the well
title of stable charges.

and orderlie dressyng and usinge of The Clerke of the Kitchen, his Of. suche victualls, spice, and fruite, as

shalbe committed to their charge, fice.

and for the well husbandringe of the Firste, that hee keepe a perfect same, as apperteyneth. booke of all manner of provisions, Item, that he bande his speciall made or to be made for the use of care to see that the yeomen of the their honnors' house, from tyme to larrder, or suche as shall have the tyme, as well suche as shal bee charge thereof, doo keepe the same, brought in of my lord's store and of and the provisions committed to presents, also of other that him, cleanlie and sweete; whearcin shal bee brought and provided, ether yf he faile in his dutie, then to en. in grosse or particular; and shall forme the steward of his defaulte. see to the keeping of the skoares Item, that hee doo everie weeke and tallis of suche as shal bee receive call to the pantler, butler, baker, ed or delyvered out to or for the use and brewer, to yeelde their reckonof their honnors' house.

ings; what grane hath been receav. Item, that hee appointe the dyett ed, and what bread, flower, beare, for their honnors, and for all other or ale, hath been delivered oute in the house dailye, according to a againe and expended; and that hee proportion from tyme to tyme to bee incerte the same into his owne consulted and agreed uppon, with booke, to be exhibited to the stew. his lordship’s steward and control. ard or comptroller at the ende of ler; and that hee have due consider. every weeke as aforesaide. ation herein, according to the season Item, that he suffer no servant of of the yeere, and as may beste bee the house, nor any other persons, to provyded in that country or place come into the kitchin, or to have any wheare their honnors shall abide. recourse into the same (except it be

Itein, that hee bee careful in the uppon speciall cause), but to keepe yssuing and expence of such provi. the same close and privat, to the sion and accates as shalbe brought ende he himselfe and the cookes in, and to keepe his booke perfect may performe their service, and'doe for the same, wheareby maie appeare their duties, with quietnes, and not the cause of the expending of the or be disturbed in the same. dinarie charge;, which booke being Item, that the clarke do take caste upp, hee shall exhibite once speciall regard to the expence of weckelie to the steward or compt. wood and cole in the kytchen, not roller, to be examined and subscrib. suffering any more to be spent but ed by one of them.

as much as necessarilie ipay serve Item, that hee suffer no ordinarie the turne, without waste.

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Item, that he doe dilligently take withoute his charge, but by the aphced to the skullerye-man, that hee pointment of the clarke of the kytchdoe skower and keepe his pewter in, or of some one of my lord's vessels verie clean and unbruised ; cheefe officers. and that daylie after dynner and Item, that he have great regard súpper he doe cause the said skul- to see the under cooke to doo his lerye-man to make searche for suche dutie, and that the boyes of the peeces of pewter as shalbe lacking, kytchin be kept in due obedience, as and to bring them into the skullerie well from raunging abroade, as for againe for his discharge.

other abuses within the house; and Item, that he shall call to the that he take order, as muche as butler, pantler, cellerer, and other in him lyeth, that they may come to officers, for a true account of suche prayers in the house, and speciallie things as are expended in their of. upon the sabbath-day, to the pubfices, ether daylye or weekelie, as lick exersise of God's worship. he shall think fitt.

Item, that he keepe his kytchin Item, that he shall deliver to the close from the repaire of chairecookes or others, no spices or su. folkes and other persons having no ger, but according to the allowance of necessarie business there, and espethe head officers; and thereof to the ciallie have good regard for harbor. said officers to give account weekelie. ing within his office any stranger,

. For all other things here omitted, other than his appointed nomber. concerning the ofice of the clarke

The Usher of the Hall's Office. of the kytchen, the same are reserred to his discreation; the execu Firste, that hee bee in the hall, tion wheareof their honnors will and see that the almoner (or some allowe, and doo hereby give him other appointed) have sweeped and full aucthoritie in that behalfe. ordered the hall, by six of the clock The Cooke's Office.

in the morning, in sommer, and in

winter by eight of the clock. First, that the checfe cooke, for Item, that hee give dilligent at. the tyme being, shall have speciall tendaunce theare, for the enterteyn. regard for the dressing of their ho- inge of suche straungers and servingnour's dyet; and that he joine with men as shall come in, and cnrtcous. the clarke of the kitchen, for their lye offer to them drynke at the barr. honnors' better service, as well for Item, that hee suffer no servaunt preserving all things within the larr. of householde to tarry in the hall in : der as otherwise.

the tyme of divine service; but that Item, that he use all kinde of he will him to goe in the chappell husbandrie in the yssuing out of the or place of prayer; and yf he remeate, as may be for my lord's fuse to goe, to 'acquaint some one honnor and profitt; and be carefull of the head officers therewith. for his part that nothing be ymbes. Item, that as soone as their honelled or wasted by any of the kitch. nors' bourde in the great or with en, or other of my lord's followers drawing chamber is covered, he be or servants.

ready for dynner and supper, to see <Item, that he suffer no breakfasts the boardes in the hall covered, and to be given ordinarilie within or a bason and ewer for the steward's


Ofer meate, he be readie at the screene Si in both meate passeth through. her meate is served up to the chamber, Arr. for de and the gentlewomens, that he call fragment with a loude voice, saying, " Gen. for the gentleman usher and suche Domein, tlemens servants, to the dresser;" Detsutai messe; and that, when there are in drjeks and come himselfe to the steward's to tarrosi straungers, he call the groomes of art; in some of the head officers. Prs the time to sitt downe with those that waite, dyned and supped there. er for the them.

table every sabbath-day, or when Item, that hee suffer none to sitt straungers be in the house.

at the steward's table, but suche as Item, that hee suffer no man to shalbe appointed to be called there. play at cards, tables, or other game, unto. during the tyme of prayer, or on Item, that he cause all men to the sabbath-day,nor after the bourdes keepe silence in the hall, especiallie be covered ; and that he suffer no at dynner and supper tyme. dyce-play at all in the hall.

Item, that he cause every man in Item, that after the bourdes be the hall to be bare-headed, when covered, he do, in decent order, bare. their honnors' second course or fruit headed, walke up and downe by doth passe through. the hall, to see all things orderly Item, that hee suffer no waiter observed : and that he depart not to sitt downe before all the meate be thence till all dinners or suppers be brought out of the chamber, nor done.

before the gentleman usher be come Item, that uppon the appearing downe, and be readie to sitt him. che peren of the server,

and his going to the selfe. dresser, hee, standing towards the Item, that he suffer no dogge to upper end of the hall, doo with a be fedd in the hall, in the tyme of loude voice say, “ Gentlemen and dynner and supper, but cause the yeomen, waite on the server ;” and porter to have them oute of the gates at the coming of their honnors' before the dynner bee begonne.

Item, that he give notice, by the to receave the server, and they say groome of the hall, to the porter, the best with a loude voice, “By your leave;" of the going of the server to the he albit and cause all men in the hall to come dresser, that thereupon he may shut ec' ) 67 * to the other side of the hall, and be up the gates. brail bare-headed whilst their honnors' Item, that he man to

drawe or shewe any sworde or dagItem, that when their honnors'

ger in the hall.
Item, that he suffer no supper in

.. waiters as he shall appoint to be with him, at their honnors' rever sion.

Item, that he shall every night the stable to waite in the hall; and after supper, give intelligence to the our yf any refuse, to give knowledge to clerke of the kytchin what bread

and beare was spent that day in the Item, that he suffer no stranger hall, and what nomber of straungers on but by the appointment of some one Item, that yf any loude talke

of the head officers; and that all shalbe made in the hall at any of the those that attende in any office take tables, and the same be not fortheir diett at the waiters' table, ex borne upon the usher's commaund. ceptiog the cooks, and those under ment to speak softlie; then shall

the nsher, with a loude voyce, call 3K 3


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the almoner to take away, which he the hall, when the usher shall call shall doe presently.

for him.

Item, that hee keepe his booke The Almoner's Oflice.

perfect of all such breade as hee shall Item, that he purloyne no meate receave from the baker, both of from the almes, but that he put the manchette aud chette, of both sorts, same in the place appointed for the and the true nomber of the casts, poore, which place or vessels he and everye of them. shall alwaies keepe sweet and cleane; Item, that hee doe in tyme give and that he give the said almes, warning to the baker for want of with the consent and help of the breade, to the end that hee may usher of the hall and porter, to bake in tyine, thereby to have suche as are aged, poore, and in breade sone what stale before it be want, and not to stout rogues and eaten. idle persons.

Item, that he chipp his breade Item, that he shall every morn- orderlic, without wast; and that ing, by seven of the clock in som. hce serve all tables in the hall with mer, and by eight in wynter, sweepe such brcade as shalbe stale. the hall and places neare adjoyn Item, that hee bring his booke at ing, and make cleane the bourdes, everio weeke's end, and cast upp, benches, and fourmes thereof. to the clerke of the kitching that it

Item, that hee shall kcepe a maie appeare what bread and what booke or skoare of all the wood lightes have been receaved and spent and coll that is brought into the everie daie the wecke before. wood-yard ; and shall see the same Item, that hee be carefull for the delivered forth to the fewiller, kytch- well usinge of suche plate, and other in boyes, or others, according to things apperteyning to his oflice, the directions which he shall receave and of the naprie.committed to his from the head officers.

chaige, that it be foulded up, and Yoman of the Pantrye, Cellerer, occupied tban apperteyneth.

not caste aboute, nether otherwise and Ewyre.

Item, that he kecpe an inventa. First, that hee be readie in his rye, indented betweene him and the office at eight of the clocke in the clerke of the kitchin, of all such morning, to serve for breakfaste, plate, naprie, and other things com. and before nine to cover for dynner, mitted to his charge; and that hee and beefore six at night to cover for doe once a month give an accompt supper, and at eight at night for thereof to the clerke of the kit. lyverye.

chin accordingo to the same inven. Item, that hec suffer no break- tarye. fasts in his office; but serve everie

The Yoman of the Buttryc. man at the barre, and suffer no man to come in, unlesse it bee by the First, that hee bee readie in his appointement of some one of the office by cight of the clocke in the checfe officers.

morniug to serve for breakfasts, Item, that hee bee ready, with and at eleven for dynner, and three his portpane on his arme, to serve in the afternoone for beaver, and


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at six for supper, and at cight at create manner, to carry away any night for lyverye.

breade or meate out of the gate. Item, that hee suffer no extraor Item, that hee sitt not at the gate dinarie drinking in his office; but without his staff. ' that hee doe serve all men at the Item, that hee suffer no doggs, barr, and suffer no man to come in, so neere as hee can, to lye in the unless he be brought in by some courte, nor to come within the one of the chiefe officers.

gate. Item, that hce suffer no breakfasts Item, that hec do saffelie keep in his office, except hee bec ap- all such persones as shalbe commit. pointed by some one of the cheife ted unto him, either by his lordship oslicers.

or his cheif officers. Item, that he preserve so the Item, that hee soffer no vagä. beare and ale appointed for their bonds, rogues, or diseased persones, honnors' owne table, as yt be not to linger aboute the gates. made cominon, but so used as hee Item, that hee shall shutte the hare vessels and bottles one under gates at neine of the clocke in the another, and those stale to serve the wynter, and tenn in the sommer;

and after those howers, that hee Item, that hec bee readye to open not them againe before five of serve the hall, at breakfasts, dyn. the clocke in the morning in somner, and supper, when the usher mer, and six in winter, withoute urshall call.

genţ cause. Item, that he bring in writing at Item, that hee shalbee carefull everie weeke's end, to the clerke that such persones as are forbidden of the kitchin, what beare hath been by any of the head officers to come spent that weeke.

within the gates, bec not suffered at Item, that hee keepe a perfect any time hereafter to come in untillnote, from tyme to tyme, what the said head officers have signified, beare he receaveth from the brewer; unto him theire consent thereunto. and that at everye coming in there. Item, that yf at any tyme hee shall of he give notice to the clerke of the suspecte any person to carry or con. kytchin.

vey oute of the gates any plate, The Clerk's Office.

pewter, lynnen, victuall, or any

other thing whatsoever, under his First, that he bee attendaunte at cloake, coate, or otherwise, hee the gate, as well for repaire of shall staie the said partie, and re. strangers, as repulse of such disor. quire of him from whence he receiv. derlye persons as vould come yn. ed it, and whither he is to carrie the

Item, that upon notice had of same; and therewith to acquaint the goeing of the server to the some of the head officers. dresser, he doe straighte shutte the Item, that none be suffered to gates, and suffer no man to come in carrie either wood or coll out of untill dyoner be donne.

the gates, saving such as have al. Item, that he have a vigillant eye lowance, of whom he shall have that no silver or other vessel be car. speciall warning. ried oute of the gates.

Item, that hee doe see the great Item, that hee suffer none in se courte within thc gates to be kept

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