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a foreign court, has kept up cor- protection to the British subjects re. respondence with persons resident sident in France, and who might be in France, with a view to obtain desirous of remaining there after the information upon the designs of the recal of his majesty's ambassador. French government, or for any It revoked that promise without any other legitimate object, he has done previous notice; it condemned those nothing more than what ministers same persons to be prisoners of under similar circumstances have al. war; and it detains them still in ways been considered as having a that quality, in contempt of its own right to do with respect to the coun- engagements, and of the usages unitries with which their sovereign was versally observed by all civilized na. at war; and he has done much less tions. It has applied that new and than that which it could be proved barbarous law, even to individuals the ministers and commercial agents who had the authority and protecof France have done towards the tion of the French ambassadors and disaffected in different parts of his ministers at foreign courts, to travel majesty's territories: thus, in car. through France on their return to rying on such a correspondence, he their own country. It commanded would not in any manner have vio. the seizure of an English packetlated his public duty. A minister boat in one of the ports of Holland, in a foreign country is obliged, by though its ambassador in that coun. the nature of his office, and the duo try had previously engaged to let ties of his situation, to abstain from the packet-boats of the respective all communication with the disaf. countries pass in perfect safety until fected of the country where he is notice should be given to the conaccredited, as well as from crery trary. It has detained and conother act injurious to the interests demned in one of the ports of of that country; but he is not sub. France, a vessel which had been sent ject to the same restraints with re. thither as a matter of indulgence, in spect to countries with which his so- order to carry to France the French vereign is at war. His actions to governor of one of the different them may be praiseworthy or blame. islands which had been conquered able, according to the nature of the by his majesty's arms. Its conduct actions themselves; but they do not relative to the garrison of St. La. constitute any violation of his pub. cia has not been less extraordinary: lic character, except in as far as the principal fort of that island had they militate against the country, or been taken by assault; yet the garthe security of the country, where rison had been allowed all the prihe is accredited.

vileges of prisoners of war, and had But of all the governments which been perunitted to return to France, pretend to be civilized governments, with an understanding, that an that of France is the one which has equal number of English prisoners the least right to appeal to the law should be released. Yet, notwith. of nations. With what confidence standing that indulgence on the part can it appeal to that law? a go. of the British commander, to which, vernment which, from the come by the nature of the case, the mencement of hostilities, has never French garrison could not have the ceased to violate it! It promised slightest pretension, not a single pri


soner has been restored to this coun- the first moment of alarm, might try.

otherwise arise, and of the utmost. Such have been the proceedings importance with a view to the opeof the French government towards rations of his majesty's army, to the the power with which it is at war. protection of individuals, and to the What has its conduct been to those internal peace and tranquillity of powers with which it remained at the country. I request that your peace? Is there a treaty which it lordship would inform me, with as has not broken? Is there an ad. little delay as possible, of the names joining territority whose independs of the magistrates to whom you ence it has not violated? It is for would propose to entrust the differ. the powers on the continent to de- ent divisions of the county of — termine how long they will tolerate and that you would communicate to these unexampled outrages. Yet is them the heads of the proposed ar. it too much to say, that, if they do rangements, and concert with them suffer, without controul or resist. as to the most effectual means of ance, the continuance of such a carrying them into complete execucourse of proceedings on the part tion. It is essential, that the maof any government whatever, they gistrates who are thus employed, will soon see an end to that salutary should, if possible, be persons not system of public right, in virtue of holding commissions as volunteer which the societies of Europe have officers, nor liable on any other acmaintained and enforced for ages the count to be removed from the county sacred obligations of humanity and in which they reside. His majesty justice?

has the fullest reliance that, in the (Signed) Hawkesbury. event of the enemy succeeding in

making good a landing on the coast

of this kingdom, the loyalty and pub. Circular Letter from Lord Harokcs- lic spirit of all classes of his subjects

bury to the Lords Lieutenants of will induce them to submit to every Counties in Great Britain, dated sacrifice, and to concur in every ex. Whitchall, Aug. 20, 1804.

ertion which the safety of the cous

try may render necessary; and that My Lord,

they will be impressed with the conI have received his majesty's viction that the peace and good orcommands to communicate to your der of those districts which shall lordship the inclosed particulars of not be attacked by the enemy, will an arrangement to be adopted in the contribute most effectually to assist several counties of Great Britain, the exertions of his forces in those in the event of the invasion of the parts of the country which may becountry in force by the enemy. come the theatre of the war, and of His majesty relies on your zcal and enabling him thereby to bring the exertions in giving effect, within contest in which we may be engaged the county committed to your to a speedy and glorious termina. charge, to those regulations, which tion. I have only to add, that diin the supposed crisis may become rections will be given to the general, indispensable, for the purpose of or other officer commanding the dispreventing the confusion which, in trict in which the county of

is included, to communicate with the persons who are accustomed or your lordship on the subject of these who offer to supply them, and esregulations, and to afford you every corts to be granted in cases where assistance in carrying thein, if ne. it may be necessary for the secure cessary, into execution. I have passage and conveyance of cattle the honour to be, &co

and provisions. The constables Hawkesbury. within each division, assisted by pa

troles of volunteers, if requisite, to

see that all public houses within the Regulations for the Preservation of same are orderly and regularly con

good Order, to be adopted in case ducted, and, if thought necessary by of actual Invasion, in each County the magistrates, to be shut up at in Great Britain, dated dug. 12, such hours as they may direct; and 1804.*

to bring all unknown persons, who

cannot give a satisfactory account The magistrates of each division of themselves, before the magis. of the county remaining at home, trates.

trates. A certain portion of the to sit daily at a place to be appoint. constables and volunteers, in rotaed in each division for that pur. tion, to go such different rounds in pose. To procure the trust-worthy the night, as shall from time to time housekeepers and others to enrol be prescribed by the magistrates of themselves to serve as special con. the division, to whom they are to stables under their orders, where make their report each morning. the same has not been already done The magistrates of each division to pursuant to the secretary of state's report daily to the lieutenant of the circular letter of the 8th of Novem- county, or deputy lieutenants with. ber last. To be attended at the in the division appointed to receive place appointed for each division by the same. The lieutenant, or dean officer of the volunteer force, if puty lieutenants so appointed, to reany should remain in that division, port all matters of importance im. and by the chief or superintendant mediately to the secretary of state of the special constables enrolled for for the honie department, and to the that division. Such volunteer olli- general or officer who shall be left cer and chief of the special consta- in command of the district, or to the bles to receive and execute the or- officer who shall be appointed by ders of the magistrates, in prevent. hiin within the county to receive the ing and quelling disturbances, in same, to whom they are to apply in taking up and conveying offenders case of wanting further military to prison, in supplying escorts for aid. all military purposes required by the general or other officer left in.command of the district, and in fur- Speech delivered by Gozernor Nugent nishing a guard for the county

to the Legislature of the Island of gaol or other prisons, if required.

Jamaica, in December 1803. If, contrary to expectation, any impediments should occur in the regu. Gentlemen of the council,--Mr. lar supply of the different markets, speaker and gentlemen of the assemevery assistance to be afforded to bly, -I am happy to have it in my

power * Referred to in the preceding arti.le.

power to grant you a recess at this East India company and Senah Sa. -season of the year, when your pre. heb Subah Ragogee Bhounsla, rajah

sence is so essentially necessary of Berar. II. Senah Saheb Subak upon your respective properties. Ragogee Bhounsla cedes to the Mr. speaker and gentlemen of the company in perpetual sovereignty, assembly,-I am much concerned the province of Cuttack, including that you have not given me an op- the port and district of Balasore. portunity of thanking you for the III. le likewise cedes to the com. supplies required at this eventful pany and their allies, in perpetual period in aid of the mother-country, sovereignty, all the territories of for your own defence; but I trust which he has collected the revenues that, upon more mature consider- jointly with the soubah of the Deation, you will feel the propriety kan, and those of which he may of supporting government in the have possession, which are to the most effectual manner at your next westward of the river Wurda. meeting, and thereby restore to IV. It is agreed that the frontier of yourselves its fullest confidence in Sanah Saheb Subah Ragogee Bhoun. your loyalty and patriotism.--Gen. sla towards the territories of his tlemen of the council, Mr. speaker highness the soubah of the Dekan, and gentlemen of the assembly,--I shall be formed to the west by the have to recommend to you, in the river Wurda, from its issue from most particular manner, on your the Injardy hills to its junction with return to your several parishes, the the river Godavery.–V. The hills pursuit of such provident measures on which the forts of Nernallah and as may best promote the security Gawalghur stand, are to remain in and tranquillity of the island. I possession of Ragogee Bhounsla ; do therefore now, in his majesty's and all places to the southward of zlame, prorogue this general assem. those hills, and to the west of the bly to the 24th January next; and westward of the river Wurda, to it is hereby prorogued accordingly. be given up to the British govern.

ment.--V1. Districts amounting to

four lacks of rupees per annum, conTreaty of Peace beticeen the Ilonou- tiguous to, and to the southward of

rable the East India Company and the above-mentioned forts, are to its Allies on the one Part, and be given up to the rajah, and to be Rugogee Bhounslu on the other; given up at the same time as the settled by Major Gen. Wellesley forts.-VII. Senah Saheb Subah on the Purt of the Company and Ragogee Bhounsla, on the part of its Allies, and by Jesiimó Rao himself, his heirs and successors, Ramchunder on the Part of Sench entirely renounces all claims of every Saheb Subah Ragogee Bhounsla, description on the territories of the who have each full Authority from British government ceded as above, their respective Powers: duted in and upon all the territories of the the Cump at Deogau, December sonbah of the Dekan.---VIII, The 17th, 1803.

East India company engages to me.

diate and arbitrate any disputes that I. That there shall be perpetual now exist, or may hereafter exist, peace and friendship between the between the company's allies, Seum.



der Jah Bahauder and Rao Pundited to major-gen. Wellesley, at which Purdham Bahader, and the rajah of time the orders for the cession of Berar.--IX. Senah Saheb Subah the ceded territories are to be de. Ragogee Bhounsia engages never to livered over, and the troops are to take or retain in his service any withdraw.--XV. Major-gen. WelFrenchmen, or the subjects of any lesley engages that the treaty shall other European or American power be ratified on the part of the hon. that may be at war with the British company, by his excellency the most government, or any British subjects noble the governor-gen. in council, either European or native, without and that the said ratification shall be the consent of the company.---X. delivered two months from this date. The East India company engage on their part, that they will not assist or countenance any discontented Treaty of Peace and Amity between relations, rajahs, zemindars, the Maharajah Ali Jah Dorclut other subjects of the Senah Saheb

Ruo Scindia, on one Purt, and Subah Ragogee Bhounsla, who may the hon, the East India Company, fly from, or rebel against his au

on the other Part. Dated Dec. thority:-XI. In order to secure

30th, 1803. and improve the relations of peace and friendship hereby established,

J. That there shall be perpetual the respective governments agree, peace and friendship between the that accredited ministers from each honourable the East India company shall reside at the court of the other. and their allies, on the one part, -XII. And whereas certain trea- and Maharajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao ties have been made by the British Scindia on the other part.-l. government with feudatories of Se. That Maharajah cedes to the hon. nah Saheb Subah Ragogee Bhounsla, East India company and their allies, it is hereby agreed, that the said in perpetual sovereignty, all his treaties shall be confirmed. Lists forts, territories, and rights, in the of these treaties to be delivered over Dooab, and country situated be. when the treaty is ratified by the tween the Jumma and the Ganges, governor general in council.-. and all the forts, territories, rights, XIII. The Senah Saheb Subah Ra- and interests in the countries which gogec Bhonsla hereby renounces are to the north ward of the rajahs* for himself, his heirs and successors, of Jey poor and Joodepoor, and of all adherence to the confederacy the rajah of Gohud, such countries formed by him and Dowlut Row formerly in the possession of MahaScindia, and other Mahratta chiefs, rajah, situated between Jeypoor to attack the company and their and Joodepoor, and to the south allics, and engages not to assist of the former, are to belong to the those chiefs, if the war between Maharajah. ---III. The Maharajah them and the honourable company likewise cedes to the hon. East In. should still continue.-- XIV. This dia company and their allies, in treaty of peace and amity to be ra- perpetual sovereignty, the fort of tified by Senah Saheb 'Subah, within Broach and the territory depending eight days from the present time, thereon, and the fort of Ahmed. and the ratification is to be deliver. nugger and territory depending 1


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