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An act for directing certain pub- act, passed in the last session of lic accounts of Ireland to be laid an- parliament, to suspend proceedings nually before parliament.

in actions, prosecutions, and pro. An act to indemnify solicitors, ceedings under certain acts relating attornies, and others, who have to the woollen manufacture; and neglected to enter certificates within also under an act of the reign of the time limited by an act made in queen Elizabeth, so far as the same the 37th year of his present majes. relates to certain persons employed ty; and to amend so much of the or concerned in the said manufacsaid act as relates to the entering ture. such certificates.

July 3. An act for the preventing of bri. bery and corruption in the election An act to continue until 1st July of members to serve in parliament 1805, an act passed in the last for the borough of Aylesbury, in session, for continuing two acts, the county of Buckingham.

the one passed in the 42d of his An act to amend two acts, made majesty, for regulating the prices at in the 18th and 39th years of his which grain, meal, and flour, may present majesty, for the erecting a be exported from Great-Britain to court-house for the holding of ses. Ireland, and from Ireland to Greatsions of the peace in the city of Britain; and the other, made in the Westminster; and for purchasing last session, for permitting the ex. certain buildings and grounds be- portation of seed corn from Great. tween St. Margaret-street, Cnion- Britain to Ireland, and the impor. street, and King-street in the said tation of malt into Great-Britain city, for the use of the public. from Ireland. An act for making further pro.

July 10. vision for making and maintaining an inland navigation, commonly An act for establishing and main. called the Caledonian Canal, from taining a permanent additional force the eastern to the western sea by for the defence of the realm, and to Inverness to Fort William, in Scot. provide for augmenting his majesty's land.

regular forces ; and for the gradual An act for vesting the capital reduction of the militia of Scotmessuage, with the appurtenances, land. situate in Kevin-street, in the city An act for granting to his majes. of Dublin, called the palace of the ty, until 25th March 1805, certain archbishop of Dublin, at St. Sepul. duties on the importation of the chre's, in his majesty, his heirs, goods, &c. herein mentioned, into and his successors; and for apply.' Ireland, and also certain duties of ing the purchase-money, together excise on spirits, malt, and tobacco, with another sum therein mention- in Ireland; and for the increase of ed, in manner and for the purposes certain public revenues in Ireland, therein mentioned.

by making the same payable in Bri.

tish currency. June 30.

An act for granting to his ma. An act to continue, until the 1st jesty certain stamp duties in Ireof July 1805, the operation of an land.

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An act to amend the laws for re an act, made in the 26th of George gulating the linen manufacture of II. intituled “An act for the better Ireland.

preventing of clandestine marriages." An act to enable his majesty to An act for making compensation authorise the exportation of the ma to the proprietors of certain lands chinery necessary for erecting a and hereditaments situate at Weedon mint in the dominions of the king Beck, in the county of Northampof Denmank.

ton, purchased for the service of An act to prerent the counter- his majesty's ordnance. feiting of silver coin issued by the An act to vest certain messuages, governor and company of the bank lands, &c. in trustees, for better of England, called dollars, and sil. securing his majesty's docks, ships, ver coin which may be issued by the and stores, at Chatham, and for governor and company of the bank the use of his majesty's ordnance of Ireland, called tokens.

at Warley common and Woolwich. An act for allowing the sale of certain East-India prize goods in the

July 20. port of Liverpool,

An act for the better support of An act to enable the lords come his majesty's household, and of the missioners of the treasury of Great. honour and dignity of the crown Britain to issue exchequer bills on of the united kingdom; and for the credit of such aids or supplies as preventing accumulation of arrearshave been or shall be granted by in the payments out of the civil list parliament for the service of Great revenues. Britain for 1801.

An act for enabling his majesty

to raise the sum of two millions five July 14.

hundred thousand pounds, for the An act for establishing and main use and purposes therein mentioned. taining a permanent additional force An act to obviate certain inconto be raised in Ireland, for the de. veniences which have been experi. fence of the realm, and to provide enced in the accountant-general's. for augmenting the regular forces. office in the court of chancery, in

An act for enabling subjects of the execution of an act for grant. foreign states to enlist as soldiers in ing a contribution on the profits his majesty's service, and for ena- arising from property, professions, bling his majesty to grant commis. trades, and offices. sions to subjects of foreign states to An act for regulating the apserve as officers or as engineers, una pointment of commissioners to act der certain restrictions.

in the execution of an act for grante An act for settling and securing ing to his majesty a contribution on a certain annuity on the viscountess the profits arising from property, Kilwarden, and on the family of the professions, trades, and offices. late lord Kilwarden.

An act to permit certain persons An act to render valid certain in the oflice of ordnance, and the marriages solemnised in certain quarter-master-general, to send churches and chapels in which banns and receive letters free from the had not usually been published be- duty of postage ; and to enable the fore, on, or at the time of passing board of ordnance, the adjutant. Vou. XLVI.



general, quarter-master general, and An act to permit the issue and barrack-master general, to autho- negociation of certain promissory rise persons in their offices to send notes, under a limited sum, by reletters free from the said duty. gistered bankers in Ireland; and to · An act for further continuing for restrain the issue and negociation of seven years, an act, made in the certain other notes, 12th year of his majesty, for en An act to render more easy the couraging the manufacture of lea- apprehending and bringing to trial, ther, by lowering the duty payable offenders escaping from one part of upon the importation of oak bark. the united kingdom to the other,

An act for reviving, amending, An act for granting to his majes. and continuing several laws relating ty a sum of money to be raised by to the more effectual encourage- lottery. ment of the British fisheries, until

July 28. 5th April 1800, and to the encouragement of the trade and manufac An act to explain an act of the tures of the Isle of Man, to the present session, for consolidating improving the revenue thereof, and and amending the provisions of the the more effectual prevention of several acts relating to corps of yeo. smuggling to and from the said manry and volunteers in Great-Bria island, until 5th July 1805. trin, so far as respects the account.

An act to amend an act passed ing for monies received by volunteer in the 39th and 40th of his majesty, officers. intituled, “ An act for settling dis An act to amend certain of the putes that may arise between mas- provisions of an act, made in the ters and workmen engaged in the 43d of his majesty, to enable his cotton manufactory of England. majesty to provide for the defence

An act for explaining and amend- aud security of the realm, which reing several acts relating to hackney- spect the purchase of lands and hccoaches employed as stage-coaches. reditaments for the public service.

An act for confirming the provi. An act to alter, amend, and rensions of an act, made in Ireland in der more effectual, an act, passed in the 32d of his majesty, so far as the present session, intituled, “An the same prohibits the import of act for establishing and maintaining malt into Ireland; and for repeal- a permanent additional force for the ing the power given to the lord defence of the realın, &c.” so far as lieutenant and council of Ireland, the same relates to the city of Lonprohibiting the use of oats and oat- don. meal in the distillation of spirits in An act for raising the sum of eight Ireland.

hundred thousand pounds Irish curAn act to continue, until seven rency, by treasury bills, for the years after the passing thereof, an service of Ireland, for 1804. act, made in the parliament of Ire. An act to repeal the several duland in the 27th of his majesty, in. ties under the commissioners for tituled, “ An act for the better ex- managing the duties upon stamped ecution of the law and preservation vellum, parchment, and paper, in of the peace within the counties at Great-Britain, and to grant new and farge."

additional duties in lieu thereof.


An act for granting additional spirits in Ireland for exportation ; annuities to the proprietors of stock for charging a duty on the same created by two acts, passed in the when taken out for home consump37th and 42d of his majesty. tion, and to regulate the exporta

An act for warehousing goods tion to Great-Britain of such spirits within the limits of certain docks as shall not be warehoused. made under an act, passed in the An act to continue, until 29th Sept. 39th and 40th of his majesty, inti- 1805, several acts for the better tuled, "An act for making wet collection and security of his majes. docks, basons, cuts, and other ty's revenue in Ireland, and for preworks, for the greater accommoda- venting frauds therein. tion and security of shipping, com An act for appointing, until 1st merce, and revenue, within the port August 1805, commissioners to inof London ; and to make regula- quire into the fees, gratuities, pertions relating to the said docks. quisites, and emoluments, which

An act for permitting, until the are or have been lately received in 1st of August 1807, the exportation the several public offices in Ireland of salt from the port of Nassau, in therein mentioned ; to examine into the island of New Providence, the any abuses which may exist in the port of Exuma, and the port of same; and into the present mode of Crooked Island, in the Bahama receiving, collecting, issuing, and Islands, in ships belonging to the accounting for public money in Ireinhabitants of the United States in land. America, and coming in ballast. An act for making compensation

. An act for the more effectual ad. to the proprietors of certain lands ministration of justice in those parts and hereditaments, situate at Wool. of the united kingdom of Great-Bri. wich and Charlton, in the county tain and Ireland called England and of Kent, purchased for the service Ireland, by the issuing of habeus of his majesty's ordomce. corpus ad testificandum, in certain

July 30. cases.

An act for making further regula An act for the relief of certain tions for the better collection and insolvent debtors. security of his majesty's revenue of An act to regulate the importacustoms and excise in Ireland, and tion and exportation of corn, and for preventing frauds therein. the bounties and duties payable

An act to permit, until 25th thereon. March 1805, the warehousing of Q42



His Majesty's Speech to both Blouses sions of the enemy. The islands

of Parliament, on the Meeting of of St. Lucia, of Tobago, of St. the second Session of the second Pierre, and Miquelon, and the Parliament of the United Kingdom settlements of Demerara and Issi. of Great Britain and Ircland, quibo have surrendered to the Bri. and of the Kingdom of Great British In the conduct of the tuin the nineteenth ; on the 22nd operations by which these valuable Day of November, (441h of the acquisitions have been made, the King,) 1803.

utmost promptitude and real have My lords and gentleinen, been displayed by the officers em. S INCE I last met you in parlia- ployed on these services, and by my

ment it has been my chief ob- forces acting under their command by ject to carry into effect those mea. sea and land. In Ireland the lead. sures, which your wisdom had ers and several inferior agents in the adopted for the defence of the late traitorous and atrocious conunited kingdom, and for the vigo. spiracy, have been brought to jusrous prosecution of the war. In tice, and the public tranquillity these preparations I have been se. has expericnced no further inter. conded by the voluntary exertions ruption. I indulge the hope that of all ranks of my people, in a man. such of my delnded subjects as have Her that has, if possible, strength. swerved from their allegiance, are ened their claims to my confidence now convinced of their error; and and affection : they have shewn that that having compared the advantages the menaces of the enemy have only they derive from the protection of served to rouse their native and a free constitution, with the conhereditary spirit; and that all other dition of those countries which are considerations are lost in a general under the dominion of the French disposition to make those efforts government, they will cordially and and sacrifices which the honour and zealously concur in resisting any atsafety of the kingdom demand, at tempt that may be made against the this important and critical conjunc- security and independence of my ture. Though my attention has united kingdom. principally been directed to the great object of internal security, no op- Gentlemen of the house of commons, portunity has been lost of making I have a perfect reliance on your an impression on the foreign posses- public spirit for making such pro

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