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pair to the heath. The other two angle on the 1st and 2d, and ex. city barges, and the duke of Man- tended across towards the Londonchester's yacht, landed their compa- road; the 10th and 11th forming nies at the same place. The disem- another angle on them, facing the barkation having thus taken place, 1st and 2d. They being now in the Greenwich pensioners lined the full readiness to receive the lord different corners of the hospital in mayor, committee, and attendants, their holiday cloaths. The park of his royal highness dispatched an artillery from Woolwich, placed on aid-de-camp, to acquaint the mayor the left of the landing, gave its re- and members of the corporation, peated discharges ; and the different that the troops were ready to receive corps belonging to the neighbour- then; on which his lordship headed hood lined the shore from right to the colours, and proceeded to the left, and presented arms to each re centre of the troops, when, on a giment. On their arrival at the bot. gun being fired, the whole line pretom of Greenwich-hill, the whole sented arms, officers saluted, drums formed into a kind of close column, beat, &c. On another gun being in order to proceed to Blackheath. fired, a standard guard from the The river fencibles, under the com- London volunteer cavalry, and the mand of commodore Lucas, assisted grenadiers, accompanied by the en. by a detachment of the Westminster signs who were to receive the co. light horse, formed an opening lours, and preceded by their respecthrough the crowd, from the bot. tive bands, advanced to a position tom of the hill to the gate leading which lord Harrington had marked on to the heath. The committee led, for them in the centre, and where the van, preceded by a band, with his royal highness and the lord maythe ten pair of colours, and stand. or had placed themselves. The eleards for the cavalry. On their ar ven companies of grenadiers, and rival at the top of the hill, they the standard guard of the cavalry, drew up on the right of the gate, formed a circle round them, in which and the regiments passed them in were her royal highness princess companies, according to seniority of Charlotte of Wales, the lord maynumber, headed by his royal high- or's party, and from 6 to 700 perness the duke of York, attended by son's of rank and distinction. The his staff, to the heath, and took up colours were now unfurled, and contheir ground, which extended for full secrated in the most solemn manner two miles, being the whole extremity by the rev. John Perring, chaplain; of the spot. On their being formed, after which the ensigns came forthey stood nearly in the following ward, and, kneeling down, received order:-On the right of the line them with a speech from the right were the London volunteer caval.. hon. the lord mayor, which was ry, with their field-pieces, dismounts alike creditable to his lordship's ed, in their Aying cars, &c, which, manly feelings and just understandwith 1st and 2d regiments, formed. ing. “ I cannot (said his lordship) on their left, with their backs to. but consider myself peculiarly forwards Woolwich, at the extremity tunate in being called on, by my ofof the heath that way: 4th, 5th, ficial situation, to discharge a duty 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, formed an, so gratifying, as, that which, on the


present occasion, has devolved on your care: and, that as the city of me. Gentlemen, it would be a vain London is the first in the united attempt for me to describe the sen- kingdom, its citizens will be the first sations to which this sublime specta. to afford a bright example of devo. cle gives birth.--Powers, far supe- tion, in a cause of which they have rior to mine, could not do justice to already shewn themselves so wor. the scene which here presents itself thy." This speech being finished, --could pay but an inadequate tri- the ensigns kneeled down, and each bute of applause to those gallant and received the colours of their repatriotic bands, who, roused by the spective regiments. Colonel Birch, voice of honour, yield their plea- of the 1st regiment, as superior cosures and their occupations a willing lonel, then replied to the lord maysacrifice at the shrine of their coun. or, in the following very clegant try. Yes, it remained for the pre- and excellent speech : sent age to prove, that the citizens “ My Lord—In the name, and of London inherit the same ardent on behalf, of the ten regiments of spirit, glow with the same devotion loyal London volunteer infantry, I to the sacred cause of freedom and enter upon the grateful and distin. independence, as distinguished their guished oflice assigned me with pe. immortal ancestors, who, in the culiar pride, to return your lordship proudest periods of Britain's fame, thanks for the handsome way in were still most conspicuous in the which you have, in the name of the career of glory. It was reserved corporation of the city of London, for the present age to prove the false- conferred this high honour upon hood of the inputation, that the ge- them. The sublime and interesting nius of commerce had subdued the ceremony of presenting these co. fire of freedom in our breasts; and Tours from the first city in the world to evince that those, who by civiliza. to her sons in arms, in token of their tion and industry best learn to ac. approbation, confidence and esteem, quire wealth, by their intrepidity in the presence of so august and and cxertions best know how to numerous an assemblage, overpreserve it. Gentlemen, to your whelms the mind with sensations perseverance and attention, as well which it cannot but proudly feel; as to the ardour of those you com and robs the tongie of that power mand, are to be attributed their high of utterance which is adequate to state of discipline and appearance. the glorious subject. The foe with Your own feelings, and the appro- whom we have to contend, with un. bation of your country, are the wearied boasting, threatens to submost honourable, and, I am sure, to due a loyal and united people, af. you the most gratifying reward. fectionate to the best of kings, atGentlemen, in presenting to you the tached to the reverend constitution colours, a tribute of the gratitude handed down to them by their an. of your fellow citizens, and the cestors, born to the purity of freebest mark of their attachment to dom, and inheriting an independ. their brethren in arms, allow me to ence unknown to other countries. sav, 1 rely with confidence, that you My lord, 'he may calculate upon a will receive them as the most sacred mad attempt to desolate our fields, deposit which can be entrusted to depopulate our villages, despoil us of

our possessions, and, in the despe. Britons. It will be ever our pecu. rate phrenzy of baffled ambition and liar glory to reflect, that the metro. an intercepted career of universal polis of Britain can record its thoudominion, may vainly hope and sands armed for the general safety, rashly prepare for the overthrow of and ready to perish whenever. or that constitution which has been our wherever called upon in defence of glory for ages. But it is that con- their beloved king and country. stitution itself which is at once our The city of London bas deposited a citadel and treasure. It cements sacred charge to their keeping, our liberties ; is the sacred deposit which they will never forsake while of all our possessions; furoishes our life remains. They are sensible of best means of defence; is the grand the honour conferred; and I pledge chain of connexion by which all myself, in the hour of trial, they ranks are upheld, harmonized, and will prove themselves not unworthy respected, and in defence of which the confidence reposed in them." all orders unite with one hand and This was followed by an animated one heart. It is the security of our reply from colonel Anderton, on homes; by which the sweetest, most behalf of the loyal London cavalry. endearing, and most ennobling cha. The ensigns then placed themselves, rities of social and domestic lite are with their colours, in the centre of hallowed and preserved. Can then their respective companies, who that constitution be endangered by faced to the right-about, and march. the extravagant and formidable ed in ordinary time to their regi. threats of this desperate invader?- ments. This was a grand sight inNever! Never! I trust; for the decd; in every direction was to be palladium of British liberty is the seen standards bearing down to their bosom of every Briton born. He regiments, supported by compamust first extirpate the human race nies of grenadiers. On the colours from this island, before he can hope being paraded in front of each regi. to subdue that inextinguishable spi- ment, the word was given to form rit which animated our forefathers circle of battalions, when the com. to those successful deeds, which ob- manding officer of each addressed tained for us all the blessings which his regiment in a short speech on the we now enjoy. The volunteer force occasion. The corps here gave of this country has already attracted three cheers, and being, by another the notice, and provoked the affect- signal gun, thrown into line, they ed derision and mockery of this fired three volleys of battalions, consular tyrant; but the volunteers from right to left of the line, in a are too well trained to return railing masterly style. On another gun for railing, and too high-minded to being tired, the whole line wheeled boast of untried services. Their

Their backward by companies, and by answer, when the occasion demands another signal gun being fired, stepit, will be given once for all. The ped off altogether in ordinary time, pledge they have offered of their to pass the royal party in review zeal and industry to acquire the order.

order. Her royal highness princess knowledge of the use of arms, is a Charlotte of Wales, in a close care safe one--that in the conflict they riage, was on the right about three will acquit themselves like meo and hundred yards; and by order of his


royal highness the duke of York, ness of the day was concluded, the lord received from each company, as they mayor and lady mayoress set off in passeil, a royal salute. The colours their coach and six, escorted as far of each waved on the ground, as they as Deptford, by sir Thomas Wilson passed her highness; which compli. and the Blackheath volunteer ca. ments she returned with a wave of valry. In the evening, the lord her hand from her bosom, in a very mayor gave a grand dinner to the attractive manner. The duke of duke of York, lords Harrington York received also, as the regiinents and Amherst, generals Burrard and passed, a royal salute. After the Leslie and their suite ; sir Brook London regiments were passed the Watson and the London staff, the royal party, the royal artillery sheritis of London, colonel sir John company with their field pieces, the Eamer, Le Mesurier, and the comcities of London and Westminster mandants of the volunteer regiments light horse volunteers, with their who came home in time. His royal dismounted cavalry, and flying cars, highness remained at the Mansion. and the Deptford volunteers, passed house until past twelve o'cloc hy their highnesses. The ground highly delighted with the spectacle was kept in an admirable manner by of the day, as well as the attention the following corps: London light of the chief magistrate. horse volunteers, Wes{minster voJunteer cavalry, St. James's volun. teers, the custom-house regiment, Dispatch from Commodore Sir Sidney the Blackheath volunteer cavalry, Smith, containing an account of the Greenwich volunteers, the Dept his attack upon the French flotilla, ford volunteers, and the royal artil. dated Antelope, at anchor of Jery company. The two latter re Ostend, May 17th, addressed to giments embarked with their band Lord Kieth, K, B. &c. &c. &c. on board the boats that brought the others down, and, under the com My Lord, mand of the naval officers and capt.

Information from all quarters, Lucas, were safely landed in Lone and the evident state of readiness in don. The ten London regiments which the enemy's armaments were marched to town under the command in Helvoet, Flushing, and Ostend, of their respective colonels. The indicating the probability of a genecaptain of the marine society's ship, ral movement from those ports, I in order to add to the interest of the reinforced captain Manby, off Hclscene, and to display the object of voet, with one ship, and directed that excellent institution, arranged captain Hancock, of 'the Cruizer, the boys in the most judicious man stationed in shore, to combine his ner in the rigging, where they cheer- operations and the Rattler's with ed the duke of York, the lord the squadron of gunboats stationed mayor, and the respective regiments, off Ostend. The Antelope, Peneas they passed. Several governors lope, and Amiable, occupied a cent. and gentlemen were on board. It ral position in sight both of Flush. is with pleasure we add, that no ac- ing and Ostend, in anxious expec-, cident occurred to interrupt the ge- tation of the enemy's appearance. neral satisfaction. After the busi. Yesterday at half past five A. M. I


received information from captain tempted to get back to Flushing ; Hancock, then off Ostend, that the but being harrassed by the Cruizer enemy's flotilla was hauling out of and the Rattler, and the wind coming that pier, and had already 21 one more casterly against them, they masted vessels, and one schooner were obliged to run the gauntlet to outside in the roads; and at balf the westward, keeping close to the past seven the same morning I had beach under the protection of the the satisfaction to see the Flashing batteries. Having found a passage flotilla, of 59 sail, viz. two ship- for the Antelope within the Stroom rigged praams, 19 schooners, and Sand, she was enabled to bring 38 schuyts, steering along shore her broad-side to bear on the from that port towards Ostend, un- headmost schooners before they got der circumstances which allowed me the length of Ostend. The leader to hope I should be able to bring struck immediately and the crew them to action. The signal was deserted her: she was however re. made in the Cruizer and Rattler for covered by the followers. The aran enemy in the E.S. E. to call their tillery from the town and camp, attention from Ostend; the squa- and the rowing gun-boats from the dron weighed the moment the food pier, keep up a constant and wellmade, and allowed of the heavier ships directed fire for their support; our following them over the banks; the shot, however, which went over the signals to chase and engage were schooners, going ashore among the obeyed with alacrity, spirit, and horse artillery, interrupted it in a judgment by the active and experi- degree; still, however, it was from enced officers your lordship has done the shore we received the greatest me the honour to place under my annoyance; for the schooners and orders. Captains Hancock and schuyts crowding along could not Mason attacked this formidable line bring their prow guns to bear withwith the greatest gallantry and ad- out altering their course towards us, dress, attaching themselves particu- which they could not venture; and larly to the two praams, both of their side guns, though numerous them of greater force than them- and well-served, were very light. selves, independent of the cross fire In this manner the Penelope and from the schooners and schuyts; I Antelope engaged every part of their sent the Amiable by signal to sup- long line from four to eight, while port them. The Penelope (having the Amiable, Cruizer, and Rattler, an able pilot, Mr. Thornton), on' continued to press their rear. Since signal being made to engage, capt. two o'clock the sternmost praam Broughton worked up to the centre struck her colours and ran on shore: of the enemy's line, as near as the but the artillery-men from the army shoal water would allow, while the got on board, and she renewed her Antelope went round the Stroom fire on the Amiable with the preSand to cut the van off from Ostend. cision of a land battery, from which Unfortunately our gun-boats were that ship suffered much. Caplain not in sight, having, as I understood Bolton speaks much in praise of since, devoted their attention to lieutenant Mather, who is wounded. preventing the Ostend division from Several of the schooners and schuyts moving westward. The enemy at, immediately under the fire of the

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