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22nd. An inquest was this night 23rd. At her apartments at Chelheld at the king's-head, Limehouse, sea, in her 81st year, the celebraton view of the body of Wm. Locke, ed signora Galli. She was some esq. a captain in the second regi. years since a persormer of considerment of Tower-hamlets militia. Af. able celebrity on the stage of the ter the coroner (Mr. Unwin) had king's theatre in the Ilaymarket, given the jury their charge, they and was the last of Handel's scholars; retired to view the body, which and that celebrated musician compresented a sight awfully affecting posed several of his most favourite and picturesque, being wrapped up airs expressly for her, both in his in the English colours, with the operas and oratorios, in which she uniform which the deceased wore, sang with great applause; and appear. and watched by two grenadiers in ed so lately as the year 1797, at Mr. their regimental dress. The first Ashley's oratorios at Covent-garden witness called was captain Bartlett, thcatre. After quitting the stage, of the West India Dock volunteers. she resided as a companion with the He stated, that he had frequently unfortunate Miss Ray, and was in seen the deceased on guard at the company with her at Covent-garden dock; he had called that evening theatre on the evening she was shot by accident at the house of Mr. by the rev. Mr. Hackman, April Tobin, where the deceased was 7th, 1779. Being thus deprived of spending the evening; at supper he her situation, and not having made observed him to be a good deal in any provision for her declining years, toxicated, and his voracious manner she has subsisted entirely on the of eating much surprised him. About bounty of her friends, and an anthe middle of supper he observed nual benefaction from the royal the deccased turn pale and faint, society of musicians. and advised he should be taken into 25th. At the house of the secrethe air. He got worse, and medical tary at war, in New Norfolk-street, aid was sent for. Mr. Tobin, of Mary-la-bonne, col. Hamilton, of Limehouse, deposed, that the de- Pencaithland. ceased had come to his house with 27th. In her 62nd


Mrs. a friend; he had seen him often F. Glover, who had lived 50 years before, but was not intimate with in the same cottage at Honnington, him. He stated, that he supported Suffolk, where she gave suck to that him a considerable time on his knee much admired rural poet Robert till a surgeon came; that he gradu. Bloomfield, author of the 'Farmer's ally observed his pulsation diminish, Boy,' &c. which poem was first till he was quite gone. 'The surgeon, written with the sole view of pleasMr. Wedgborough, stated, that he ing his mother, by the recital of came too late to render


assist. scenes long passed; but by its un. ance; that life was totally extinct. precedented success, on being inHe believed the deceased did not troduced to the world, he was endie of apoplexy, though he could abled to contribute much towards not trace his death to any particular the comfort of her declining years ; cause. Verdict, died by the visi. and on hearing of her last illness, tation of God.

with that true filial piety which L13


breathes throughout all his produc. the education of youth, which had tions, he went to her from London, been the object of his wishes, he and with unwearied patience watch was received, early in 180 l, as an ed her rapid decay, till death closed assistant-teacher in the academy of a well-spent life.

the rev. Dr. Bruce, of Belfast, At Lazarus-hospital, in Hereford, where he was distinguished for his aged upwards of 100, Elizabeth diligence and skill in preparing the Garrett, who for a long period sold boys under his care to be examined fruit in that city. She was born in before the last summer vacation. the reign of queen Anne, and was But, by this time, such strong sympfound, when but a few days old, at toms of a consumption had appear. the south-end of the street where ed in his tall, thin, and slender she kept her apple-stall, and from frame, that he could not any more this circunstance obtained the name return to his charge, and his declin. of Street. However, having at an ing health confined him to the house early age, engaged the affections of a of his or mother, near the turn. barber of the name of Garrett, he pike-gate between Hillsborough and married her; and from this circum. Dromore, where he continued to stance it became a common obser- experience the kindness of his forvation, that Bet had mounted from mer patron, and was most gene. a Street to a Garrett. She walked rously attended by sir George Atout till within a few days of her kinson, an eminent physician in death, and her faculties were unim. Hillsborough; but his case was bepaired to the last. She was carried yond the reach of medical aid, and to her grave by six hair dressers, to terminated fatally. He was intereach of whom she bequeathed a ra- red in Dromore church-yard on the zor.

29th, having nearly completed his In Magherabeg, near Dromore, in 24th year, being born March 19, Ireland, the self-taught poet, Wil. 1781. Cunningham, though very liam Cunningham; who, while he unlike, in his bodily frame, to Dr. was a poor weaver-boy, having re. Goldsmith, who was short and not ceived the first rudiments of edu. slender, so strongly resembled him cation at one of the bishop of Dro. in face, that, when he stood near more's Sunday schools, had, by read. the profile of the doctor, his por. ing such books as he could borrow, trait seemed to have been drawn for made so considerable a progress, him. that in the autumn of 1800, he pre 28th. Suddenly, the bishop of sented his lordskip with a copy of Noyon, one of those dignificd ec. verses, requesting the loan of books.

clesiastics of France who remained The bishop, struck with the marks attached to the house of Bourbon, of genius displayed in this poem, and was also one of the ancient rescued him from the loom, and French nobility. placed him at the dioclesian school

At Dyke, co. Lincoln; in conse of Dromore, where his application quence of a fright experienced on was so diligent that, in about two the preceding day from accidentally years and a half, he had read the letting an infant fall out of her principal Latin and Greek Classics. arms, Miss Diana Howes, of Being thus qualified to superintend King's Cliffe, co. Northampton, an



amiable young lady, aged only she acquiesced. About one o'clock 18.

in the morning of the 29th, he was 30th. In Park-street, Grosve seized with a violent sickness in nor-square, in his 80th year, gen. his stomach, and rang the bell for Patrick Tonyn, colonel of the 58th his servant, who immediately atfoot, and late governor of the pro- tended, and, on finding his lordship vince of East Florida.

had again burst a blood-vessel, sent At Reddish's hotel, in his 39th for Dr. Bailie, who administered year, George Evans, Baron Care some medicine, which relieved his berry, of the kingdom of Ireland, patient so much, that he sat up, and M. P. for the county of Ruto dined, conversed, and was in tole. land. In 1792 he married Miss rable spirits; but in the evening of Watson, daughter of col. W. who the 30th a relapse took place, which amassed a considerable fortune in terminated fatally at nine o'clock in India. The first baron was created the evening of the 31st. Dying by George I. in 1715. He was con without issue, he is succeeded by his sidered the finest man of his day; uncle, the hon. John Evans, of and the king bestowed this honour Dublin. His estates in the counties on him on account of his extreme of Cork and Kerry amounted to beauty and manliness. The late 15,0001. a year. All his personal lord was truly amiable, and a man property is bequeathed to lady Car. of the mildest and most gentlemanly berry. His remains were interred

About two years since, in the family-vault at Laxton, co. his , lordship was hunting on his Northampton. The funeral proestate near Northampton, and had cession was grand, and joined by his the misfortune to burst a blood. lordship's tenants. vessel, and was considered at the Lately, at Barbadoes, in the time in extreme danger. About 15 West Indies, of the yellow fever, months ago he broke his arm, which lord viscount Proby, commander of brought on a lingering complaint, the Amelia frigate, of 38 guns, and considered by the faculty as a de. most of his officers. His lordship’s cay of some internal part. A few death occasioned a vacancy in par. weeks since, his lordship came to liament for the town of Buckingtown, and has been under the care ham. of Dr. Bailie and other eminent On board the Carysfort frigate, physicians, who considered him so of the yellow fever, lieut. John far recovered as to sanction his re. Bellamy, of the R. N. son of the turn to the country, and Friday, late Mr. alderman B. of Leicester. Dec. 28, was the day fixed for his This gallant young man was with departure with lady' Carberry for lord Duncan, when he defeated the his seat in Northamptonshire. Pre. Dutch fleet off Camperdown; had paratory to the journey he rode in been in much other desperate ser. Hyde-park. On the 26th and 27th vice; and was promoted entirely for he was in good spirits, and saw his great personal courage and nau. company each afternoon; but in tical abilities. the morning of the 28th he propos At Ulm, Huber, one of the most ed to lady Carberry to postpone celebrated writers in Germany. their departure to the 31st, to which At Vienna, in his 79th year,


4 ܐ ܐ

the celebrated musical composer, Charles Ferguson, esq. son of the Haydn.

deceased sir J. Ferguson, bart. of James Baden, professor of elo. Kilkergan, late one of the senators quence and the Latin tongue in the of the college of justice in Scotuniversity of Copenhagen. His land. death is a serious loss to the literary world. He began his connection with that institution in 1779; his labours were not confined to the pu. pils at the National college; he de. SHERIFFS appointed by his Mavoted a great portion of his time to

jesty in Council for the Year 1804. advance the Danish language to its highest state of improvement; and Beilfordshire. George Edwards, his translation of Tacitus rivals the of Henlow, esq. original for precision, taste, and Berkshire. Richard Mathews, of purity of diction. He also publish. Wargrave, esq. ed a German and Danish Diction. Buckinghamshire. James Nield, ary, known to every modern lin. of Stoke-Hammond, esq. guist. In the latter years of his Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonlife he found himself inadequate to shire, Benjamin Keene, of Wistow. the active duties of his public situa. lodge, esq. tion, and retired, but not without an Cheshire. Sir John Fleming honourablo proof of the approba. Leicester, of Nether Tabling, bart. tion of the Danish government.

Cumberland. John De WhelpAt St. Petersburgh, whilst play. dale, of Penrith, esq. ing at billiards, Jarnowick, the ce Derbyshire. Sir Henry Every, of lebrated performer on the violm. Eggington, bart.

At Bantry, in Ireland, of a vio. Devonshire. Thomas Porter of lent fever, Hamilton White, esq. Rockbear, esq. brother to lord viscount Bantry. Dorsetshire. Robert Williams, of

At Stoneville, co. Dublin, in her Bridgehead, Little-bridge, esq. 20th year, Miss Pratt, only daugh Esser. William Palmer, of Na. ter of majer-general P.

zing, esq. In Merrion-square, Dublin, John Gloucestershirc. Nathaniel Clif. Mercier, esq. of Portarlington, late ton, of Frampton-upon-Severn, , lieutenant-colonel of the 39th regi. esq. ment of foot.

Herefordshire. Richard Stukely In Aungier-street, Dublin, in his Fleming, of Dinmore-hill, esq. 70th year, Lundy Foot, esq. one of Hertfordshire. Edward Garrow, the aldermen of that city.

of Totteridge, esq. In Dominick-street, Dublin, aged Kent. Sir Walter Stirling, of 92, Mrs. Graham, relia of col. G. Shoreham, esq. of Coolmaine, co. Monaghan, Leicestershire. Henry Otway, of

In Tipperary, John Power, esq. Stanford-hall, esq. col. of the Tipperary militia.

Lincolnshire. Robert Viner, of At Egleton-castle, in Scotland, a Godby, esq. few hours after his birth, the son Monmouthshirc. William Adams intend heir of tord Montgomery,

Williams, of Llangibby, esq.



Norfolk. Henry Styleman, of

SOUTH WALES, Spottisham, esq.

Brecon. Penry Williams, of PenNorthamptonshire. Charles Tib. pont, esq. bitts, of Barton Seagrave, esą.

Carmarthen. John Simmons, of Northumberland. Sir Thomas Llangenah, esq. Henry Lyddell, of Effington, bart. Cardiganshire. John Bond, of

Nottinghamshire. Thomas Webb Kesney-Cold, esq. Edge, of Stretty, esq.

Glamorgan hire. Richard TurOxfordshire. John Langston, of berville Picton, of Ewenny, esq. Sarsden-house, esq.

Pembrokeshire. Sir Hugh Owen, Rutlandshire. Cotton Thomp- of Orielton, bart. son, of Ketton, esq.

Radnor. Thomas Frankland Shropshire. Robert Burton, of Lewis, of larpton-court, esq. Longner, esq.

Somersetshire. John Rogers, of Yarlington, est.

Anglesea. Charles Evans, esq. Staffordshire. Richard Jessar, of Trefeiling. of West Bromwich, esq.

Caernarvon. Owen Molineux Southampton. Sir Charles Mill, Wynne, of Penmachno, esq. of Mottesfont, bart.

Denbigh. Robert William Wynne, Suffolk. Sir Robert Pockling. of Garthewin, esq. ton, of Chelsworth, knt.

Flint. Richard Garnons, the Surry. William Borradaile, of younger, of Lutwood, esq. Streatham, esq.

Merioneth. Sir Edward Price Sussex. John Dennet, of Wood. Lloyd, of Park, bart. mancott, esq.

Montgomery. Charles HanbuWarwickshire. Roger Vaughton, rey Tracey, of Greginnog, esq. of Sutton-Colfield, esq.

Wiltshire. Wadham Locke, of Sheriff appointed by his royal Rowdford, esq.

highness the prince of Wales in Worcestershire. Thomas Holmes, council for the year 1804: of Beoly, esq.

County of Cornicall. John Tre." Yorkshire. James Fox, of Bram- vannion Purnell Betterworth Tre. ham-park, esq.

vanuion, of Carbais, esq.


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