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pointed chancellor of the court of Rev. Thomas Wickham, vicar of exchequer in Ireland.

Kirburton, co, York, Beaminster, Sept. 1st. Gerard Lake, esq. ge. Secunda prebend, in Salisbury caneral and commander of his majes. thedral, rice Gilpin, deceased. ty's forced in the East Indies, Rev. Dr. Ridley, of Whippingcreated baron Lake, of Delhi and ham, in the Isle of Wight, to a Laswary, and of Aston Clinton, co. prebendal stall in Gloucester cathe. Buckingham

dral; and Rev. Wm. Long, to a Major-general the hon. Arthur canonry of Windsor ; all rice WilWellesley, created a knight of the son, deceased. Bath.

Rev. John Williams, M. A. to a 8th. Rev. W. Long, LL. B. ap- canonry in St. David's cathedral, pointed a prebendary of the free. rice Davies, deceased. chapel of St. George, in the castle Rev. Thomas Methold, rector of of Windsor, vice Wilson, deceased. Stonham, Suffolk, to a prebendal

21st. John Leard, esq. appointed stall in Norwich cathedral, vice consul at Ragusa.

Potter, deceased. 29th. His royal highness the duke Rev. Robert Moore, second son of Sussex, sworn of his majesty's of the archbishop of Canterbury, to most hon. privy council.

a prebendal stall in Canterbury caOct. 2nd. Robert Peat, D.D. thedral, vice Benson, deceased. rector of Ashley cum Silverley, and vicar of Kirtling, co. Cambridge, permitted to accept and wear, in DEATIIS in the Year 1804. his own country, the ensigns of the order of St. Stanislaus, conferred Jan. 2nd. At Hyde-Park Cor. upon him Nov. 21, 1790, (by his ner, lady Andrews, relict of the late then description of Robert Peat, Sir Joseph Andrews, and daughter esq.) by Stanislaus Augustus, late of col. Dalrymple. king of Poland.

3d. At Bath, sir William Man. 13th. Sir Robert Ainslie, of Great sell, bart. of Ishoed, in CarmarTorrington, co. Lincoln, knt. late thenshire. his majesty's ambassador at the Ot. At Lullingstone-castle, Kent, in toman Porte, created a baronet of her 71st year, Dame Philadelphia the united kingdom, with remainder Payne Dyke, wife of sir John to Robert Sharp Ainslie, of Market Dixon Dyke, bart. She was the Stainton, in the said county of Lin. only daughter and heiress of the late coln, esq. nephew of the said Sir George Horne, esq. of London. Robert Ainslie, and son of general At the Rookery, Woodford, Es. George Ainslie, deceased.

sex, the wife of Peter Godfrey, esq. William Burroughs, esq. late ad. and youngest daughter of the late vocate-general of Bengal, created a sir Joshua Rowley, bart. baronet of the united kingdom. 4th. Aged 84, Mrs. Charlotte

Rev. J. Jackman, of Catherine. Lennox, a lady of considerable gehall, Cambridge, and alternate nius, and who has long been distinmorning-preacher at Percy chapel, guished for her literary merit. She appointed one of the domestic chap- may boast the honor of having been Izins to the Prince of Wales,

the protegée of Dr. Samuel Johnson,



and the friend of Mrs. Yates. She demned on the first night of its appublished, so early as 1752, “ The pearance. In 1773 she furnished Female Quixote," and "Memoirs Drury-lane theatre with a comedy, of Harriet Stuart.” In the former intituled “Old city manners ;” and of these novels, the character of has only written, we believe, since Arabella is the counter part of Don that time, “ Euphemia,” a novel, Quixote ; and the work was very · 1790, 4 volumes, 12mo ; a performfavourably received. In the follow ance which by no means deviates ing year she published "Shakspeare from the line of credit which she has illustrated,” in two volumes 12mo; always traced. Her father was to which she soon afterwards added field officer, lieutenant-governor of a third. This work consists of the New York, who sent her over at novels and histories on which the 15 to a wealthy aunt, who desired to plays of Shakspeare are founded, - have her, but who, unfortunately, collected and translated from the on the arrival of her niece, was out original authors ; to which are of her senses, and never recovered added critical notes, intended to them ;- immediately after which the prove that Shakspeare has generally father died, and the daughter from spoilt every story on which his plays that time supported herself by her are founded, by torturing them in literary talents, which she always to low contrivances, absurd in- employed usefully. Her latter days trigues, and improbable incidents. have been clouded by penury and In 1756, Mrs. Lennox published sickness,-calamities at her time of 6. The memoirs of the Countess of life peculiarly distressing. These, Berci,” taken from the French, 2 however, were in a considerable devolumes, 12mo; and “Sully's me. grec alleviated by the kindness of moirs, translated," 3 volumes, 4to. some friends, who revered alike her which have since been frequently literary and her moral character. reprinted in 8vo, and are executed 6th. At Rushbrook-hall, near with great ability. In 1758 she pro. Bury, Charles Sydney Davers, esq. duced “ Philander, a dramatic pas. (eldest son of Sir C. Davers, bart.) toral,” and “ Henrietta,” a novel late captain of the Active frigate. of considerable merit, 2 volumes, His death was occasioned by the ef12mo; and, in 1760, with the as fects of the yellow fever, caught on sistance of the earl of Cork and Or- the Leeward Island station during rery, and Dr Samuel Johnson, she the last war. published a translation of " Father 7th. At the palace at Wells, in Brumoy's Greek theatre," 3 vols. his 75th year, the Rev. John Gooch, 4to; the merit of which varies very D.D. prebendary of Ely, and rector materially in different parts of the of Ditton and Willingham, co. Camwork. Two years after, she pub- bridge; the former in the bishop of lished “Sophia,” a novel, 2 volumes, Ely's gift, the latter in that of the . ' 12mo, which is inferior to her earli- ardeacon of Ely. He was son of er performances; and then, after Dr T. G. formerly bishop of Ely, an interval of 7 years, she brought and master of Caius college; and out at Covent-garden theatre, “The admitted B. A. 1749, M. A. Sisters,” a comedy, taken from her 1759, D. D. 1765. He was also povel of Henrietta, which was con. father of Mrs. Beadol, the lady

of the present bishop of Bath and In Audley-square, in his 79th Wells.

year, sir Francis Sykes, bart. M. P. 8th. At her house in Clarges. for Wallingford. street, Berkeley-square, in her 7th 12th. In Saville-row, after an year, lady Anne Capel, sister to illness of many months, aged 70, the late and aunt to the present earlher grace Mary-Anne duchess of of Essex, who comes into the pos. Ancaster, youngest daughter of the session of Russell farm, near Wat. Jate major Layard,' and aunt to the ford, with most of her ladyship’s late dean of Bristol, who died last property, to the amount of 40001. year. She had by the duke one per annum.

The farm came into daughter, born in 1771, married to the Essex family from the late Earl lord Milsington, and died about of Essex's mother, she being daugh. 1800. ller dissolution is universally ter of the Duke of Bedford, and lamented, especially by those who was settled, in right of the mother, felt that, as a wife, a mother, a reupon his lordship's two sisters dur- lation, or a friend, her conduct was ing their life-time. llampton-court, most exemplary. in Herefordshire, came to his lord 17th. At Rosehall, in Scotland, ship in right of his mother, who, Archibald Douglas, esq. colonel of was daughter of sir C. II. Williams the late Anguss hire fencibles. and grand-daughter of lord Co At Pentonville, in his 34th year, ningsby.

Mr. Mark Anthony Reyroux, a na. 10th. At Kingston upon Thames, tive of Switzerland; whose irrepaSurrey, in her 12th year, after a rable loss to his friends will be to long illness, Miss Gabrielle-Mar- them a source of painful and sincere tha Johnston, fourth daughter of regret. He was a man, of uncommajor-general Johnston, in the mon talents and profound learning; service of the East India compa- and in his moral conduct, and in all пу.

the various relations of social life, At Whitehall, the hon. Miss F. an exemplary character. It is in Pelham, last surviving daughter of contemplation to give the world an the right hon. Ilenry Pelham, bro. ample account of this excellent ther of the old duke of Newcastle, man, in authentic memoirs of his and sister to the late lady Sondes. life and character. Mr. P. was prime minister to his In Duke-street, Grosvenor square, late majesty. Niss P. died very aged 49, after a few hours illness of rich; her seat and estate at Esher, an obstruction occasioned by indigesin Surrey, go to her'nephew, lord tion, in consequence of coming to Sondes ; an estate in Essex, to her town in wet cloaths, Charlotte nephew, the hon. Hienry Watson; Countess-dowager of Talbot, born and a very considerable personal March 15, 1754, youngest daughter fortune to her nephew, the hon. of Wills first Marquis of Downshire, George Watson. She had, deserv. by the lady Margaretta Fitzgerald, edly, the character of a truly vir- sister of the late and aunt of the pretuous, humane, and extensively cha sent Duke of Leinster. Her ladyritable woman,

ship was sister to the late Marquis 11th. At the Hot Wells, Bristol, of Downshire and the Marchioness Charlotte viscountess Boling broke. of Salisbury; and has lest the pre


unt earl Talbot, and his brother, in the evening of the same day, John the hon. Mr. Talbot, her only chil. Fairweather, of Brentwood, seeing dren. She had come to town on the Mr Pavie's horse run through the 15th, from her tasteful villa in Coo- town without his master, took it per's lane, leading from Potter's. home; from which time no tidings bar to Northaw, for the express whatever could be heard of the unpurpose of chusing an elegant dress fortunate man. The rivers were for the queen's birth-day. Her ex. dragged, and the most diligent search cellent sense, distinguished accom made to no effect, until the morning plishments, and amiable and condes- of the 24th, when the body was discending manners, were such as covered by Mr John Dew, post. must ensure lasting respect; and master of Brentwood, lying in a her death will occasion general re- ditch, in a field adjoining Brookgret. Her remains were interred street hill, on the high road leading with those of the late earl in the fa- from London to Brentwood, near mily vault at Ingestree, near Lich- the 16th mile-stone. The deceased field, in Staffordshire. The mourn. was lying at his length at the bot. ful procession was followed by the tom of the ditch, in which a slight carriages of the noble family to current of water was running, but whom her ladyship was related, and which did not touch his neck; his those of her more intimate and par. hat and all his cloaths were on. Mr ticular friends, and numerous ac Dew immediately gave notice to the quaintance.

neighbourhood, that he had found 19th. At Pest, in Hungary, aged the deceased, and the body was ta. 69, the Austrian general Kray, who ken out of the ditch. Upon exami. was opposed to gen. Moreau during nation, it was found that the deceas. the greater part of the last campaign ed's throat was cut very decp; his in Germany

cloaths were very wet, and only a At his house in Cleveland-row, small quantity of blood upon the aged 75, Robert Drummond, esq. lappel of his coat, none even apbanker, at Charing-cross.

peared upon the right hand or arm, 20th. Suddenly, at Tenby, the nor had the wound much blood hon. Mrs. Acland, relict of the late about it: a large quantity of clotted Rev. Thomas Acland, of Broad Cliff, blood was, however, discovered Devon, and sister to the present within 10 rods of the gate, in the Fiscount Hereford.

same field, which leads into the 21st. Found lying dead, face road; which no doubt came from downwards, in the ditch of a field not the wounds of the deceased.

But far from his own house, with his what appeared most extraordinary, throat cut, Mr. W. Pavie, surgeon, there was a distance of near 300 of Brentwood, Essex. In the morn- yards from the ditch where the de. ing he went out on horseback, as ceased was found to the spot where usual, to visit his patients; called the blood lay, and no marks coulu upon Mr. Bush, of Soutweald, be distinguished suflicient to war. dressed his foot, and afterwards set rant the supposition that the de. off on the road to West Ham, ap- ceased ran or walked that distance, parently in as good health and sound after such a considerable loss of mind as usual. About 11 o'clock blood. The deceased's cloaths were Vol. XLVI.



not torn, nor could any instrument be of London; knight of the illustrious found, notwithstanding the strictest order of St. George, and lord high search was inade. A surgeon of chamberlain of that electorate. Brentwood examined the body of Peb. Ist. At his seat in Cornwall, the deceased, and found the left in his 77th year, Edward Craggs, jugular and windpipe both divided; Lord Ellot, Baron Eliot, of St. there appeared to be three cuts upon Germain's, so created Jan. 30th the neck, two of them three inches 1781. His lordship in 1789, by in depth and three in length, but the king's permission, took the name on no other parts of the body and arms of Craggs. lle marriel, were any marks of violence. The 1756, Catherine, sole daughter and evidence given by Mr. Finch, baker, heiress of Edward Ellison, esq. by of Brentwood, before the coroner's whom he had four sons; two of jury, would almost lead us to doubt, whom dying young, he is succeeded at the time spoken of, the saníty of by the third, the hop. John Eliot, the deceased. Mr. Finch was in M. P. (with his brother, the hon. company with Mr. Pavie on the William E.) for the borough of Thursday and Friday evenings pre- Liskeard, co. Cornwall. His lord. rious to his death, and observed ship was receiver-general (for the something unusual in his manner, prince of Wales) of the duchy of such as being very harsh and cross, Cornwall, in which he is succeeded and did not take that notice of him by R. B. Sheridan, esq. which he was accustomed to do. 2nd. At Wallacetown, Ayr, Mr. Finch also saw the deceased the aged 110 years and 10 months, Scan morning previous to his death, George, who was born at Edinbro’; when the deceased did not take any never had any illness; retained her notice of hin, until he spoke to him, faculties to the last, and died with. which was very different from his out a struggle. She attended the former conduct. The jury, after late earl of Eglintoun in his infancy, spending a considerable time in con and has enjoyed a pension from that sultation, re-turned a verdict of wil noble family ever since.

In her ful murder, against some person or 47th year she had a son, now 64 persons unknown.

In the pockets years old. of the deceased was a pocket-book, 3rd. In New King-strect, Bath, containing a 21. and six ll. notes, aged 86,Mrs.Anne Catherine Beach, a guinea, and two cases of instru- only surviving sister of Thomas B. ments.

esq. deceased, formerly attorney26th. At Paris, the Chevalier general and chief justice of Ja. D'Azzara, late Spanish ambassador maica. at Rome, and afterwards at Paris. At his house at Thorpe Lee, Sur

29th. At Aberdeen, in her 85th ry, aged 85, Sir Edward Blackett, year, Mrs Rebecca Ogilvie, widow bart. of Matson, co. Northumberof the honourable John Forbes, land. of Pitsligo.

In consequence of the rupture of Lately at Munich, in Bavaria, a blood vessel, the Rey, Henry Cox Count Haslang, very many years Mason, M. A. rector of St. Mary, ambassador from thence to the court Bermondsey, chaplain to Lord Ons


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