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highly gratifying, as this institution tacles, or the use of any glass, till provides for a number of objects, within a few days of his death, who might, if not protected, become At Laymore, near Ballymena, unworthy members of society. aged 119, Mr. William Simpson,

31st. A fire broke out in a farmer. Four days before his death, house in Goat-court, Queen-street, he was walking through his farm in Horsley-down. The wife of one his usual health. He often said, Redner, a corn-porter, who resided that he was never sick one hour that in the house, went from home a few he remembered ; also, that he was minutes before the accident happen. only twice drunk in his life. He ed, leaving a girl about four years had the perfect use of his underold behind her. The flames were standing to his death, and rememsoon extinguished, without having bered the battle of the Boyne. donc any material injury; but when At Rochford, aged 104, Joseph the firemen burst into the apart. Robinson, a native of that place. ment, they discovered the little girl His occupation was that of a hus. burnt to death, stretched upon the bandman, and till within the last sefloor, from whence it was conclud. ven years was capable of performing ed, her cloaths had caught fire, and his daily labour. lle took great decommunicated to the room.

light in following the hounds, and to The same evening, about eight a very late period of his life joined o'clock, an alarming fire broke out in the chace with all the vigour of in the stablc of Messrs. Travers and youth. Esdaile, in Queen-street, Cheapside. It was discovered by the clerks, who perceived an unusual quantity of BIRTHS in the year 1804. smoke issuing through the flooring of the warehouse, immediately over Jan. 2nd. At Gantby, co. Lin. the stables, while in the act of shut. coln, lady Theodosia Vyner, ting up and securing the doors. In. daughter. calculable mischief must have fol. 3d. In Gloucester-place, Port. lowed, but for the immediate at- man-square, the wife of capt. Butt, tendance of the fire-engines; and R. N. of a son. there also being an ample supply of 5th. The wife of captain William water, in about four hours the fire lienry Maxwell, 3d foot guards, a was got under. When the stable. daughter. door was opened, four of the mill 6th. Tlie wise of lieutenant-colo. horses and a goat were found suilo. nel Dyke, of the coldstream guards, cated, lying on the ground, two of a son. the horse's were lying over each 8th. The lady of sir Thomas Dal. other, and the goat across both. It rymple Hesketh, of Rufford llall, is supposed to have originated from co. of Lancaster, bart. a son. a candle having been carelessly left 14th. in Upper Grosvenor. in a lanthorn.

s'reet, the wife of col. Roberts, a Died. In his 127th year, Mr. daughter. Robert M*Farland, farmer, of Do 16th. At Redgrave-hall, Norfolk, nyghmore, co. Donegal. He could the wife of rear-admiral Wilson, a read the smallest print without spec- daughter.


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à son.

At her house, in York, the lady At Sunderland, the hon. Mrs. of sir Wharton Amcotts, bart. of Balders, second daughter of lord Kiddlethorpe-park, a daughter. Ennismore, a son and heir.

17th. At Felbrigg, Norfork, 6th. At Blenheim, co. Oxford, the wife of captain Lukin, R. N. a lady Frances Spencer, a son. son.

In Spring-gardens, the wife of At Woodbourne, lady Downe, a Joseph Jekyll, esq. M. P. a son, son.

7th. At sir John Sinclair's, at 18th. At Wormersley, co. York, Edinburgh, the wife of James Col. the lady of the hon. Edward Hervey quhoun, esq. M. P. a son. Hawke, lieut.-colonel of the West 8th. At Rochester prebendal. Riding yeomanry cavalry, a son. house, the lady of the honourable

19th. In Park-street, Grosvenor- and Rev. Dr. Marsham, a son. square, lady Harriet Lennard, a In Berners-street, the wife of J. daughter.

Fonblanque, esq. M. P. a daugh. 25th. In York-place, Portman. ter. square, the lady of sir Home Pop At Streatham, Surry, lady Paget, ham, a daughter.

a daughter. At Betton, near Shrewsbury, the 12th. At Stoke-Rochford, co. hon. Mrs. Hill, a son.

Lincoln, the wife of Edmund Tur. At her lodgings, in Bath-street, ner, esq. M. P. a daughter. Bath, the wife of colonel Monro, a The wife of capt. Ogilvy, R. N. daughter.

At Croydon barracks, Surry, the 21th. In New Norfolk-street, wife of colonel Hamilton, of the Grosvenor-square, the wife of Johu waggon corps, a daughter.

Hanmer, esq. M. P. a son. At Ridgeway, near Plympton, 27th. At his lordship's seat, in Devon, the wife of capt. Pym, R. Norfol, lady Petre, à still-born N. a son and heir.

child. 29th. In Albermarle-street, lady At Creves, in the Isle of Wight, Elizabeth Halliday, a daughter. the lady of captain Popham, of 28th

Feb. 4th. At Rome, lady Clon- foot, a daughter. curry, a daughter,

March ist. In Grosvenor-place, Lady Charlotte Duncombe, a the wife of lieut.-eol. Anstruther, a son,

son and heir. At South-Hill park, the lady of 4th. At Paris, lady Elgin, a the right hon. George Canning, a daughter.

11th. At his house in Lincolns, At the earl of Harborough's, the inn-fields, the hon. Mrs. Spencer wile of James Tuckington, esq. bar- Perceval, wife of the attorney-gerister, a daughter.

neral, a daughter. In Manchester-square, the wife 18th. The wife of colonel Daris, of lieutenant-colonel Peacocke, a of Nottingham-place, a daughter. daughter.

At Cork, the countess of Cork In Suffolk-street, Charing-Cross, and Orrery, a daughter. the wife of colonel Skinner, of the At Windsor, the wife of cap. royal engineers, sister-in-law to tain George Langford, R. N. a är Eyan Nepean, bart. a daughter, søn,


a son.

a son.

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21st. At Little-Aston-Hall, co. the lady of col. Gordon Cuming, of Stafford, lady Grey, a daughter. Pitbury, a son.

24th. At Dromore-house, in the At his lordship's seat, at Pachingcounty of Down, Ireland, the bishop ton, near Coventry, lady A lesbury, of Dromore's youngest daughter, a son. wife of the hon, and Rev. Pierce At Sutton-college, near Winches. Meade, brother of the earl of Clan- ter, the wife of Robert Ridge, esq. william, a daughter.

M. P. a son. 29th. At Tilehurst, near Read At Bath, lady Charlotte Drum. ing, Berks, the wife of lieut.-col. mond, a son. Taylor, of the 20th light dragoons, At Beaumont-cottage, the lady

of the hon, capt. Richard King, a At Littleton, lady Caroline Wood, son. a son.

In Ilanover-square, the lady of At Edinburgh, lady Louisa Orde, the hon. Henry Lascelles, M. P.

for the county of York, a daughAt the house of her father, the ter. late lord Clarina, in Brock-street, 12th. In Duke-street, the wife of Bath, the hon. Mrs. Stack, lady Benjamin Hobhouse, esq. M. P. a of John Stack, esq., of the county of Kerry, in Ireland, a son and 18th. At his lordship's house in heir.

Queen-street, May-fair, lady Graves, At Camberwell, Surry, lady Ca a son and heir. roline Barham, a son.

19th. The countess of Euston, a In Hereford-street, May-Fair, son. the lady of W. Dickinson, esq. jun. 21st. In Great Cumberland-street, M. P. a son.

lady Rous, a son. April 1st. In Beaumont-street, The lady of the hon. and Rev. the wife of gen. Johnstone, a daugh. William Capel, a son. ter.

At Edinburgh, the hon. Mrs. At Hartsbourne-place, Ilerts, the captain Hunter, a daughter. lady of sir Thomas B. Thompson, At (odalmin, Surry, the wife of R. N. a son.

captain S. Ballard, R. X. a daugh. At Armagh, in Ireland, the lady ter. of the hon. and Rev. the lord Pri. May 1st. Atlady Caroline Leigh's, mate, a son.

in Sloane-street, the honourable 10th. At Dublin, lady Redesdale, Mrs. Leigh, a daughter. a daughter.

Hon. Mrs. Maitland, wife of At her father's house, in Devon- lieut.-col. Maitland, of the 1st foot. shire-place, the wife of capt. M. H. guards, a son, Scott, R. N. a son.

Qud. At Paddington, viscountess In Welbeck-street, the lady of Folkstone, a daughter. sir Thomas Merion Wilson, bart. a At the earl of Derby's, lady Stan. son.

ley, a daughter, 11th. In Dublin, the lady of sir In Portland-place, the wife of Robert llodson, bart. a son. John Denison, esq. M. P. a son. At Gordon-lodge, in Scotland, In Berkeley-square, the lady of




sir George Shee, bart. a daugh. Berks, the lady of the hon. G. ter.

Browne, capt. in the Bedfordshire At her house in Weymouth- militia, a son. street, lady Harriet Gill, a son. 8th. The empress of Germany,

8th. At Richmond, Surry, the an archduchess. honourable Mrs. Smith, a daughter. In St. James's-square, the coun.

9th. At her house in Grosvenor- tess of Bristol, a daughter. square, the duchess of Beaufort, a 10th. At Chatham, the wife of daughter.

Montagu Wynyard, esq. of the 10th. Viscountess Morpeth, coldstream regiment of guards, a daughter of the duchess of Devonshire, a daughter.

11th. At Dover, the wife of bri. 11th. In the stablc-yard, St. gadier-general Manningham, a son. James's, the duchess of Bedford, a 15th. At Escot, Devon, the lady

of sir John Kennaway, bart. a 12th. At Moreton, co. Dorset, son. lady Harriet Frampton, a son.

16th. In Devonshire-place, the 13th. At Haverfordwest, lady hon. Mrs. Wingfield Stratford, a Kensington, a daughter.

daughter, which died soon after At the earl of Mansfield's, in its birth. Portland-place, the lady of the At Ashford, Kent, the lady of hon. and Rev. Mr. Cathcart, a the hon. major-general Forbes, a daughter.

20th. At Bishop-Burton, near The lady of the hon. Thomas Beverly, co. York, lady Mulgrave, Kenyon, of Prado, co. Salop, a son a daughter.

and heir. 23d. At Edinburgh, the hon.

In Great Ormond-street, the Mrs. Oliphant Murray, a son. wife of Mr. Serjeant Best, a daugh

25th. In North Audley-street, ter. the hon. Mrs. Thomas, a daughter, At Whitten, the hon. Mrs. Ste

30th. In Portugal-street, the lady phenson, a daughter. of the hon. John Dutton, a son and At her father's, the hon. David heir.

Anstruther, in Wimpole-street, Mrs. Lately, in Ely-place, Dublin, the Mitford, a son. lady of the hon. and Rev. the Dean 22nd. At Woodford, Essex, the of Ardagh, a daughter.

wife of George Smith, esq. M. P. a At his house, at Shrewsbury, the lady of lieut.-col. Chayter, a daugh In Lower Brook-street, Grosve. ter.

nor-square, the lady of lord Wm. At Bath, the wife of Broderick Beauclerk, a daughter. Chirnery, esq. son of sir Broderick 30th. In Grafton-street, the lady Chinnery, bart. a son.

of sir Henry Peyton, bart. a son. June 2nd. In Bruton-street, lady July 2nd. Ať his house, in Pic. Elizabeth Palk, a son.

cadilly, the lady of sir Francis Bura 5th. In Bedford-square, the wife dett, bart, a daughter. of James Langham, esq. M. P. a 4th. At Worthing, Sussex, the

wife of major Campbell, of the 6th. At the cottage, Sunping-hill, king's dragoon guards, a son.



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a son.


The wife of Edward Jones Ro. sbire, the wife of Colonel Robert per, of John-street, Liverpool, 3 Mackenzie, a daughter. children.

21st. In Lower Brook-street, The wife of Mr. George Bennett, Grosvenor-square, Lady Henry Stuof the Norwich theatre, 3 children, art, a son. all likely to live.

At Brighthelmstone, the wife of 6th. At Winchester-house, Chel. R. Dullas, Esq. M. P. a daughter. sea, the lady of the hon, and Rev. At Cardross, in Scotland, the Thomas de Grey, a son.

hon. Mrs. Erskine, a son. 7th. At Amport-house, Hants, 25th. At his lordship's house in the marchioness of Winchester, a Stretton-street, the lady of Lord. 300.

Pelham, a son. 11th. In Tilney-street, lady Mary In Welbeck-street, CavendishCatherine Myers, a daughter. square, the wife of Colonel Clinton,

At Caswick, near Stamford, co. Lincoln, the lady of sir John 'Trol. At Maryfield, near Limerick, the lope, bart. a daughter.

lady of the hon. George Massy, a 13th. At Leven, co. York, lady daughter. Charlotte Baillie, a son.

Mrs. James, of Magherafelt, in 17th. In Hereford-street, May- the north of Ireland, two sons and fair, lady Charlotte Wellesley, a a daughter.

At Edinburgh, Mrs. Betty, of At Arundel-castle, the wife of Hopton-Wafer, (mother of the cele, Henry Howard, esq. M. P. a daugh. brated young Roscius,) a daughter. ter.

Lady Emily Wellesley, of New 26th. At Horton, near North. Burlington-street, a son. ampton, the hon. Mrs. Gunning, a At Frome, Somerset, the wife of son.

Capt. O'Connor, R. N. a daughter. 30th. At his house, in Caven. At Liverpool, the wife of Lieut. dish-square, the lady of sir William Col Grimshaw, of the Preston vo. Langham, a daughter.

lunteers, a son. The lady of sir Alexander Kin. At Lidney-park, co. Gloucester, loch, bart. of Gilmerton, in Scot. the hon. Mrs. Bathurst, a son. land, a daughter.

In Gardener's-place, the lady of the At Stow-hall Norfolk, the hon. hon. Licut.-Col. Crieghton, a son. Mrs. Nares, a daughter.

Sept. 1. In Grafton-street, the At Wolford-lodge, Exeter, the lady of Sir Richard Sullivan, bart. wife of lieutenant-general Simcoe, a daughter.

At Berwick upon Tweed, the Aug. 1st. At Clifton, near Bris. wife of Colonel M‘Lean, a son. tol, the wife of Capt. Ross, R. N. 2nd. At Broom, Kent, the lady a daughter.

of Sir Henry Oxenden, bart. a 14th. At Little Holland llouse, daughter. Kensington, Lady Charlotte Wing In Pall Mall, the lady of Sir field, a daughter.

Frederick Eden, bart. a son. At Liverpool, the wife of Lieut. At Goodnestone, Kent, the lady Colonel Hugh Baillie, a daughter. of Sir Brook Bridges, bart, a son. 16th, At Millmouut, in Bor 4th. In Charlotte-street, Edin.


a son.

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