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sickness whatever, tooth-ache only which latter appellation he is now excepted. Three weeks before his more universally designated)throughdeath, he walked from his house to out a brilliant career of theatrical Galway, and back the same day, exertions in the country, was the which is 26 miles. He could, to the harbinger of his appearance in the last, read the smallest print without metropolis. That a youth, at so the assistance of glasses, which he green an age, should perform some never accustomed himself to, with of the most difficult characters in the as much ease as a boy of sixteen. range of the British drama, not with It has been acknowledged by the the mere endurance only, but with most intelligent men in his own the vehement applause of crowded country, that, for his time, he was audiences, is a circumstance in it.'

most experienced farmer, and self so much above common credu. possessed the greatest genius for lity, that we require the evidence of agriculture. It is upwards of 70 our own senses to be satisfied of the years since he first propagated, and fact; and it may easily be supposed brought into general use, that bless- that the public curiosity on the preing to Ireland, the black potatoe. sent occasion would be excited to a He was married seven times, the degree proportioned to the fame last time he was 93: by all his which he had already acquired. wives he had forty-eight children, So early as one o'clock in the day and he could number his posterity many persons had taken their staas follows:--236 grand children ; tions near the doors leading to the 944 great grand children; and 25 pit, boxes, and galleries; long be. great great grand children; the fore the usual hours of admission.oldest of the latter is four years of The multitude stretched out in thick age; and his own youngest son by close wedged, impenetrable columns, the last wife, is in his eighteenth to the extremity of the Piazzas, in ycar.

Covent-Garden, and quite across
Bow-street. Many who did not mean

to attempt getting into the theatre, DECEMBER

lined the streets and windows, con

templating, with sentiments of awe 1st. This evening the public at- and fear, this tremendous accumulatention was excited to a most extra- tion of numbers. The proprietors ordinary degree, by the appearance, and managers, well aware of the on the boards of Covent-Garden public anxiety and impatience, had theatre, of a youth scarcely thirteen, provided a select body of peace offiin the arduous and energetic cha- cers in the inside of the theatre, racter of Selim in Dr. Browne's and had procured a strong detachtragedy of Barbarossa.

:-On no for- ment of the guards outside, in case mer occasion has there been a stron. it should be necessary; from the ger or more ardent desire manifested pressure of the crowd and the narby all ranks and descriptions of peo. rowness of the space, to secure ple to gain admittance to the theatre. egress for those who might not have The extraordinary reputation which gained admission, or who might be had followed Master Betty, or ra. taken ill, or otherwise injured, and ther, “ the young Roscius,” (hy who could not without such assists

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REGISTER, 1804. ance get oat, having once got in; vainly attempted to clear the other and never was precaution more rows for those who justly claimed necessary

them; all their efforts were fruitless; In the crowd before the doors, twice were they under the necessity (long before they were opened,) the of attempting force, and as often heat and pressure became almost in. they were overpowered by num. tolerable,---many persons fainted; bers and beaten back, and the for. and after the doors were opened, cible possession was triumphantly many were in danger of suffocation maintained. The rush into the other from the weight and force of the boxes was great, but order was numbers from without, who could more easily preserved in them, for not be prevailed upon by the repre- it was impossible they could descend sentations or shrieks of the sufferers from them into the pit. The lobbies confined within, to disist from at. were as much crammed as any other tempting to force the passage. The part of the house; and happy were danger now became so great, that they who could get a station at the the guards were unanimously called small holes at the back of the boxes, for by the terrified persons who or who could procure a view of the were included between the inner and stage as the box doors were occaouter doors, and who could not sionally opened. The heat in every make good their retreat. The sol- part of the house became excessive diers, with the utmost dexterity and very soon after it was filled.

What good temper,cleared the crowd from air could be given was admitted. without; and lining the entrance, · The stage curtain was raised two permitted any one to retire, but no feet from the stage, but the numone to enter. In the space of a bers were so great that all the means few minutes the two galleries were tried were insufficient. It was obfilled, and so closely wedged, that served however with satisfaction, not one more could get admittance. that but few females were exposed The pit was two-thirds filled, not to this distressing state in the pit from the pit doors and passages, but they were about twenty, and were from the boxes : gentlemen who humanely placed in such situations knew there were no places untaken near the orcbestra as to have the in the boxes, and who could not get full benefit of the air from the stage. up the pit avenue, paid for admission The utmost noise and confusion into the former, and poured from universally prevailed during the the front boxes into the pit by whole of this awful scene. twenties and thirties at a time: still, Master Betty's appearance was to even after it was crammed, the gen- have been preceded by an occasional tlemen crowded the front boxes, address.--Mr. Charles Kemble came and being unable to descend for forward to speak it; but the clawant of room in the pit, remained mour and uproar which prevailed, where they were, nor could be dis- rendered all his efforts to be heard Joged by those whose right the boxes or to bespeak attention ineffectual. were having engaged them, per- A principal cause of interruption haps weeks before. Some ladies, arose from the people of the gallery, however, were permitted to occupy who expecting that Master Betty the front rows. The police officers would himself speak the address,



called clamorously for him; others this occasion is about 185. On one wanted Garrick's original prologue side is the head of Bonaparte, and to the piece, while many apprehend. round it within the rim the words, ing an apology for the appearance “ Napoleon, empereur;" on the reof the young Roscius, were voci. verse, in the centre, is a wreath of ferous in deprecating it. After en- laurel and oak leaves, and round it during the “ pelting of the pitiless a statement of the value, namely, storm” for some minutes, Mr.C.Kem. “20 francs ;” at the first of the ble retired, and the play commenced. branches appears the date, year No sooner, however, had the per- 12;” and on the edge the words, formers appeared, than the tumult“ republique Française.” increased, and they in their turn, 3d. A new eruption of Vesuvi. after having gone through half the us occurred in the night, which af. first scene, were obliged to yield to forded nothing extraordinary till the temporary disapprobation of the about four in the morning, when, audience. Mr. C. Kemble again after a loud and dreadful explosion, came forward, and gesticulated the a flame rose to a considerable height, address, for to have spoken it would and was immediately followed by a have been labour lost, as the per- violent and rapid discharge of lava, sons nearest the stage could not which in three hour's time overrun possibly have heard a line of it: in all the former limits. The surprise finc, the play was suffered to pro- and terror of the inhabitants, especeed, but of the first act little could cially those of La Foire del Greco, be heard, as in it the character may easily be imagined: it however which the young Roscius represent- providentially slackened, and has ed does not appear. At length, how- ceased to extend itself farther. ever, the second gave him to an en From the accounts laid before thusiastic and admiring audience ; congress, the American finances apan enthusiasm and admiration which pear to improve in an astonishing met with no abatement to the end degree:- The documents prove, that of the piece, and has pursued him since the commencement of Mr. through the whole of his first season Jefferson's presidency, the sum ex. in London. *

ceeding the annual expenditure aris. 2nd. On this day Bonaparte was ing from taxation was greater than crowned by the pope, at Paris, em

the whole of the sum to be paid to peror of the French, with the ut- France for the cession of Louisiana. most splendour and solemnity. At The estimate of the expenditure for the same time Madame Bonaparte this year is not more (under the difwas inaugurated empress, and both ferent heads of civil list, miscella. were formally enthroned. And thus neous services, expences of intereranishes every shade of republic course with foreign powers, mili. canism in France. +

tary and naval establishment) than The value of the new gold coin 3,375,435 dollars. It is calculated, which has been struck at Paris upon that there will be paid, before the

For a more particular account of this theatrical prodigy, vide the article "Characters,” in this voluine. † Vide Appendix, for an account of the ceremony. Ff4


Ditto aug.

close of the year, 7,450,000 dollars, Bank of Newberry applicable to the extinction of debts Port..... 1795 225,000 arising out of conventions existing Rhode Is. betwint France, England, and the land. .. 1795 100,000 united states.

-Wilmington 1795 110,000 The bill for making a farther pro

-Baltimore · 1795 1,200,000 vision for carrying into effect the Gloucester bank treaty of commerce and navigation Cape Ann . - 1796 60,000 between the united states and Great Newark bank . 1796 60,000 Britain was passed in the house of Middletown bank 1796 75,000 representatives on the 16th of No. Manhattan bank 1799 2,000,000 vember.

Washington bank List of banks in the United States Westerley . . 1800 50,000

of America, with the amount of Bank of Bristol, the respective capitals and the pe R. I. - 1800 80,000 riod of their institution.

Exchange bank of Instituted. Capital. Providence 1801 135,000 Bank of North

Farmer's bank of America 1781 1,000,000 Lansingburgh 1801 75,000 Massachu

State bank of South setts .

1784 400,000 Carolina ... 1801 800,000 New York 1791 950,000 Bank of Kentucky 1802 500,000 Maryland - 1790 300,000 Merchants' bank

Philadelphia - 1803 1,000,000 mented from

Merchants' New 1795 to 1801 85,000 York .

1,000,000 United States 1791 10,000,000 Union bank of Providence bank 1791 400,000 Maryland, if Bank of Pensyl.

the bank vania .. · 1792 2,000,000 Baltimore does

Albany. -1792 170,000 not prevent
-South Caro.

them, will have Jina

1792 675,000 a charter for . 3,000,000 Union bank of Boston 1792 1,200,000

Total - dollars 28,000,000 Essex bank of Salem 1792 125,000

5th. Accounts from Madras, reNew Hampshire

ceived this day, mention a most bank

1792 150,000 Splendid embassy having been sent Bank of Alexan

from Bushire to the court of Tehran. dria ... 1792 500,000 Mr. Manesty, the company's resi, Hartford bank - 1792 100,000 dent, was the chief of the embassy. Union bank, New

Ilis retinue consisted of upwards of London 1792 100,000 100 horses, 300 baggage mules, and Newhaven bank 1792 80,000 60 camels, with a multitude of serBank of Colum

vanis and camp-followers. The probia 1793 407,000 cession moved in the following ora



der: In the van an elephant ; seve- warehouses were burnt to the ground, ral men on horseback, who admi- and several others materially danistered a constant supply of coffee maged. and hookahs during the march ; 21st. Pursuant to notice in the some troopers, two of them carry- Gazette," a considerable rise took ing union-jacks; nine led horses, place this day in the fares of hack, elegantly caparisoned in the Persian ney coaches, on account of the high fashion; 12 running footmen, two price of oats. gold sticks, and two silver sticks, 29th. There has not been known, mounted; Mr. Manesty; the gen. since the memory of man, so great tlemen of his suite; a led horse be- a flight of sea-birds to our coast as fore each ; 40 gholams, or Persian in the present season. The number guards, dressed in orange-coloured of ducks, teal, widgeon, and other cloaths, and armed with shields, birds of that kind, caught this year, swords, and carbines ; and the sepoy is out of all precedent, and they guards. The whole made a most have been proportionably cheap. It splendid spectacle, and attracted the is accounted for by the extraordi. admiration of all the inhabitants of nary severity with which the winter the villages and towns.

has set in, in the northern latitudes, 14th. This day the King of Spain which has obliged those birds to declared war with the usual ceremo take refuge in our more temperate nies against the King of the United climate. Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire. This day two young men were land.*

found dead in a West Indiaman, outJohn Prinsep, Esq. citizen and ward bound, lying off Woolwich; it skinner, and M. P. for Queen. is supposed that they had drank too borough, was elected alderman of much spirits, and fell asleep, when Lime-street ward, in the 'room of they became frost-bitten. Sir Watkin Lewis, who succeeds to 30th. A lieutenant of the navy, Bridge-street Without, as father of in shooting birds at Fratton, near the city, vice Alderman Harley. Portsmouth, as he inadvertently at

15th, Josiah Boydell, citizen and ' tempted to divide the briars with the stationer, was this day elected alder. butt end of the piece, it being on man of Cheap-ward, vice' his late full cock, the trigger caught to a uncle, of the same name.

bramble, and the contents of the gun 17th. This day at Woolwich as were discharged through the officer's some men were filling a thirteen inch heart, who expired immediately. shell, in ramming the shell it burst, An excellent sermon was preach. and wounded seven, three mortally. ed at Saint Patrick's chapel, So. One of the three died an hour after. ho-square, for the benefit of the wards, the others in a few days. school bearing that name, which is

18th. This night at 11 o'clock a composed of the children of the in. dreadful fire broke out at a linen. digent inhabitants of St. Giles's, drapers in the market-place at Ply, when the collection amounted to upmouth, when seven dwelling and wards of 100k.; a circumstance

* Vide State Papers of this Vola

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