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when, the arrangements having been land, was discovered to be on firo made for the disposal of the two this morning, which had been burnvacant red ribbons, Major-General's ing for some time. The roof soon afMoore and Ludlow were introduced, ter fell in. It was got under between and with the usual forms, were elected three and four o'clock. The night knights of the bath. After which was fortunately calm; and a quan. his majesty received the recorder's tity of salt, added to the water in report in council, when Prentice and the engines, was observed to have Webb for horse-stealing, and J. very great efficacy in extinguishing Lloyd, for uttering a forged bank the fire. The damage is estimated note, were ordered for execution. at near 15001. Mr. Astlet, with other couvicts, were One of the Lecds coaches broke respited during pleasure.

down near Sheffield, when one of This day came on at Holyrood- the passengers (the housekeeper of house, the election of one of the Edward Abney, 'esq. of King's sixteen peers of Scotland, vacant by . Newton, near Derby) was crushed the death of the Marquis of Twee to death by the coach. dale, The Earls of Kellie and Lau. William Chivers, a collier, was derdale were the candidates: the killed at the Rock Coal-work, near former was clected.

Nettlebridge, by a chain of enor. The workinen at Messrs. Lloyds mous length, and upwards of a ton forge, near Burton-upon-Trent, weight, having broke by the force having had the misfortune to break of the fire-engine, and fallen upon the large hammer anvil steady, were hiin. Almost every bone in his body about to blow up that part which is was broken, just as if he had suf. fixed in the ground; and as Samuel fered on the rack. Part of the Bamford (though repeatedly warned chain was so entagled round his of his danger) was driving iron neck, that it became necessary to wedges to further the operation, a cut through the links with chissels. spark communicated to the gun. This poor fellow's life had been a powder, which exploded, blew off series of deplorable accidents. his head, and otherwise mangled When a youth, his eye was struck his body in a shocking manner. out by a stick in a sculle. His bo.

15th. The following melancholy dy was elisabled seven years ago by accident happened at Southburne, a quantity of rubbish falling on near Great Drilield :-three or four him. lle narrowly escaped being warreners having been their rounds killed by the falling of a piece of in the rabbet-warrens adjoining, on timber three weeks ago. Since then their return deposited their loaded he escaped death by a great piece pieces in the house of one of the of coal falling near him. party. Shortly afterwards one of The Earl of Carlisle has prethe guns was taken up by a boy of sented to the dean and chapter of eleven years of age, who levelled it York, for the embellishment of the at the servant girl, aged fifteen, and minster, a window of beautiful shot her through the head. She painted glass, purchased during the died in great agonies.

late troubles in France from the 16th. Part of Mr. Ilazledine's church of St. Nicholas, at Rouen. iron foundery, Colehan, Cumber. The subject is the visitation of the

Virgin Mary; the figures as large informed him that there was no as life, admirably drawn, and al- charge against him personally ; that ways considered to have been de. the French government were satissigned either by Sebastian de Pi. fied with the possession of all his paombino, or Michael Angelo. pers, which they were resolved to

John Harris, a private in the keep; and that he must leave Paris royal waggon train, quartered at at a late hour that evening.–At the the White Hart at Moulsham, in hour appointed for his departure, he Chelmsford, picked up a pocket. was put into a coach, and, without book in the inn yard, containing the least idea of his destination, wag bank notes to the amount of 941. conveyed to Cherbours, where he which he instantly deposited with arrived on the 16th, and was immethe landlord of the house, telling diately sent on board a French cuthim to deliver it to the owner when ter, which sailed with a tlag of truce enquired for. About three hours for England. The cutter soon fell after, a rich old farmer, who puts up in with the Niobe frigate, which at that house, missed his book and received Sir George, and conveyed notes, and upon enquiry of the him to Portsmouth. Not a doubt landlord, had it, with the property, exists, but that his prompt and most safely delivered to him ; when he unexpected deliverance was owing generously gave the soldier, who has to the immediate and spirited dea wife and four children, a one mand made by Prussia in his behalf: pound note as a reward for his ho. his papers however have all been denesty!

tained. 18th. To the great surprise of This day the Romney of 50 guns, the public, Sir George Rumbold (late a fine ship, left Yarmouth with bula minister at Hamburgh, and whose locks for the Texel fleet, and carried atrocious seizure in his functions we out letters for the officers ; on the have already mentioned in its place,*) following morning at nine, she was arrived in London from France.-- wrecked on the South Haak Sand, It appears, that on his arrival at Pa- next the Texel, and on the 20th, ris he was immediately carried to the most of the officers and crew quitt. Temple, and conveyed to a misera- ed her on rafts and in the boats. ble apartment, where he was treated They were made prisoners by the with much rudeness. The keepers boats of the Dutch fleet, and the having directions to keep out of the ship soon after went to pieces. This way all instruments of destruction, it unfortunate accident originated in was with much difficulty be could the Romney mistaking three Amcprevail opon them to lend him a rican ships, wrecked the night before knife to cut up a fowl which he had on the Haak Sands, for part of our for supper.

He was then conveyed Texel fleet at anchor. A tribute of to a wretched flock bed, with dirty gratitude is due to the admiral, offi. sheets and blankets; and in this si- cers and crew of the Dutch men of tuation he remained till the follow war in the Texel, who sent out five ing evening, when he was waited launches with a flag of truce, to the upon by an officer of the police, who wreck; at the hazard of their lives,

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they approached the Romney, and lon, was cut in a garden, this day, by their humane exertions, the lives at Bathwick, belonging to Mr. Gra. of 300 British seamen were saved. ham, fruiterer, of Bath. It weighs Captain Colville of the Romney, and 112lbs. the girt round is two yards, all his officers, have since arrived at and it measures two yards and a half Yarmouth. Tlrey were discharged in length. The seed of this extraupon their parole, by the Dutch ad. ordinary production was given to the miral Kilkkert, who behaved to gardener by a French cook who was them in the most humane manner. at Bath last winter, and who highly

The following instance of intrepid extolled its excellence for culinary humanity in a British naval officer purposes. at Plymouth, among many other 20th. Mrs. Sowerby, the wife of similar occurrences, deserves to be a pawnbroker, in Cannon-Row, recorded :-_Benjamin Nelson, a Whitechapel, threw herself into the seaman of the Colossus of 74 guns, bason in the Green-park. She was lying in Cawsand Bay, had been on taken out alive, and confessed that shore on liberty, and coming aboard she had just before drank a quantity much intoxicated, fell out of the of aqua-fortis out of a phial; being boat alongside the ship. Lieutenant carried to Mount-street work-house, Lothian, walking near the gang, she there expired in the evening ! way, saw the accident, pulled off She has left three children. The cohis coat, and with great intrepidity roner's inquest returned a verdict of jumped from the starboard main- -lunacy chains into the water: after swim A poor woman of Cottingham, ming a little time, he caught Nelson Yorkshire, having left a child a few by the hair, but in struggling to months old, in the cradle, alone, bring him to the boat, Nelson be. while she went out upon some ocing a powerful man, sunk, dragg- casion; and omitting to shut the ing the lieutenant with him :-lieut. door, on her return found the child Lothian, by dint of superior swim- lying on the floor, with both its ming, soon rose again, grasping hands nearly eaten off by a sow, him firmly by the hair; they were which had found her way into the then taken on board the ship's cut house. ter, but on taking Nelson to the 21st. Lord Eardley, on passing lower-gun deck, although every through Windsor, saw a crowd colmeans were taken to restore his life, lected; and, on enquiring the cause, he breathed his last, more owing to found that it proceeded from a poor suffocation from his drunkenness, clergyman's goods being seized for a than from his immersion in the wa. debt of 471. which sum his lordship ter. Lieutenant Lothian was some immediately disbursed, and thus re. time before he recovered from the lieved the fortunate object of his effects which the fatigue and anxiety bounty from irreparable ruin. of his humane exertions had occa 24th. This evening, the signal besioned. The coroner's jury return. ing made at Torbay for the whole ed a verdict of -Accidental death. fleet to proceed to sea, the ships

A pumpkin of most extraordinary were standing out of the bay, when size and weight, and beautifully the Venerable, captain Hunter, in laced like the finest Cantaloupe més endeavouring to weather one of the

ships near her, missed stays, and went and kindness, that one ship's officers on shore on some rocks, where she could shew to another in distress.” beat violently. Signals of distress. The Venerable soon after went to were immediately hoisted, and guns pieces, and next day there was no. constantly fired. The crew, coo. thing to be seen of her, but her sisting of 555 souls, were all saved bows; she was a very fine ship, except eight, by the boats of the built in 1784, and bore lord DunImpetueux and Goliah. The captain can's flag in the ever memorable fight and officers remained on board till of Camperdown. the last, with scarcely a hope of A corporal and a private belongsaving their lives ; and when the surf ing to the 81st regiment of foot, bewas breaking tremendously over ing part of the escort which arrived them, this scene of courage and at Exeter with Mr. Russell's wagmagnanimity is thus described by one gons on the Wednesday preceding, of the officers on board :

laden with treasure, were commit. “ In this state, the officers per. ted, the former to high-gaol, and suaded their good and still undaunt- the latter to the county bridewell, ed captain to think of saving his life, for breaking open one of the chests and with it their own, as they had upon the road, and stealing there. resolved, one and all, to share his out a quantity of dollars, which fate. After some time he consent. they sold. The serjeant of the party, ed, on condition that the officers on their return to Plymouth, obshould go first. This point being serving them to be in possession of concluded, the hope of life, long cash and bank notes, immediately dismissed from our minds, began to had them apprehended, when one of revive, when another difficulty them made a full confession of the arose, which of the officers was to fact. They are fully committed for lead the way? The extinction of trial. this new reviving hope was, indeed, In a parish, not 100 miles from dreadful, and the pause had nearly North Elmham, is a person whose been fatal to us all! At length, various professions and occupations one of the junior lieutenants, long may be arranged as under:--shoeknown to the crew, and as brave a maker; blacksmith ; whitesmith; man as ever trod a quarter-deck, gun-smith; lock-smith; bell-hanger; agreed to lead, the rest solemnly turner in wood, brass, and iron; promising to follow. One after teacher of music; constable of the another we now descended from parish ; auctioneer and appraiser; over the stern, (the only part above dealer in old cloaths; armourer to water) by single ropes, cold, be- the Elmham volunteers, and corpo. numbed, and wet through, and in ral to the same; watch and clockthis condition gained the boats, them- maker, parish cook; small pox selves in perilous attendance be- and vaccine inoculator; inspector neath. In this manner was it, that of weights and balances for the hun. the poor old Venerable was aban- dred of Launditch; collector and doned to her fate; and about six assessor of the king's taxes; sheriff's o'clock we reached the Impetueux, officer and bailiff ; shaver and hairwhere, it is needless to say, that we dresser; surveyor of land, and were treated with every attention teacher of mensuration ; leader of


the choir at church ; quondam jus. nies, to the apartment prepared for tice of the peace; and heir appa. him: having rested some time, his rent to the clerkship of the parish. holiness paid a visit to the emperor;

As a person from Little Tayfield, and immediately afterwards to the Derbyshire, was returning home empress. ller majesty re-conducted from Manchester, his horse took the pope as far as the second room fright and threw him off'; in a vio. of her apartments. The pope hav. lent rage, he drew a strong stake ing returned to his own apartment, from the side of a gate, with which the minister and great officers of the he beat the poor animal so unmerci- empire were presented to his holifully upon the head, as to occasion ness. At four o'clock the emperor instant death! after stripping it of sent notice to the pope that he inthe saddle and bridle, he then walk. tended to pay him a visit, and reed home, a distance of seven miles, paired to the closet of his holiness, very properly substituting himself The same ceremonies were observed for the poor beast, although punish- as on the visit of the pope to the emed much too slightly for his barba- peror; at each they remained alone rity.

together, for about half an hour. 25th. On this day, at noon, the 29th. A bird of the hawk or eagle pope arrived at Fontainbleau, for kind, was shot at Stockfield-park, the purpose of officiating at the co near Wetherby, by Mr. Cummins, ronation of the new emperor of the game-keeper to the countess of French, which took place in the Aberdeen, in the grounds near the following month. The emperor, house, of such enormous size and who was enjoying the chace, (it strength, as to receive the shot of was on a Sunday) at the moment of three discharges before it was se. his arrival, being informed of the cured, and it then defended itself so approach of his holiness, met him at powerfully, as to elude every device La Croix de Saint llerem. The Mi, Cummins could exercise to epperor and the pope alighted, and seize it, till he offered the muzzle of embraced each other. Six of his his gun, which it seized with such majesty's carriages then came up, avidity, as to hang in that position into one of which the emperor first whilst he carried it home to the entered, and placed his holiness house. At this date it was alive, upon the right. They arrived at and measured nine feet four inches the castle through two lines of between the extremities of the wings; troops and the thunder of artillery, and its beak, legs, and talons, indiCardinal Caprara, and the great cate astonishing strength. officers of the househould, received Died.—5th. At Acton, Middlethem at the bottom of the stair-case. sex, aged 105, John Thonias, farThe emperor and the pope proceed. rier. ed together by the gilt stair-case, as 22d. At Gloves, near Athunry, far as the place which separated their Ireland, after a short illness, Mr. apartments : his

holiness. having Denis Coorobee of Ballendangin, there quitted the emperor, was con- aged 117. He retained his faculties ducted by the grand chamberlain, to the last, and until two days prethe grand marshal of the palace, viously to his death, he never reand the grand master

of the ceremo- membered to have any complaint or 1


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