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PAGE Allen, J. B. (continued) Lives from Cornelius Nepos. 2s.

351 Roman Republic. 2 pts. 28. each

351 Rudimenta Latina. 2s. 60.

351 Greek Grammar. Out of print. Allen, P. S. Age of Erasmus. 88. 6d. net

61, 88 Selections from Erasmus. From 3s. 6d. net 88, 150 and H. M., Opus Epistolarum D. Erasmi. Vols. I-III, 18s. net each. Vol. IV, 288. net

88 and Johnson, Third International Congress for

the History of Religions. 2 vols. 258. net 459 Allen, Mrs. P. S. Praise of Folly, by Erasmus. 68. net

163 Allen, R., Pentecost. ls. net and ls. 6d. net 456 Allen, T. W.

Abbreviations in Greek MSS. 108. 6d. net 346
Homeric Catalogue of Ships. 168. net

361 and Monro, Homeri Opera. O.C.T. 5 vols.

I-IV, from 3s. n. each; V, from 4s. 6d. n. 151, 322, 324 Allen, W. C., in Oxford Studies in the Synoptic Problem

371 Allerdyce, J. T., and Junks Adverbs of Plautus, 2s. 6d. net

337, 350 Allison, J. M. S., Church and State in the Reign of Louis Philippe, 1830–48. 4s. 6d. net

90 Allison, W. T., Milton's

Tenure of Kings and
Magistrates.' 6s. 6d. net

287 Allix

Judgement of the Ancient Jewish Church. 5. 453
Reflections upon the Holy Scripture. 5s. 453
Ancient Churches of the Albigenses. 58.

453 Ancient Churches of Piedmont. 5s.

454 Allot, R., England's Parnassus. Ed. C. Crawford. From 8s. 6d. net

148, 161 Allsopp, H., Tennyson's Princess. 2s.6d. net 208 and Mulliner, Tennyson's Princess, and Shorter Poems and Lyrics. 38. 6d. net

208 Almanack, Oxford Sheet Almquist,'c. J. L., Sara Videbeck and The Chapel. Trans. A. B. Benson. 11s. net

278 a Alphita, a Medico-Botanical Glossary of about

1465. Ed. J. L. G. Mowat. 12s. 6d. net. 418 Alps. See Switzerland. Alsace-Lorraine

8, 304 Altar Services and other Services

445, 449 AMERICA. See also United States. The Discovery, &c.

72, 103, 278 a Geography

105-8 Geology

408 Zoology, see Hornaday, Stojneger

410, 416 British America, in Oxford Survey

73 Canada and Newfoundland

73, 74 Native Races of British North America. 60. and 9d.

261 United States

96-102, 113–20, 128 d, e History, Law, Government, Duties of Citizen

sbip, Business, Sociology, Economics U.S.A. and the War, books on

8 in War Speeches, ed. Ginsburg

7 and International Law .

113, 113 a-d, 1281 American Academy in Rome. Memoirs. 3 vols. 50s.: separately 25s. net each

364 American Anthropology

396 American Essays, Oxford Book of.

146 American Historical Association 58, 64, 65, 85, 96-98 American Journal of International Law. 6s, 6d. net each number

111, 128 e American Literature, History of. W.B.Cairns 31 American Oxonian. 2s.6d. net each number 134, 143 a American Revolution Causes and Character. H. E. Egerton. 8s. 6d. n. 3, 96

Sources and Documents. S. E. Morison. 10s. 6d. n. 96 American Universities

143 a, 144 See also Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Yale. American Verse Yale Book of

146 American-Scandinavian Foundation 72, 278 a Ames Foundation

59 Åmes, J. B., Lectures on Legal History, &c. 12s. 6d. net.

52, 128 c Ames, P. W., in Milton Memorial Lectures

32 a Amherst, Earı A, T. Ritchie and R. Evans. R.I. 38. net


Amos, F. R.

Early Theories of Translation. 88. 6d. net 286 Amstad, E., in Heliotherapy. 258. net . 422 a Amy, E. F.

Chaucer's Legend of Good Women. 4s. 6d. net 288 a ANATOMY

32, 33, 420 Plant Anatomy

415 Ancient Gems in Modern Settings. ' Ed. G. B. Grundy. From 68. not

151, 176 * And so Ad Infinitum. Capek Brothers. 28. n. 32 Andersen, Hans Christian Fairy Tales. Complete ed. From 7s. 6d. net 150

Ed.W.A. and J.K. Craigie. S.A. Fr. 38.6d.n. 188, 216
Illus. Rie Cramer. 10s, 6d. net

233 Tales from. From ls. 3d.

243, 259 Andersen, I., tr. Etruscan Tomb Paintings. 158. n. 42 Anderson, B. M.,

Effects of the

War on Money,
Credit, and Banking in France and the
United States. Out of print

. 113 e Anderson, H. G., Medical and Surgical Aspects

of Aviation. i2s. 6d, net . Anderson, J. G.

Maupassant's Contes de Guerre. 0.J.F.S. 1s.6d. 272 Anderson, J. G. C., ed. Vita Agricolae. 7s.6d. net 345 Anderson, J. M., Matriculation Roll of the University of St. Andrew. 12s. 6d. net

140 Andocides. Index. L. L. Forman

349 Andover District, 0. G. S. Crawford. 78. 6d. n. 109 Andreae, J. V., Christianopolis. 58. net. 5, 283 Andrew, A.P., & others, Public Policy. 6s.6d n. 101 Andrew, S. O., Praeceptor. 38. 6d. net

352 and Rouse, Lingua Latina

352 Andrews, C. E., Richard Brome. 6s. 60. net 287 Andrews, C. M., Intro. Newton's Colonizing Ac

tivities. 108. 6d. net Intro. Bond's Quit-rent System. 158. net. 96

and E.W., ed. Journal of Lady of Quality. 18s.6d.n. 19 Andrews, F.H., in Ancient Khotan & Serindia 40, 394 Andrews, I. O.

Effects of the War upon Women. Out of print 113 e Andrews, J., and others. Yale Book of Student

Verse, 1910-19. 68. 6d. net Andrews, W. L., Early Books in the Yale University Library. 6s. 6d. net

144 Andrieux, Mélanges littéraires. Ed. E. C. Jones. O.M.F.S. 38.

270 ANECDOTA OXONIENSIA Series I. Classical, i-xi

347-8, 377 Series II. Semitic, i-xii

see list 378 Series III. Aryan, i-xii

see list 391 Series IV. Mediaeval, i-xiii

see list 313 Nos. iii-vi, viii, xii. 'Old Irish and Welsh 315 Anesaki, M.

Nichiren, the Buddhist Reformer. 6s. 6d. net 392 Angell, J. R., in Evolution of Man

110 Angellier, Pages choisies. Ed. E. Legouis.

0.H.F.S. 35. 6d. ; I.P. 4s. 6d. . Angelo, Michael Drawings. J. C. Robinson. 7s. 6d. net

34 Anglice Reddenda. Jerram. 3 vols. 3s. each 352 b Anglo-Indian Codes. W. Stokes.

79 c, 128 d ANGLO-NORMAN

30, 316 ANGLO-SAXON Anglo-Saxon Britain, books on

55 English Medicine in. J. F. Payne, 8s. 6d. net 417 Philology and Phonology by Earle and Mayhew 296 Readers and Primers by Sweet

298_9 Beowulf and other texts

300--1 Dictionaries

295 Annals of Botany

413 Annandale, N., and Marshall Faroes and Iceland, 4s. 6d. net

Anson, F. A., The Piraki Log. Out of print 83
Anson, Sir W. R.
Law and Custom of the Constitution. 3 vols.

Vol. 1. 5th ed. M. L. Gwyer. 183. n. 51, 128 b
Vol. Il. 3rd ed. Part I. Out of print. Part II,
108. 6d. net

51, 128 h Law of Contract. Ed. 16, M. L.Gwyer. 15s. ni. 51, 128 C Memoir. H. H. Henson. 12s. 6d. net

15 Anspacher, A. S., Tiglath Pileser III. 6s. 6d. n. 384 Anster, John, Trans. Goethe's Faust, Pt. I. W.C. From 2s. net .

219, 227 Anstey, H., Epistolae Acad. Oxon. 0.4.s. 218. n.


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M(oment) S., Pocket) Ploets), P(lain) T(exts), R(ussian) P.T., S(panish) P.T., T(ranslation) S(eries), T(udor and) (tuart) L(ibrary); R(ulers of) I(ndia), sitandard) A(uthors), Select) Eing.) Cílassics), W(orlds) C(lassics).



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39, 82


Arab Conquest of Egypt. A. J. Butler. 16s. n. 380 American and British Verse from the Yale

Hist. Arabum. Pocock, ed. White. 10s. 6d. n. 378 Review. 58. 6d. net

32 Arab Medicine and Surgery. M. W. HiltonAnthologies of Travel

Simpson. 10s, 6d. net

Book of Jewish Thoughts. From 48. 6d. net 378 a ARABIA. History. D. G. Hogarth. '78. 6d. net 3
Book of Light Verse. From 38. 6d. net 146, 182, 188 Arabian Nights
Book of the Sea. Scott

146, 147

Trans. E.W. Lane. S.A. From 3s. 6d. net 150, 188, 216 Book of Sorrow. Macphail . 146, 147 Ed. Strang. From 1s. 3d.

243, 259 Book-Lovers' Anthology. From 3s. 6d. net 146, 188 ARABIC

319, 379 Childhood in Verse and Prose. 7s.6d. net 146 Aramaic Papyri. A. E. Cowley. 21s. net

. 378 a Devotional Anthologies 462 Arber, E., English Songs. 10 vols.

213 Empire Birthday Book. 32c ARBITRATION

112, 128 1 English Landscape. Baring

146 Arbuthnot, J., Works. Ed. g. A. Aitken. 15s. n. 169 English Verse and Prose

182, 213-215, 218 ARCHAEOLOGY. See also Numismatics, French Poetry, tr. Carrington

176, 266 Sculpture Friendship Series . 229 Prehistoric

359 Greek

176, 336 Greek and Roman Johnson Calendar.' Beil. 2s. 6d. net, 2s. net

: 41, 42, 356, 359-60 32 c Oriental .

39, 40, 377 Latin


380-83 Mufaddaliyāt.' Ed. c. J. Lyall. 2 vols. 1268. n. 379 Christian

376-7 Oxford Books of Verse (see Oxford) 145, 146, 147 British For Schools : French, German, Latin 266, 279, 341 How to Observe in Archaeology. 2s. 6d. net

383 Oxford Garlands. 15 vols.

229 Archer, T. A., in Hist. Atlas of Modern Europe. 104 Oxford Miscellany (see Oxford)

175 Archer, w., The Thirteen Days. 38. 6d. net Physician's Anthology. 8s. 6d.; I.P. 108. 6d. n. 146 The Playhouse ; in Shakespeare's England

21 Poems of Home and Overseas. 3s. 32 d, 146, 214 Archibald, E. Poets' Life of Christ. 7s. 6d. net

146 Exercises in Sonnenschein's English Grammar 232 b Portugal. Young


Archibald, R. G., and Byam Scottish, Irish, Canadian, and American

146 Medicine in the Tropics. 3 vols. 84s. net per Songs of Joy. 28. 6d. net

volume : £12 12s. net the set.

425 Swedish Lyrics. Stork


20 Greek and Roman Weather Calendar Head. '2s. 5d. net, 2s. net

41, 359 28 Oriental.

39, 40 Women's Verse. Ed. J. C. Squire. 7s.6d. net 146, 214 Byzantine



44-45 Culture. Pitt-Rivers

in Mediaeval England

70 Essays presented to E. B. Tylor : 110 in Shakespeare's England

21 Folk Memory. Johnson

17, 110 Argentine International Trade. 18s. net 120 Anthropology and the Classics 110, 361 Argonauts of'49. 0. T. Howe. 16s. net.

97 and History. W. McDougall. 2s. net 110 Aris, E., Betty o' the Barn. 28. net

252 African Languages and Folklore 81-2, 110 Bunny-Go-Lucky. 28. net

252 Bushman Paintings

Bunny o' the Bracken. 28. net

252 Antiquities from Benin 80 Cosy Corner Books. 2s. 6d. net each

252 American Indian Languages and Folklore 396 Duck-a-Dandy Series. 2d. net each

256 Melanesian Languages and Folklore (Codring

Jack o' the Hedge. 28. net. ton), Borneo, Malay, &c. .

395 Little Mousey Muffet. Is. 6d. net. Malay Reader. Winstedt. 78. 6d. net 395 Roger Quack. 6d. net .

252 Pastels from the Pacific. Lenwood 19 Uncle Toby Tales. 2s. 6d. net each

252 Bronze Age in Italy and Sicily

359 and Byron, Hide-Away Stories. 4s. 6d. net 250 Pottery in Britain

53 Aristarchus of Samos. Ed. SirT. Heath. 188. n. 335 Wookey Hole .

53 Aristophanes. Comoepiae et Fragm. Ed. F. W. Ancient Thebaid and Abydos


Hall and W.M.Geldart. 0.C.T. 2 vols. From Celtic Folklore. Arthurian Legend (Rhys), &c. 315 38. 6d. net each

151, 322, 327 Rustic Speech and Folklore. Wright. 6s, net 297 Ed. W. Dindorf. 2 vols. i0s. 68. net

327 Faroes and Iceland. N. Annandale 18 Trans. Frere. W.C. From 2s. net

227, 328 Aboriginal Siberia. M. A. Czaplicka . 20, 110 0.P.P. From 3s. net

229 Hindu Manners. Dubois

78 Acharnians. Ed. R. T. Elliott. i4s. net Musical Bow. H. Balfour

47, 110
Ed. W. W. Merry. 3s. 6d. net

323 See also Comparative Religion, Sacred Books of

Birds. Ed. W. W. Merry. 3s. 6d. net

328 the East, &c.

Clouds. Ed. W. W. Merry. 38. 6d. net

328 Antiquaries Journal. 5s. net each number;

Ed. C. Bailey. 38, 6d. net

328, 352 annual subscription, 18s. 6d. net post free 70 Frogs ; Knights; Peace; and Wasps. Ed.w.w. Antoninus. See Aurelius.

Merry. 38. 6d. net each
Anwyl, Sir E., Pref. Evans's Pryderi Fab Pwyll 257 Concordance. H. Dunbar. 218. net
Anwyl, J. B.,

Livingstone y Llwybrydd. 28. n. 254 Scholia Graeca. Ed. W. Dindorf. 21s.
Aplin, o. v., Birds of Oxfordshire. 7s. 6d. net. 410 Aristotle

366, 367, 437, 445 Opera. Ed. I. Bekker. 11 vols. (Vol. I, Organon, Apollonius of Perga, Conic Sections. ' Ed.'Sir

and Vol. IX, Ethica, out of print.) 7s. 6d. n. ea.

334 T. L. Heath. 158. net

335, 401

Eng. Trans. Ed. J. A. Smith and W.D. Ross 123, 398 Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica. Ed. R. C.

Vol. IV, Historia Animalium. 128. 6d. net Seaton. 0.C.T. From 38. net.

151, 322, 328
Vol. V, De Partibus, &c. 158. net

123 Apostolic Age. W. W. Shirley. 3s. 6d.


Vol. VI, Opuscula. 10s. 6d. net Appian, Civil Wars, Book I. Ed. J. L. Strachan

Vol. VIII, Metaphysica. 10s. 6d. net Davidson. _Out of print


Vol. X, Politica, &c. 15s, net Appleton, R. B., ed. Ludi Persici. 2s. 6d. net


De Coloribus, &c. 58. net and Jones, Puer Romānus. 2s. 9d. net


Magna Moralia, &c. 5s. net. Apsinis et Longini Rhetorica

Politica. 12s. 6d. net Ed. J. Bakius. 38, 6d. net


Oeconomica and Ath. Resp. 5s. net Apuleius. Apologia. Ed. H. E. Butler and A. S.

De Mundo; De Motu ; De Mirabilibus. 2s.6d. Owen, 78. 6d. net


net each Apologia and Florida.' Trans. H. Ė. Bitler.

Parva Naturalia. 48. net 0.T.S. 58. net Cupidand Psyche. Ed. H. E. Butler. 38. 6d. n. 345, 352

155, 345

De Lineis. 38. net Metamorphoses. Trans. H. E. Butler.

Aristotelian Studies. J. C. Wilson. 58. net

Aristotelian Writings. R. Shute. 78. 6d. net

0.T.S. 2 vols. 8s. 6d. net .

155, 345 ABBREVIATIONS : 0(xford) Ploets), C(lassical) Texts), E(nglish) Texts), F(rench) P(lain) Texts), H(igher) F(ronch) Steries), J(unior) F(rench) ., J. G(erman) s., J. Llatin), s., Miscellany), M(odern) F(rench) S(eries),

252 252




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Aristotle (continued)

PAGE Conybeare's Collation with ancient Armenian versions. 14s. net

347 de Arte Poetica, ed. I. Bywater. 'o.c.r. From 28. net

151, 322, 335 On the Art of Poetry. I. Bywater. 21s. net

335 Trans. I. Bywater. Pref. G. Murray. 2s.6d. n. 335 Atheniensium Respublica. Ed. Sir F. G. Kenyon. 0.C.T. From 2s. 6d. net

322, 334 On Coming-to-be and Passing-away. H. .H.

Joachim. 32s. net
On the Constitution of Athens.' Ed. Sir F. G.
Kenyon. From 7s. 6d. net

334, 335, 358 Ethica Nicomachea. Ed. I. Bekker. 2s.6d, net' 334

Ed. I. Bywater. O.C.T. From 4s. net. 151, 322, 334 Textual Criticism of. I. Bywater. 2s.6d. n. 334, 347 Notes on, by J. A. Stewart. 2 vols. 30s. net 334 English MSS. of. J. A. Stewart. 3s. 6d. net 347 Meteorologicorum Libri Quattuor. Ed. F. H. Fobes. 21s. net

334 Physics, Book VII. Ed. R. Shute. 28. net 347 Politics. Trans. B. Jowett. 2 vols. Vol. I, 10s. net; Vol. II, 8s. 6d. net

123, 334 Trans. B. Jowett: Intro. H, w. c. Davis. 0.T.S. From 4s. 6d. net

123, 154, 335 Ed. W. L. Newman, 4 vols. 48s. n. Separately (except Vol. I), from 10s. net each

334 Selecta ex Organo. 5s. net

334 Aristotle as a Biologist. D'Arcy W. Thompson.

2s, net. Aristotle's Criticisms of Plato. 'J. M. Watson.

127, 364 3s. 6d. net

124 Excerpt from Brit. Mus. Cat. :

320 Aristoxenus

Harmonics. Ed. H. S. Macran. 12s. 6d. net 48, 335 ARITHMETIC

70, 264 a, 402 Arkwright, G. E. P., and Strong, Music in Christ

Church Library, 'Oxford. Pt. 1, Ts. 6d, net ;
Pt. II, 218. net

47 and Wooldridge

Musica Antiquata. 4 pts. 2s, net each. 48 a, 466 Arlington, Earl of. V. Barbour. Out of print 65 Armenian MSS., Catalogue of, see Conybeare. Armitage, F.L., Max Müller and Lichtenstein's Gernian Classics. Vol. II. 68. net.

283 Old High German. 8s. 6d. net

317 Armitage, W.J., and Carpenter, Church Year. 3s, 6d. net

460 ARMOUR Armstrong, E., History and Art in the Quattrocento. Is. 6d. net

33 Armstrong, E. c. Ed. Elliott Monographs Barlaam and Josaphat. 6s. net .

278 Armstrong, Lilias E. in Year's Work in English Studies

27 Arnold, C., Practical Engineer Electrical Pocket

Book and Diary. 0.T.P. From 2s. 6d. net 432 Arnold, Matthew Poems. 1840-1867. Intro. Sir A. Quiller-Couch.

0.P. from 6s. n. ; S.A. fr. 38. 6d. n. 148, 182, 188, 211 Poems. S.E.C. From 6d.

230 O.M.S. ls. net, 2s. 6d. net

230 O.P.P. From 3s. net.

229 W.C. Intro. Sir A. Quiler-Couch. From 29. n. 220

Ed. H. B. George and A. M. Leigh. 2s. 6d. Balder Dead, and Mycerinus. O.P.T. 6d. 231 Essays in Criticism. S.A. Fr. 3s. 6d. net 149, 188, 211 Ed. C. A. Miles and L. Smith. 4s. 6d.

211 Merope, with the Electra of Sophocles. Ed. J.C.

Collins. 3s.
Sohrab and Rustum. O.P.T. 68.

231 Ed. W. J. C. Pike, with Life by Sir A. T. Quiller-Couch. ls. 3d.

211 Thyrsis, and the Scholar Gipsy. O.P.I. 6. 231 Unpublished Letters. Ed. A. Whitridge. 6s.6d.n. 170 Lord Byron: Arnold and Swinburne. H. J. C. Grierson. 2s. net

26, 32 b in Burke, Selections. 3s. 68. net

199 in English Critical Essays. W.C.

219 and Homer. T. S. Omond in Essays and Studies 28 in Raleigh's Some Authors .

23 Arnold, M. Le Roy

Soliloquies of Shakespeare. 6s. 6d. net . 285 Arnold, T., Clarendon's History, Book VI. Selections from Addison. 5s.


PAGE Arnold, T. (continued)

Select English Works of Wyclif. 3 vols. o. p. 56, 302 and Arnold, W. T., Dryden's Essay of Dramatic Poesy. 38. 6d. net

197 Arnold, Sir T. W. Introd. Binyon's Court Painters of the Grand Moguls. 843. net

40 in Western Races.

4 Arnold, W. R., Ephod and Ark. 78. 6d. net 375 Arnold, w. T., and Robertson, Keats's Hyperion. 2s. 6d. net

205 Arrhenius, S., Theories of Solutions. '155. net : 406 Arrianus, De Venatione. Ed. L. Dindorf

335 ART.

33-48, 144 Arteaga y Pereira, F. de Coplas sin Nombre de Autor. ls. net

276 Doce Sonetos. ls, net.

276 Nine Spanish Poems. 1s. net

276 Tierra y Raza. 38. 6d. net

276 Tierras Amigas. 4s. 6d. net

32 e Arthur, King, The Children's. From 28. 68. net 248 in Oxford Story Readers

257 Arthurian Legend. Sir J. Rhys. 128. 6d. 110, 315 Ārya.Çūra, Jataka-Mālā, Ed. H. Kern. 138. 6d. net 390 Ascham, Roger, in Smith's Elizabethan Critical Essays, Vol. 1.

171 Ascoli, F. D., Early Revenue History of Bengai and the Fifth Report, 1812. 4s. 68. net

77 Asconius Pedianus, Q. Ciceronis Orationum Quinque Enarratio. Ed.

A. C. Clark. 0.C.T. From 3s. 6d. net 151, 322, 345 Ash, C. R., Colomb's Fille de Carilès. O.J.F.S. ls, 3d.

272 Dehmel's Das grüne Haus. '0.J.G.s.2s.:

281 Ashanti. R. S. Rattray. 25s. net

81 Ashanti Proverbs. R. S. Rattray. 8s.


81 Ashburner, W. Rhodian Sea-Law. 18s, net.

111, 128 e, 336 Ashby, A. W., Allotments and Small Holdings in Oxfordshire. 5s, net

117 Poor

Law in a Warwickshire Village. 128. 60. net

88, 115 and Byles, Rural Education.' 28. 6d. net

117, 142 Ashby, G., Poems. Ed. M. Bateson. E.E.T.S. 15s.n.' 309 Ashby, Henry, and Wright Diseases of Children. 428. net

431 Ashby, Hugh T., and Roberts ed. Diseases of Children. 42s. net

431 Ashley, Sir W., Scientific Management and the Engineering Situation. ls. net.

13 Ashmole MSS., Catalogue, W. H. Black. 30s. n. 318 Ashmore, S. G., Comedies of Terence. 9s. net 337 Ashton, Gray, Walpole, and West, Corre

spondence. Ed. P. Toynbee. 2 vols. 258. n. 169 ASIÀ. See also Archaeology. Geographies and Maps

103-8 Oriental Studies and Literature


376, 377 Asoka. V. A. Smith. 89. 6d. net

79, 79 a J. M. Macphail. 2s. net

79f Aspinall, A. E., in Oxford Survey, voi. iv. 73 Asquith, H. H., Sir Henry Wotton : with some

General Reflections on Style in English Poetry.
2s. net

29 The Victorian Age. 28. net.

68, 397 Intro. Legacy of Rome. 8s. 6d. net

362 Asser, Life of Alfred, with the Annals of

St. Neot. Ed. W. H. Stevenson. 14s. net 55 ASSYRIA. Religions of Babylonia and Assyria. M. Jastrow, Jun. 258. net

459 Astell, Mary, and the Education of Women. F. M. Smith. 8s. 6d. net .

285 Aston, J.

Stories from English History. From ls. 8d. 263

in Strang's Historical Stories. From ls. 8d. 262 ASTROLOGY. Mediaeval Attitude towards Astrology. T. 0. Wedel. 10s. 6d. net


21, 397, 407, 408 Atchley, C., Lucas's

Hist. Geog. Vol. II. 7s.6d. n. 73, 75 Atkinson, C. M., Dumont's Bentham's Theory

of Legislation. Two vols., 10s. 6d. n., or I, 5s. n. ;
II, 6s. net

121, 128 b Atkinson, C. T., Admiral Carden. 10s. 6d. net. 15 Macaulay's Frederick the Great. 2s. net 206 Macaulay's War of the Succession. 2s. net 67, 206

43, 71





211, 216

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M(oment) .., Plocket) Ploets), Plain) Texts), Rļussian) P.T., S(panish) P.T., Tįranslation, $(eries), Tsudor and) S(tuart) L(ibrary); R(ulers of India), standard) A(uthors), select) E(ng.) C(lassics), Worlds) Classics).


PAGE Avery, H., In Strange Company. From 3d. 257 Avianus, Fables. Ed. R. Ellis. 8s. 6d. net 341 Awdeley, Fraternitye of Vacabondes, &c. Ed.

E. Viles and F. J. Furnivall. E.E.T.S. 58. n. 310 Axon, W. E. A., in Milton Lectures, 1908

32 a Ayala, B., De Jure et Officiis Bellicis et Disciplina Militari. 2 vols. 35s. net

113 Aydelotte, F., College English. 58. net

232 a Elizabethan Rogues and Vagabonds. 10s. net 64, 86

Oxford Stamp and other Essays. 78. 6d. net 142 and Crosby, Oxford of To-day. 88. 6d. net 134 Aylmer, Strype's Life of. Out of print

63 Ayres, P., in Saintsbury's Caroline Poets

160 Ayrton, E. R., and Loat, El Mahasna. 25s. 381

and Naville, and Hall, Deir el Bahari I. 255. 381 and others, Ábydos III. 258.

381 Ayscough, J. Intro. Galt's Entail. w.c.

221 Aytoun, W. E., Poetical Works. O.P. from 6s. n. S.A. from 3s. 6d. net.

177, 181, 209 Azan, P., The War of Positions.

Intro. J. E.
Kuhn, 58. 6d. net

95 Azoy, A. C. m., and Halsey, Goal Lines. 78. net 32 i

Atkinson, G., Extraordinary Voyage in French
Literature. 98. net .

278 Atkinson, S., Law in Medical Practice. 5s, net:

432 ATLASES Historical, of Europe. Poole. 136s. 6d. net 104

the 90 maps separately. ls. 6d. net each 104 also in sets. Europe and Colonies. 50s. net 104 Great Britain. 455. net

104 Germany and adjacent countries. 45s. net

104 The Latin Nations. 45s, net .

104 Do. 1789-1914. Robertson & Bartholomew. 7s.6d.n. 105 Advanced Atlas. Bartholomew.

107 School Atlas. Bartholomew.

From 29. net

107 For Australia and New Zealand. From 28. n. 83, 107

Australasian do. Do. and Cramp. 4s. 6d. net 107 School Bible Atlas. Darbishire. 28. net 107, 443 School Economic Atlas. J. G. Bartholomew. 6s. net. Supplement. 2s. 6d. net ·

107, 116 South Africa (Historical).

E. A. Walker. 10s. 6d. net.

80, 107 War Atlas, 1915. Darbishire

107 Atlas Notes. Chute. ls. 9d. net

: 107 See for other collections of Maps Oxford Survey, six volumes

84 Lucas, Historical Geography

73 Regions of the World

106 Face of the Earth. Suess, tr. Sollas

103 Dawn of Geography, Beazley .

103 Gazetteer of India, Atlas. Vol. xxvi. From 15s, net

77 Aubrey, J.

Brief Lives. Ed. A. Clark. 2 vols. 30s, net 65, 168 Auckland, Earl of. L. J. Trotter. R.I. 3s. net . 79 Auden, T., County History of Shropshire. 3s. net 69 Audoux, Marie-Claire à Villevieille. Ed. A. G. Philip. O.J.F.S. ls. 60. .

272 Auerbach, S. Headache, tr. E. Playfair. 6s. net

424 Aufrecht, T., and Keith, and Winternitz, Cata

logue of Sanskrit MSS. (Bodl. Lib.). 2 vols. 318 Ault, Norman, Dreamland Shores. 6s. net

233 Poets' Life of Christ. 7s. 6d. net

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227 Selections. O.M.S. ls. net, 28. net, 25. 6d. net. 230 Correspondence of Fronto and M. Aurelius. R. Ellis. Out of print

347 Biography. H. 1). Sedgwick.

lis. 6à, nei

15, 364 Ausonius, D. M.

Prolegomena to. M. J. Byrne. 6s. 6d. net 341 Austen, Jane

Novels. Ed. R. W. Chapman. 5 vols., 105s. net: 170
Emma. W.C. From 2s, net

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Pride and Prejudice. Ed. K. Metcalfe. 3s. net . 203
A. C. Bradley; in Essays and Studies

28 Austin, T.,

Two Fifteenth - Century Cookery
Books. E.E.T.S. 10s. net

308 AUSTRALASIA : in Oxford Survey in Lucas's Historical Geography

83 History

83 Education

400 Geography

83, 108, 109 Atlases and Maps

83, 105, 107 Australian Meteorology. G. Taylor. 12s. 68. n.' 109 Constitution ; in Bryce's Studies

122 in Framework of Union. 7s. 6d. net

13 Literature. Books for Boys and Girls

260 Book of Australasian Verse Native Races of Australasia. 6d. and 9d.

146, 214

261 Problems and Prospects. Sir C. Wade. 4s, net 83 AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Secret Treaties of. Dr.

A. F. Pribram. Ed. A. C. Coolidge. 2 vols.
15s, net each

91 Auzas, A., Poètes français. 48. net


78, 150

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B., E., and others.

Metaphor. S.P.E. Tract 11. 28. 6d. net Babar. S. Lane-Poole. R.I. 3s. net

79 Babenroth, A. C. English Childhood. 12s. 6d. net

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in one vol., India paper, 36s. net Baby Bunting' Series. '4d. net each


383-6, 459 Babylonian Inscriptions

386 Babylonian Records. Ed. A. T. Clay Babylonian Researches

386 Babylonian Story of the Deluge.' ls. 6a. net 386 Bacchylides, Poems. Text. 58. net

358 By Sir R. Jebb. ls. net

362 Bach, J. S., Chorales. ld. net

465 Deuddeg o Goralau allan o 'Passion Music'. 3d. 315

Original Hymn-Tunes. Ed. C. S. Terry. 3s. 6d. n. 467 Bach, M. G.

Wieland's Attitude towards Woman. 78. net. 284 Backhouse, J. H., Epistle of Barnabas. 3s. 6d. 373 Bacon, B. W., Jesus the Son of God.

6s. net

455 Beginnings of Gospel Story. 10s. 6d. net Fourth Gospel in Research. 178. net.

371a Is Mark a Roman Gospel ? 5s. 6d. net Theodore Thornton Munger. 12s. 6d. net Christianity Old and New. 4s. 6d. net

455 Non-Resistance. 2s. 6d. net

7 Teaching Ministry for To-morrow. 45. 6d. net 458 Bacon, Francis Advancement of Learning. W. A. Wright. 4s.. 192

and New Atlantis. W.C. From 2s. net Essays. Ed. A. S. Gaye. 3s. 60.

192 Ed. S. H. Reynolds. 10s. 6d. net

168 W.C. From 2s. net

924 Selections. S.E.C. 6d.

230 Selections. Clarendon Series. 38. 6d. net



375 455

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124, 224

: 266

ALBREVIATIONS : 0(xford) Ploets), Classical) T(exts), E(nglish) T(exts), F(rench) P(lain) Texts), H(igher) F(rench) Sseries), J(unior) F(rench) S., J. G(erman) s., J. Latin) S., Miscellany), M(odern) Ffrench) S(eries),


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3, 92




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Bacon Francis (continued)
New Atlantis. Ed. A. B. Gough. 2s.

Novum Organum. Ed. T. Fowler. 158. net 124
in English Critical Essays. W.C.

in Spingarn's 17th Cent. Critical Essays, Vol. I: 171
Macaulay's Essay on Bacon. 2s. 6d. net

O.P.T. ls. 4d.

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Bacon, Roger
Works. Ed. R. Steele. 5 Fasc. I, 7s. 6d. net.
II-IV, 10s. Bd. net each. V, 28s. net

Commemorative Essays. Éd. A. G. Little.
16s. net

58, 124, 398
Pageant for the Seven Hundredth Anniversary

of Roger Bacon. 2s. 6d. net and 8s. 6d. net 398
Roger Bacon. Sir J. E. Sandys. 1s. net 58, 398
Bacon, R., and Scott, see Root.

of Plants

Baden-Powell, B. H., Land-Revenue and Tenure

in British India. Éd. Sir T. Holderness. 5s. n. 77
Land-Systems of British India. 3 vols. 558. n. 77
Baekeland, Industrial Chemistry. 2s. 6d. net . 406
Bage, Life of, in Scott's Lives of the Novelists 219
Bagebot, w., in English Critical Essays. W.C. 219
In Cowper, Poetry and Prose

Bagguley, W.H., ed. Andrew
Marvell Tercentenary

Bagster-Collins, E. w., Methods of Teaching

German in Secondary Schools. 88. 6d. net 144
Bahamas, A Naturalist in. 128. 6d. net .

20, 410
Bailey, c.
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Trans. O.T.S. 58. net

154, 338
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Ed. Legacy of Rome. 8s. 6d. net

Introd. Virgil's Aeneid, I-III. 38. 6d. net 339
and others, ed. World's Manuals. 2s.6d, net each 1
Bailey, J., Poets and Poetry. 6s. net .

A Day-Book of Landor. From 2s. net

Continuity of Letters. 12s. 6d. net

Note on Chambers' Teaching of English in
Universities of England. 28. 6d. net

Poetry and Commonplace. Is. 6d. net

24, 32 b
in Essays and Studies

Bailey, N., Divers Proverbs. ' 48. éd. net

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Bairstow, E. C., in Oxford Church Music . 48 f
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Baker, A. T.
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113 e
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32 h
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32 h
Old Coins. 68. 6d. net.

32 h
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History of English-Canadian Literature to the
Confederation 10s. 6d. net

Baker de Swynebroke
Ed. E. M. Thompson. 18s. net

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Balch, H. E., and others, Wookey Hole. 258. net

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Baldwin, F. T.
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Baldwin, J. F.

King's Council in the Middle Ages. 185. net 58
Baldwin, J. M., The Super-State. 2s. net 7, 122, 127
Baldwin, S. E.
Education and Citizenship. 59. 6d. net

Bale, J., Index Britanniae Scriptorum. Ed. R. L.
Poole and M. Bateson. From 359. net

303, 313
Balfour, A. J., Criticism and Beauty. 2s. net 126
Balfour, Sir Graham
Educational Administration. 2s. 60. net

Educational Systems of Great Britain and Ire.
land. 7s. 6d. net


Balfour, H., Intro. Pitt-Rivers's Culture

Natural History of Musical Bow. 4s. 6d. net 48, 110
Pref. Tongue's Bushman Paintings

34, 82
in Anthropological Essays

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Vol. 1, from 158. net ; Vol. II, from 30s. net 414
and Fisher, and Groom, Schimper's Geography
of Plants. 1059. net

and Garnsey, De Bary's Bacteria. 5s. net 415
De Bary's Comparative Morphology. -30s. net . 415
Sachs's History of Botany. 10s. net .

Solms-Laubach's Fossil Botany. From 15s. net 415
and Groom, Warming's Oecology. Out of print. 414
and others, Annals of Botany


The Balkans. is. 6d. net

in Nearer East. D. G. Hogarth. 10s. 6d. net 92, 106
Ball, A. P., The Satire of Seneca. 6s. 6d. net 340
Ball, C. J., Book of Job. 25s. net

Chinese and Sumerian. 42s. net

Shumer and Shem. B.A. 3s. net

Ball, J., and Hamilton. Book-keeping. 3s. 6d. n. 120
Ball, M., Scott as a Critic of Literature. 5s.6d. n. 285
History of. W. P. Ker. Is. 6d. net

32 b
S.E.C. 60.

in Shakespeare's England. C. H. Firth

English Songs and Ballads. W.C. From 2s. n. 218
Oxford Book of Ballads. Ed. Sir A. Quiller-

Couch. From 8s. 6d. net; I.P., 10s. net. 145, 147
Ballads for Boys and Girls. 2s. 6d.

Walpole Ballads. Percival. 8s. 6d. net

Shirburn Ballads. Ed. A. Clark. 10s. 6d. net. 158
Ballantyne, Rev. A., and Jenness
Northern D'Entrecasteaux. 128. 6d. net

Ballantyne, R. M.
Coral Island. From ls. 3d.

243, 259
The Lighthouse. From ls. 3d.

243, 259
Young Fir Traders. From ls. 3d.

243, 259
Ballard, A., The Domesday Boroughs. 10s. 6d. n. 57
Eleventh-century Inquisition of St. Augustine's
Canterbury. 21s. net

and Levett, The Black Death. 128. 60. net

Ballou, F. W.

Appointment of Teachers. 7s. 6d. net
Scales for Measurements of English Composi-
tions. 28. 6d. net

144 a
Balme, H., and others

Introduction to Missionary Service. 38. 6d. net 459
Balston, T., W. Irving's Sketch Book. 3s.6d. n. 204

Intro. Irving's Sketch Book. W.C.
Peacock's English Prose. 38. 6d. net

Sheridan's Rivals. 28. 6d. net

With Goldsmith's Good Natur'd Man, ed.
G. G. Whiskard. 4s. net

199, 201
Notesito Walton's Compleat Angler :

Balz, A. G. A., Idea and Essence in the Philo-

sophies of Hobbes and Spinoza. 6s. 6d. net .128 a
Balzac, H.
César Birotteau, O.M.F.S. 38.

Les Chouans. O.M.F.S. 38. 6d.

Le Colonel Chabert. O.M.F.S. 38.

Le Curé. 58. 6d. net

Eugénie Grandet. O.H.F.S. 3s. 6d.

Gobseck. 68. 6d. net
Pierrette. O.H.F.S. 38. 6d.

La Recherche de l'Absolu. C. E. Young. 3s.6d.n. 271
Une Ténébreuse Affaire. O.M.F.S. 3s.

La Vendetta; Pierre Grassou. O.M.F.S. 38.. 270
Honoré de Balzac and his Figures of Speech.
J. M. Burton, 18. 6d. net

in John Morley and other Essays.

7s. net

Bampton Lectures

Banerjee, Dr. G.

India as known to the Ancient World. 5s. net 79 a
Banerjee, S. N., and Hoyland, Commentary of
Father Monserrate. 9s. net

79 a
Banerji-Sastri, A., Māgadhi. 38. 6d. net

Banks, M. L., Passages for Reproduction.
2s. 6d. net.

Banks, Mrs. M. M., Alphabet of Tales. Pts. 1-11.
E.E.T.S. 10s. net. each

Banks, T. H., Jr. Wild Geese. '6s. 60. net 32 f
Banner Series for Children. 2s. 6d. net each 250

144 a


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Moment) S., Plocket) Ploets), Plain) Texts), R(ussian) P.T., S(panish) P.T., T(ransl* tion) Series), T(udor and)
S(tuart) L(ibrary); R(ulers of I(ndia), standard) A(uthors), S(elect) Eing.) Č(lassics), Worlds) C(lassics).

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