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Buckle, H. T., History of Civilization in England. 3 vols. W.C. From 28. net each

121, 226 Buckler, J., Oxford Almanack, 1816, 1817, 1820, 1920

138 a, 139 Bucks Biographies. Verney. 3s. net

69 Bucolici Graeci. Ed. U. v. Wilamowitz-Moellendorff. O.C.T. From 3s. net

151, 322, 328 Budd, C., Chinese Poems. 58. net

395 Buddhism

40, 793, 387, 389, 392, 394 Buddhist Art. A. Foucher, trans. L. A. and F. W. Thomas. 35s. net

40 Buddhist Legends, E. W. Burlingame. 3 parts. 67s. 6d. net the set

390 Buddhist Parables Tr. E. W. Burlingame. 25s. net

391 Budge, E. A. W., Assyrian Sculptures. 258. net. Separate plates 6d. net each

39 Book of the Bee. 21s. net

378 Book of the Dead 50s. net.

380 Coptic Homilies. B.M. 15s. net.

383 Coptic Apocrypha. 208. net

383 Coptic Martyrdom. 17s. 6d. net

383 Coptic Texts. 40s. net.

383 Coptic Biblical Texts. B.M. 158. net

383 Egyptian Sculptures. 25s. n. Plates, 6d. n. each 39 Egyptian Tombs. 58. net

39 Facsimiles of Egyptian Hieratic Papyri. 30s. n.

380 Second Series.130s, net.

380 Greenfield Papyrus. 50s. net

380 Papyrus of Ani, 30g. net

380 Rosetta Stone. 6d. net

380 Syrian Anatomy, &c. 2 vols. 428. net 378 a, 417 Texts relating to Saint Mêna of Egypt. 12s. net 380

and King, Kings of Assyria. Vol. 1. 20s. net 386 a Bué, R. J. E., Berthet's Le Douanier de Mer. O.M.F.S. 3s.

270 Noussanne's Chateau des Merveilles.' 0.j.F.s. 1s. 3d.

272 Buhler, G., Trans. Sacred Laws of the Aryas.

S.B.E. 2 vols. Trans. Manu. S.B.E. 1 vol. 387 and Max Muller, and Nanjio, Ancient Palmleaves. 10s. net.

391 Buelbring, K. D., Earliest English Prose Psalter. Pt. I.E.E.T.S. 158. net

306 in An English Miscellany

300 Buell, L. M.

Richard II ; in Yale Shakespeare. From 4s. 6d. n. 287 Buffum, Katharine G.

Illus. Tales from the Secret Kingdom Buland, M., Presentation of Time in the Elizabethan Drama 78. 6d. net

388 Bulgaria, in the Balkans. N. Forbes. 78.68. n. 3, 92

in Balkan Wars. J. G. Schurman. 4s. 6d. net 94

in Nearer East. D. G. Hogarth. 10s. 6d. net . 106 Bulkeley, J. P., British Empire. 39. 6d.

72 Bulkley, M. E., Bibliographical Survey for

Economic and Social History of the War.
108. 6d. net

11, 304 Bull, Works. Ed. E. Burton, with Life of Bp. Bull by R. Nelson. 8 vols. 45s. net

453 Bull, P. B., Missioner's Handbook. 2s. 60. net 458 Bullein, Dialogue against the Feuer Pestilence.

Ed. M. and A. H. Bullen. E.E.T.S. 10s. 310 Bullen, A. H., and Bullen, M. See Bullein. Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies. 7s.6d. net each number

315 Bulloch, W., in Medical Science Abstracts.

419 Bullock, E., in Oxford Choral Songs and Church Music

48 c, 48f Bumstead, H. A. in Development of the Sciences

398 Bunting, W. L., and Barton, Preparatory Geo

graphy: Handbook for Teachers. 4s. 6d. net

109 Exercise Books. I-III, 8d. each ; IV-vi, 100. each

109 Bunyan, john, Holy War and Heavenly Footman, Ed. M. Peacock. 38, 6d. net

196 Pilgrim's Progress. S.A. From 3s. 6d. n. 149, 188, 196 S.E.C. 6d..

230 W.C. From 2s. net

224 Pilgrim's Progress, with Grace Abounding. Ed. E. Venables and M. Peacock. 58. net

196 Pilgrim's Progress, Part I. 38. 6d. net


Bunyan, John (continued)

Macaulay's Essay on Bunyan. O.P.T. 60. 231 Macaulay's Life of Bunyan. O.P.T. 6d. 231 Ed. E. Maxwell. 18. 6d. net

206 Macaulay's Lives of Bunyan and Goldsmith.

Ed. E. Maxwell and C. B. Wheeler. 28. net. 206 Buonaparte. See Napoleon. Burbury, S. H., and Watson, Application of Generalized Co-ordinates to the Kinetics of .

404 Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism. 2 vols. 6s. each

405 Burch, G. J., Physiological Optics. 4g. net 405 Burchardt, C. B.

Norwegian Life and Literature. 10s. 6d. net Burd, L. A., Machiavelli's Il Principe. Intro. Lord Acton. 14s. net

. 121, 275 a Burdett, o. Idea of Coventry Patmore. 7s. 6d. net

26 Burdon-Sanderson, Sir J.

Physiology of Nerve, &c.3 pts. 189. net

Memoir of, Lady Burdon-Sanderson. 10s. 6d. n. 17 Burdy, S., Life of Skelton. 58. net

17 Burford Records. G. H. Gretton. 428. net 68 Burge, H. M., in Essays on Secondary Education 142 Burgess, F., Simple Inflexions for Introits, &c.

3d. net; organ accompaniment, 6d. net . 470 Burgess, J. W., Recent Changes in American Constitutional Theory. 8s. net

99, 128 d de Burgh, Prof.

Pref. Chattaway's School Nature Rambles. 142, 262 Burghard, F.F., Operative Surgery.5 vols. 848.n.

Separately: Vols. I, II, III, 21s. net each.
IV, 24s. net. Vol. V, 18s. net

.425 a Burial Service

449 Burke, Edmund, writings and Speeches. 6 vols. W.C. From 2s. net each

67, 121, 224 Selections. Ed. E. J. Payne. 3 vols. : 67, 121, 199 Vol. I, Thoughts on the Present Discontents,

and Two Speeches on America. 58. net.
Separately, Present Discontents; American

Taxation; Conciliation with the Colonies.
38. net each.

121, 199
Vol. II, Reflections on the French Revolution.
58. net

121, 199 Vol. III, Letters on the Proposed Regicide

Peace. 58. net Selections. Ed. A. M. D. Hughes. 38.6d. net'. 199 Letters (Selected). W.C. From 2g. net 67, 121, 224 in Raleigh's Some Authors .

23 Burke, T., Charm of England. 28. 6d. net

229 The Contented Mind. 28. 6d. net Burke, U. R., in Hist. Atlas of Modern Europe : 104 Burkitt, F. C.

Early Syrian Lectionary System. 4s. net. 378 a Syriac forms of New Testament Names. 28. n: 370 and Gwilliam, and Stenning, Biblical and Patristic Relics. 128. 6d. net.

378 Burlingame, E. W., Buddhist Legends. 3 parts. 67s. 6d. net the set

390 Buddhist Parables. 258. net

391 Grateful Elephant. 158. net


393 Burne, Sir o. T. Clyde and Strathnairne. R.I. 38. net

79 Burnet, Gilbert, History of My Own Time. Ed.

0. Áiry. Vol. I, 16s. net; Vol. II, not sold
separately; Supplement, by H. C. Foxcroft,
168. net; the three vols., 425. net

65 History of the Reign of James II. Notes by the

Earl of Dartmouth, Onslow, Swift. 128. 6d. net 65 History of the Reformation. Ed. N. Pocock. 7 vols. 63s. net.

63 Life of Matthew Hale, with Fell's Life of Ham: mond. 28. 6d. net.

65 Memoirs of the Lives and actions of james and

William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castle
Herald. 12s. 6d. net.

65 Burnet, John, Ignorance. 28. net 14, 126, 131

Platonis Opera. O.C.T. 5 vols. 151, 323, 332 Plato's Phaedo. 68.

333 Socratic Doctrine of the Soul. 0.p.

124 Greek Strain in English Literature. 28. net 29 and others, Legacy of Greece. 7s. 6d. net


121, 199

32 g

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ABBREVIATIONS: 0(xford) P(oets), C(lassical) T(exts), E(nglish) T(exts), F(rench) P(lain) Texts), H(igher) F(rench) S(eries), J(unior) F(rench) S., J. G(erman) s., J. Llatin) s., Miscellany), M(odern) F(rench) S(eries),


5, 122







Burney, C. F.

Israel's Hope of Immortality. 2s. 6d. net. 368
Israel's Settlement in Canaan. 68. net

368 Notes on Hebrew Text of Book of Kings. 143. n. 366 Old Testament Conception ofAtonement. Is.3d. n. 368 in Ball's Book of Job. 258. net

366 in The Psalms Explained. 18. net

457 in Tracts on Common Prayer, II. ls. 6d. net 457 and Sanday and Emmet. New Lessons Ex

plained. 10s. 6d. net; or in two parts : I, 6s.
net; II, 3s. 6d. net

Burnham, J. M., Concessive. Constructions in
Old English Prose. 58. net

313 Burns, C. D., Political Ideals. 4s. net. Whitehall. 2s. 6d.

2 in Unity of Western Civilization

4 Burns, Emile. Modern Finance. 2s. 60.

2 Burns, Robert Complete Poetical Works. Ed. J. L. Robertson.

Ö. P., 6s. net; S. A., fr.3s.6d. net. 148, 179, 188, 201 Kilmarnock Burns. 1786. 0.M. 38. 6d. n. 173, 201 Ed. M. S. Cleghorn. 48. 6d. net

201 Poetical Works. W.C. From 28. net

219 O.P.P. From 3s. net.

229 Selections. Ed. J. L. Robertson. 38. 6d.

201 O.M.S. From 18. net

230 Dialect (Central Ayrshire). Sir J. Wilson. 6s.n: 297 Carlyle's Essay on. 0.P.T. 9d..

231 in Raleigh's Some Authors

23 Burpee, L. J., Sandford Fleming. 10s. 6d. net 74 Ş, Burrage, C., John Penry. 28. 6d. net.

64 John Róbinson. ls. 6d. net An Answer to John Robinson of Leyden by a

64, 96 Puritan Friend. 8s. 6d. net

375 Nazareth and the Beginnings of Christianity: 38. 6d. net

456 Burrows, M., Collectanea. ö.h.s.:

Second Series. 16s. net. Third Series. 21s. net 135 Burt, M. S., and others

Ed. Book of Princeton Verse, II. 9s. net 32 i Burton, E., Bull's Works. 8 vols. 45g. net 453 Cranmer's Catechism. 78. 6d. net.

62 Eusebius's Ecclesiastical History. 10s. 6d. net 374 Burton, J. M., Honoré de Balzac. 48. 6d. net

• 278 Burton, S.

Pearson's Exposition of the Creed. 10g. 6d. net 452
Burton, T. E.
Constitution of United States. 48. 6d. net

97 Modern Political Tendencies. 7s. net

122 Bury, J. B.

Romances of Chivalry on Greek Soil. 2s.n. 362, 364, 397
Intro. Gibbon's Autobiography. W.C.

224 in Historical Atlas of Modern Europe

104 Busby, O. M.

The Fool in Elizabethan Drama. 38. 6d. net 165 Busch, M., and Benecke 11

Trans. Selected Polish Tales. W.C. From 2s. net 227 Bushell, S. W., Chinese Pottery and Porcelain (The T'ao Shuo). Out of print.

40 Yuan-P'ien's Chinese Porcelain. Out of print 40 Bushman Paintings. M. H. Tongue. 63s. net 34, 82 Bushnell, A. J. de H. L'Anglais pour les Français. 3s.

267 Business and Accounts

120 Bussell, F. W. in Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica

375 Butcher, S. H., Eulogy by G. Murray

Demosthenis Orationes. 0.C.T. 151, 322, 329 Butler, Alfred J., Ancient Coptic Churches of

Egypt. 2 vols. 42s. net
Arab Conquest of Egypt. 16s. net

380 Babylon of Egypt. 6s. net

380 Treaty of Misr in Tabari. 5s. net and Evetts, Aba Salih's Churches and Monasteries of Egypt. From 21s. net .

378 Butler, Arthur J. Forerunners of Dante. 7s. 6d. net

274 Butler, H. B., Southey's Life of Nelson. 3s. 6d. n. 68, 203

in Historical Portraits, Vol. II
Butler, H. E., Transl. of Apuleius, 0.T.S.
Apologia and Florida. 58. net'.

155, 345 Metamorphoses. 2 vols. 8s. 6d. net

155, 345 ed. Apuleius, Cupid and Psyche. 3s. 6d. net 345, 352 Post-Augustan Poetry. 88. 6d. net

.363 a

PAGE Butler, H. E. (continued)

Ed. Sallust, Jugurthine War. 3s. 6d. net. 344, 352 Ed. Sallust and Cicero, Catilinarian Conspiracy. 39. 6d. net

343, 344, 352 and Owen, Apulei Apologia. 78. 6d. net

345 Butler, H. M., Lord Chatham. 2s. net.

67, 397 Butler, J., Works. 2 vols. 58. 6d. each

454 Ed.W.E.Gladstone. 3 vols. Roy. 8vo: Vols I-II,

14s. net each; Vol. III, 10s. 6d. net. Cr. Svo :
Vols. I-III, 6s. net each, cheaper binding
10s. net (vols, not sold separately)

125, 169 Analogy. Ed. Gladstone. W.C. Out of print . 224 Butler, N. M., Philosophy, 4s. 6d. net

. 128 a in Columbia University Lectures. 2s. net 399 Butler, O., in An English Miscellany

300 Butler, S., in Seventeenth Century Essays, II. 171 Life ; in Johnson's Lives of the Poets

218 By Divers Paths. 3s. 6d. net

29 Byam. W., in Trench Fever. 10s. 6d. net

423 and Archibald, Medicine in the Tropics. 3 vols.

848. net per volume ; £12 12s. net the set 425 Bye, A. E., Pots and Pans. 278. 6d. net

33 Byerly, W. E., Calculus of Variations. 39.6d. net 400 Byles, P. G., and Ashby. Rural Education. 2s. 6d. net

117 Byrd, William William Byrd. E. H. Fellows. 6s. net 15, 47 William Byrd. Sir W. H. Hadow. 18. net

15, 47 in Tudor Church Music, popular edition 48 g-48 i

Vol. II of Tudor Church Music, library ed. 30s. . 48g Byrde, O. R. A., Euripides' Heracles. 38. 327 Byrne, M. J., Prolegomena to the Works of

Decimus Magnus Ausonius. 68. 6d. net 341 Byrne, M. St. C., and Mansfield Somerville College, 1879—1921.

140 Byron, Lord, Poems. O.P. from 6s. net, S.A. from 3s. 6d. net

148, 180, 188, 204 Miniature ed. 4 vols. in case, from 158. net

The same in 2 vols. (without case). 7s. net 152 Selected Poems. O.P.P. From 38. net

229 W.C.. From 2s. net.

220 Childe Harold. O.P.T. Cantos I-IV, 6d. each.

Cantos I-II, II-III, 9d. ; III-IV, 10d. ; 1-IV,
ls. 4d.

231 Ed. H. F. Tozer. 38. 6d. Also separately,

Cantos I-II, 28. ; III-IV, 25. ; III, 1s. 8d. ;
IV, ls 8d. ; III, with Goldsmith's Traveller
and Deserted Village, 2s.6d.

204 Childe Harold. Book III, with Goldsmith's

Traveller and Deserted Village. O.P.T. 8d. 231 Prisoner of Chillon, Mazeppa, and Lament of Tasso. O.P.T. 6d.

231 Macaulay's Essay on Byron.O.P.T. 6d. :

231 Byron as a Satirist in Verse. C. M. Fuess. 68.6d.n. 285 Leigh Hunt's Relations with Byron, Shelley, and Keats. B. Miller. 6s. 6d. net.

285 Trelawny's Recollections of the Last Days of

Shelley and Byron. Intro. E. Dowden.
O.M. 3s. 6d. net

175 Lord Byron : Arnold and Swinburne. H. J. C. Grierson. 2s. net

26, 32 b Short Bibliographies of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats. 2s. 6d. net.

29, 304 Byron, May, Animal Stories. 2s. 6d. net each .

252 Little Betsy Bunny. From 1g. 2d.

253, 257 Little Talks about Birds and Beasts. Fr.1s.2d. 253, 257 Stories by, in Cecil Aldin's Picture Books 250 and Aris, Hide-Away Stories. 48. 6d. net 250 Bywater, Ingram Aristotelis de Arte Poetica. 0.C.T. From 2s. net.

151, 322, 335 Aristotle on the Art of Poetry. 21s. net 335

Translation. Pref. G. Murray. 2s. 6d. net 335 Ethica Nicomachea. 0.C.T. From 4s. n. 151, 322, 334 Contributions to the Textual Criticism of

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. 28. 6d. n. 334, 347 Erasmian Pronunciation of Greek. Out of print 349 Four Centuries of Greek Learning in England. ls. 6d. net

362, 364 Heracliti Ephesii Reliquiae. 7s.6d. net 332 Memoir of, by W. W. Jackson. 7s. 6d. net. 15 BYZANTINE ART AND ARCHITECTURE

44, 44 a




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39, 380

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36, 70


Moment) S., Plocket) Ploets), P(lain) T(exts), R(ussian) P.T., S(panish) P.T., T/ranslation) S(eries), F (udor and S(tuart) L(ibrary), Ríulers of India), sitandard) Asuthors), S(elect) Eing.) Classics), W(orlds) C(lassics).

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73, 74

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PAGE C., A. E., Kinderfreuden. 2s. net

281 Ma Première Visite à Paris. 28. net

273 Cabot, R. C., Introd. Children Astray. 169. net 102 Cadbury, H. J., Style and Literary Method of

Luke. 2 vols. I. 5s. 6d. net; II. 7s. 6d. net,
not sold separately

375 Cadell, H. M., in Oxford Survey, Vol. I

Cadman, W. H., Last Journey of Christ. 7s.6d. n. 371
Caesar, C. Julius
Commentarii. Ed. R. du Pontet. 0.C.T. 2 vols.

Bellum Gallicum, from 2s. 6d. net; Bellum
Civile, from 3g. net

151, 322, 343 Trans. F. P. Long. o.tis. 2 vols. Gallic War, 5s. net; Civil War, 5s. net

154, 343 De Bello Gallico. Ed. T. Rice Holmes. 10s. 6d. n. 343

Ed. T. Rice Holmes. 7 Bks. 2s. 6d.n. each 343, 352 a
Ed. C. E. Moberly; Bks. I-II, out of print.

Bks. III-V, 25. 6d. ; Bks. VI-VIII, 3s. 6d. 343
Ed. St. George Stock. Bks. I-VII, 1 vol.,

10s. 6d. In 2 vols., Vol. I, 53.; Vol. II, 6s. 343 Ed. Livingstone and Freeman. Bks. IV-V, 3s. net; VI-VII, 3s. 6d. net

343, 352 Vocab. G. G. Loane. ls. 6d. net

352 Campaigns in Britain ; Gallic War, Books IV

(xx-xxxviii) and V. Ed. T. Rice Holmes

Vocab. by G. G. Loane. 2s. 6d. net 343, 352 a
Caesar in Britain (Gallic War). W. D. Lowe. 2s. 351
Civil War. Ed. C. E. Moberly. 3s. 6d. net 343

Books I, II. Ed. H.N.P. Sloman. 3s. 6d. n. 343, 352
Book III. Ed. W. C. Compton and C. E.
Freeman, 38. 6d. net.

343, 352
Tales of the Civil War. W. 'D. Lowe.' 2s. 351
Ancient Britain and Julius Caesar. T. Rice
Holmes. 21s. net

53 Caesar's Conquest of Gaul. T.Rice Holmes. 255. n. 363 Cain Adamnain. Kuno Meyer. 59. net

315 Caird, E. Pref. Green's Prolegomena to Ethics 127 Pref. Jowett's Trans. Plato's Four Socratic Dialogues. O.T.S.

123, 153, 334 Wallace's Lectures and Essays. 128. 6d. net 127 Cairns, D. S., Answer to Bernhardi. 2d. net 11 Cairns, W. B., American Literature. 8s. 6d. net 31 Calas Tragedy, in Essays by M. Pattison

88 Calculus

400 Calderon, L. F., Spanish Translations of :

Russell and Sargent's Emergencies of General
Practice. 17s.6d. net ; of Woodwark's Manual
of Medicine. 128. 6d. net.

422 Caldwell, R.G., Lopez Expeditions to Cuba. 6s. n. 98 California University Publications

358 Calina, J. (Mrs. Allardyce Nicoll), Shakespeare in Poland. 6s. net

22 Calvin at Geneva, in Essays by M. Pattison 88 Calvocoressi, M. D., Musical Criticism. 6s. 6d. n. 48 b Cam, Helen M., Hundred Rolls. 128. 6d. net 88 Cambridge Notebook for Practical Biology (Zoology). Gardiner & Borradaile. 5s. n.

422 Cameron, H. C., Nervous Child. 78. 6d. net 431 and others, ed. Guy's Hospital Reports

420 Cammidge, P.J., and Robson, Gallstones. 6s. n. 428

and Howard, Diabetes Mellitus. 21s, net 424 Campagnac, É. T. Cambridge Platonists. 88. 6d. net

125 and Forbes, Sadoleto's Education. 7s.6d. 140 Campan, Mémoires. O.H.F.S. 38. 6d. net 268 Campanella, Tommaso. E.G.Gardner. 2s. n. 131,275 a Campbell, A., and Cunning

Healthy Girl. 5s. net
Campbell, H., Law of War and Contract (1918),

including war decisions to Aug. 1917. 158. n. 51, 128 e
Campbell, J. E., Continuous Groups. 16s. net. 400
Campbell, L.
Aeschylus. Trans. W.C. From 2s. net
O.P.P. From 3s. net.

227, 325

229 Sophocles' Plays and Fragments 2 vols. 16s. net each.

326 Sophocles' Plays. Trans. w.c. from 25. n. 227, 326 0.P.P. From 3s. net

229 Intro. Jowett's Scripture and Truth. 0.M. 176

Intro. Jowett's Theological Essays. O.M. 176 and Abbott, Sophocles' Plays. 2 vols. Vol. I,

5s. net ; Vol. II, 6s. net. Plays separately,
2s. 6d. net each


PAGE Campbell, L., and Jowett Plato's Republic. 3 vols. 45s. n.

332 Campbell, 6. J., Comedies of Holberg. 11s. 6d. n: 278 a

and Schenck, Holberg's Comedies. lls. net 278 a Campbell, Thomas Poetical Works. Ed. J. L. Robertson. O.P.,

from 6s. net; S.A., fr. 3s. 6d. net 148, 180, 188, 204 Gertrude of Wyoming. Ed. H. M. Fitzgibbon. ls. 3d.

204 Campbell

, w., Oxford Book of Canadian Verse: 5s. net

146 Campbell, w. w., Stellar Motions. 255. net

407 Campion, Thomas

Works. Ed. P. Vivian. O.E.T. 12s. 6d. net 159 in Smith's Elizabethan Critical Essays, Vol. II. 171 in English Critical Essays

219 in Choral Songs from Old Masters

48 d, e CANADA

Discovery, &c.

104-9 History

13, 73, 86, 98 Canadian Bank of Commerce. V. Ross

120 Romance of Canada. Ed. H. Strang

260 Geology

408 Oxford Survey

73 Oxford Book of Canadian Verse

146 Canada and the War.

8, 113 d Book of Praise

467 Canby, H. S., Antony and Cleopatra ; in Yale Shakespeare. From 4g. 6d. net

287 The Short Story. 2s. 6d.

288 & Brooke, War Aims & Peace Ideals. 8s. 6d. n. 32 g Cancer, Studies in. 4 vols. 21s. net each . 425 Canfield, D. F., Corneille and Racine in England. 8s. 6d. net

285 Canivet, A., Bourrienne's La Jeunesse de Bonaparte. _0.M.F.S. 38. net.

270 Cannan, E., Adam Smith's Lectures. ios. éd. n. 115 Elementary Political Economy. 28. net

114 and others, Management of Private Affairs. 5s. net

52, 128c Cannan, M. W., House of Hope. '48. 6d. net

32 e Canning, Earl Sir H. S. Cunningham. R.I. 3s. net

79 Cannon, H. L. Great Roll of the Pipe, 1241-2. 30s. net

59 Cano, B.S., Elementary Spanish Grammar. 5s. n. Key. 5s. net

276 Spanish Reader. 3s. 6d, net

276 Cantlie, J., British Red Cross Lecture Diagrams 431 Cantonese Love Songs. Trans. C. Clementi.

2 vols. Vol. I 18s. net : Vol. II 15s. net; to-
gether 25s. net

395 Capek Brothers And so Ad Infinitum.' 28. net.

32 f Capek, K., R. U. R. 2s. 60. net

32 f Capes, W. W., Sallust. 48. 6d. net

344 Capgrave, J., Solace of Pilgrimes. Ed. C. A.

Mills and H. M. Bannister. 7s. 6d. net . 301 Lives. E.E.T.S.

309 Cappeller, C.,

Trans. of Bhāravi's Kirātārjuniya. 9s. net

390 and Monier-Williams and Leuman, SanskritEnglish Dictionary. From 73s. 6d. net

389 Carden, Admiral, Memoir of. 10s. 6d. net 15 Cardon, L., Labiche and Martin's La Poudre aux Yeux. 48. net

271 Cardozo, B. N., Judicial Process.' 78.6d. net Cardwell, E., Documentary Annals of the Reformed Church. 2 vols. 258. net

62 Gibson's Synodus Anglicana. 6s. net

458 History of Conferences on the Book of Common Prayer. 12s. 6d. net

62, 451 Fl. Josephi de bello Judaico. 2 vols. 36s. net .' 372 New Testament in Greek and English. 2 vols. 12s. 6d. net

369 Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum. ios. éd. n.

62 Taverner's Postils. 6s. net

452 Two Liturgies of Edw. V1. 15s. net

451 Carew, Richard, in Elizabethan Essays, II 171 Carey, F. S., Pref. Goodwill's Mechanics

405 Carey, Mathew. E. L. Bradsher. 6s. 6d. net 285 Carey, P., in Saintsbury's Caroline Poets

160 Carhart, M. S., Joanna Baillie. 88. 6d. net


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ABBREVIATIONS : 0(xford) Poets), Classical) Texts), E(nglish) Texts), Ffrench) P(lain) T(exts), H(igher) F(rench) S(eries), J(unior) F(rench) S., J. G(erman) S., J. Latin) S., Miscellany), Modern) F(rench) Sseries),


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68 a

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124, 224


32 e

Carleton, J. G., Rheims and the English Bible.
98. 6d. net

Carleton, Mary. Mary Carleton Narratives.
E. Bernbaum. 5s. 6d. net

. 288 a Carlyle, A. J., in Progress and History

4 in School History of England

54 in Western Races and the World

4 and R. M., Crabbe's Works. 0.P. from 6s. net. S.A. from 3s. 6d. net .

178, 188, 201 Carlyle, Thomas, Burns. 0.P.T. 9a.

231 Frederick the Great. Abridged. _79. 6d. net

91, 205 French Revolution. W.C. 2 vols. Fr. 28. n. each 90, 225 On Heroes. Ed. P. C. Parr. 4s, net

205 W.C. From 2s. net

225 John Sterling. W.C. From 2s. n.

225 Past and Present. Ed. A. M. D. Hughes. 4s. 6d. n. 205

W.C. Intro. G. K. Chesterton. From 2s. n. 225 Sartor Resartus. Ed. P. C. Parr. 4s. net. 205 W.C. From 2g. net

225 Scott. O.P.T. 9d.

231 Thomas Carlyle. W. S. Johnson. 48. 6d. net 288 Carlyle and his German Masters. C. E. Vaughan in Essays and Studies

28 Carlyle as a Critic. F. W. Roe. 6s. 68. net 285 in English Critical Essays. W.C.

219 in Victorian Worthies

18 Carnarvon, Earl of, Letters of Chesterfield.

4to, 42s. net ; 8vo, 30s. net. Appendix separ-
ately, 2s. 6d. net

and Carter, Five Years' Exploration at Thebes.
50s. net

383 . Carnegie Endowment for Internationai

Peace . 6, 11, 49, 92, 96, 97, 113, 113 a-d, 304
Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, see Tudor

Church Music
Caroë, W. D.
"Tom Tower', Oxford. 258. net

Caroline Poets. Ed. G. Saintsbury. 3 vols. 160
Carpenter, R., Sun Thief. 5s. net
Plainsman. 7s. 6d. net

32 e The Ethics of Euripides. 38. 6d. net : . 128 a, 362 Tragedy of Etarre. o.p.

32 e Carpenter, s. c. What mean yė by this service '2s. 6d. net and 2s. net

456 Carpenter, W. B., and Armitage, The Church Year. 3s. 6d. net

460 Carpenter, W. H., and Thomas, Columbia University Germanic Studies

284 Carpenter, W.S., Judicial Tenure in the United States. 6s. 6d. net

99, 128 d Carpentier Lectures

122 Carr, H. W.,

Time and History in Contemporary
Philosophy. 2s. 6d. net

126 Carr, R. H., Plutarch's Lives of Coriolanus,

Julius Caesar, Brutus, and Antonius, trans-
lated by North. 4s. net

191 Plutarch's Life of Julius Caesar, with shakespeare's Play. 2s. 6d. net

191 Plutarch's Life of Coriolanus, with Shakespeare's Play. 28. 6d. net

191 Carr-Saunders, A. M. Population Problem. 21s. net

409 Carrington, H., Trans. Anthology of French Poetry. 38. 6d. net

266 Carroll, "J. A., and Wilson, Nervous Heart: 6s. net

424 Carroll, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland. Illus. A. E. Jackson. 10s. 6d. net

234 Ed. E. Nesbit. 2s. net.

25+ * Ed. Strang. From Is. 3d.

243, 259 Dramatized for School use. 4d. net

253 Carruth, W. H., German National Feeling in

Literature, in Harvard Studies in Philology.

10s. 6d. net.
Carter, c. c., and Brentnall, Marlborough
Country. 38. net

109 Carter, E. M., Villa Cornēliāna. 10s. 68. net 352 15* Carter, G., Old Testament History. 28. 6d. 443

Carter, Henry, Chants français. 2s. net, 6s. net 273
Carter, Howard, and Carnarvon, Earl of

Five Years' Exploration at Thebes. 50s. net 383
Carter, H. H., Jonson's Every Man. 20s. net

287 Carter, H. W. Lessons in English History. 4s. net .


PAGE Carter, T. T., Short Daily Prayers. 1s. net 460 Treasury of Devotion. From 5s. 6d. net

460 Carter, W. F., Introd. Bailiffs' Accounts in

County of Warwick. 358. net. Cartwright, M., Ovid's Metam. III. 28. 68. net 340 Carver, T. N., Social Justice. 10s. 6d. net. 102 War Thrift and Government Control of the Liquor Business. 6s. 6d. net

113 e Cary, A., Northern Woodsmen. 10s. 6d. net 118 Cary, H. F., Dante's Vision or Hell, Purgatory,

and Paradise. O.P. from 6s. net. S.A. from
3s. 6d. net. See Dante

148, 180, 188, 203 Caryophilus, B., De Antiquis Marmoribus. 'Ed. S. Jarrett. 78. 6d. net

41 Casaubon, Life. M. Pattison. 158. net

88 Ephemerides. Ed. J. Russell. 2 vols. 158. net 88 Case, T., Intro. Bacon's Advancement of Learn

ing and the New Atlantis. W.C. in Lectures on the Method of Science

128, 398 Cassiodorus, Letters of. 12s. 6d. net

87 Casson, S., Ancient Greece. W.M. 28. 6d. net 1

in Eighteenth Century Literature. 4s. 6d. net 30 Castellane, de, Souvenirs de la Vie Militaire. Ed. W. G. Hartog. O.M.F.S. 38.

270 Casting Counter and Counting-Board F. P. Barnard. 63s. net

44 Castle, W.E. Genetics and Eugenics. 12s. 6d. net

409 CATALOGUES. See under British Museum,

India Office, and Oxford (Bodleian, &c.). Catenae Graecorum Patrum. J. A. Cramer 372 Catholic's Vade Mecum. From 4s. 9d. net 460 Catullus

Carmina. Ed.R.Ellis. O.C.T. From 2s.6d.n. 151,322,338 Carmina Selecta from R. Ellis's edition. 3s. 6d. n. 338 Commentary. R. Ellis. 24s. net

338 Selections. Ed. M. MacMillan. O.J.L.s. 28. : 352 a Index Verborum. M. N. Wetmore. 128. 6d. net 338

In the Fourteenth Century. R. Ellis. ls. net. 347 Caullery, M., Universities and Scientific Life in U.S.A. 128. 6d. net .

144 Caunt, G. W., Infinitesimal Calculus. i2s. 68. nei 400 Cavaignac, E., Population et Capital. 38. 6d. n. 360 Cave, S., Redemption, Hindu and Christian.

108. 6d. net Cavenagh, F. A. Landor's Conversations. 2s. 6d. net

204 Scott's Antiquary. 3s. 6d. net

202 Scott's Ivanhoe. 4s. 6d. net

202 Tennyson's Denone and Lotos Eaters. 15. 30. net 208 and Lucas, Lowell's Fireside Travels. 4s. net 210 and Macan, Dufferin's Letters. 3s. 6d. net 211 and Walker, Smith's Dreamthorp. 3s. 6d. net. 211 and Wheeler, Selected Poems of Tennyson. 2s. 6d. net

208 Cavendish, M., in Choral Songs from oia Masters 48c Cavour, Cinque Discorsi parlamentari. From 2s. net

. 275 a Caxton. E.E.T.s. :

309 Cazalet, L. Short History of Russia. 2s. 6d. net.

92, 278 Cazamian, L., Michelet's L'Oiseau. O.H.F.S. 3s. 269 Cazamian. M. L., Le Roman et les Idées en Angleterre. 8s. 6d. net

27 Cebes. Tabula ; abridged school edition.' Ed. C. S. Jerram. 28. 6d.

353 Cecil, Lord Robert Introd. German Treaty Text. 5s. net

10 CELTIC. See also Anthropology and Wales. Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies. 7s. 6d. net each number

315 Celtic Stories. E. Thomas. '2s. sa. : :


The Five Republics of. D. G. Munro, 15s. net 113d Century of Parody

and Imitation 0.P. from 68. net. S.A. from 3s. 6d. net 148, 182, 188 Ceppi, Marc, Adaptations from Hugo's Les

Misérables. I, Gavroche; II, Cosette. 0.J.F.S.
ls. 3d. each


43 Cervantes Saavedra, M. de

Life by J. Fitzmaurice-Kelly. 7s. 6d. n. 15, 276 Cervantes and Shakespeare. Cervantes in Eng

land. J. Fitzmaurice-Kelly. ls. net each 32 b, 276 274, 316 Cheesman, G. L. Auxilia of Roman Army. 5s. net

79 e


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288 a


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M(oment) S., Plocket) Ploets), P(lain) Tsexts), R(ussian) P.T., S(panish) P.T., T(ranslation) S(eries), Tsudor and) Sítuart) Llibrary), R(ulers of India), standard) A(uthors), Ś(elect) E(ng.) Classics), W(orlds) Classics).

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PAGE Cervantes Saavedra, M. de (continued) Don Quixote. Trans. C. Jervas. 2 vols. W.C. From 2$. net each

227, 276 Some Adventures of Don Quixote. 78.

257 Selections from. By C. Bevenot. 3s. net. 276 Don Quixote. Some War-Time Reflections on

its Character and Influence. H.J.C. Grierson.
2s. 6d. net

29 Don Quixote ; in Raleigh's Some Authors 23 Cestre, C., Quinet's La France et l'Allemagne. 0.H.F.S. 38. 6d.


40, 80 Epigraphia Zeylanica

392 Chadwick, G. W., Horatio Parker. 38. net 17 Chalkhill, J., in Saintsbury's Caroline Poets 160 Chalmers, Lord. T. W. Rhys-Davids. ls. net 16 Chalmers, James (Greatheart of Papua) W. P. Nairne. 38. 6d. net

254 Chamberlayne, W., in Caroline Poets

160 Chambers, E. K.

Aurelian Townshend's Poems. 0.T.S.L. 7s.6d. n. 163
Elizabethan Stage. Four vols. 70s. net

165 Mediaeval Stage. 2 vols. 36s. net

165 Milton's Paradise Lost. Book II. 2s. net. 195 Sir Thomas Malory. 2s. net

29 The Court; in Shakespeare's England

21 Chambers, G. F., Descriptive Astronomy. Vols.

I and Il, out of print; Vol. III, 8s. 6d. net 407 Halley's Comet. Is, net

407 Story of the Comets. 10s. 6d. net

407 and Smyth, Cycle of Celestial Objects. 16s. net 407 Chambers, K. E., Al Fark Beina Ål Farak . 385 Chambers, R. W., Teaching of English in Universities of England. 28. 6d. net

29 and Seton, Fifteenth-century Courtesy Book,

and Two Fifteenth-century Franciscan Rules.
E.E.T.S. and Phil. Soc. 78. 6d. net

299, 308 Chamisso, Peter Schlemihl's wundersame Ge

schichte. Ed. E. S. Buchheim. 2s. 6d. . 282 Chandavarkar, Sir Narayan The New India. 12 annas

79 d Chandler, Life of David. 7s. 6d. net

454 Chandler, H. W., Greek Accentuation. 158. net. Abridged ed. 3s. net

349 Channel Islands

51 Channing, E., and Coolidge, BarringtonBernard Correspondence. 10s. 6d. net

96 Chapin, C. V., How to Avoid Infection. 4s. 6d. n. 431 Chapin, H. Introd. Melville's Apple-Tree Table, &c.

32 i Chapman, G., in Smith's Elizabethan Critical Essays, Vol. II

171 in Spingarn's Seventeenth century Critical Essays, Vol. I

171 Chapman, Dom J., John the Presbyter and the Fourth Gospel. 6s. net

. 371 a Early History of the Vulgate Gospel. 16s. net. 370 Chapman, J. A., Kumar, and Datta Vaishnava Lyrics. 58. 6d. net

32 f, 388 Chapman, J. E., and Bardswell

Diets in Tuberculosis. 6s. 6d. net
Diet Treatment of Tuberculosis. 2s. net

425 a Chapman, J. W., and Norton, New Testament

prepared for the use of workers. From 2s. net 438 Chapman, Mrs. P., Life of Jesus Christ. 3s. net 443 Chapman, R. W. Jane Austen. Novels. 5 vols. 1058, net

170 Selections from Boswell. From 3s. 6d.

201 Johnson, Prose and Poetry. 3s. 6d. net

198 Portrait of a Scholar. 58. 6d. net

24 Pref. Collins's

Authors'and Printers'Dictionary. 3s, 6d. net

31 in Jackson's Bywater. 7s. 6d. net

16 Charlemagne, Einhard's Life of. Ed. H. W.

Garrod and R. B. Mowat. 38. 6d. net
Charlemagne, Drame Élizabéthan anonyme.

13s. 6d. net.
Charles, R. H., Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

of the Old Testament. 2 vols. 84s. net 367 Book of Enoch, Ethiopic Version. 17s. 6d. net 378 Translated, with the Greek Version. 155. net 367 Book of Jubilees, Ethiopic Version. 12s.6d. net 378

Sold only as part of the four series of An. Ox. Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. 215. net 367

PAGE Charles, R. H. (continued) Immortality. ls. 3d. net

368 Revelation xx. 4-xxii. ls. net

369 Lectures on the Apocalypse. 6s. net

368 Trans. Fragments of a Zadokite Work. 58. net. 368 and Morfill, Secrets of Enoch. 10s. 6d. net. 368 Charlier, P. L., Empire at War, 1914-18. Rs. 1.4 10 Charlton, Capt., Hausa Readings. 4s. 6d. net.. 81 Chase, L. N., English Heroic Play. 88. 6d. net. 285 Chateaubriand, La Jeunesse de Chateaubriand. O.M.F.S. 38. 6d.

270 Mémoires d'Outre-Tombe. O.M.F.S. 35.

270 Chatham, Earl of, Macaulay's Essays on. O.P.T. First Essay, 8d. Second, 1s.

231 Ed. P. Guedalla. 28. net each

67, 206 or together. 3s. net

67, 206 Chatham as an Orator. H. M. Butler. 28. 67, 397 Chattaway, E. School Nature Rambles. 58. 6d. net

143, 264 Chatterjee, Sita and Santa Tales of Bengal. 3s. 6d. net

79 e Chatterji, S.,

Srikanta. 3s. 6d. net
Chatterton, T., The Rowley Poems. Ed. M. E.
Hare. From 5s. net

148, 161 de Vigny's. Ed. E. Lauvrière: 0.H.F.s. 3s.

269 Chatwin, G. A. F.M., ed. She Stoops to Conquer. 28. 6d..

199 Chaucer Series


311-312 Chaucer, Geoffrey Complete Works. Ed. W. W. Skeat. 7 vols. 1058. net, or each vol. 16s. net .

164 0.P. from 6s. net. S.A. from 3s. 6d. net. Glossary separately, 2s.

148, 177, 188, 190 Poems. W.c. 3 vols. From 28. net each 219 The College Chaucer. Ed. H. N. MacCracken and T. G. Wright. _12s. 6d. net

286, 301 Minor Poems. Ed. W. W. Skeat. 128. net 190 Astrolabe. Ed. W. W. Skeat. E.E.T.S. 68. net 309 Boethius. Ed. R. Morris. E.E.T.S. 12s. net 309 Canterbury Tales. O.P.P. From 38. net

229 W.C. From 2s. net

219 Clerk's Tale. Ed. K. Sisam. 28. 3d. net 190 Prologue. Ed. W. W. Skeat. Is. 6d. net

190 Prologue, Knightes Tale, Nonne Prestes Tale.

Ed. R. Morris, re-ed. W.W.Skeat. 3s. 6 d. n. 190 Prioresses Tale, Sir Thopas, Monkes Tale,

Clerkes Tale, Squieres Tale. Ed. Skeat. 43. n. 190 Tale of the Man of Lawe, Pardoneres Tale,

Second Nonnes Tale, Chanouns Yemannes

Tale. Ed. W. W. Skeat. 4s. net Hous of Fame. Ed. W. W. Skeat. 39. net 190 Legend of Good Women. Skeat. 6s. 6d. net 190 E. F. Amy. 4s. 6d. net

288 a Troilus and Criseyde. G. L. Hamilton: 68.6d. n. 284 The Chaucer Canon. Ed. W. W. Skeat, 3s. 6d. n. 164 Chaucer and his Poetry. 6s. 6d. net .

288 a Chaucer and the Roman de la Rose. 88. 60. n. 284 Chaucer and the Consolation of Philosophy of

Boethius. B. L. Jefferson. 4s. 6d. net . Chaucer, in Poets and Poetry. J. Bailey. 6s. n. 24

Courtly Love in Chaucer and Gower. 10s. 6d. n. . 288 a Chaundler, Christine.

Pat's Third Term. From 1s. 6d. net. 243, 245 Right St. Johns. 58. net

245 Chavannes, E., Les Documents chinois découverts par A. Stein, 63s. net

394 and others, in Serindia

394 Chavannes, P. Claudel's Hostage. 88. 6d. n

• 32 h in Claudel's Three Poems of the War. 6s. 60, n. 32 h Chaytor, H. J., Bellot's Un Voyage aux Mers Polaires. O.M.F.S. 38.

270 Gautier's Trois Grotesques. '0.h.f.s.' 38. 268 Stendhal's Mémoires d'un Touriste. O.M.F.S. 38. 270 Troubadours of Dante. 7s.6d. net


288 a

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288 a


94, 363 CHEMISTRY.

397, 405, 406, 422 Cheng, S., Modern China. 7s.6d, net.

3, 93 Chénier, Poésies choisies. O.H.F.S.' 3s. 6d. 268 Cheplin, H. C., and Rettger

Transformation of Intestinal Flora. 158. net Cheshire, County History. C. E. Kelsey. 38. n. 69 CHESS. History. H. J. R. Murray. 428. n. 19

428 &

ABBREVIATIONS : 0(xford) Poets), Classical) T(exts), Efngiislı) Texts), F(rench) P(lain) Texts), H(igher) F(rench) S(eries), J(unior) 'F(rench)" s., J. G(erman) S., J. Llatin) S., Miscellany), Modern) Fįrench) Sseries),

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