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PAGE Blundell, P., Jungle Trail. 6s. net

238 Bone, M., Oxford Almanack, 1906-10, 1918 36, 137, 139 Blunden, Edmund,Dialectal Words in Blunden's Bonner, C. R., in La Famille Dupont. 3s. net 273

Poems; in S.P.E. Tract No. 5. 2s. 6d. net 32 Bonney, V. and Berkeley Blunt, A. W. F., Acts. 4s. 6d. net 442 Gynaecology. 31s. 6d. net

430 Faith of Catholic Church. From 2s. net

456 Bonnier, C. Blunt, J. H.

La Lignée des poètes au xixe siècle. 3s. 6d. net . 265 Ed. Myroure of Oure Ladye. E.E.T.S. 24s. net. 307 Bonus, A., Collatio Cod. Lewisiani Evangeliorum Bluntschli, J.K., Theory of the State. Trans. D.G.

Syriacorum. 10s. 6d. net

370 Ritchie, P. E. Matheson,and R. Lodge. 10s.6d.n. 121 Boodle, L. A., and Fritsch, Solereder's Anatomy Boas, F., Changes in Bodily Form of Descendants

of the Dicotyledons. 2 vols. From 27s. 6d. net of Immigrants. Out of print.


415 Kwakiutl Tales. 158. net

396 Book, F., Introd. The Charles Men. 228. net .278 a Columbia University Contributions to Anthro- BOOK-KEEPING .

120 pology

395 Buok-Lovers' Anthology. S.A. fr. 3s. 6d. n. 146, 188 Boas, F. s., Works of Thomas Kyd. 21s. net 166

Book of Ballads for Boys and Girls. 2s.6d. 214 University Drama in the Tudor Åge. 16s. net 30, 165 Book of the Dead. 50s. net and ls. 6d. net. 380 Shakespeare's Much Ado. 2s.6d. net

192 Book of English Essays. W.C. From 2s. net 218 Ed. “The Taming of a Shrew'. 38. 6d. net.

194 With Notes by A. F. Schuster. 3s. net. Notes Richardson's Novels; in Essays and Studies II 28

only, 1s. 6d. net

214 Wordsworth's Patriotic Poems and their Signi. Book of Light Verse: Ed. R. M. Leonard. ficance To-Day. 2s. net


From 6s. net; also S.A. from 3s. 6d. . 146, 182, 188 ed. Essays by Divers Hands, 111.' 7s. net :

32 a
Book of Praise (Canada)

467 in Year's Work in English Studies

27 Book of Sorrow Ed. A. Macphail. From 6s. n. 146 Boas, Mrs. F. S., Intro. Dickens's Tale of Two

Book of Verse for Boys and Girls

232 a Cities. W.C. From 2s. net; also with notes,

Annotated edition, 1 vol. 58. net

215 3s. 6d. net 222, 232 a S.A. Leather from 9s. net

213 Boase, C. W.

See below, under Smith, J. C.

233 Register of Exeter College. O.H.S. 15s. net 136 BOOK PLATES

35 Register of the University. Vol. I. O.H.S. 16s. n. 136 Books for Boys and Girls. Classified List 233-264 a Boccaccio, W.P.Ker in Taylorian Lectures. 7s.6d. 265 Books of Travel

19, 20 Genius of Boccaccio. E. Hutton. 1s. 6d. net 25 Books of Verse. See under Oxford. in Raleigh's Some Authors

23 Boole, M. E., Logic of Arithmetic. 38. 6d. net Bodart, G., and Kellog, Losses of Life in Modern

interleaved, 4s. 6d. net

143, 400 War, ed. Westergaard. 6s. nét

. 113 d.

Preparation of the Child for Science. 38. 6d. n.; Bodleian Library. See Oxford University.

interleaved, 4s. 6d. net

143 Bodley, Sir Thomas

Boorde, A., Introduction of Knowledge, &c. Ed. Life (Trecentale Bodl.) O.T.S.L. 58. net

F.J. Furnivall. E.E.T.S. 18s. net.

310 Bodtker, A. T., Middle-English versions of Por- Borden, Sir R. L. tonope of Blois. E.E.T.Š. 15s. net

307 Canadian Constitutional Studies. 48. 6d. net 13, 75 Boehme, Jacob. 28. net

304 Bordet, E., and Vaquez. The Heart and the Boethius, Alfred's Version. Ed. W.J. Sedgefield.

Aorta. Trans. J. A. Honeijand J. Macy. 30s.n. 424 9s. 6d. net. English Trans. 4s. 6d. net.

157, 300 Borenius, T. Old Masters in Ch.Ch. Library. 5s.n. 34 in Oxford Chaucer, ed. Skeat. O.P. and S.A. 177, 188


76, 395 in Chaucer's Works, ed. Skeat. Vol. II 165 Borradaile, L. A., Zoology. 188. net

411, 422 Chaucer and the Consolation of Philosophy of

Elementary Zoology. 10s. 6d. net

422 Boethius. B. L. Jefferson. 4s. 6d. net . 288 a Animal and Environment. 18s, net

422 Boece. Chaucer Soc. 2 parts

311 and Gardiner, Cambridge Note Book for Prac. Bogart, E. L., Direct and Indirect costs of the

tical Biology. 58. net

411, 422 Great World War. 6s. 6d. net

113 e

Borrow, G., Bible in Spain. W.C. From 2s. net . 222 BOHEMIA. Historians of. Lützow 92 Lavengro. Ed. E. Maxwell. 38.6d. net

207 Bohemian Grammar. W. R. Morfill. 6s. net 277

W.C. From 2s. net Bolderston, W. N.

Romany Rye. W.C. From 2g. net

222 La Vie de Saint Remi. 10s. 6d. net 316 Wild Wales. W.C. From 28. net

225 Boldt, J., and Collins, Trachoma. 8s. 6d. net 429 Borton, M. P. C., Our Parish Church. 3s. 6d. net 462 Bolingbroke, Visct., Spirit of Patriotism and Bosanquet, B., Logic. 2 vols. 24s. net

128 Idea of Patriot King. Intro. A. Hassall,

Meaning of Teleology. ls. net

126 3s. 6d. net

121, 197

Lotze's System of Philosophy. Logic. 2 vols. Bollandists, Work of. H. Delehaye. 11s. 6d. n. 89

15s, net. Metaphysic. 2 vols. 188. net

126 Bollig, P. See Cowley, Samaritan Liturgy.

and others, International Crisis. 5s. net

9 Bologna, History and Art. 12s. net

44 a, 90 Boswell, James Bolton, E., in Spingarn's Seventeenth Century

Johnson. Ed. G. B. Hill. 6 vols.

169 Critical Essays, Vol. I.


S.A. 2 vols. From 3s. 6d, net each. I.P. one Bolwell, R. W., John Heywond. 108. 6d. net 16, 284

vol. only, 10s. 6d. net

149, 188, 201 Bonar, Horatius, Hymns. H. N. Bonar. o.p. 476 Selections. S.E.C. 6d.

230 Bonar, J., Letters of Ricardo to Malthus. 10s.6d.n. 115 Selections. R. W. Chapman. From 3s. 6d. net 201 and Hollander, Letters of Ricardo to Trower

in Johnson, Prose and Poetry. 3s. 6d, net 198 and others. 10s. 6d. net .

115 in Six Essays on Johnson. Sir W. Raleigh 20 Bonaventura, Meditations. 'E.E.T.S. ' 25. 6d. n. 306 Boswell-Stone, W. G., and Furnivall. Mirrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ.

Tale of Beryn. E.E.T.S. 15s. net

309 Ed. L. F. Powell. 21s. net

Bosworth, J., A.S. Dictionary. Ed. T. N. Toller 295 Bond, B.W., Quit-Rent System in the American Bosworth, W., in Saintsbury's Caroline Poets 160 Colonies. 158. net 96 Botanical Memoirs. Nos. 1-13

416 a Bond, F., Chancel of English Churches. 9s. net. 46 BOTANY

413-416 Dedications and Patron Saints of English

Botsford, G. w., Hellenic Civilization. 175. net

362 Churches. 98. net

46 Bouchier, E. S. English Church Architecture. 50s. net

46 Life and Letters in Roman Africa. 5s, net 363 Fonts and Font Covers. 15s. net

46 Bouet-Willaumez, Batailles de Terre et de Mer. Westminster Abbey. 12s. 6d. net

Ed. A. H. Smith. O.M.F.S. 3s.

Guide. ls. 6d. net
46 Boulger, D. C., Bentinck. R.I. 3s. net

79 Wood Carvings in English Churches. 2 vols: Bourdillon, F. W. Vol. I, 98. net; Vol. II, 7s.6d. net

46 Cest Daucasin et de Nicolete. 10s. 6d. net 265, 316 Bond, R. W., Works of Lyly. 3 vols. 428. net 166 Bourdillon, Sir J., and Wright Life of Montaigne. 4s. net

89, 266
Indian Coins. 30s. net

37 Early Plays from the Italian. 8s. 6d. net. 165 Bourget, P., in Studies in European Literature : 265 Moment, S., Plocket) Poets), Plain) Texts), Russtan) P.T., Spanish) P.T., T(ranslation) $(eries), Tudor and) Sítuart) Llibrary); Rulers of) I(ndia), sstandard) A(uthors), s(elect) Eing.) C(lassics), W(orlds) C(lassics).

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165, 302

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422 a

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Bourne, G. C.
Spencer and Animal Evolution. 28. net

127 and others, Essays on Secondary Education 142

Ed. Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science 411 Bourne, L. R., Channel Pirate. 6s. net

238 Seamanship.6d. net

237 Bourrienne, La Jeunesse de Bonaparte. Ed. A. Canivet. O.M.F.S. 3s.

270 Bouton, S. M. And the Kaiser Abdicates. 10s. 60, net

91 Boutroux, E., Certitude et Vérité. Is. net 126

Relation between Thought and Action. 28. net 127 and others, Princeton University. 6s. net 143 a Bower, F.O., and Scott, De Bary's Comparative

Anatomy (Phanerogams and Ferns). 368. net 415 Bowes, Lieut. Col. #., Foreword to 18th (S.)

Battalion Durbam Light Infantry. 12s. 6d. n. 95 Bowes, Joseph, Anzac War Trail. °5s. net 238

Aussie Crusaders. From 2s.6d, net . 238, 241 Comrades. From Is. 6d. net

238, 242 The Jackaroos. 58. net

238 Young Anzacs. From 1s. 6d. net

238, 242 Bowles, W.L., in Eighteenth Century Literature 30 Bowley, A. L., Pure Mathematics. 7s.6d. net . 400

Macaulay's History, Chap. III. 2s. 6d. net 115, 206 Division of the Product of Industry, 2s.6d. n. 12, 114 National Income, 1880-1913. 2s. net . 12, 114 Prices and Wages, 1914–1920. 108. 6d. n. 11, 12, 114 Official Statistics. 28. 6d.

2 in Oxford Survey. Vol. I

51 Bowman, F. L., Story of the Empire. 2s. 4d.

262 Bowring,L.B., Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultán. R.I. 3s.n.79 Boyd, C., and Meara Helps to Worship. From 2s. 9d. net.

461 Boyd, F. D., Ed. Gibson and Russell's Physical

Diagnosis. 9s. net
Boyd, M. M., Silver Wands. 68. 6d. net

32 f Boyer, A. M., and Rapson and Senart Kharosthi Inscriptions. 30s. net

394 Boylan, P. Thoth the Hermes of Egypt. 10s. 6d. net

383, 459 Boyle, D. M., Where Lilith Dances. 6s. 6d. net 32f Boyle, H. E. G., and Hewer. Practical Anæsthetics. 6s. 6d. net

426 Boyle Lectures

117, 399, 416 Boyle Lectures 1692 (see Bentley). 4s.


233-264 a Boy's Pocket Library. ls. 6d. net each

242 Brabant, F. G., and Marcon, Responsions

Papers 1901-6, 3s. 6d. net; 1906-11 o. p. 401 Brabrook, Sir E., Royal Society of Literature

and Milton ; in Milton Memorial Lectures, 1908 32 a Brachet, Historical Grammar of the French Language. Trans. G. W. Kitchin. 48. net

271 Brackett, C. A., Care of the Teeth. 4s. 6d. net. 431 Bracq, J.C., Thé Provocation of France. 6s.6d. n. 7 Bracton, de Legibus. 2 vols. G. E. Woodbine. 378. 6d. net each.

32 e, 52, 128 c Bradby, E. D.,

Life of Barnave. 2 vols. 18s. net 90 Bradby, G.F., Fireside, Countryside, &c. 2s.6d.n. 32 e Bradby, H. C. Campan's Mémoires. 0.H.F.S. 38. 6d.

268 and Rieu, Daudet's Lettres de mon Moulin. O.M.F.S. 38.

270 Bradby, M. K., Psycho-Analysis. 1os. 6d. net 425

Logic of the Unconscious Mind. 16s. net . 425 Bradby, V., Capel Cousins. 33. net

250 Crimson Ramblers. 3s. net

250 Enchanted Forest. From 2s. 6d. net

250 Judy and the others. 3s. net

250 Lodgings to Let 3s. net

249 Potter's Haven. 38. net

251 Bradford, Gamaliel, Shadow Verses. 6s. 6d. n. 32 h Bradford, J. R., and others, Quarterly Journal of Medicine. 108. 6d. net each number

419 Bradley, A. C., Coriolanus. ls. net

32 b Essays and Studies, I and VI (collected by) 28 Green's Prolegomena to Ethics. 88. 6d. net 127 Poetry for Poetry's Sake. Out of print. Reaction against Tennyson. Out of print

29 Uses of Poetry. 2s. net

29 and others, International Crisis. · 5s. net Bradley, F. H., Truth and Reality. 12s.6d. net 126 Principles of Logic. 368. net


Bradley, G.G., Lectures on Ecclesiastes. 5s.6d. n. 368 Bradley, H., Abbo of Fleury's 'Quaestiones Grammaticales'. Is. net

32 b Caxton's Dialogues. E.E.T.S. 10s. net

309 Numbered Sections in 0.E. MSS. ls. 6d. net. 303 Oxford English Dictionary

289-294 Spoken and Written Language. 28. net

31 Sir James Murray. ls. 6d. net

17 Stratmann's Middle English Dictionary. 358. n. 295 in An English Miscellany

300 in Essays and Studies, Vols. I and vi in Legacy of Rome

362 in Shakespeare's England

21 in S.P.E. Tract No.4. 28. 6d. net and Bridges, Briton, British, Britisher. S.P.E. Tract No. 14. 2s. 60. net.

32 and Browne, Milton's English Poems. 2 vols.

6s. 6d. net. Also separately from 3s. net each 195 and Hart & Murray, Rules for Compositors. 28. n. 31 Bradley, James, Miscellaneous Works. 42s. net 408 Bradley, J. F., and Adams Jonson Allusion-Book. 258. net.

287 Bradley, W. A., Dutch Landscape Etchers of the XVII Century. 88. 6d. net

35 a Bradshaw, Life of St. Werburge.' Ed. c. Horst mann. E.E.T.S. 10s. net

310 Bradshaw, J., Sir Thomas Munro. R.I. 38. nei

79 Bradsher, E. L., Mathew Carey. 6s. 6d. net 285 Braga, Dr. T., Pref. Young's Portugal

276 Bragg, Sir W., Electrons, &c. ls. net

405 Bragg, W. H.

in Recent Developments in European Thought 4 Bragge, Works. 5 vols. 328. 6d. net .

453 Brahe, Tycho.

Uraniborg and Stjerneborg. 21s. net 45, 407 Brahmanism

387 Brainerd, D., in Morley and other Essays. 7s. n. 26 Bramley, H. R.

Richard Rolle of Hampole's Psalter. 21s. n. 302, 440 Brancker, T., Hammond's Paraphrase of the Psalms. 2 vols. 20s. net.

452 Brand, Hon. R. H., Union of S. Africa. 7s.6d.n. 80 Brandeis, A., Jacob's Well. I. E.E.T.S. 10s. n. 306 Brandi, A., Shakespeare and Germany. ls. net 32 b in An English Miscellany

300 Brandt, L., and Devine, Disabled Soldiers' and

Sailors Pensions and Training. 6s. 6d. net 113 e Branford, B.

Mathematical Education. 7s.6d. net 143, 400 Brannt, W.T., Trans. Langbein's Electro-Deposition of Metals. 0.T.P. 42s. net

432 a Brathwait, R., Comments on Two Tales of Chaucer.

Ed. C. F. E. Spurgeon. Chaucer Society 312 Braun, W. A., Types of Weltschmerz in German Poetry. 55. 6d. net

284 Braunholtz, H. J., tr. Strzygowski's Christian Church Art. 42s. net

44 Brazil. Rice Expedition. 58: 6d. net : Brazil, Angela Terrible Tomboy. From 25. 6d. net

242, 247 Brehaut, E., Bishop Gregory's History of the Franks. 12s. 6d. net.

89 Brennan, C. J., and Nicholson Passages for Translation. 38. 6d. net

273, 283 Brentano, L., see Smith, L. T. Brentnall, H. C., and Carter Marlborough Country. 33. net

109 Brereton, c., Feuilletons Choisis.' 0.M.F.s. 35: 270 Brett, C.

Drayton's Minor Poems. O.T.S.L. 7s. 6d. net 162 Brett-Smith, H. F. B., Peacock's Memoirs of Shelley. 0.M. 3s. 6d.

175 Brewer, V. J., American Citizenship. 6s. 6d. n. 101 Brewer, J. M. and Kelly, Critical Bibliography of Vocational Guidance. 2s. 6d. net

. 144 a Brewer, J. S., Fuller's Church History of Britain.

6 vols. 528. 6d. net Brewster, D., Aaron Hill. 88. 6d. net

285 Brewster, G. W. Commonsense of the Calculus. 28. net

402 Bridge, Sir C., Intro. Barrow's Bounty. w.c. 225

Intro. Sea Songs and Ballads. 0.M. 150, 176, 230 Bridge, Frank, in Oxford Choral Songs 48 c, d Bridge, Sir F., Milton and Music


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ABBREVIATIONS : 0(xford) Ploets), C(lassical) Texts), E(nglish) Texts), F(rench) P(lain) T(exts), H(igher F(rench) S(eries), J(unior) F(rench) s., J. G(erman) S.,'J. Latin) 'S., M(iscellany), M (odern) F(rench) S(ories),


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32 c


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PAGE Bridge, F. S. C., Scott's Woodstock. 3s. 6d. n. 202 Bridge, G. F., Hugo's La Légende des Siècles. O.H.F.S. 38. 6d.

268 Bridge, J. S. C., History of France from the Death of Louis XI. Vol. I. 16s. net

89 in Management of Private Affairs. 5s. net 52, 128 C Bridge, R. T., and Lake, Lindsay's Martialis

Epigrammata Selecta. 2 vols. 3s. 60. each.
Notes only, 2s. each volume

Bridges, Elizabeth
Sonnets from Hafez, &c. 38. 6d. net

32 e Bridges, M. M., New Handwriting Cards. 10 cards,

48. 6d. n.; or separately, cards 5d. net each;
instructions 6d. net

143, 264 a
Bridges, Robert, Poems. o.p. from 68. net';
S.A. from 38. 6d. net

32c, 148, 182, 188, 212 Demeter, from 25. net. With music by W. H. Hadow, 2s. 6d. net

32 c, 48b Address to W. E. A. is. net and 2s. net

13 32 Britannia Victrix. 2s. 6d. net

32 c English Homophones. 2s. 6d. net

32 Ibant Obscuri. 15s. net

31 Milton's Prosody. 128. 6d. net

31 Necessity of Poetry. 2s. net

32c Es

Last Poems of R. W. Dixon. 38. 6d. net
Dolben's Poems. 10s. net; also S.A., from
3s. 6d. net

32 c, 148, 188, 212 Hopkins's Poems. 128. 6d. net

32 c Church Music Society's Occasional Papers. 2d. 466 On English Pronunciation. 6s. net

31, 297 Ode in Shakespeare's England

21, 166 Pref. Salter's Historic Names of Streets and Lanes of Oxford. 3s. 6d. net

134 in Essays and Studies, Vol. I.

28 in Keats, Poetry and Prose. 3s. 6d. net

205 in Verhaeren Commemoration, 1917. Is. net 32 a in S.P.E. Tracts. 28. 6d. net each

32, 418 Robert Bridges. T. H. Warren. ls. 3d. net 30 and Wooldridge, Yattendon Hymnal. 428. net 48 Words only. Fcap., 2s. 6d. net

48, 466 16mo, 6d. not, 40s. net per 100

48, 466 Bridgman, P. W. Dimensional Analysis. 258. net

401 $ Brie, F. W. D., The Brut, or Chronicle of Eng

land. E.E.T.S. Pt. I, 10s. n.; Pt. II, 158. n. 55, 308 Brierly, J. L., Trans. Zouche, Juris et Judicii Fecialis. 20s, net

113 & Miles, Cases illustrating the Law of Contract. 36s. 51 Six Cases on Law of Contract. 24s.

128 c With Anson's Contract. 368. .

128c EN Briggs, C. A., Brown, and Driver, Hebrew

Lexicon of the Old Testament. From 42s. n. 366 * Briggs, G. W., Chamārs. 6s. net

79 d Brigham, C. C., American Intelligence. 16s. net 102 Binet Tests. 78. net

128 Bright, John, in Victorian Worthies

18, 68 Bright, J. W., St. Luke in Anglo-Saxon. 5s. n. 301 in An English Miscellany

300 Bright, w., Canons of the First Four Generai Councils of Nicaea, &c. 7s. 6d. net.

373 Early English Church History. 108. 6d. net 56 17 St. Athanasius's Historical Writings. 125. 6d. n. 373

Orations against the Arians. 12s. 6d. net 373 St. Augustine's do Spiritu et Littera. 28. 6d. n. 373

Select Anti-Pelagian Treatises. Out of print 373 Eusebius's Ecclesiastical History. Out of print 374

Socrates' Ecclesiastical History. 7s. 6d. net 374 Brightman, F. E., and Bigg, The Christian Platonists of Alexandria. 14s. net.

376 and Bethune-Baker, Journal of Theological Studies. 58. net per number

374 and Hammond, Liturgies, Eastern and WestVol. I. 24s. net

377 Brilioth, B., Dialect of Lorton. 10s. 6d. net 297, 299 * Brinklow, H., Complaynt of Roderyck Mors, &c. Ed. J. M. Cowper. E.E.T.S. 98. net

Brinton, C., Intr. Scandinavian Art. 40s. n. 33, 278 a
Briscoe, W. A.
Boy Hero of the Air. From 2s. 6d. net

250 Bristol, L. M., Social Adaptation. 10s. 6d. net 102 Bristow, W. Ř., and Page, Treatment of Fractures. 128. 6d. net

426 Britain and the British Seas. H. J. 'Mackinder. 10s. 6d. net.



Academical Studies 131 Art
Biographical Papers

15-18 Celtic

315 Dante

275 English Place-Name Study. 1s. 6d. net 297 Hertz Trust Lectures

. 32 b, 48 a, 124, 128 a History

66, 89, 91 International Scholarship. 1s. 6d. net

141 Literary Criticism 24 Military History 95 Milton Tercentenary Papers

32 b Numismatics.

38 Proceedings. Vol. I, 2is. net; Vols. II-IV, 25s.

net each ; Vol. V, 30s. net'; Vols. VI-VIII,
40s, net each

140 Italian Lecture i Raleigh Lectures 10 Social and Economic History

60 Schweich Lectures

140, 368, 386 Shakespeare Lectures

32 b, 140 Supplemental Papers

53, 140 Warton Lectures

32 b World History. Visc. Bryce.

10 British Colonial Policy. C. H. Currey. 38. n. 6 BRITISH EMPIRE 2, 5, 6, 10, 13, 49, 72-84, 109 British Foreign Policy

5 British Guiana

80 BRITISH INDIA BRITISH ISLES : 49-71, 103, 104, 106, 108, 417 Maps

104-107 British Moralists. Ed. Sir L. Selby-Bigge.

2 vols. 15s. net. I.P. one vol., 175. 6d. n. 125, 149 BRITISH MUSEUM Ancient Marbles

42 Antiquities from Benin

82 Assyrian Sculptures

39 Autotypes Biblical MSS. Ed. F. G. Kenyon. 10s.

369 Book of Drawings. 40s. net.

34 Carchemish Report

39 Chinese Paintings.

40 Codex Alexandrinus

368 Cuneiform Texts and Inscriptions

386, 386 a Egypt, Babylonia, &c. .

380, 383 Archaeology of Egypt

380 Egyptian Sculptures

39 Egyptian Tombs

39 Engraved British Portraits. 5 vols.

36 Engravings Epistles of Clement of Rome. 639. net

374 Excavations in Cyprus

41 Excavations at Ephesus

41 Greek and Etruscan Terracottas. From 28s. 42 Greek Vases

42 Hittite Texts. 158. net Iliad of Homer. Ed. W. Cureton. 42s. net 347 Illuminated Manuscripts

35 Index of Chinese Artists. 158. net

41 Medallic Illustrations

70 Mezzotints by Famous Engravers. From 3s. n. 35 a Natural History Publications

416 6-8 Papyri

358, 380 Persian, Babylonian, and Semitic Antiquities 386,386a Reproductions of Prints Roman Scenes, Drawings

41 Sculptures of the Parthenon, 115s. net

41 Terracottas. From 3ls. 6d. net

42 Woodcuts BRITISH MUSEUM CATALOGUES Printed Books and MSS.

319-20, 378 Ancient MSS. in the Museum

346 Book-Plates. 3 vols. 20s. net each

35 b List of the Reference Library. Vol. I. Authors. Vol. II. Subjects. 31s. 6d.

320 Music 1487-1800. 2 vols. 63s. net

47, 320 Special Catalogues (Aristotle, Bibles, Shakespeare, &c.)

320 Subject Indexes of Modern Works

320 Other Catalogues Arabic Glass Weights. S. Lane-Poole. 12s. net 37 Bronzes. H. B. Walters. 30s. net

42 Ceramic Art. 28. n. Single plates, 4d. n. each 44 Coins

35 a

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386 a

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35 a

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37, 38, 70 Drawings by British Artists. L. Binyon. 4 vols. 35 a Drawings by Dutch and Flemish Artists. A. M.

Hind. Vol. II. 369. net

35 a

M(oment) S., Plocket) Poets), Plain) Texts), R(ussian) P.T., S(panish) P.T., T(ranslation) S(eries), T(udor and) S(tuart) L(ibrary); Rsulers of) I(ndia), S(tandard) A(uthors), Sselect) E(ng.) Classics), Worlds) C(lassics).


35 a

35 a


111, 128

36, 71







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PAGE BRITISH MUSEUM CATALOGUES (continued) Early Christian Antiquities. 0. M. Dalton. 24s. net

44 Early German and Flemish Woodcuts. c. Dodg

son. 2 vols. 21s. net each Early Italian Engraving. A. M. Hind.' Ed. Š. Colvin

35 a Early Prints. w. H. Wiltshire.' 2 vols. Early Stamped Bookbindings. W. H. J. Weale and L. Taylor. 15s. net

32 b English Porcelain. 21s. net

44 English Pottery. R. L. Hobson. 253. net 44 Engraved British Portraits. F.M.O'Donoghue and

Engraved Gems. o. M. Dalton. .25s. net

38 Ephesus, Cnidos. ls. net

42 Fans and Fan-leaves, by L. Cust. 5s. net 35 b Finger Rings. F. H. Marshall. 23s. net Finger Rings. 0. M. Dalton. 258. net

44 Greek and Latin Papyri. ls.

319 Greek and Roman Lamps. H. B. Walters. 188. 6d. net.

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42 Halicarnassus and Priene. ls, net

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44 Japanese & Chinese Woodcuts. Binyon. 20s. n. 40 Jewellery. F. H. Marshall. 35s. net

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42 Later Statues and Busts. 4g. net

42 Medals

70 MS. Music. A. Hughes-Hughes. 3 vv. 738.6d. 47,319 Natural History Departments

416 b-f Nereid Monuments, &c. ls.

42 Nummi Veteres. R. P. Knight. 35s. net

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47, 320 Prints and Drawings. 4 vols. From 253. n. each 71 Roman Pottery. H. B. Walters. 40s. net 43 Silver Plate (Greek, Etruscan, Roman). 26s. n. 43 Successors of Pheidias. ls. net.

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Waddesdon Bequest. C. H. Read. 428. net 44 BRITISH MUSEUM GUIDES Anglo-Saxon and Foreign Teutonic Antiquities. 2s. 6d. net

70 Antiquities of the Bronze Age. 28. 68. net 70 Roman Britain. 28. 6d. net

70 Stone Age. 2s. 6d. net

70 Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities. 2s.6d. n. 380 Bronzes

42 English Medals. 6d. and 28. 6d. net

37 Christian and Byzantine Antiquities. 2s. 6d. n. 44 Casts of Sculptures. 6d. net

42 Coins and Medals. ls. 6d. net

37 Drawings and Sketches by Old Masters. 4d. net 35 b Egyptian Collections. 2s. 6d. net

39 English History and Literature. Autographs and Documents illustrative of. 6d. net

70 Exhibited MSS. II, 1s. net; III, 9d. net

35 Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Egyptian Rooms and Coptic Room. 28. 6d. net

39 Greek and Latin Papyri. 1s. net

357 Greek and Roman Life. 28. 6d. net

42 Japanese and Chinese Paintings. 2d. net. 41 Italian Medals. From 6d. net

38 Marbles and Bronzes

42 Maya Sculptures. 1s. 6d. net

40 Medallic Illustrations

37 Medals Mediaeval and Gold Ornament Rooms. ls. 6d. n. 44 Natural History Departments

416f-g Painting and MSS. Sir A. Stein. 4d. net 41 Pottery and Porcelain. ls. net

43 Processes and Schools of Engraving. 3d. net 35 b Sculptures of the Parthenon. ls. net

42 Select Greek and Latin Inscriptions. 6d. net 358 Temporary War-time Exhibition. 3d. net

7 Waddesdon Bequest Room. 6d. net

44 Woodcuts and Metalcuts, 4d. net

35 b


In sets, from Is. 6d. net.

39, 41, 42, 44, 70 Graphic Arts. 34, 35, 35 b, 40, 41, 48, 103, 275 Coins and Medals

37, 38, 70 Natural History Museum. Fr. 6d. n. each set 4168 British Red Cross Society Publications 431 British School at Rome British Year Book of International Law 1920–21, 15s. n. 1921-22, 1922-3, 1923-4. 16s. n.

each Brittain, M. S., French Phonetics. 39. 6d. net . 271 Broadbent, Sir W., Writings. 158. net

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and Cockayne, St. Juliana. E.E.T.S. 28. net 305 Brockbank, E. M., Children. 38. 6d. net

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221 Poems (with The Professor). W.C. From 2s. net 221

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. W.C. From 2s. n. 221 Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre. W.C. From 2s. net

221 Poems (with The Professor). W.C. From 2s. n. 221 The Professor(with Poems). W.C. From 28. n. 221 Shirley. W.C. From 25. net

221 Villette. W.C. From 28. net

221 in Wuthering Heights. W.C.

221 Mrs. Gaskell's Life of. W.C. From 2s. net 221 Bronte, Emily

Poems (with The Professor). W.C. From 2s, net 221
Wuthering Heights. W.C. From 2s. net 221
J. C. Smith, in Essays and Studies, V.

28 Brooke, C. F. Tucker, Marlowe's Works. From

148, 161, 192 Oxford Shakespeare Apocrypha. 6s. n. 148, 161, 167 in Yale Shakespeare

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37 Coinage; in Mediaeval England

70 Brooke, S. A., in An English Miscellany

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257 Brooks, W. H., and Nott, Bátu na Abubuan Hausa. 3s. 6d. net

81 Brooks, W. K. Foundations of Zoology.

14s. net

411 Broome. Life; in Johnson's Lives of the Poets 218 Brose, H. L., Schlick's Space and Time. 6s.6d. n. 404 Brown, A. C. B., Literature of the Early Empire. 2 pts. 2s. 6d. net each; together 48. 6d. net

341 Selections from Ovid. 2 pts. 28. net each 340 Brown, A. C.L., in Harvard Studies in Philology, VII and VIII. 108. 6d. net each

288 a

5s. net



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ABBREVIATIONS : 0(xford) Ploets), C(lassical) T(exts), E(nglish) T(exts), F(rench) P(lain) Texts), H(igher, F(rench) S(eries), J(unior) F(rench) s., J. G(erman) s., J. Llatin) s., Miscellany), M(odern) French) S(eries)


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PAGE Brown, C., Study of the Miracles of Our Lady, Brubaker, A. P., Human Physiology. 6s. net 421

told by Chaucer's Prioress. Chaucer Soc. 312 Bruce, Dorita F. Intro. to Poems by Salusbury and Chester.

Dimsie Moves Up. From Is. 6d. net 242, 243, 245 E.E.T.S. 15s. net 310 Dimsie Moves Up Again. 68. net

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Dimsie Among the Prefects. 6s. net

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My Life. From 16s, net

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Relations of the Advanced and Backward Races
Disease. 10s. 6d. net

of Mankind. 28. net

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and others, Theory of the State. 5s. net

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4$. 6d. net

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Schiller's Wilhelm Tell

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Elementary Prose Composition. '2s.

282 3s. 6d. net Poems. 2 vols. w.c. From 28. net each

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220 edns.: A, in German type; B, roman. 2s.6d. 282 Poems, Selections. S.E.C. 6d. .

230 Short German Plays. First series, 3s.; second, O.M.S. From 1s. net


38. Separately, 9d. net each : Eigensinn, Wic Poems, 1833-42. O.P.P. From 3s. net

man sich bildet, Der ungebetene Gast

282 Poems, 1842-64. O.P.P. From 3s. net

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Oxford Song Book. 7s.6d. n. ; words only, 28. n. 48 b Cook. 16s. net

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28 and others, ed. Tudor Church Music Brownlie, Rev. J., Hymns and Hymn-writers Buck, S. J., Granger Movement. 10s. 6d. net 98, 117 of the Church Hymnary. 3s. net

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From 1s. 3d.. Moment) s., Plocket) Ploets), Plain) Texts), R(ussian) P.T., Spanish) P.T., T(ranslation) S(eries), T(udor and) situart) L(ibrary), R(ulers of) I(ndia), S(tandard) Aluthors) Select) E(ng.) Classics), W(orlds) C(lassics).


48 a

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243, 259

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