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An attempt is made in this book to reduce the principles of

Elocution to

a system, and present them to the student in


analytical and progressive form.

It is believed that more of our

young men and misses would be interested in the exercise of reading

and recitation if they could have placed in their hands a work

which would supply the place of the living teacher in showing them


Many educators have taken it for granted that any one could


à piece and recite it, and have allowed those under their

immediate charge to follow their own ideas in this department, and

hence there have been monotony, indifference, and, too frequently,


The analysis referred to is elaborated, with such models in Position

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and Gesture, and such illustrations of the principles of Vocalization,

that it is thought the teacher or pupil can prepare himself to utter

the chosen selection with entertaining power, and correct any faults

he may have in Tone, Gesture, or Position.

One thing the pupil

must do -- he must commit to memory the words he would recite, or

have their meaning clearly defined in his own mind if he is to read

with expression. No knowledge of principles will supply this neglect. The student can do this, then all the energy can be directed to

the expression of the sentiment.


he matter herein is new, and embodies the spirit of

the ti! deveral choice gems of eloquence, brought out by the terrible deain of our loved President, having more than a temporary value to the youth of the Nation, are inserted as models for practice.

Many of the most prominent teachers and professors in the schools of the Northwest have repeatedly urged the publication of the analysis herein, with the selections which have been given in my

public readings; and if we are to be censured for adding another

to the large list of works on Elocution, they must share the censure.

Hoping the young people will take courage in this special depart

ment, and prepare themselves for the clear and perfect expression

of their thoughts, and the gems of

our language, I submit this

Hand - Book to their keeping.

BATAVIA, July, 1865.

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