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“Civic Affairs” is the Journal of City Government and Urban Affairs in India.

X It circulates among Local Self-Govt. Ministries, Municipal Councils, Public Administrators, Town Planning & Housing Authorities, Community Projects & N.E.S. Blocks also Educational Institutions, and others interested in Civic Affairs

X “Civic Affairs” is approved for subscription by Local Bodies, Community Projects and Educational institutions.

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Recreational Facilities For Urban


—By Surendra Kumar Sinha . 17 Pleasure Ground Amid Skyscrappers,

| New York’s Central Park

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The Planning Commission has recently asked the Government of West Bengal to implement all schemes for the improvement of Greater Calcutta through the State’s Development Department. The State Government has allocated Rs. 20 crores for the execution of the development schemes, and the Centre has agreed to give upto a maximum of Rs. 10 crores for the same. The schemes, for the present, relate to improvement of water supply and gas supply and construction of a super highway, among other things.

The use of the State's Development Department for implementing projects for the improvement of the Calcutta Metropolitan District would most likely be a temporary arrangement, pending finalisation as to what agency is to be created for carrying out this work in the area which comprises two Municipal Corporations, 33 Municipalities and 37 non-Municipal urban towns. The creation of a Calcutta Metropolitan Authority recommended by the WHO Team of Consultants is long overdue. Neither of the existing civic bodies by itself is capable of undertaking the execution of the large schemes covering the vast area, envisaged for the improvement of Greater Calcutta. The Development Department of Government is not designed for handling such projects.

The Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organisation, set up in 1961, to secure and promote the development of Calcutta Metropolitan Area according to plan is only a planning agency , it does not implement the plans. A Council of Co-ordination for Development of Calcutta Metropolitan Area was set up in October, 1962, with the Secretary of the CMPO as its Convener-Member. Its members include eight Ministers in charge of relevant departments, Mayors of Calcutta and Chandarnagore Corporations, Chairmen of other important Municipalitics within the Calcutta Metropolitan District, Chairman of Calcutta Port Trust and Administrators and Secretaries of the relevant Government Departments. The Council of Co-ordination, as its name implies, is only a co-ordination agency, and to a certain extent a programme directing body, but not certainly a body for implementing of the plans.

Under the existing arrangements the planning and implementation might become costlier, and delays and waste may occur. Now that the Central Government have given green flag for the implementation of plans for the improvement of Greater Calcutta, no time should be lost in creating the necessary agency for executing them on a permanent basis, if satisfactory results of

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