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picadors, on horses covered with yel. Other voices. “Silencio, es muerto!" low leather and iron, with long thick (He is dead). lances, ending in a sharp iron point about Snobs. “ Dead!" three inches long, and clothed in blue Ladies. Ai! ai! señor!” jackets, bedizened with gold, and hats (Screams again). ornamented with dark brown ribbons Tormento has caught a capisto on and flowers. The whole quadrilla, in his horn, and tosses him high in air. the national Andalusian costume, glit. All. - Mire! mire! mire!” (see! tering with gold and silver, presenting see! see !) a chivalrous appearance.

The ladies. “ Ai! señor! Ai! (Innumerable vivas).

Dios ! ” The reserve picador rides off. The Labradors. " Muerto, carajo! two others start forward in full career bueno el toro !-(well done, bull) – to the wooden fence at the left hand, Bien ! bien !" near the bull entrance door. The ban. Rodriguez and the capisto are carderilleros stand behind them; then ried out. The bull rushes at Sevilla, the capistos; and, still further back, who pierces him again, and parries the matadors. The assistants all re- him beautifully. tire into the space between the circus. (Tremendous applause). and the spectators.

An. « Bravo, picador! Bien, SeDeep silence. The hearts of those villa !" who are unused to such scenes beating The labradors (stamping and audibly.

growling). “El picador de la reserIn the box belonging to the Hospital va!-(the picador in reserve). “ EI enter a priest with the sacrament, to be picador de la reserva!" administered to any of the wounded; Rodriguez, who had been thought beside him several surgeons, bearers, killed, rides into the ring on another and servants.

horse. He is still pale. Three notes of a trumpet. The All.“ Bravo, Rodriguez! Bien!" bull door thrown open.

Others. “ Where is the capisto ?" The bull Tormento, black as night, An attendant. « Muerto." and bearing prodigious horns, rushes The ladies and strangers scream madly in, and dashes at the picador again. Sevilla. He wheels his horse to one T ormento has the horse of Rodri. side, saves it from the horn, and guez on his horns. Rodriguez keeps the pierces the bull's neck, without moving saddle. The horse falls over-he saves in his saddle. The bull stands for a himself. The bullruns at him fiercelymoment on his hind legs, beat back by the capistos get in its way_Rodriguez the force of Sevilla's thrust, and hur- pulls the horse up again, its entrails ries forward to the middle of the ring hanging out nearly a yard-he spurs where it looks round, bleeding and it as it limps on, the blood falling in amazed.

streams. (Prodigious thunders of applause.) The labradors (with diabolical up

All. “ Bien! bien !-bravo Sevilla! roar). “ Ahai! Heaqui! los tripos!" Bien! viva!”

(the entrails). The picadors change places. The (Universal exclamations). “Los tricapistos irritate the bull with their pos! los tripos !” flags, which he attacks, foaming with The ladies hold their fans before rage. He rushes on the men. They them. leap over the fence,

Some voices. “ Dismount, Rodri. (Great laughter).

A Voice. « Bien, golondrinos !” Others. “ Stay on! Stay on!" (good, swallows !)

The horse sinks down and dies. All the ladies scream.

(Great uproar and delight). Tormento has upset Rodriguez and The bull attacks the horse he had his horse. The horse dies. Rodri. first killed, and tosses it on his horns. guez lies pale as death, half supported Rodriguez staggers off. against the paling. The bull rushes Voices. « Bien toro! es bueno towards him. A capisto succeeds in el torito! Bien, toro, bien!" attracting its attack to himself.

A trumpet sounds. (Hooting and bisses).

The banderilleros spring forward “ Mal hecho, Rodriguez!-(ill against the bull, crying “ Hup! hup!" done)-chi! chi !"

When he runs at them they jump



aside, letting him pass under their Garlands, flowers, and copies of arms, and planting their gaudily orna. verses, shower down on the illustrious mented banderillos in his neck. matador, whilst the dead bull is

The bull is maddened. He springs dragged at full gallop from the ring all fours from the ground. Clouds of by four mules hung round with bells. dust mingled with the smoke of blood. The quadrilla resumes its former po(Great triumph.)

sition. The dead horses are dragged * Bien hecho! Hup! hup!-bravo! out by the empleados. Trumpets are viva! viva!-hup! hup!"

sounded. The door flies open, and The bull has now eight darts stick- the second bull appears. With some ing in his neck. He is furious, rushes few differences, six bulls are thus in. after a capisto, and leaps over the six- troduced, one after the other. No foot-high paling in pursuit.

other accident occurs, and few horses Voices. « Save yourself.”

are wounded. The first and last bull Other voices. « Stay where you are generally the best; and I now lift

the curtain once more at the closing The ladies. “ Ai! Dios! ai !" scene. All the assistants jump into the

EVENING. ring. The bull rushes forward through The seventh bull is dragged out, and one of the numerous doors. The as the quadrilla is stationed ready for sistants fly in all directions.

action. (Great laughter).

Voices. “Who comes now ?" They escape to their seats.

Others. “ El Sarco," (the name (Sudden excitement. Tremendous of the eighth bull). shouting).

Several voices. « Is he a good “ Viva Montes ! eh, viva !"

one?" Montes has performed a master Some sailors. “ We saw him driven piece. Armed with a long pole, he in. He'll do wonders." has attacked the bull and sprung clean Voices. “ Orgeata !-agua!" over him when he made his rush. Avoice. “ Tormento was their best." (Tempestuous acclamations).

Another. " Es buona el Sarco. A trumpet sounds.

You shall see ; but 'twill soon be dark. The bull is busy with the dead Many citizens and women. " Mala horse. Montes appears again as a hora" (too late). matador, and approaches the corregi. Trumpet sounds three times. dor's box.

El Sarco, a splendid black and Voices. « Silencio ! silencio !" white Andalusian, rushes in, looks (Stillness.)

round, and walks solemnly into the Montes. 6. Now will I, with God's middle. help, and the protection of Our Lady, (Howlings). “O, O, Vaga la caput this bull to death. God save the bra !-(Of! she-goat !)-0, Vaga ! King and the Royal Family."

He throws his montera (or cap) into (Whistling and hissing). the air.

(Uproarious cries). “ 0, 0, la ca_All. Viva el Rey! Miestro Señor bra! ‘0, la vaca !-la vaca de la bo. Fernando Setteno.

da!-(Wedding cow)!— Silencio!” (Perfect stillness).

The picadors change places. The Montes, followed by the foot: quad. bull trots towards them; and turns rilla, stands in front of the bull, which tail. stares at him, roaring. Tormento (Hootings). “ Maldita sea la vaca! attacks the red cloth of the matador. 0, 0, la cabra!" Montes slips nimbly aside—this is re- El Sarco remains in the middle. peated amidst cries of hup! hup! six Sevilla rides at him. times.

Many voices. « Bravo, Sevilla!” (A sudden earthquake of approba. Others. “Mos adelante !-(more tion).

forward !)_mos adelante, carajo." At one blow, without blood, Montes Voices. " What sort of Sevilla is kills the bull, and sticks the espada this ?" up to the hilt in his neck. Tormento Others. Not the old one-mos falls on his knees struggling to the adelante!"-(N.B. The further a picalast, a dying hero.

dor follows a bull into the ring, the (Acclamations). “ Muerto ! Muer more dangerous). to !"

« Mos adelante, Sevilla !" YOL. XLV. NO. CCLXXXIII,

2 v

Sevilla thinks he has done all re- Rodriguez, springing so high, that the quired of him by the laws of the amphi- horn wounds the horseman's side. theatre, and rides back, retiring his The picador falls. lance. The former favourite is now (Shouts). in great disgrace. Hissing, rattling, Voices. Ah, ah, mire! Heaqui!” whistling, and all manner of insulting The loose horse gallops round. EI noises.

Sarco tosses him, ripping open his (Huge disturbance).

bowels, so that they trail on the Voices. « Que es esto Sevilla ? ground. Vaga! Vaga, fantastico! O el embus. Snobs. “Ah! ah! Buena el toro! tero!-(the deceiver!)-O el maulon! Ah! ah!" -(the false rascal!)– Adelante, pun. It gets rapidly dark. The danger natero-0! 0 !” (Rattles, catcalls, of the quadrilla increases. Smoke and stamping, whistling.) “ Adelante, de- dust invelope the ring. monio! Asi no se gano el dinero! Labradors. “El picador de la (deserves no money). O el pejepolo- reserva! Ah, ah!” (the stockfish!)– Vaga, vaga! Pun- Rodriguez is carried off with great natero de Sevilla !” This lasts some difficulty. Sevilla lies under his horse, time. Sevilla's Andalusian pride is protected with all their powers by the roused fearfully. He shakes his head, capistos. The picador de la re. and swings the lance in a rage; and serva, Jose Fabré, rides in. casts scornful glances even up to the Voices. “ Buenos tardes, señor"ladies, who pity him. He rides again (good evening, sir). against El Sarco, who is still quiet. The bull rushes at him, and over

Many voices. « Bien, Sevilla- mos throws man and horse. adelante! Hombre! bien, hombre!" (Immeasurable acclamations).

He rides further forward. The “Bien! bien !-bravo Sarco-bien ! bull retreats, shakes itself, and stamps. bien !”. Sevilla drives him from the middle of Three horses are now lying dead. the place, and holds the lance-point Fabré is stunned, and is led off. Se. under his nose-- (the most daring villa is there alone; and the bull has thing that can be done).

not yet received a scratch. It rushes (Immense applause).

madly at the dead horses. An ama“ Bien, Sevilla! viva! viva ! Bien, teur from among the labradors hombre! viva !"

volunteers to attack the bull, amidst (The ladies scream).

universal applause-a strong coarse The labradors. “ Look! look! fellow, that has been for some time carajo!"

with difficulty kept back. Sevilla El Sarco gets under the horse in a plants a stab at enormous risk. moment, and tosses it and its rider in (Vivas). the air, dashing them down, so that The amateur appears on horseback, the horse falls dead upon Sevilla. The dressed in Fabré's jacket and cap. capistos try to attract the bull, but it El Sarco runs at him, and tosses man remains quietly walking beside the and horse. fence, and looking at the spectators. (Vivas and laughter). (Confused exclamations).

With his pride very much lowered, Some cry, “ Viva Sevilla!" others the champion sneaks off. Sevilla's blame the phlegmatic El Sarco. horse falls, after another rush.

Labradors. “ Fuego ! fuego! fire! (Unbounded applause). fire!"-(to rouse El Sarco).

It is now nearly dark. The ma(Confusion for some time).

tador Montes attacks the indomitable A man is passed from bench to Sarco, who has now slaughtered five bench, and kicked down stairs. Up. horses, and disabled two picadores. roar. The bull stands unmoved. The After five minutes admirable play, he banderilleros set crackers and squibs succeeds in planting the death-stroke, round his neck. Amidst the explosion and, amidst tumultuous applauses, he stands inveloped in smoke and exeunt omnes. dust-from being calm and phlegmatic, he becomes wild, and dashes at The Curtain Falls.


“ The proper study of mankind-is man."

It is an interesting fact, and one nour of our family should be made ma. which belongs exclusively to this age, nifest, and, in consequence of this rcthat there is an universal taste for solve, have for many years been diliBiography - " Secret Memoirs" - gently employed in the composi. " Private Correspondence"_Remi. tion of a standard work-namely, a niscences"-" Recollections," and all comprehensive Universal History of other devices by which it is possible the splendid, ancient, and illustrious to peep into the lives or characters of House to which we have the bonour departed greatness or littleness. No to belong. The more we study and wonder, then, that when an usurper write upon the subject, the more we dies, who has raised himself to a find left unwritten. Since the period throne, and deluged a continent in of the French Revolution our task has gore, a thousand pens should be dip. become that of hourly toil, for the plot ped in ink, to unfold the designs, and has thickened, and the actors have betrace the rise and progress, the decline come more numerous than in any other and fall, of such a man. But a con- given epoch of time; but as our theme queror is not the only theme on which begins with the Creation, and goes a goose-quill deigns to perform its part: through every empire and nation, it fiddlers and singers, actors and dancers, will not astonish the gentle reader to demagogues and pickpockets, in short, learn, that the proposed work cannot any body who will but be kind enough be contained in less than a thousand to die, is sure to be immortalized, if- volumes; and even then, how small a a Homer can be found to portray his part will have been told! Achilles. This is the day for people B ut, when we announce that the old, to talk, and vapour, and fight, and potent, magnificent family of Humbug strut, and puff themselves into notice, is that to which our talents have been for each will find his admirers. Mr devoted, surprise will cease, as all Owen of Lanark, M. Papineau of Ca. must allow that a wiser, richer, or nada, Mr Morison and his pills--all greater house never existed upon the become celebrated when alive_how earth. In this prefatory sketch of doubly valuable when dead! As they our plan, we can but briefly allude to each leave the world, some panegyrist even the most imposing names amongst will be found to laud their merits our kindred, who are numerous as the their rebellion, their phy:ic-in large stars of heaven ; and many individuals quarto volumes, embellished accord who (had we time and space) wouli ing to the best principles of their art. have been noticed in our pages, can

How improving is the study of bio- now only be mentioned in the list of graphy for the formation of rising ta- worthies in our last volume, which lent, which may there see, as in a will be a sort of index as to the colglass, the ways and means by which lateral branches of a genealogical tree to steer its course through this which overshadows the kuown world. strange world. But notwithstanding In taking a bird's-eye view of our the « Lives" which are always pour- subject, the difficulty seems to be coming from the press, none have the di pression; and, as we omit all who rect object in view with which we pur. have not figured pre-eminently in their pose to enlighten the universe; we, own sphere of action, our accounts having the privilege of being amongst are more interesting than may be imathe initiated, can discover under all gined. the dross the real gem, therefore we As our design is to trace the rise, understand how Napoleon arose to progress, and dominion of the Hum. greatness, Mahomet to be a prophet, bugs, it becomes us to follow the exthe popes of Rome infallible. His. ample of all biographers, and comtories have been, and will again be, mence with the first individual on written of those extraordinary indivi. record of whom we have any positive duals, but not on the plan we propose information. What took place beWe have thought it high time the ho. fore the time which we call the Crea

tion, we do not profess to know, as The pictures by which he is reprenot even the oldest Welsh MSS. have sented are too gross and frightful to any higher data, nor any Chinese do- be more than mentioned by the grave cuments which we have consulted historian, and may be considered as have any thing satisfactory as regards the rude efforts of unenlightened ages. talking, thinking, writing creatures. It is as cruel as it is unjust to repreWe are often gratified by the disco. sent him with hoofs and tail, as if he veries of geologists respecting the were Mr O'Connell himself, or the earliest eras of this globe, and more model of Lord Monboddo's theory especially of the earth's existence for upon that long subject; but for those millions of ages; and if they do not who wish “ the devil to have his due," all quite agree, and the theory ad. we would request them to look into vanced in one year is overturned by Lavater's works, where they will find that of the next, yet by and bye we all that could be desired, in a splendid expect they will arrange something head, in which is set forth to the best amongst themselves, and in the mean- advantage every distinguishing family while we shake hands with most of feature, such as envy, malice, hatred, them, as part and parcel of our family subltety, &c., &c.; all these words we circle, although we believe many of know have strangely different mean. them are not at all aware of our affinity. ings in an English dictionary, to those

In an antique volume, which gives in which we of this exalted race apply intimation of circumstances which them; but were we to have gone on, in happened in the year one, we find what many well-intentioned but stupid authentic testimony of the first ap- people call the ways of truth, uprightpearance of our great ancestor on ness, integrity, and so forth, we should this scene of things, together with not have made the figure in the world oblique hints as to his unrivalled ta. we ever have-absolutely we should lents. The book to which we refer is not have had even a beginning. in the Hebrew tongue ; but as its In the first volumes of the work will contents are not in unison with the be found a lengthy philological es. principles or practice of our great and say upon the derivation of the ancient regal house, we merely notice it, as cognomen Humbug, which will be an early register of events from which traced through the Saxon, Teutonic, we may gather our facts. It is there Syriac, Sanscrit, &c., to the Hebrew stated, that soon after Adam and Eve language, which is proved by the best were placed in Paradise, a sublime Cambrian authorities to be that spoken personage introduced himself to the in Eden. latter, and, by his guile and flattery, The Diversions of Purley will be induced her to transgress a law which thought a dull book when compared had been given. All this may be with our learned disquisition. There found elsewhere, as we allude to the is no other noble name which has been occurrence purely for the purpose of transmuted into so many useful parts showing from what source is derived of speech, or which has become idiothat principle which has pervaded matic in the English tongue. A Duke every member of the family since that of Wellington has given his name to a time. The august individual of whom pair of boots, an Earl of Sandwich to we now speak, is, in the first instance, à Vauxhall slice of beef or ham placed known by the appellation of “the between two similar portions of bread devil." In the original, this is a term and butter; a Lord Stanhope has had of high distinction, but from some the honour to name a gig; a Mr Macchange in the meaning of words, it intosh has the profit of selling every has since become one of reproach; body an upper-coat designated by his nevertheless he has been deilied and appellative-but these are poor disworshipped by many titles and names tinctions. Look at the word humbug equally honourable,; and although in there is at once the noun ; to hum. Europe he is not treated with the bug is become a perfect verb, regular, outward esteem, which he has a irregular, and compound; humbugging right to expect from the devoted chil- an excellent participle; humbug! a dren who flourish under his own im- positive interjection. Moreover, there mediate auspices in those flourishing is a “sweet confectionary plum,” which, states, yet few dare deny their parent, in our youthful days, we remember by and much credit they do him!

the melting name of humbug.

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