De Natura Deorum Libri Tres, Volume 2

Front Cover
University Press, 1883

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Page 121 - L'homme n'est qu'un roseau le plus faible de la nature, mais c'est un roseau pensant. Il ne faut pas que l'univers entier s'arme pour l'écraser. Une vapeur, une goutte d'eau, suffit pour le tuer. Mais quand l'univers l'écraserait, l'homme serait encore plus noble que ce qui le tue, parce qu'il sait qu'il meurt; et l'avantage que l'univers a sur lui, l'univers n'en sait rien.
Page 132 - Of elements The grosser feeds the purer, earth the sea, Earth and the sea feed air, the air those fires Ethereal, and as lowest first the moon; Whence ia her visage round those spots, unpurg'd Vapours nor yet into her substance turn'd".
Page 27 - Cultus autem deorum est optimus idemque castissimus atque sanctissimus plenissimusque pietatis ut eos semper pura integra incorrupta et mente et voce veneremur.
Page 251 - The germinal power of the plant transmutes the fixed air and the elementary base of water into grass or leaves; and on these the organific principle in the ox or the elephant exercises an alchemy still more stupendous. As the unseen agency weaves its magic eddies, the foliage becomes indifferently the bone and its marrow, the pulpy brain or the solid ivory.
Page 60 - Principio ipse mundus deorum hominumque causa factus est, quaeque in eo sunt, ea parata ad fructum hominum et inventa sunt. Est enim mundus quasi communis deorum atque hominum domus aut urbs utrorumque.
Page 82 - On a second night we witnessed a splendid scene of natural fireworks; the mast-head and yard-arm-ends shone with St. Elmo's light ; and the form of the vane could almost be traced, as if it had been rubbed with phosphorus. The sea was so highly luminous, that the tracks of the penguins were marked by a fiery wake, and the darkness of the sky was momentarily illuminated by the most vivid lightning.
Page 36 - Quis enim hunc hominem dixerit, qui, cum tam certos coeli motus, tam ratos astrorum ordines, tamque omnia inter se connexa et apta viderit, neget in his ullam inesse rationem ; eaque casu fieri dicat, quae quanto consilio gerantur, nullo consilio assequi possumus?
Page 9 - Quod ratione utitur, id melius est quam id, quod ratione non utitur. Nihil autem mundo melius: ratione igitur mundus utitur.
Page 21 - Censet enim artis maxime proprium esse creare et gignere ; quodque 20 in operibus nostrarum artium manus efficiat, id multo artificiosius naturam efficere, id est, ut dixi, ignem artificiosum, magistrum artium reliquarum. Atque hac quidem ratione omnis natura artificiosa est, quod habet quasi viam quandam et sectam, quam sequatur.
Page 285 - Ah ! how unlike the man of times to come ! Of half that live the butcher and the tomb ; Who, foe to nature, hears the general groan, Murders their species, and betrays his own.

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