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JANUAR Y. that stood in the line of their pre

cipitation. From the lower ends 3d. Considerable change has of the supporters being now ex.

taken place in the posi- posed to view, their prior depth tion of the stones which form an in the ground is satisfactorily afextraordinary relic of the ancient certained: it appears to have been superstitions of our countrymen. about fix feet. The ends, however, This is attributed to the rapid thaw having been cut oblique, neither of which succeeded a very hard frost. them was, on one side, more than a Some people employed at the foot and a half deep. Two only of plough, near Stonehenge, remarked the five trilithons, of which the az that three of the large stones had dytum consisted, are now, therefore, fallen, and were apprized of the in their original position. The detime of their fall by a very sensible struction of any part of this grand concussion, or jarring, of the oval we must particularly lament, ground. These stones prove to be as it was composed of the most stuthe western of those pairs, with pendous materials of the whole their imposts, which have had the tructure.---A fimilar change of appellation of Trilithon; and had weather occafioned the disclofure long deviated from its true perpen- of a subterraneous passage at Old dicular. There were, originally, Sarum in 1795. five of these trilithons, two of The new Emperor of Russia has which are even now still remaining issued an order enjoining all foin their ancient state. It is remark- reigners in Petersburgh to wear able, that no account has ever been cocked hats, their hair in bags, &c. recorded of the falling of the others; and not to drive through the city ånd, perhaps, no alteration has been with more than two horses. With made in the appearance of Stone- respect to the mourning for the henge for three centuries prior to Empress, the four first classes of the present tremendous downfall

. people must furnish 'their servants The impost, which is the smallest with fables, every coach must have of the three stones, is supposed to the same covering, and horses, with weigh 20 tons. They all now lie out distinction of colour, be providprostrate on the ground, and have ed with black tails. The Emperor received no injury from their aërial has also given orders that the penseparation. They fell flat west- fion of Stanislaus, late king of Po. ward, and levelled with the ground land, fhall be paid with the utmost a stone also of the second circle punctuality. This unfortunate VOL. XXXIX.



Pance is still at Grodno.- The of any perfonal injury having beest earing of any gold or silver upon sustained by any one. tie uniforms of the military is pro The gentlemen who served at bibited.-The Order of St. Ann is the lait alīzes, on special juries for divided into three clailes: it is also Northumberland, gave their fees, Certied that every soldier who shall amounting to twenty-nine gisineas, have served twenty-five years thail to be applied to the release of perbe exempted from militar; punish- sons contined in Morpeth gaol for ment, and rewarded with a medal small debis, three of whom have, in of the Order of St. Ann.- A!l the consequence, been released for troops that were at Gatschina with 291. ss. and the remaining guinea ihe Emperor, before his accesiion was given in butcher's meat to the to the throne, have been incorpo- debtors in the fame gaol on Wedrated into the Life-Guards,

neidav last. The following fact gives a me. Haque, Jan. 2. A dreadful inuniancholy initance of the mortality dation has taken place at Bois le which still rages in the island of St. Duc, where the water is so high in Domingo:--Twenty officers of dif- the town, that a horse could scarce terent corps agreed to meet at a ta- get through it witi:out danger of vern to dine that day weck; when being drowned. Poverty and dithe timecaine, only eight allembled, trefs havearisen to the highest pitch. ilie other twelve being carried off, A can of milk is sold at ten stivers, in that ihort interval, by the pelti. and nobody can leave the town lential disorder of the climate! without exposing their lives to the

7th. This being the day ap- most imminent danger. From epointed for enrolling the Supple. very part of the country signals of mentary Militia at Carlisle, a nu- distress are heard from the villages merous mob assembled to prevent by the discharge of gins; and noits being put into execution. They body can approach those districts went to the Town Clerk, and got which are probably under water. from him the balloting books and We speedily expect further news lifts, which they carried off in tri- respecting those dreadful difasters. umph, and burnt at the Cross, a The Clerks of the Bank had to inidit' the loudest acclamations, make out 80,000 receipts, prepaThey then went to the Clerk of ratory to the present payment of the Peace, being informed that he the consols dividends. had in custody some books of a fi 8th. The steeple of Horningtoft / milar defcription, but which was church, near Norwich, fell down not the case. He found it prudent while the bell was ringing for dito go out to the street, to prevent vine service. Fortunately no fartheir forcing the office. They then ther mischief was done, and no carried him to the High Confta- lives loft. ble's, from thence to the Town !Oth. The following curious arClerk's, and then to Captain For- ticle is extracted from one of the ter's, a niagistrate. The mob, Paris papers:-Citizen Finot, Prewhich consisted of 1000 at least, fident of the Provisional Adininisthen allowed him to make his es- tration of the department of the cape unhurt. - We have not heard Youne, formerly a huslår at Av.


rolles, and afterwards a member of 11. About noon, a melancholy

National Convention, has accident happened in Liverpool found the means of multiplying, harbour. As Mr. Slack, deputy by a fingle alliance (not indeed a constable, was conveying a party very common one) his kindred of volunteers, raised in Manchester and family connexions.--He mar- and the adjacent parishes, for the ried, as his first wife, the female navy, the boat in which they were Citizen Bribot, widow of Rose, by proceeding to the tender overset, whom the had a daughter, now by which fatal accident twenty-five living, named Mary Ann Rofe. persons loft their lives.

The President Finoł had, by this BRITISH NAVAL FORCE widow, another daughter, who is AT PRESENT IN COMMISSION. alfo now living. His wife died, Ships of the Line,

124 and, on the 14th of January last, of fifty Guns

18 he married his daughter-in-law, Frigates

180 Mary Ann Rose. The consequence Sloops

184 of this marriage is, that the prefident becomes the son-in-law of

Total 506 his firtt wife, the father-in-law of At present building, --Twentyhis second wife, and brother-in-law two ships of the line, three fifties, of his own daughter. Madame and nine frigates. The receiving Finot becomes the mother-in-law tips,

thore serviceable and re. of her fifter. If Madame Finot pairing for service, with those in contributes any little Finots to the ordinary, amount to twenty - fix Republic, Monsieur Pinot will be fhips of the line, three fifties, thirty both their father and grandfather ; frigates, and fifty-six floops. This and the first Miss Finot will be statement is exclusive of the hired their aunt and filter.

armed vesels. The following statement of the Some of the fingle Plays of American finances has lately been Shakespeare, belonging to the late officially made to the Houfe of Ke- Mr. Dodd the actor, were fold at presentatives :

the following prices: Dollars.

The second part of Henry IV. Amount of the debt

76,096,468 printed by Andrew Wife and WilThe intereft of which is 3,143,753 liam Aspley, 1606, 31. 85. ~The The annual amount of the taxes 6,552,309 Midsummer Night's Dream, 11. 185. The annual expenditure 5,601,843

-King John, printed by Valentine Surp!os of the revenue, after de

Sims, for Helme, 1611, 1. 165, duating all expences 870,457 Richard II. printed by Purfoot and

Law, 1621, 11. 13. Richard III. The Emperor of China, many printed by Matthew Law, 16'5, 1. years ago, signified to his subjects, --Abraliam Frances's Counteffe of that if he Rould live to reign Pembroke's Yuychurch, 1591, 41 7s. fifty years, he would relinquith Some of the most curious were his crown. Having extended his purchased by Mr. Nicol, for the reign to that period, he has actually King; among the rest, a comedy, en resigned his sovereignty in favour titled, “ Gammer Gurton's Froof his fifteenth fon.

licks," printed in 1485, fourteen * A2


1797. years after printing was introduced tage was found, out of which issued into England, in 1471, by Caxton, a rivulet of water. The farmers when the first printing-house was e- imagine it was owing to the burstrected in Westminster. Alsoan O. ing of a spring that this melanperatical Interlude, printed in 1658, choly accident happened. The boand performed in honour of Admi- dies were dug out on Monday ; ral Blake, during the Protectorate, and Mr. Whitford, coroner for entitled, “ The Course of Sir Fran- the southern district of Devon, took cis Drake, illustrated with Musical an inquisition, and the jury returned Sonnets and Scenical Decorations, a verdict, “ Accidental Death.” as acted at the Cockpit,Drury-lane.” 23. The Emperor of Rullia has con

12. Edinburgh. At seven in ferred on Prince Repnin the rank the morning, the River Clyde, of General Field Marshal. Baron above the celebrated Fall of Corra, Ungern, Prince Gallitzin, and M. deserted its usual course, leaving Gudowitz and Ismailow, formerly its bed below, for four hours, al- Adjutants to the late Peter IIÍ. most entirely dry. The cotton- have been appointed Generals. mills of New Lanerk were conse -Count Buxhoyden has been quently stopped; and at eleven made Lieutenant - General and o'clock, when the waters resumed Colonel of a regiment. Prince their course, there was less at Kurakin, Vice - Chancellor, has Mauldslie Ford, some miles below, received the order of Saint Anthan what the small rivers, the drew; and his Majesty has preMouss and Nethan, commonly af- fented him with the palace of ford. Although this is the fourth Saint Marcoff, which cost 100,000 instance of the fame kind in re- rubles.-Prince Nicholas Gallitzin, membrance, and the second lince and M. Ter/ky Rastaphine, Potemthe establiment of the mills, the kin, and Pleichtschejef, have latecause has not been ascertained. It ly been made Knights of the Oris, however, supposed that the wa- der of Saint Ann. ters have found a lubterraneous 25. At the Quarter Sessions held passage betwen ihe Bonnyton and at Bourn, for the district of KesteThe Ccrra Linn.

ven, in the county of Lincoln, Jo21. This night, at 11 o'clock, a feph Tye, a blaksmith, was found cottage at Newton Ferrers, about guilty of using several seditious eleven miles from Plymouth, in expressions ; such as Dream which fept an industrious widow the K-g--the K-g is a rascal, and (cottager) and her two children, all that belong to him : his Gwas overwhelmed by the bursting a rascally defpotic Gt: K-gs of a very large field and orchard are of no use, &c. &c. on a hill above the cottage, in His sentence was, that he should Membla d-lane. It totally destroy- be kept in folitary confinement, without ed the cottage and a barn, and suf- seeing or speaking to any frerfon, except focated the widow and her two the person who takes him his vi&tuals, for chiidren, who were found dead the space of twelve months ; and at under a very great heap of earth, the expiration of that time to enter elm-trees, and cedar-trees. A large into certain recognizances. chasm in the field above the cot We learn from papers published


n to


by Mr. Palmer, Comptroller Ge- which consists of two state garments neral of the Post Office, relative to and an helmet, or crown. Of the the agreement made by Govern- former, one is wholly made of otter 'ment with himn for the reform and skin, in a very ingenious manner. improvement of the posts, the fol- The other is of the cloth of the lowing essential services have been country, covered with feathers of rendered by him to that revenue birds, lo constructed as by a single establishment.

move of the hand alterna!ely to 1. That his plan has intreased display red or yellow. The helmet in a few years the revenue of the is of otter-fin, covered with feaPoft Office, from 150,0001. to up- thers in a very masterly manwards of 400,000l. per ann.

2. That in consequence of the 12th. A plot for the liberty of the expedition, regularity, and safety prifoners a: Porchester-Castle, Portgiven to the posts by his plan, a mouth, has been discovered. The further additional tax has been le, following are some particulars revied on letters of 250,0001. a year, lating to that affair. A large hole and 60,000 a year for the same had been dug under one of the advantages derived from his plan to prisons, and a passage nearly comtravellers.

pleted to the outfide of the walls of 3. And that he has reduced the the castle when an information was expenditure of the establiftinent given. At a given time in the in the proportion of the following evening, after the prisoners were comparative scale, of gross and all locked up in their different net produce for the years 1724 apartments, it was agreed that the and 1793.

officers on guard, and a sufficient Gross produce.

Net produce.

number of soldiers, should rush in 1724. 178,071l. 165. gd 96,3391. 75. 5d. among them and discover the pri1793. 627,5921. 195.' 391,5981. 15s. sid. soners at work. This was done,

The law of the Tythe of Hops and some men were taken out of was clearly laid down in the court the subterraneous passage. Shortly of Exchequer, in the long depend. after, an alarm was given in another ing cause between the Lay Impro- quarter, and a prisoner was detect. priator and Hop Planters of the ed inaking his escape through a bro. Farnham district, viz. That tythes ken part of the walls of the castle. of hops are legally to be taken from The prisoners, from this disappoint. the tenth bushel, after they are ment, grew riotous and very refrac. picked, and not from the tenth hill tory, and continued so the whole of fet out: and the court unanimously the night, keeping in lighted canordered the verdi&t of a jury, found. dles, singing republican longs, and ed on a contrary idea, to be set behaving in a diforderly and alarınaside, and a new trial granted. ing manner, fo much fo that it was

Some prefents from the king of found necessary to fire some ballthe island of Owhyhee in the South cartridges ainongst thein. This Seas, where Capt. Cook met his was attended with no other effect death, brought over by Capt. Van. than procuring order and filence couver, have been presented to the for a short time. On the next King at Buckingham-house by the morning disorder and tumult again Duke of Portland; the principal of prevailed, the centinels were insult.

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