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discern nothing, noteven my own body. So aerial
were miy feelings, that I was actually apprew
hensive of being carried up into the atmosphere
unless I made an effort to retain


situation upon the earth." All this time my own figure, as to whose identity I could not be mistaken, retained its immoveable posture on the mound before me, and I felt myself gently, and yet irresistibly attracted towards it. I say irresistibly, for as I had no wish to exchange this ecstatic mode of existence by suffering my spirit to re-enter the body, I struggled against the impulse given to it with all the energies I could muster, but in vain : drawn gradually nearer and nearer, I was at last again absorbed, as it were, into myself with a sudden and painful tension of every limb and muscle, and I then found myself sitting on the grassy knoll, with all my former sad thoughts and feelings, and in a pitiable state of languor and exhaustion. I had, however, enjoyed an antepast of the celestial beatitudesof the elysium of the disembodied; and though it made me long more earnestly than ever for death, it effectu

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heart tells me is mortal; but my mind becomes
light upon its tenant. God help me! I fear f
have at times been hardly in my proper mind
Doubtless a horrible phantasmic pandæmonium
may be conjured up, and life be converted into
a perpetual waking night-mare, when the inte
mixed together in wild disorder. But this?

ally deterred

me from committing any crime
which might' forfeit my claim to a perpetut

of such ineffable
Lado Turli jacb7gr bas coleccao bad I"
14 The little

chapel and the graves of Fanny,
and Agnes

s have now become my place of res dence, the


where I shall henceforth it
down and wait patiently

ly" for death: Thank
Heaven it cannot be long delayed! my body
wears and wastes away apace,
me the

progress 'of
calmer, clearer, more collected as its tegument
decays. The shattered mansion lets in the
lectual elements are v
madness, and I have never been mad. I have
actually seen and felt all that I describe

, and T
have never 1

Since and I feel within

some disorder which my

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mitting my impressions to paper coherently and correctly, though there have been periods when my faculties refused to obey me.

210 litae doua to “Thou tenantless and verdant island, I shall soon cease to gaze upon thy, calm and beautiful features: a few days more, and thou shalt no longer hear a human voice. Still weaker and fainter, still more languid and exhausted, and still does my mind seem to gather all strength that my body loses; the expiring light of reason flares brightly in its socket. How sweet it is to pass away thus ! to grasp with delight the outstretched hand of death, and press it to your heart as that of a friend and deliverer. I have but a single pang-if I could only have one more sight, one more em- brace of my darling boy. But it cannot be ! My child, my child ! my own affectionate and beloved boy! Were it my last breath it should be uttered in invoking blessings upon thy heads Farewell ! farewell for ever!.

“How glorious, how beautiful is the sun! and yet I shall never see it more: something has whispered to my heart that my captivity, is


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nearly over,

from the firmament, playing upon the sumthrough the air, wrapping my soul in an Ely. sium of sound. : :And lo! the blue curtain of

al that I shall be set free ere I can again look out upon the lovely face of Nature

, or see the flaming orb of day rise from the ocean. He will shine to-morrow upon these: Lustreless eyes, for there will have been no one to close them, and the lifeless lids will not come down to shade them from his ray. I shall no longer contemplate and enjoy this glorious pageant of Nature. It will go on, and I shall be no more missed from its surface than is a pebble idly cast down into the deep darkness of a well

. But if I quit what is dear to me, I shall go to that which is dearer--to my wife and children; and why should I regret earth when I hope to exchange it for heaven?

“What stately vision floats before mine eyes; and steeps my failing senses in delight? Look; look! behold! Two 'angel

arms come forth



beanis as if they were the strings of the barp of heaven, and oh! what melting melody floats

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the sky is rolled up, revealing to me the celestial glories, upon whose foremost splendours. I see the forms of Fanny and Agnes, and Henry is with them, and they embrace one another, and hold out

a scroll to me, which is inscribed the words night!" Far, far behind them panies of angels, with dulcimers and harps, and in the innermost depths are dazzling figures of cherubims, on which I cannot look for their intolerable splendour; and the whole assemblage strike their instruments together, as their dulcet voices unite in singing the Hallelujah ; and the sun and moon, the constellations and the stars, join the seraphic chorus, until all creation echoes with one universal harmony!

“ Glorious vision! thou may'st fade from mine eyes and disappear, and the ravishing strains of music may be no longer heard, but enough has been revealed. Now am I indeed certain that

To-night" I shall depart. I close my manuscript, for I have done with earthly records. If

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