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* Your Ladyship cannot deny the philan tanish a young lady would not fail to obey its injunc per lite 366 concealed in the summer-house, and even in the closet of your own painting-room, we,

of course, can have no right to object.?.? It!! thropy, the love of mankind which Miss Trevanian bas evinced,” said Mrs. Chatsworth speer. ingly. “The young gentleman, to be sure, was a rebel, and of course ought to have been considered an enemy, in the house of Lord Trepa nian s, but the Scripture, you know, commands us to love our enemies, and I dare say so devout

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Especially where the party in question is so remarkably handsome as this Mr. Apsley," added Miss Crawley, with a flippant toss of the

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“Faugh! I declare it makes me quite sick," résumed her Ladyship: “Give me my

drops Crawley Really the whole thing is too ridicu lous: I hate hypocrisy worse than selfishness." -->$* I assure you that I was hastening to you at the ball, 1 continued Mrs. Chatsworth, fk when you fainted away on learning Mr. Apsley's ar

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French and English, and as many inquiries

eszket rest, to recommend that your stays should be

loosentedy but you were hurried off so suddenly alat is that I could not overtake you?";v3: "16) (32TLJO:

It was with great difficulty that the warm

hearted Emily had 'reined in her 'indignant imles con patience during

on the utterance of these ungenerous and unladylike taunts; ishe could now en. dure 'no more, and was bursting out into an angry rebuke, which would certainly have been conveyed in no very measured terms, had not Helen stopped her by gently putting her hand upon her lips, while she exclaimed, '“ Hush ! Emily, hush! if these ladies forget themselves, let us not imitate" their example. Insituations such

as' these are more disgraceful to their authors than their object.” So saying, she took

and bowing to the censorious trio with an air of distant būt polite dignity, quitted the apartment, and returned to Harpsden Hall. - Now that the communication could be made without danger, Adeline, anxious to be the first bearer of the good tidings, hurried to her mother

, and with numerous interjections, both in

Emily's arm,

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indiscreet behaviour in the present affair, ren

o give

whole progress of her acquaintance withia Retia adhi ben, up to the time of his flight from the house ; fed 10

of Adeline's flighty character, and, above all, her 368 whether it was not a charming adventure, just fentie like a story in a play or å romance, detailed the cliente concluding with the statement that he was the adopted son and undoubted heir of the rich Mt. Goldingham, that he had unequivocally declared himself her suitor," that he was passionately in love with her, and she doubted not would rush forward to make a formal demand of her hand as soon as he should return to England. Much as Lady Trevanian saw to condemn in the silly and hazardous conduct of her volatile daughter

, and imminent as had been the perils to which her levity had exposed the whole family, she did not, now that the danger was happily past and over, by any means regret the occurrence, though she felt it her duty to warn her against any such wild and improper projects in future. It comported with her. Ladyship's views, that her daughter should marry and live in the country rather than in London ; her knowledge

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dered it peculiarly desirable that she should be respectably settled, lest her romantic, tempera: ment should hurry her into some objectionable union, and ng person appeared more eligible for this

purpose than the adopted son and heir of their wealthy neighbour. ; Relying, therefore, upon her unqualified averments, she resolved to give all due encouragement to his suit, should he I present himself at Harpsden Hall as the claimant of her hand.

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