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importance; one, indeed, that was dearer to

for the sum of a thousand pounds, to grant the bolso application in its full extent. It is very possible

that Reuben's name would never have been specified in the list of the unpardoned, and that the worthy Judge, aware of this fact, was guilty of little less than a robbery in taking the money. Be this as it may, the contract was concluded ; after various delays the so long and so anxiously expected amnesty at length made its appearance ; hundreds of painfully throbbing hearts were tranquillized by its publication ; and perhaps,

many families into whose bosoms it carried peace, it rendered none more supremely happy than Helen and Adeline, who not only saw themselves rewarded for their generous solicitude by the safety of its object, but were relieved from all apprehension of the dreadful fate in which they would have been inevitably involved, had their offence been discovered.

By Helen especially was it hailed with a more than common exultation, for independently of the other considerations in which her heart was deeply interested, it involved one of paramount

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Trevanian's notorious indiscretions, put Helen dit her than life itself : 1swe allude to the imputa. home tions upon her character, which Lady Crockett ånd Mrs. Chatsworth, in spite of their pledge to the contrary,' had circulated, "by innuendoes depaand insinuations, rather than by direct aver. ment, which had come to her knowledge by means of her faithful and confiding' friend politiet Emily'; and whicly the amnesty now allowed her to 'refute with perfect safety' to all parties. Cir. cumstances rendered the prompt performance of this duty peculiarly imperative upon During her residence with her bachelor uncle, he had,' in his just indignation against Lands freed i

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in possession of all her misconduct, and held her up as a lesson and a warding upon her return home. The' daughter had; in consequences silently ånd' unobtrůsively, but with all the żeal of filial affection,' endeavoured to repút; as far as could be accomplished by individual exertions," the errors' of her parent, and to build up, if possible,' a new repotation for the family. Hence she liad strenuously advocated the plan for retiring into the country. Here


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the guarded, scrupulous attention to propriety and decorum, which had procured for her, from her present calumniators, the pame of a prim, demure, prudish, ydung minx ; sand hence her anxiety to remove every suspicion that might attach to the name of Trevanian, and interfere with her pious purpose of gradually reconciling her mother, to society, and restoring her to that general, reception which her birth and talents entitled her to expect; though she had; forfeited it by the glaring improprieties of her early life, ,

Animated with these pious hopes and wishes, she hastened in the first instance to Emily Hartfield, but had no sooner opened her lips on the subject of the eclaircissement, then her friend interrupted her by exclaiming-—“Not of my account, my dear Helen, not to me is any explanation necessary. I blush to think that I should ever have desired it, and if I consent to listen to your statement, it is only that I may be enabled, when slanderers would traduce your fair fame, to tell them they are liars in their teeth.” She coloured deeply with indig

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-sidered somewhat too masculineboth for the prebiehat speaker and the occasions «vurbigotai owa' pat intrepic to ywish even that the man's law of bonout kayber to wese universally binding that so the malignant sering de selves in his preservation zand the alarming nation, and Helen, observing bier emation, expressed her hope that she would never have decasion to usés lánguage which might be, conanti" Neither forseone nor the other,"bresumed Edilyst quickly :-ff Theseluate the occasions the when I feel most tempted to speak like a ma; pred her scandal-mongers of our

own i sex (might be mades responsible with their livest for thelunbridled license of their tòrigues.I Let them be silenced by fear, if honesty and shame have

lost their hold upon the slanderers,1792. >>> Smiling vat the rigenerous warmth of her friend, Helen proceeded to explain the occurrences which had led to the apparently mys. teribus scene in the painting-room ; mentioning the name of the party then concealed in the closet; the unexpected circubistances which had induced herself and Adeline to interest them

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events by which they had been agitated while he remained an unwelcome though an unbetrayed'inmate of Harpsden Hall. Emily testified the highest admiration of her friend's benevolent intrepidity, as well as of the prudence that had enabled her to steer through the dangers with which Adeline's indiscretion had environed her and willingly consented! to accompany her to Lady Crockatt's for the purpose of redeeming her pledge, and making the promised explanation... 2,00 ... 1.11.1+Mrs. Chatsworth and Miss Crawley were both with her Ladyship when they arrived, which Helen considered so far fortunate, as it would save any subsequent repetition of a statement she felt it humiliating to offer, however complete might be the exculpation it afforded. "Oh! my dear Miss Trevanian," cried Lady Crockatt, when she had finished her narrative, 7"you need not say a word more. I know you are always fastidiously, squeamishly correct and decorous, and all that sort of thing; and if you think it proper to have a young fellow

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