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meet him, exclaiming as she clasped his hand, “ He is saved ! he is saved! I see he is, and with my whole heart do I congratulate you!”

“ My dear, clever young lady,” said Gold. ingham, putting her hand to his lips and kissing it, “ we are both saved-Reuben has walked out of pound, and ten thousand pounds have been very near walking out of my pocket. Ten thousand pounds! Only consider, my dear Madam, what a sum it is;" —and he again chinked the guineas in his pocket, and repeated the amount in a slow solemn tone, for now that his nephew's neck was for the present out of the halter, the importance of his own pecuniary escape seemed to be magnified to his imagination every time that he reverted to it. Helen, however, was by no means so exhilarated as himself, when she learnt the failure of his negociation and the real circumstances of Reuben's flight; for she had hoped that a full pardon had been purchased, and though it was doubtless a subject of congratulation that he should have escaped from prison, he remained exposed to the same difficulties as before his apprehen

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may as well

sion, and might again be seized ere he could
make arrangements for crossing the water.
Goldingham was too much elated to harbour
any such desponding thoughts.
Madam,” he cried, “a scalded dog's afraid of
cold water : I suspect that he will not again
come within stone's throw of a prison, eren
when he may do it as safely as you or I. The
rogue has money in his pockets, thanks to your
kindness; how I do love a woman of business !
(by the



it to you ;) and he that has found a golden key to open a prison door, may find a silver oar to pull him over the water. Let him alone, let him alone! rash and hotheaded as he is, you see the young scapegrace is sharp enough at a pinch. He has dangled by a rope once, and I take it he won't like to repeat the experiment with the hemp round his neck. Can't expect a second running

I beg ten thousand pounds—pardons I mean,” continued Goldingham, observing that Helen looked rather grave, “ for being so jocose -don't often play the wag, though Jemmy Tibbs used to say that I could be a droll dog

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expressing the hope, in which his uncle so confi.

when I had a mind; but really, my dear young z lady, I cannot help thinking that the same good

friend who helped him out of window, may ferry him over the water, and I hope before long to hear that he has shaken hands with Mynheer Hans Mundungus, and perhaps got a protection from the P. of 0.--You know whom I mean; but mum's the word.

“ Hist! hist!” cried Helen_" I hear my mother's voice. Remember, Mr. Goldingham, that until we gain some certain intelligence of Mr. Apsley's safety, we must all observe the same inviolable secrecy as before, or we may have to supply his place in Lyme gaol without finding another window to fly out of.”

Lady Trevanian now entered the apartment, Goldingham turned the conversation to some common-place topic, and shortly after took his departure, when Helen hastened to her sister to communicate to her the news of Reuben's imprisonment, which she had hitherto concealed, adding at the same time the fact of his escape, and

dently participated, that the same friend who


amnesty, and come back pour soupirer à mes
“ I shall not feel happy, I confess," said He.

Oh, don't talk of feeling," interposed Ade-
line-" you cannot have an atom of it, or you
would never have been so calm when that hor-

had aided him in that enterprize, would pro-
cure his safe conveyance to the Continent.

O Ciel! vraiment cela me fait frissonner,"
exclaimed Adeline_“La, Helen! only think if

had broken. I saw one break once
when Jacob Hall was dancing on it at White-
hall, and Lady Hamilton turned as pale as

indeed every body said she was in love
with the fanfaron. Heigho! may I die, He
len, if my Arcadius be not a sweet interesting
fellow. Did I not tell you that he was spirituel
and éveillé? Is not the affair altogether pi

quant and romanesque ?—more heroic than any
thing in Pharamond or Cleopatra? sweeter than
any incident in Nat. Lee's Rival Queens, or
Dryden's Indian Emperor ? I have no doubt he
will get safe over to Holland, be included in the
len,“ till I have seen-

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rid fellow Jeffreys threatened us all so dreadfully, and my poor dear Arcadius was so near being discovered. La, Helen ! how shocking it would be if they seize him again after all ! I should never be able to support it: may I die if I shouldn't die :-indeed my poor heart is too susceptible ; I have always been le jouet de la sensibilité. Heigho!"-She crossed her hands, cast up her eyes, and assumed an expression that was meant to be particularly sentimental and tender, but her looks happening to fall upon a new manteau hanging upon the opposite wall, she quite forgot that she was the jouet de la sensibilité, and running to take it down, she threw it over her shoulders, paraded before Helen, and continued in a totally different tone of voice—“ Dis done, ma soeur, don't you find this distingué et gentil. It is of shot China, you see, trimmed with right point d'Espagne, and lined with philamott sarcenet. May I die if I don't think it would look killing in the front row of the King's box, or just to slip on when you go out to walk in the wooden gallery at Whitehall, after you have got warm with

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