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Trevanian's, for the purpose of relieving, in

Eastunes; but neither blindness, age, poverty, nor

father had instantly dispatched him to join the Protestant army under Monmouth,

he was afflicted in addition to his other misfor

domestic sorrows could break, or even bend, the invincible fortitude of his soul. Helpless as he had

now become, he was not a whit the less anxious to work out the deliverance of his country; he“ bated no jot of heart or hope,” but endured all with a firmness more unalterable than ever was evinced by ancient Stoic or Spartan, because both were strangers to that religious enthusiasm by which his soul was sustained. As his married daughter was now able to

upon him, and minister to his infirmities, Grace, who had hitherto filled that office with an exemplary piety, accepted a service at Lady


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some little degree, the poverty that oppressed them, and of procuring for her blind parent such comforts as his unfortunate condition more especially required. Although so much depended upon Joel's assistance in the farm, bis

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gining that when the Duke professed himself to be the champion of liberty and religion, he merely meant to substitute one despot for another. The idiot son, whose real name was Matthew, but who from his habit of strutting about with a crown of rushes upon his head, had received from the boors and boys in the neighbourhood, and had himself adopted, the nickname of Charley, was the same that had assisted Reuben in the liberation of Norry Molloy, as recorded in our first volume.

It was a dark blustering night, and the wind, rushing past them in sudden gusts, seemed to be proclaiming with its ominous voice an approaching storm, when Reuben and Grace, crossing the high open Downs in the direction of the sea, made their way towards the farm, situated in a natural glen, of which the sides had been excavated and scarped for the purpose of procuring chalk, until the whole place presented the appearance of an extensive pit, surrounded by a precipitous wall, except where a narrow and steep road had been left for the entrance. To prevent cattle or the wayfarers

lance. One-half of a long straggling barn had

-e daylil surrounded by hurdles at top, and a similar

of the night from falling into the abyss, of
which the sides were perpendicular, it was

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the impending


fence was now placed across the abrupt slop

ing road, for the purpose of securing the Lista: sheep who had been folded in the Pit Farm,

(as this sunken homestall was termed,) be-
cause it afforded them a better shelter against

Grace lifted up one
of the hurdles, and replaced it when Reu-
ben had entered, who had to pick his way
through the thickly clustered and sleeping sheep
as they approached the dwelling. This was not

quietly effected but that three or four shaggy dogs rushed out open-mouthed to interrogate the intruders ; and although at the first sound of Grace's voice they silenced their own, and greeted her with every mark of endearment, they closely followed Reuben with a suspicious eye and bristling mane, that indicated they were by no means reconciled to him, and felt it their duty to keep him under a strict surveil

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been boarded off and converted into a dwelling,

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containing a few rude apartments; the remains ing portion was still appropriated to its originale purpose, presenting a motley assemblage of hay, and other produce of the farm, crooks, shears, hela lite spades, and various implements of husbandry; ballet me a stall for a cow, a sty for pigs, and a pen

for such sheep and lambs as it was desirable to keep separate; while the rafters were plumed with roosting poultry of all sorts. Through püsx this portion was the entrance to the house, or rather to that division of the barn which was tenanted by human inhabitants. As Reuben passed these various quadrupeds, all sleeping in their respective dormitories, his eye long conversant with the stately chambers, gilt mouldings, costly mirrors, and marble statues of Harpsden Hall, was struck by the contrast of the present scene, which suggested to his imagination the homeliness and simplicity of the patriarchal times. Grace's married sister, who had heard them approaching, opened the door to receive them, holding up her finger as she curtsied to Reuben, and begging him in a whisper

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Teat: ds not to make a noise, since her father had just

fallen asleep.

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They accordingly proceeded in silence through a room used as a kitchen, over whose fire-place Malachi's old but well-furbished sword and firelock were suspended, into the sitting apartment or parlour, which was fitted up with great neatness, and afforded abundant evidence of Grace's singular skill in needlework and embroidery. The chair-cushions were worked in coloured cottons with subjects from the Church history, and explanatory texts in the margin ; samplers of a similar description decorated the walls; and even the petticoat that her sister wore, and the collar of her little boy's shirt, had been made Scriptural by the same indefatigable and pious semstress. On the walls were also affixed rude engravings of the persecutions which the Protestants were then enduring in France, wherein the artist appeared determined not to weaken the moral by any diminution of the cruelties said to be inflicted upon them. These rude prints were widely circulated at the moment, as an

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