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the civil war, it had been surrounded by a wall with a gatehouse, which the Cavalier's lady, after a long battle, had prevailed upon him to demolish, though he had still rendered the materials available in some respects to military objects, by constructing with them, at each extremity of the terrace, a little mimic fort, to which he had respectively applied the names of Liskard and Roundway Down, from? his having been engaged in both those battles, 4 and their proving fortunate to the royal cause. Here were mounted some small brass cannons which he fired off upon every anniversary and victory, real or assu

ssumed, and in front of them extended the park, an improvement suggested by the wife, who was also responsible for the serpentine drive, or approach to the house, along which the new proprietor had won his way on the previous evening with such infinite trouble and trepidation.

From this terrace Isaac Goldingham, well satisfied with the appearance of the mansion, looked down over a rich, extensive, and wellwooded landscape in one direction, while in the

brudest “ Hems!" and indenting the gravel with
his cane as he struck it forcibly upon the ground.

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oder he beheld, through the openings of the
tres in his park, the dark blue line of the sea,

tadded here and there with white sails. It was
miradi rey, elastic, sparkling morning, so bright

indeed that Timothy declared with a misgiving bake of the head, it was sure to bring rain. by his master, however, who saw nothing but the present brilliance of the day, and whose stions of the picturesque had been pretty zach limited to the romantic of Hoxton or lington ponds, when he had gone a ducking b them in his younger days, the scene now beke him could hardly be contemplated without Es awakening new and delightful sensations. He had no idea that the country was half no ine an invention, and when be beheld it, at only as a beautiful object of itself, but as constituting in part his own property—as serce of revenue, and a beneficial purchase, his ielings of mingled gratification arrived at an kne which could only be expressed by his daving himself proudly up, uttering one of his

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It was the first time in his life that he had ever owned a foot of land, and however a man's notions may be sophisticated by civic appreciations of wealth, there is a charm, a magic in the word "Freehold," which finds its way to every bosom. He who stands upon his own terra firma, has a right to feel like one of the lords of creation, for he is part and parcel of the general system of things, owner of a certain portion of the solid globe itself, upon which he may strike his foot with the certainty that the ground beneath, down to the very centre of the earth is his own; and that the echo he awakens, even should it rise upwards to the heavens, will travel through a portion of space which the law has equally pronounced to be his property. Elevated and inspirited by these impressions, Isaac set forward to traverse his domains at a pace which soon left his servant considerably in the rear. -“Come on, good Timothy,” he cried in a conciliatory tone, occasioned by his pleasurable sensations-“ Come on— tis a brisk morning-I am in a hurry to see my farms, and I love to walk fast.”—“ Like

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enough, like enough,” replied the old man, con-
cacing the same jog-trot pace, “but I have
em the farms a hundred times, and I like to
rak slom."

Ofended as he was at the freedom of this
obstinate old animal,

as he pettishly called ji the lin, Goldingham had sufficient insight into

character to be convinced that his attendEi vould be equally insensible to coaxing sd menaces, and that to avail himself of his etices he must accommodate himself to his



Ech bei at the

tidaetion, than did Timothy lead about his toduced him. “ By my troggs! Farmer Penfold," he exclaimed to the first whom they thes visited, " 'tis neither a flam nor a bamboozle,




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Na showman exhibiting some newly imported haben to the astonished rustics at a country bis, ever paraded his monster with greater sa

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trage-looking master to the different tenants,
's face surcharged with a sly simper that oc-
casionally broke out into a half-suppressed snig-
Mt, and a jerk of the left shoulder, as he in-

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but the new landlord in real down-right


est, and a proper queer one he is, sure enough Zooks! man, never stare o' that fashion, it's not the man in the moon, but Master Golding. ham, who has bought the old Cavalier's estate, and all that belongs to it, and so make


best bow to your new landlord.” In this manner *** they proceeded from one farm to another, until they had visited every portion of the domain, a when Isaac returned to the house, highly de i lighted with all that he had seen, and still morete with his friend Tibbs the Scrivener, who had rather under than over-stated the beauty of the place, and the value of the property. The unbridled freedom of old Timothy's tongue had indeed more than once offended him, but he seemed to be so thoroughly acquainted with every thing relating to the estate, and when called upon

for the account of disbursements and receipts since the time of the purchase, he had ign furnished it in so clear and satisfactory a manner, that it reconciled his new master to his Aippant familiarity, which he was willing to acquit of all intentional offence, and determined

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