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Suths bei bep laughing at the lubbers, no offence to your t and laat of Cork when it blows a hard gale, and has

I wouldn't spake trason, but ye 're a pretty set
that then is this landing at Lyme, and what
Protestant landing than a Roman one; and tin

boracal barock that I am aware of; and if there were
di bertue I could not see it at this time o' night.”
hialit “ Weather-cock, indeed! If the wind brought
21, verse pour dinner, as it often does mine, I'll en-
harato page ye wouldn't want a weather-cock to tell
-vald rape shen to say grace. Whisht! now, I cannot

baur's honour, that talk of the Irish sailing

any time these three days, right into the south of the harbour! Why Mick's cutter couldn't do it , and if that can't the divil can't.

your it's more like to be a

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d viseacres, ann't ye?"

"I protest there seems to be some reason in šis satement," said Goldingham, dropping his astol, and feeling considerably re-assured; “ but

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e meaning of the firing and the rockets?" “ Arrah! the divil a halfporth can I tell ye; becase why—I know no more than te's son; but if what I was larning at Holland


s while agone is sartain sure,

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with a profusion of thanks and blessings on her Teresa

to one ye 'll find the Duke of Monmouth at th head of it, and not any of the Papists out o Cork, God's blessing be on the top of them!”

This conjecture being confirmed by the arri val of a servant whom the Squire had detached to gather intelligence, Norry Molloy was libe rated, and told she might go about her business a permission of which she did not appear to be in any immediate hurry to avail herself, for she drew herself up, and looking reproachfully at Goldingham, exclaimed-“ After a body has been trated in this way, seized and carried clane off a la afore she could cry trapstick, is it your

honour 'ud send her about her business without a rap to drink your honour's health next her heart, or buy a dish of bacon and banes ?”—The party to whom this speech was addressed, was too much delighted at being freed from his terrors about a Popish plot, not to take the hint it conveyed : he slipped a handful of silver into Norry's palm, who curtsied out of the apartment

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tongue, but an expression of contemptuous

had done with them. Methinks she might have

Der beste te need not have broken up our party in such a

mouth at nilioule on her features that betrayed her low
spist al quinion of the capacities of her auditors.

“Aha!" cried Goldingham, delivering himself
bi ter da hearty « Hem !" and fumbling to get at his
nad dote waistocat pocket for a lump of sugar.-“ this is

# recy different thing from a Popish plot, and

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bury. What has become of Lady Crockatt?"
veliza Upan inquiry it turned out that her Ladyship
suhty bad slipped down stairs at the first alarm, and
ir beste inding that her own carriage had not arrived,

bad persuaded Timothy to harness the horses
and convey her home in Goldingham's chariot,

for which she pretended to have his express
theme anthority and orders. One of the servants, how-
petar, had been charged to assure his master that

the horses should be returned the moment she
bed reached home, and had procured fresh ones
to carry her forward.
* Upon my honour,” cried Isaac, in high

“ it was very considerate of her lady-
dipto let me have my tired cattle as soon as she


ofered me a seat in my own carriage."



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Whoop! neighbour,” said the Squire, " the thought did occur to her, since she speciall charged Boulderson to apologize for not doing se as Cynthia, her spaniel, was now become so fa that there was hardly room for three.—Haugh Haugh !"

“ Confound her assurance !” said Goldingham 66 this is rare in one who thinks selfishness the besetting sin of the age, and thanks Heaven that she holds it in particular abomination."

The house was now gradually cleared of the remaining visitants, who took their departure with little feeling of apprehension, since it had been confirmed from several quarters that the rumoured invasion of the Papists was in truth a landing of the Duke of Monmouth, who came with a small array of men and arms to set him

up in opposition to King James. “ He can never succeed, he can never succeed,” said Goldingham to himself, as he paced his drawingroom, still bustling in his grotesque armour, although he had ventured to deposit his pistols, “ but there will be a terrible panic in London, and I must write to Charley Duncombe, the


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Exchequer banker, to sell me a lot of tallies. she was They will be down again to fifty discount, as they were in the year seventy-two, when

Alderman Backwell was ruined. India Stock
and Actions will fall too. Why did this despe-
zado land before I had sold all mine. Reuben !

our duty to support the Government in
this trying emergency. Timothy told me yes-
terday that the old coach-horse had fallen lame.
We must send him over to-morrow morning to
the commander of the district, and offer him
amy name for his Majesty's service. Every
botal man should contribute something.

shall have much to do ; we must be up with the

; so we had better hurry to bed as soon as
it can, after we have carefully locked and bar-
nicaded the doors. Wheugh! is this the tran-
quility I was to have in the country? But
dter all

, Reuben, this is much better than a


Popish plot, hem !"

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